AVI files delete video component

Hi... New problem. Pretty significant as it brings my current project to a stand still. I capture video files of my screen with "Debut". It is a trial version but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I get great video clips from it, one of which is attached. They are AVI files. When I import to Elements there is no video component, just the audio. It makes them an audio file in Elements.... Hmmm....

Please check out the following for the VLC Media Player download
A while back I looked at one of its version for conversion and was ready to throw it out the door. Hopefully the latest version will be helpful.
So, we will be watching for your progress to guide us.
The VLC player is a favorite for video playback of all kinds. Conversion part????
You wrote
[I downloaded the 'convertavitomp4' program and it worked. I have the video in the timeline, slightly blurry of course. Do you think chaging the wrapper would produce better quality or not?]
At this point, not sure what that conversion program is, but check your project preset choice and make sure that you render the Timeline by pressing the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard to get the best possible view of the Timeline content...you could also just press the Render button above the Timeline. But if you have no colored line or a green line over the Timeline content, no rendering of the Timeline is possible. The rendering is to get the best possible preview of the Timeline AND non colored line or green line over the content means you already have the best possible preview.
More later.

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  • Avi files & playing videos off internet

    what plugin do i need to download/play to avi files.
    I downloaded real player but i hate it. Anyone got any better?

    [Perian codecs for Quicktime|http://www.perian.org] - plugins to add functionality to Quicktime for playing additional audio and video formats
    [Quicktime audio problems, Perian, VLC|http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=9013669] - read note about uninstalling prior DIVX support before installing Perian.

  • AVI File Playing video but not audio!

    Hey guys I am terribly sorry if this has already been discussed before but I am really getting aggrevated here. When I show the format it says : Generic MPEG-4, 624 x 352, Unknown
    MPEG Layer 3, Stereo, 48.000 kHz
    Anyone know a codec? I have downloaded everything I have seen that might be a codec and it's kind of scary that none have worked yet. The video is perfect but i hear nothing!

    See the following...

  • No audio with .avi files.

    This has just started to occur recently, probably with the latest update to QT. When I play a .avi file, the video shows up fine, but the audio is strangely absent. My computer volume isn't muted, nor is the volume on Quicktime itself. Any thoughts or explanations?

    I have had this problem for a couple of years on all of my Macs across various OS and QT versions and as yet have not resolved it.
    I have tried removing the XviD_Codec 1.0 alpha component from HDD/library/quicktime/components, as suggested by another user here but this has still not resolved it on my system.
    There is a simple work around if you simply wish to watch these movies with sound.
    Download VLC player (It's a free application) and here is the link. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
    This will play your AVI files complete with sound without any problems.
    I know it is not exactly a fix for the problem but id does offer you a solution to being able to watch your movies with sound. Hope this is of use to you.

  • Pro cs3 not importing audio in avi files

    ok it seems for some reason that my cs 3 is not importing audio in my avi files the video channel imports but no audio  anyone know a reason why this is please

    AVI is but a "wrapper." This ARTICLE will give you much more background, plus direct you on finding out what is inside that wrapper.
    It might be as simple as a setting change, but conversion will likely be the path to take.
    Good luck, and let us know what G-Spot (in the article) tells you about that/those file(s).

  • Imported AVI files show the image doubled

    I am using Premier Elements 7 and when I import a recorded AVI file the video portion shows up twice.  If I play the video in media player, or nero recorded content is single. It only shows doubled in Premier Elements 7.
    I have imported the image from several different sources and machines all with the same results.  
    Any ideas why?
    Machine Quad core Dell
    4 gig ram
    Window Vista Bizz

    hi I have the screen shot you asked.    As for the rest of it, This is part of a security system (CTG Software) that we have had for 10 locations and over 3 years.  I periodically have to attach to videos together for the legal purposed because one camera has audio and the other does not.   Nothing has changed with this system in the 3 years we have had it.  This problem did not start until about a month ago when I bought version 7.  I did an upgrade from Version 3....
    I did finally get it to work by converting the image to a different format. (used Nero to make it digital and imported that and it looked fine)  Fortuneately it was a short video.  Would like to figure out why PRE is doing this with this version.  Its a lot of extra steps to do if I have a larger video.
    Yes the Image is doubled in the timeline as well.

  • Avi Files and JPG FIles on Apple TV

    Hi....when I create an Iphoto event, i usually mix avi files (short videos, taken with my camera) with regular photos. I can see this fine thru my iPhoto on the Mac, but on my Apple TV I can see the photos only....is there a smart way to see them along with the photos? Thanks

    If you want to add a lot of capacities to your Apple TV you can use aTV Flash for Mac.
    Look at their website to see all the possibilities
    With this application you will be able to read .avi files with your aTV !

