Automatically create playlists when buying song collections

I remember that in previous versions there was a setting under Preferences/Store to the effect that when you bought an imix or another collections it would automatically create a playlist. Since this setting no longer appears in the prefs as of version 8, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a plist variable I could alter or add to re-enable this functionality.

Turning off the option - I doubt - will change the 'Purchases' list. I have it 'off' in my prefs and I still have all iTS purchases added to the 'Purchases' list.
From the iTunes Help menu and a search for "song collection": <You can set iTunes to automatically create playlists when you buy collections from the iTunes Store, such as iMixes, submitted by iTunes users; and iTunes Essentials, favorites chosen by an iTunes Store staff of experts.>

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  • ITunes automatically creates playlist!

    iTunes automatically creates playlists for every album i import into my library, maybe some people could really need this, but i just want my playlists i already have!
    So any chance to turn this off? Thanks!

    iTunes automatically creates playlists for every album i import into my library, maybe some people could really need this, but i just want my playlists i already have!
    So any chance to turn this off? Thanks!

  • Automatically create playlists from all albums

    Is there a way to do this so that I can use list view and play one album at a time? I've looked on the list and searched on the web.
    I know you can make album play lists easily, but only one at a time, by hand. I mean to simply get all them in one move.
    I know that the grid view gives you the equivalent, but the grid view consumes so much memory that it turns the computer into an expensive CD player. The cost of looking at all those little pictures runs to about 200 megs of memory for me, and that creates a difficulty for me. (Strange as it seems, I work on this machine, too.)
    In list view, iTunes does a great job, keeping memory use within 50 megs -- no problems there.
    When I moved my music from one file server to another, I lost my playlists. I had the xml file that other programs can use, but not apparently not iTunes to re-create playlists. Now I face the trouble of rebuilding them hand. It would be trivial to rewrite that xml file to change all the file paths, but I did not see a way importing the entire collection of playlists.
    It would seem to me that internally the iTunes database maintains an album by album list of songs (to show you in the grid view). One more step would loop through these and create playlists that show up in list view, eh?
    My favorite music player is Linux-only -- Rhythmbox -- which just gives automatically artist and album playlists, and keeps within 60 megs of memory. I tried the new Mozilla offering, Songbird, which is only in beta and has its own rough spots, but it, too, automatically gives you artist and album playlists. I don't know about the Windows players.

    Why don't you use the Browser, you can filter your list view right down to a single album using it. Go to View>Show Browser to make it visible. Alternatively press the Command (⌘) and B keys together.

  • Adding tracks automatically creates playlists

    I have 47,000 tracks to add to iTunes and when I begin the process, it immediately creates a playlist for each album.  I stop the import immediately and delete the 20 or so playlists that have been created, go back to File > Add to Library, select my folder, click Open and it does the same thing - it adds all of the tracks to my iTunes Music Library AND creates playlists for every collection of tracks it thinks is related!!!!!  You can imagine how out-of-control this would be if I were to import my entire library!!
    I've looked through preferences for some "create a playlist for every album I import" or something along those lines but I don't see anything.  I'm running Mac OX 10.6 and iTunes 10.4.
    Please let me know what I can do to prevent this from happening!  I want control over my own, personal playlists, which I created, then exported to file, then emptied out my entire Music Library to start over again fresh.  BUT this time, the fresh start is going to cause thousands of playlists to be created on their own.
    Can anybody help me?

    You got the correct answer!  I meant to click "Correct" answer to give you the points but I clicked "Helpful" instead because I'm new to the interface and I'm really tired.
    That's what it was.  I found the m3u files and moved them to my Playlist folder, then loaded up my library and ba-da-bing!  My music is back.  Thank you!
    How can I give you the full "Correct Answer" points?  Moderator??

  • Why is itunes automatically creating playlists!!!! Really annoying

    I just got gifted an album and downloaded - itunes created an automatic playlist - which is totally uncessary - anyone know who to turn this off! Happens when I get something from itunes store.

    Hi Katy,
    Could you please, give us more information about your problem? What's the name of this podcast automatically created by iTunes? Is it named "Purchased"?

  • Iphone create playlist add all songs

    Since upgrading to iOS7.0.4 on my iPhone 4 I have to say I have been very frustrated and unhappy. Not only does my album art not match my songs after various syncs and deletes and resyncs, voice control keeps coming on to interrupt my music draining my battery. Now I am trying to create a new playlist and the functionality to add all songs in a search is gone meaning I have to click on every single song to add it rather than being able to add by artist or album all in one go. This is most annoying. My contract with Telus is almost up and I'm getting more and more tempted to go to a Samsung Galaxy as I find the bugs in the new iTunes iOS 7.0.4 are becoming a real pain.

