Automatic - SPL Screening in GTS

Is there any specific setting in GTS for automatic screening of vendors and customers against SPL list.
I mean whenever business partners are passed from ECC to GTS. The business partners are screened against SPL. how is this is being done? Is it this screening
automatic implicitly
I know that for the documents (sales orders, etc) there is a setting "SPL check when document saved/updated". But, how about vendors and customers, how they will scanned initially & later. Can anybody explain on this

Hi Chakri,
Seeing your note here reminded me that I owe you an email reply from a question you asked me in September.  Apologies for the delay - I just rolled off a project.  I'll reply to your email asap.
In the GTS IMG, go to
SAP Global Trade Services --> SAP Compliance Management --> “Sanctioned Party List Screening” Service --> Activate Business Partner at Business Partner Function Level. 
This allows you to set the screening to 'synchronous' which means the screening happens automatically upon transfer to GTS for the master data.  If you still have questions, I suggest reading the documentation in the Performance Assistant.  If all else fails, set the config one way, then test it, then set it a different way and test it again to see for yourself how this functions.
- Greg Futrelle

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    I want to perform SPL screening of banks on the letter of credit documents created in ECC.
    What document type in ECC to corresponding doc type in GTS
    How can I achieve that? Can anybody throw some light on this?

    Please refer to the topic 'Integrating SPL Screening with Financial Accounting' in the customizing documents for details.

  • Special Scenarios for spl screening A1, A2, B1, B2, c1, C2 and C3

    Hi Experts,
    Can any one explain about the special senarios for SPL screening like A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1, C2, and C3.
    I have little bit confuse when we use these scenarios can any one explain in details if possible.
    Thanks in advance for who explain briefly

    Hi Hari,
    Below are the brief points on the scenario's that you just asked to be described.
    A1:- SPL screening done during transfer itself i.e. immediately or synchronously for GTS business Partners against all SPL files
    A2:-SPL screening done during transfer itself i.e immediately or synchronously for GTS documents for partner addresses against all SPL files
    B1:-Periodic Screening done against all SPL files for GTS Business Partners
    B2:-Periodic Screening done against all SPL files for GTS Documents for Partner Addresses
    C1:- Periodic Screening done aagainst Delta SPL files for GTS Business Partners
    C2:-Periodic Screening done against Delta SPL files for GTS Documents for Partner Addresses
    Apart from these, there are other scenarios as well. Which are as follows.
    S1:-SPL screening done during transfer itself for GTS business Partners against all SPL files but in simulation mode
    S2:-SPL screening done during transfer itself  for GTS documents for partner addresses against all SPL files but in simulation mode
    These above 2 are similar to Scenario A1 and A2 but in simulation mode.
    But I am not sure about the C3 scenario asked above. Probally other experts can put a light on it.

  • SPL Screening for Vehicle Masters

    Hi Guys
    Is there a standard process where we can do SPL screening for Vehicle masters in TD also, as it looks like we can do for a nomination in TSW, but if the vehicle is blacklisted the nomination SPL will not pick it up.
    Is there a facility is GTS to do this?

    Hello Abhiram,
    is your customizing SAP Global Trade Services --> SAP Compliance Management --> "Sanctioned Party List Screening" Service --> Activate Business Partner at Business Partner Function Level
    Type SLLBNK set for asynchronous?
    Do you have entries in /SAPSLL/SPLAUD table entries for BPTYPE 09 partne bank? What status do they have? Do you have them all under A1 scenario?

  • SPL screen for FI payment docuemnt

    SPL acreening for Financial accounting is working for limited transactions. Vendor payment document with check printing and F110 payment proposal is working fine.
    But with customer paymenr receipts, Manual payment document creation through F-28 is not blocking though the customer is blocked in GTS system. Will SPL screening limited to few transaction codes in FI? Do we need to do some enhancements to activate SPL screening at F-28?

