Automatic updation of WHO columns in Oracle forms 6i

I am using Forms 6i Version. I have developed a simple form with one database block. The form should display the colums in the table and should allow insert/update/delete operations on the form.
I am able to update and delete the data through the foem. However my form doesn't allow me to insert data. This is because the creation_date and created_by columns in the table cannot be null.(custom table).
And I dont want to have these fields in the form.
I want the who colums to be automatically updated in the custom table through form, which is not happening currently.
Pls help.

I have called the FND_STANDARD.SET_WHO in pre-insert /pre-update triggers. Still I could not get the who columns updated in my custom table.
Was this done at the block level? -- Custom Oracle Form Fails when User Looks at the 'About This Record' Information (Doc ID 236642.1)

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    Hello Bobb,
    You can create a trigger(when-list-changed) for each list item where you could:
    1.recreate the record groups and then use POPULATE_LIST so you can hide the selected values. In forms builder online help there are some good examples about create record groups dynamically.
    or can perform a validation instead of hiding the selected values. If the values is already selected the display a message 'Value already selected....'
    Second option is much faster(only an 'if clause')
    Hope this helps.

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    This community is to discuss Oracle Application Server specific issues, you can post this query in for better response:
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    The possible solutions are outlined in the distributed database documentation
    They are
    a) trigger (6.0 and higher)
    b) advanced replication. Creates triggers on every table. Requires every table to have a primary key (8.0 and higher)
    c) Streams (Uses logminer, has no impact on table. Requires every table to have a primary key, or supplemental logging will be used. (9.0 and higher)
    d) Change Data Capture: superset of Streams (9i and higher).
    If you don't require realtime updates you don't need c or d. b is difficult to manage. Using a) the source db can potentially have to wait for the target db to complete it's transaction.
    Sybrand Bakker
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    iam having date column called applicationdate in my oracle database.
    i will update this column by jsp..
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    if i execute this statement iam getting error not a valid month .bcos in my table its long date how can i convert this d value t long date type and update using seDate() method..are with setString()..

            String d = (String)req.getParamter("appdate");
            SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy");
            java.util.Date date = sdf.parse(d);
            java.sql.Date sqlDate = new java.sql.Date(date.getTime());So you got a sql.Date and u canset this on the prepared statement
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  • WHO Columns updation

    I have a shell script that I am using for SQL loader through which I want to update the who columns in custom table at the time of load. How can I achieve this?
    below is the SQL loader part of the script.
    cat > $ctl_file <<!
    OPTIONS (errors=5000,SKIP=1)
    INFILE '$v_data_file'
    plant "LTRIM(RTRIM(:plant))",
    build_date "LTRIM(RTRIM(:build_date))",
    reg "LTRIM(RTRIM(:reg))",
    job "LTRIM(RTRIM(:job))",
    order_num "LTRIM(RTRIM(:order_num))",
    qty "LTRIM(RTRIM(:qty))",
    step "LTRIM(RTRIM(:step))",
    customer "LTRIM(RTRIM(:customer))",
    sfx "LTRIM(RTRIM(:sfx))",
    mdl "LTRIM(RTRIM(:mdl))",
    feature "LTRIM(RTRIM(:feature))",
    cust_req "LTRIM(RTRIM(:cust_req))",
    Orddte "LTRIM(RTRIM(:Orddte))",
    acct "LTRIM(RTRIM(:acct))",
    loading_date ,
    created_by ,
    creation_date ,
    last_update_date ,
    last_updated_by ,
    last_update_login "USERENV('SESSIONID')"
    I am only able to load the value of last_update_login with "USERENV('SESSIONID')".
    fnd_profile.VALUE('USER_ID') is not working for created_by and last_updated_by.
    Any ideas are welcome.

    Hi Vishalakha,
    SQL* Loader is basically a Database technology, and it does not allow any access to Oracle Apps User Id for Created_by and last_updated_by, but you can consider using an Oracle PL/SQL trigger, or consider submitting loader concurrent program from PL/SQL Concurrent program.

  • Automatically update Data Flow when table column is added

    Hi, I have identical SQL Server databases on Server A and Server B, and I'm trying to create an SSIS package that will update its own Data Flow task when I've added a new column.  
    When I open the SSIS package up in Data Tools after adding the column, I get the following warning: 'The external columns for OLE DB Destination are out of synchronization with the data source columns. The column "TestColumn" needs to be added to
    the external columns.'  So the package know when it's out of sync with the db.  
    Is there a way to automatically update the external columns?
    Thank you!

    There is a Dynamic DTS task commercial product of CozyRock
    Another possibility is to generate an updated version of the package programmatically either with BIML
    or via .net code

  • Map excel columns to oracle table column using forms 6i

    I am importing data from excel to oracle table using oracle forms 6i.
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    3 or more colums, also excel sheet columns are not in order as per table columns.
    i.e my table have id, name, sal
    and excel have name, sal, id
    my question is how can i map excel colums with table colums and insert it into table.
    I am using oracle 6i forms (ole2 package).

    What was wrong with the first answer to the same question?
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  • Who Column - What is best way to put value in who columns

    I have a custom concurrent program that is inserting values in a custom database table. Now I have to update that table to enter *'who columns'*. I have updated table but now get confused when I need to enter values in those 'who columns'.
    Now I have two option: 1) change package body used by concurrent program to insert values of who column. 2) put trigger on the table to put who columns values on insert/update
    Now my question is that which is better and standard option in EBS and why????
    Do we have already existing 'who trigger' in EBS that I can reuse???
    Please help me to find answer.