    The reason I need the On-The-Go playlist, is because I had my iPod on auto-sync, and checked the songs I wanted added to the iPod. But in my iTunes, I accidentally checked EVERYTHING. So now if I want to re-sync my iPod to include new songs I've added, I'll have to go BACK through and recheck those few thousand songs I had on my iPod, which will take me forever.
    SO, if I can just create the On-The-Go playlist, it will transfer that to my iTunes, in which case I can just sync the playlist.
    Yeah, I've even tried adding songs from other playlists. If it's a small playlist it works. I made a playlist with every song on my iPod. That didn't work. Is there a max for how big the On-The-Go playlist can be?
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  • -9808 error when buying songs

    I consistently get -9808 error when trying to buy songs from itunes-WHY?

    If I'm remembering correctly, iTunes error -9808 is an error stating that iTunes can not connect to the Store server. Check any firewalls, privacy filters, antispyware, etc. and make sure that they're set to allow iTunes to connect. If this has started happening since upgrading iTunes or a security utility, try removing the exception for iTunes and then re-adding it. And another possiblity:
    Go to Internet explorer ->Tools -> Internet options ->Advanced tab
    Look for the security section and make sure that SSL 3.0 is and TLS 1.0 are checked. Also under Security make sure that the “Check for server certificate revocation (requires restart)” is unchecked. Then click ok and fire up iTunes.
    Hope this helps.
    P.S. You really should update your profile to at least correctly reflect the version of Windows you're using. Users are much more likely to be able to provide useful advice if we have correct technical details about the system you're running.

  • How to add songs to a playlist when the songs are NOT on the Purchased list

    In Itunes there used to be, in the Playlist page, a "playlist" which appeared at the top called All Music. In the more recent versions of Itunes this is no longer the case and All Music has disappeared and the closest you can get is Purchased. Unfortunately the Purchased list misses out all sorts of things which were genuinely added to Itunes.
    In the old days I could select any group of songs from the All Music "playlist" and simply drag them into the appropriate playlist. No problem. Obviously I can still do this if all the songs are on Purchased but, if they are not, what do I do.
    I know that it is possible to see all the songs by clicking on Songs at the top of the page and I can then select those that I wish to add to a playlist. But there is no way (that I can see) of dragging these to the required playlist since playlists do not appear in this page format. There is nothing in File or Edit which looks useful. I even tried Copying the selection (in desperation i must admit) with a view to subsequently Pasting to the appropriate playlist but, as I expected, that has a greyed out Paste so no luck there.
    There obviously must be a way of adding songs which do not appear in Purchased to a playlist. What am i missing?

    Hi scroobyplex, I think i am now fairly happy with the situation as explained in my last post but, as you have taken the trouble to reply, i will try to explain myself a bit better as i don't seem to have been very successful so far.
    As I mentioned in my 2nd post, I am well aware of the Categories button at the top left of the screen under File/Edit/View etc. For me this is always set to Music since i don't use any of the other categories.
    I am not sure what you mean when you say clicking on Music shows all my music files. In fact, when I click on category Music, I then get various choices appearing along the top of the screen as mentioned in my 1st post - Songs, Artists, Albums, genres, Playlists. If i choose any of the first four I do get a full list of all my tracks but there is no facility there for dragging selected tracks onto a specific playlist.
    The other option is Playlists. This gives me a list of all my current playlists,both those created by me and those created automatically by Itunes (of which the previously mentioned  Restored Playlist .... playlist is an example) The Playlist screen always opens with one of the playlists already selected
    The only option i have then of seeing a different list of tracks is to select a different playlist. If i want to add new tracks to a playlist, often the Purchased list will be OK as a source for dragging but, if i have loaded a CD into Itunes, I would need to select the Restored Playlist... playlist as any new tracks seem to automatically go onto this regardless of the source. There is nothing else which gives me a full list of tracks on a screen which permits dragging onto any specific playlist.
    As mentioned in my previous post I have no idea why all my music, both old and new, goes into a playlist called  Restored Playlists....  instead of something sensible like Music or All Music but it does what i need so i no longer have a problem

  • Stop "garageband 3.0.5" automatically creating playlist iTunes

    That's the subject-line I just tried in Google search, and got far too wide an arrray of results.
    It does this completely randomly, 1 out of 10 times I save a current project to iTunes.
    But why I ask ?
    And where can I stop it from filling in the artist name, creating a dopey-titled playlist, and automatically playing the darn tune ?