    Hi Frances,
    I think you've mis-understood a little.  The values for mapping are already in your note.  Those values are hard-coded in the ERP system, and you simply have to map them to associated values in GTS.
    Let's take Document Type.  If you want to use the standard GTS document type 'IMPORD' for your compliance checks on incoming payments, then you will need to create an entry to map ERP type FIIN to GTS type IMPORD.  But probably you will create your own GTS Document Type for FI postings - it's your choice.
    Same idea for Item Category.  The ERP system always sends the FI data with 'FI0A', so you could map that to GTS Item Category 'IMORD1', or to the one that you create.
    For Partners, you can map through whichever ones you want to check.  Here's the list of the partners that are sent from ERP:
    FIKRE = Vendor
    FIPAY = Payee
    FIDEB = Customer
    FIREG = Payer
    FIPAB = Bank
    FIACO = Account Holder
    FIOTP = One-time payment
    I think those same Partner Functions exist in the standard GTS system, so your mapping is simple (e.g. FIKRE = FIKRE).
    There is not much more that I can tell you, but if you continue to have problems, please come back.

  • Wrong hits in SPL screening

    Hi Friends,
    we have configured our GTS system (Not so sure about the config)to check Country and name of any customer and compare with denial list before blocking a document for SPL check.
    Unfortunately it is not happening as expected.
    My config looks like
    Now the question is , Let me explain with below 2 examples
    ABC Company/England had a shipment going to ABC Company/Australia going to a Dr. Chow. The screening resulted in a hit for a Dr. Chow located in China.
    In another shipment, ABC Company/USA had a shipment to ABC Company/England to the attention Jose Escobar.  The screening resulted in a hit for a Jose Escobar located in Columbia. 
    In these 2 incidents the denied person is located in a different country but happen to have a common name for the actual shipment that is neither going to China or Columbia.
    Now we wanted to avoid document block when the country is not same.
    Hope I have explained clearly.

    Hi Ram,
    It shouldn't behave this way looking at the config. Can you please run transaction /SAPSLL/SPL_CHSS3 with the details entered manually for screening. Please share the screenshot of the result.
    I think your SPL master was created with blank country. When the country is blank in SPL master,system assumes this party is denied universally.
    You can't really judge SPL screening with document level check. As per setting for SPLUS, SPL screening will happen for documents only if there is a change in the partner address in the document. If not, system will just pick up the current status of the partner(blocked/released) and sets the status for the document.
    So, please run the above transaction with the data that you gave as example and show me the result.

  • SPL screening of HCM Empoyees  with new legal regulation

    Hello GTS Experts,
    I have SPL Screening in place for Logistics Business partners.
    Our affiliate wants to do HR Data screening with different SPL list. I have configured new Legal Regulation.
    We are screening employees successfully.
    However, when a logistics BP(Vendors/Customers) address change is done on Feeder system, the BP gets screened against Both Legal Regulations.
    I don't want any Logistics BPs screened against the New Legal Regulation for SPL Screening of employees.In the new legal regulation, we have the following setting for Check logic for Docs.
    1. Status Check of Unchanged Addresses(Partner Address)
    Is there a way to prevent logistics BPs screening against the New Legal Regulation which is only for HCM Employees screening ?
    Thank you,

    Hi Dhilipan,
    The new legal regulation was for European countries data security requirement and providing advance authorization.
    What you suggest is to check the BAdIs and make enhancement. I will check it out and work with our technical team. I was hoping to avoid the custom development.

  • Unable to find partner function for SPL screening

    Hi Guys
    We are trying out the SPL functionality for our Client, We are in the Preliminary stages and have just started the Intial Configuration
    The problem comes is the Document in ECC is getting blocked and is working as per functionality
    But when in come in the GTS system and check the Documents via (SPL > Display all Documents) in the overview menu, and go ahead and check the Log, it shows an error stating
    "Unable to find partner function for SPL screening"
    I have checked the configuration and The partner structure, Functions and Assignment are all done
    Can the experts help in getting a small checklist which I should do a check through in the configuration/user side, which can trigger this error message?
    Carl Ray