  • Hi, my mac has stopped playing some avi files (that used to work). I can see the video. Does anyone know why and what i can do? My version of quicktime is 7.6.9.

    Hi i have avi files saved in iphoto that i used to be able to play through quicktime. However in the last few weeks i cannot play many of these files. I can see the videos and click on them but nothing happens (i have version 7.6.9 of quicktime). Does anyone know why this has happened and what i can do about this?

    What do you mean by what audio/video formats are involved? These are all files from several digital cameras.
    As previously stated, AVI is a file container. It is somewhat old and its originator, Microsoft, dropped official support of it over a decade ago. However, it remains popular with PC users since almost any valid audio and/or video compression format can be stuffed to the file which synchronizes the content by interleaving the individual audio and video frames. The compression format is the specific manner in which the audio and video data are encoded as it is placed in the AVI container. You can find the compression format by inspecting the file in the Finder "Info" window, or in the "Inspector" window of the QT player (or other media player) if the file can be opened.
    For instance, one popular compression combination would be to place DivX encoded video and MP3 audio in an AVI file container. However, neither DivX nor MP3 is natively supported by the QT player. (Although iTunes will natively support the MP3 audio.) Therefore, people who wish to play such files in the QT 7 Player would normally install either the DivX component or Perian but not both. Either installation will independently play such files in the QT Player, but if both are installed, the file will usually stop working since these two codecs can create a playback conflict.
    However, the AVI container could just as easily contain DV along with DV audio. In this case, the file should play correctly in QT since this compression format is natively supported by the basic component configuration that comes in every current OS installation. Therefore, if such files suddenly stopped playing, this could be an indication that a component has been moved or deleted or that your system or QT embedded structure has become corrupted.

  • Recover SD Card DELETED .avi files

    Hi there...
    I use my Canon Ixus 70 to record some of the Video clips (.avi) but unluckily i'm accidently deleted ONE important .avi file...
    How to Restore/Recover the deleted .avi file?
    I own the Data Rescue II and trying to use it for restore the deleted .avi file...finally,jpeg files successfully to recover but not .avi file...
    Do Data Rescue II posible to recover video/.avi file?
    If not,what else software will you recommend to me for my CASE??
    Your helps are most appreciate !!

    Last Christmas my wife deleted a major movie from our camera. I tried several Mac programs, but had no luck. I then took the SD card to an old windows box, and i found two or three free programs that were able to find the lost AVI. PC Inspector was the best of the bunch. http://www.pcinspector.de/Sites/smart_recovery/info.htm?language=2. (After all, the SD cards are usually formated in MS-DOS Fat 32..)
    I now currently own Data Rescue II, DiskWarrior, and TechTool Pro (great buy with MacUpdate's MacBundle). I recently had to recover some lost images, and the truth is that PC Inspector was still the best solution.

  • Delete or insert frames in an AVI file

    Is there any way to insert or delete frames in an aVI video, without copying the part you want in another file ?
    Thank you.

    I don't think this is possible. The only way I know to do it is to read the images from one AVI file and write the ones you want to a new AVI file.
    Bruce Ammons
    Ammons Engineering

  • Trying to move avi files from iPad - already deleted from my camera so not saved anywhere else

    i stupidly imported movies from my camera directly onto my iPad and then deleted them from my camera. So now the AVI files are on my iPad but I can't view them on the device.  And all of the apps I tried seem to use itunes to "locate" the files. This is not an option as I imported them straight to the iPad. iPad wont let me email these files to anywhere as I guess they are just not recognised. Can't access them via iCloud etc. Is there any way I can move these files from my iPad to a usable source?

    They're probably also too big to e-mail. Video files are normally huge and e-mails often have a 10-25 meg per message limit. I have a 3 minute video that's 300 megs.
    Have you looked to something like dropbox? Upload them there, download them to your computer? You'll need the dropbox app but it should work.
    Also, do you have a PC? have you tried using windows explorer? If the videos are in your camera roll (not sure if they will be since you imported them) all you need to do is plug your iPad into a PC, ignore the open iTunes part and use 'my computer' and windows explorer to gain access to your iPad. Go to 'my computer' see if you can see your ipad, double cllick on it, you'll see a DCIM folder. Inside that will be a myriad of folders created by the iPad. My suggestion would be to just drag everything over then go through it and see if your AVI's are in there.

  • Video but no audio for *some* .avi files

    I had to reinstall QT v.10 from Install disk and since, I have had a problem w/ most of my .avi files playing no audio--tho they are fine in VLC. I checked the streams w/ VLC and here's what I found:
    This plays fine:
    Codec: MPEG-4 Video (XVID)
    Resolution: 704x288
    Frame rate: 25 fps
    Codec: A52 Audio (aka AC3) (a52)
    Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
    Channels: 6
    Bit Rate: 192 kb/s
    This plays w/ no audio:
    Codec: MPEG-4 Video (XVID)
    Resolution: 624x352
    Frame rate: 23.976024 fps
    Codec: MPEG Audio layer 1/2/3 (mpga)
    Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    Channels: 2 Channels Stereo
    Bit Rate: 128 kb/s
    I have other examples, but VLC showed no "Codec Details" for those. Does this make sense to anyone? I'm, duh, new. Please help!