    Since I no longer have access to the GB version you are using I can only speculate. The randomness may be caused by switching between projects: When you set your info, the artist name etc. is probably stored in your user preferences, but the same information is copied into the current project and used on export. There are property lists inside the project package (at least in my GB version); you can see them when you open a project by ctrl-click - Show package contents - and browse the files.
    The files "projectData" and Output/metadata.plist store the output settings. To edit these file you will need a propertylist editor, since these files may contain binary data; Xcode will suffice for this. Don't edit your projects without making sure you have a working backup. It is easy to make mistakes and you can corrupt your project.

  • Error 42003 when buying songs.

    Whenever I try and buy an album or a song Error 42003 pops up when I click buy. I have recently changed the debit card that I pay with from my parent's to my own, could that have anything to do with it?

    Have you tried following the suggestions for 42003 under the Specific Conditions and alert Messages section in this article :

  • Can I tell Acrobat where to automatically create forms when scanning in many of the same document?

    The automatic form creator isnt very good at recognizing where I want text forms when I scan in this particular paper form. I have lots of these paper forms that look the same and am trying to convert each of them into a editable digital copy. Is there a way to help acrobat know where i want the text forms to be on the following scans without manually making the text forms everytime?

    No, but you can:
    - Use a script to create the fields in pre-defined locations
    - Create them once and then copy them over (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) to over files
    - Create them once and then use the Replace Pages function to other files.

  • Sign In Required message when buying song on iPod?

    I wanted to buy a song on my iPod via iTunes, as I have done many, many times before. But it won't let me; every time I tap the price to buy it, it prompts me to sign in as usual, which I do; and then it gives me this message:
    "Sign-in required: Tap continue and sign in to view billing information."
    Even though I just signed in. There is not a continue button, there is only an OK button, which, if I tap it, just takes me back to the iTunes search results. All my billing information is correct, nothing has changed since I last bought a song on my iPod, and I also have about $20 of iTunes gift card balance in my account, so there should not be any billing issues. And I just bought a song on it 4-5 days ago with no problem, and I really haven't used it much this week so nothing should have changed.
    Anybody have an idea of what is going on?!?

    Hmm... and you don't have this issue when trying to purchase the song on your computer correct?
    Maybe try resetting all of your iPod's Settings. To do this head to *Settings -> General -> Reset* and tap *Reset all Settings*. From there, if still no luck, it might be a good idea to go and restore your iPod via iTunes.

  • Automatic local storage when reading song with itunes match

    Is there anyway to disable the automatic storage (download) on the device (either iPhone/iPad) when reading a song stored in the cloud?
    If not and that i'm reading my librairy shuffle, when will itunes match stop using my local storage (until it's full?)
    This is particularly relevant on a wifi-ipad.
    I understand Apple policy here because by storing locally we disminish the impact on their streaming servers but I think it's a really bad choice here.

    No, there is no known way prevent an iOS device from downloading a song that you have decided to play from the cloud.  It will not automatically download any music that you have not decided to play yet. You can manualy download a song or entire album however.  There is a setting for your Music player that will let you toggle between songs that have been downloaded and those that are downloaded and/or available to you through the cloud. It's a good way to know for certain just how much music is on your iPad/iPhone. 
    It's my understanding that if at some point you have used up your local storage, then songs already downloaded would be systematically removed, but before that happens, it's probably best to swipe across albums or songs that you don't want to store locally any more and just delete them.
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  • Automatically creating fields when distilling Word document

    I have a large number of Word documents that are periodically published in pdf format. These documents contain several fields requiring user input. Is there a way I can tell Acrobat to automatically convert a Word field into a pdf field? Using the form wizard doesn't work for me as there are far too many potential fields and removing those is quite tedious. Some of these documents are updated and published on a regular basis, and inserting all the necessary fields is taking too much time. My only other option at this point is going back to Word forms, and I really would rather not...

    If the form wizard doesn't work as well as you'd like, the other option would be to make your revisions to the Word document, create a new PDF, open the old one and use "document>Replace pages. This will replace the background pages and leave the existing form fields intact. You will of course have to move them around if they're position in the updated content has changed but it's still easier than replacing all of them every time you update a document.

  • Automatically create playlist name from name of folder containing mp3s?

    Hi, if I have a lot of folders with mp3s organized and distributed among them in a way I would like reproduced in iTunes, is it possible to create a playlist which is named after the name of the folder containing the mp3s I would like on the playlist?
    For example, say I downloaded a folder named "XYZ" containing a variety of mp3s. Can I then create a new playlist in iTunes and then drag the folder in some manner to iTunes so that the name of the new playlist switches from "untitled" to "XYZ"?

    Just drag the folder to the word Playlists in iTunes.
    It will create a new playlist named same as the folder and add the files to iTunes and the playlist.

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