    Hi Carl,
    Did you load the SPL List for Screening? Prior to SPL Screening, we have to create Index for SPL Screening. Please follow the following steps and then re-check the document
    SAP GTS Area Menu (/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL) -> Sanctioned Party List Screening -> Master Data. Perform the below steps in sequence.
    Step 1: Reset Buffer
    Step 2: Generate Comparison Terms
    Step 3: Aggregate Comparison Terms
    Step 4: Comparison terms for Business partners
    After doing the above steps, then do the following step
    SAP GTS Area Menu (/SAPSLL/MENU_LEGAL) -> Sanctioned Party List Screening -> Logistics -> Check against updated Sanctioned Party Lists -> Check Business partner addresses
    After performing the above steps, then re-check the document.
    Let me know if the above solution help or not

  • SPL Screening only for a special sales organization, not the whole company?

    Hi GTS Specialists,
    How to set up SPL screening only for a certain customers.
    Or let´s say someboday creates a customer without sales data table KNA1,
    as I understand the address will be checked(without considering the sales org).
    But that its wrong we want to do the check only for customer belonging
    the sales org X.
    So the question is how to do SPL screens only for certain customers?

    I dont know if that will work, because the customer in GTS is based on the general data from KNA1. IF there is any and which sales organisation an entry in KNVV has nothing to do with the transfer to GTS. What kind are the customers in the sales organisations you dont want to SPL check? The only reason I can see to exclude partners from spl check is, if they are internal customers, inter or intra company transfers or such business.  The best would be to have different account groups for those you want and dont want to check. Next best solution is to put the customers you dont want to have checked on positive list in GTS. Another option would be to find a field in basic customer data which you are not using yet, give there different value for those you want and those you dont want to check and make the filtering in the transfer BADI or userexit by this value. BR Martin

  • Screening of Domestic orders in spl screening

    we are using GTS 10.1 version one of my client required to screen his domestic sale orders b spl screening.
    Is it possible to screen those domestic sale order?
    If yes where we configure those controls?
    To do these any other configuration require in ECC sstem.
    Please share our knowledge correct process will be appreciate...

    Hello Hari,
    Yes you can screen your domestic sales orders for SPL Screening. You need to do below configuration settings in GTS System
    1) SPRO --> Global Trade Services --> Compliance Management --> Sanctioned Party List Screening --> Activate Legal Regulations
    Select desired Legal regulation --> goto Country or Country group and maintain 4: Check Dispatch / Export (Including Domestic) for SPL Export Active Column.
    There is no need to change any configuration in ECC (Feeder) System
    Thanks & Regards

  • Mass Screening in GTS

    Hi ,
    We are performing a Mass Re-screening of our business Partners against a Master SPL files in GTS system.
    Currently the SPL Match percentage for Name, City, Street and Country are configured according to business needs.
    Can some one please advise what are the standard proposed by SAP for the match term percentage.
    Thanks in advance,
    Moderator message: apparently not related to ABAP development.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Apr 13, 2011 9:38 AM

    where is this field? Is it transferred to GTS? If yes, I think you can add it to the SPL check in customizing similar to address fields. Nevertheless SPL list entries have no citizenship entries as far as I know (most of tham have only a name and a country), so this check would not make much sense.
    Best regards,

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    Hello , I have read your post on how your notebook computer is stuck on the SPLASH screen of your notebook computer, and that the a blue screen appears with the cursor moving involuntarily. I would be happy to be of assistance! Did you add any new software or hardware to your notebook recently? What does the error message say on the blue screen? If you are able to boot into Windows 8 Safe Mode, please uninstall the following updates:      a. KB2982791     b. KB2970228     c. KB2975719     d. KB2975331 Additionally, I would encourage you to post which operating system you are using; and whether your operating system is 32 or 64 bit. The more information you can provide, the better!
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    Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the requested information above. I look forward to your reply!

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    Reading PDF in large screen mobile phone is often the horizontal screen reading,but the new adobe reader for Android mobile phone needs to be set to automatically turn screen, this is very inconvenient.I strongly suggest that the adobe reader Android version add manually rotating screen function, the best is the default horizontal screen reading.

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