    Download and install Perian from http://perian.org/
    You should read this support page http://perian.org/#support in case you need to delete older codecs. In Macintosh HD/Library/Quicktime/ delete any files relating to DivX (Perian already has them). However it should be noted that Perian is not an internet plugin and will not play DivX files imbedded on a website. For that you will need the DivX Player browser plugin available from http://www.divx.com/divx/mac/

  • N95 8GB: Problem on deleting video file

    Is there any body experienced this problem. When I'm trying to delete a file from Video Centre > My videos directory, I'm receiving this error... "Unable to delete. File video.mp4 is open."
    Do you have resolution for this? Tnx in advance.

    21-Nov-200709:06 PM
    pmpinguel wrote:
    posted my detailed steps in the n95 8gb main discussion thread. go see
    I followed your steps but I got this message.... "USB data transfer mode activated. MASS MEMORY MAY NOT BE USED DURING THIS TIME."
    Actually the video file was not there anymore in my File Mgr folder but the problem is the video file is still there in Video centre > My videos folder. When I tried to delete the file using "c" or Options > delete, the error says "Unable to delete. File video.mp4 is open."
    I also tried to reset the phone to its factory settings but still video file was there.
    I think this is a bug. Pls advice. Tnx in advance.

  • AVI files loaded in Premier Elements 7 only show audio and not video.

    I am a new user of Premier Elements 7 and am having problems getting the video into a new project I set up. I have 6 AVI v1.0 clips that play both audio and video in Windows 7, but when I set up a project and import them, I only get the audio side and not the video side. I can drag the audio to the timeline and can play the audio just fine. But it is missing the video. I must be doing something wrong, but am new enough that I don't know where to turn.
    I have been reading the forums and taking tutorials, so I think I know the steps to import a video into PRE7. I've tried many things, but still no video. I downloaded GSpot and found that my files have video H264 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) and audio oxooo2 (ADPCM). The codecs seem to be installed on my Windows 7 computer.
    Can someone point me in the right direction on what to do next. I'm a computer professional with 50 years of experience, so am no dummy, but am new to PRE7. Thanks in advance.

    I found a mini-CD that came with the product. When I loaded it on my computer, one of the options was to install a device driver. I did this and now I can see the video in PRE7. So, I think this solves my problem.
    I applaud the mfgr. of the Insignia. This is the way that it should be with ALL cameras, that do not use a miniDV tape, or precise CODEC, that is mainstream. All too often, the mfgrs. tweak an existing CODEC, and just leave the customer hanging, trying to find a way to edit the footage. A couple of major mfgrs. come immediately to my mind.
    Others, who use CODEC's, like Xvid, that is so heavily compressed, that even converting it to an editable format/CODEC results in such horrible footage, that no one would ever be satisfied with the finished product.
    <Soapbox Mode Off>
    Glad that you are now up and editing. For my education, what does G-Spot say about the CODEC in the Insignia footage? At least next time that I encounter it, I can say - "look in the box, and install the driver to get the CODEC."
    Thanks for reporting,

  • How can I change the default video conversion applied when I copy an AVI file from my PC to my Android HTC One M8 phone?

    Here's the situation...
    I have an Android HTC One M8 phone which I connect via USB cable to my PC, then I use Windows Explorer to drag and drop an AVI file from my PC onto a target folder on the phone. When I would do this after I had first purchased my phone a message box
    would come up with the heading "Convert and Copy" and ask me  "Do you want to convert <filename> before it's copied to your device?" and give me the options "Yes, convert and copy (recommended)" or "No, just
    copy Your file will be copied, but might not play on your device."
    If I chose to convert it converted the file to MP4. No problem, that's what I wanted.
    The problem I now have is that after doing some work with other video applications a while ago where I was outputting WMV files I now find that the default conversion for the above described copy from PC to Android phone now converts files to WMV.
    I simply want it to go back to converting video files copied to my phone as MP4, but I can't seem to find where I can set this!
    It appears that the copy/conversion process in Explorer is being handled in the "Portable Devices Shell Extension" dll - WPDSHEXT.DLL
    Can anyone tell me what I need to do to set the default video conversion back to MP4 ???

    Thanks Rob.
    I actually had no clue what the core problem was caused by. So it's Windows itself...that helps some.
    I'll resubmit there. It might actually have saved time for it to simply have been moved to there instead of off-topic, though I suppose you have to follow protocol.

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