    Hi Faried,
    It is always suggested to avoid triggers wherever possible. Its easy to implement the logic of updating who columns in the concurrent program and you will have one less thing (trigger) to maintain.
    As far as a prebuilt who trigger is concerned, there isn't anything available for a pl/sql program. If you are coding a custom form through which you want to update a who column of a table, there is a standard api (FND_STANDARD.SET_WHO), that comes from template.fmb which takes care of updating the who columns. However, for a custom concurrent program, there isnt anything like that. You will just have to add these columns in your insert/update statements.

  • How to call refcursor in oracle forms

    How to fetch a column in oracle form by using DB prcedure's refcursor.
    There was not isseu to create and call the procedure in oracle forms but when I was trying to fetch
    a particular column and assing the value to text box, I got an error invalid reference.

       TYPE emp_ref_cur IS REF CURSOR;
       v_emp_curs_qry   emp_ref_cur;
       v_sql            VARCHAR2 (32767);
       v_column1        VARCHAR2 (32767) := 'EMPNO';
       v_column2        VARCHAR2 (32767) := 'ENAME';
       TYPE emp_rec IS RECORD (
          empno   emp.empno%TYPE,
          ename   emp.ename%TYPE
       TYPE emp_rec_ty IS TABLE OF emp_rec;
       v_emps           emp_rec_ty;
       v_sql := 'select ' || v_column1 || ',' || v_column2 || '  from emp ';
       OPEN v_emp_curs_qry FOR v_sql;
       FETCH v_emp_curs_qry
       BULK COLLECT INTO v_emps;
       CLOSE v_emp_curs_qry;
       FOR i IN v_emps.FIRST .. v_emps.LAST
          DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('Empno =' || v_emps (i).empno);
          DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('Ename =' || v_emps (i).ename);
       END LOOP;
    /i hope this is what you want ..

  • How to show a long with database datablock in a small width frame using horizontal scrollbar in oracle forms

    Hello Experts,
                  I am new in oracle forms and  I am  using Oracle forms with weblogic 10.3.6 generic at windows 7 64 bit.
    My java version is jdk1.7.0_51.
    I have a database table say as ITEM_MASTER.This table has 20 columns.Now I have to show these 20 columns in oracle form in a single frame.I have used the wizard method to make database block in oracle forms but This datablock takes too much width.
    I wand to show all the columns with in a short width frame in oracle forms using horizontal scroll bar.But I am unable to do this.Please suggest me.
    thank you

    This can be accomplished using a Stacked Canvas.  There are numerous examples of how to use a stacked canvase on the web.  For example:

  • Regarding validation in oracle forms

    I have a requirement that in oracle forms i need to validate that i enter the data in one record and the same data in next record also with the checkbox checked for both rows . And when i enter the same data in next record i.e 3rd record it should not allow to checkbox for 3rd record.This should be the frond end validation in oracle forms .
    My requirment looks like this
    A B C --> columns in oracle forms
    1 ab ab --> checkbox checked
    1 ab ab --> checkbox checked
    1 ab ab ---> when i check the checkbox it should not allow as only any of the two rows only should be checked
    Please help me out?

    Change/ modify the properties of the check box item;
    for the check boxes :
    1. Make the data type of the check box as number;
    2. fill the functional a.)value when check = 1 b.) value when uncheck = 0;
    3. add new item to summarize the value of the checkbox;
    change properties of the new added item
    datatype number;
    calculation summary
    summary function :- sum
    summarize block :- your block
    summarize item :- your check box item.
    used :----> when checkbox change trigger
    if nvl(:item_summry,0 > 2 and //double entry of data then
    your code......
    .... message..
    your code.....
    end if;
    For Duplicate Item data entry :-
    see this for the duplicate entry for item :-
    duplicate records in  a multi record block
    modify my given code & modify the said link information to satisfied your requirement.

  • Extract list of tables and columns in a Form ?

    Hi, Is it possible to extract all the table names and its column names used in a Form? I just need a list of all the tables and its columns, does Oracle Forms has a tool inbuilt extract such list (metadata like)
    Thanks, Aj.

    Arun, Thank you for your reply. I learned a new thing today. I do wish Oracle comes up with an inbuilt utility to identify its Objects (tables used and their columns). My current task is a little small then parsing the XML but I did try the command and its works and will use it in the future. Regards, Aj

  • How to read StarOffice Spreadsheet using Oracle Form?

    Hi all
    I want to read StarOffice spreadsheet with few columns in Oracle forms.
    I have done this with Microsoft Excel but not with StarOffice.
    Does anyone have idea regards how to do this?

    We've done this using the OpenOffice 2.4 / LibreOffice UNO interface. There are a bunch of JAR files which are distributed together with OpenOffice: unoloader.jar, juh.jar, jurt.jar,, unoil.jar (in the %OPENOFFICE_HOME%/program/classes directory). You can find the documentation here (technically it's easier than OLE because OpenOffice provides a Java implementation of UNO. However, the documentation is far from being as good as Microsoft's Office API docs):

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