Backups Taking up too much space

All Timemachine backups stored on External HDD.  Storage info is still showing 80GB Backup files on Laptop.  How can I find and delete these backups so I free up space?

Those local Time Machine backups (which is what you are seeing) are supposedly deleted if OSX decides space is needed, and Finder doesn't count them (or at least tries not to count them--there are quirky issues) when it computes free space to show you, though most other utitlies will count them if you check disk space that way.  That includes using the About This Mac Storage Info button.
I do have some concern that on a mechanical drive (as opposed to an SSD) writing that data and holding it might create some performance issues (potentially creating fragmentation on the drive faster than normal due to having limited drive space for the OS to work with to find contiguous blocks to write to), but it should not impact the ability to store things out there--if you need the space, local backups are deleted.
That said, if you want to disable local backups in Lion, the following article on OSX Daily has the terminal commands to do so and to later reenable it.  The article does caution about the downside of doing so, but if you generally connect back to your external Time Machine drive on a daily basis and backups are always made the exposure may not be that great.  Now if you regularly travel and are away from the backup drive for long periods, the risks are a bit higher.  But you choose your own poison.

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    I deleted a bunch of songs by sliding over the song, and simply deleting it. When I plugged it into my sisters laptop, the music is still present and ghostly/grey looking. I can't slide over it and delete it. It's taking up too much space on my iPhone!!! How can I delete these!?
    (the computer used to sync music from my iPhone and such isn't working, so I do everything not from a laptop)

    It can't do that by itself. You had to click through several prompts telling it to restore it from a backup of an old phone for that to happen.
    If the phone was not backed up to iCloud before this happened, or to another computer, then the data is gone. There is no way to recover it.

  • Cannot sync, not enough free space. 'other'is taking up too much space.

    cannot sync, not enough free space. 'other'is taking up too much space.  i have no 'other' things on my phone and have never had this problem before. I believe this may have come from upgrading to ios5.

    Connect to iTunes, then click the Restore button. When asked, choose to set up as a new phone. After it finishes, right click on the name of the iPhone in the list on the left side of the iTunes window and choose Restore from Backup. Do this BEFORE you sync and after restoring.

  • HT1386 The first time I synced my iphone with my mac, I didn't realize that all of my photos from iphoto would transfer over to the phone.   Now, I need to remove some, as they are taking up too much space.  I cannot figure out how to remove them from the

    The first time I synced my iphone 4 with my mac, I didn't realize that all of my photos from the iphoto library would transfer over to the phone (more than 3,000).   Now, I need to remove some, as they are taking up too much space.  I cannot figure out how to remove them from the phone.  I tried to uncheck boxes and sync again, but I get a message that there is no room on the iphone.  I've read as many articles as I can find, but still cannot manage this.  Thanks for any help.

    Open itunes, connect iphone, select what you want, sync

  • What is the best way to manage my iPhoto, which is taking up too much space on my MacBook Pro?

    What is the best way to manage my iPhoto, which is taking up too much space on my MacBook Pro?
    Specifically, I'd like to keep some of my favorite pictures on the laptop while moving the rest to an external hard drive. Is there a way to tag just a few pictures inside an event/album as "favorite", while storing the rest in an EHD, but still keep them connected to the same event/album? I'd like to have just the favorite pictures on the laptop, but when I have the EHD connected,  be able to view all my pictures in the same place, and not have to browse through separate hard drives. Ideally, whether or not a picture is designated as "favorite" will determine where it resides.
    Is this at all possible?
    I have only 7 GB left on my HD and I'm desperately needing a solution!

    You need two libraries to do this. One on the external with all your Photos. One on the internal with a subset - your favourites. You do it this way to make backing up easier - that is, back up the library with everything, so you're only backing up one.
    Make sure the drive is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Copy the iPhoto Library from your Pictures Folder to the External Disk.
    Now you have two full versions of the Library.
    3. On the Internal library, trash the Events/albums/photos you don't want there
    Now you have a full copy of the Library on the External and a smaller subset on the Internal
    Some Notes:
    As a general rule: when deleting photos do them in batches of about 100 at a time. iPhoto can baulk at trashing large numbers at one go.
    You can choose which Library to open: Hold down the option (or alt) key key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library'
    You can keep the Library on the external updated with new imports using iPhoto Library Manager

  • How can I get the photos on my 8gb iPod touch transferred to my Windows computer and removed from my iPod touch? They are taking up too much space.

    I have an 8gb iPod Touch. How can I transfer my photos to my Windows computer and delete them from my iPod Touc? They are taking up too much space.

    Copying personal photos and videos from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer

  • Apps taking up too much space on my computer harddrive?

    Hi guys,
    Whenever I hook my iPad & iPhone up to iTunes it automatically starts to upload all of the apps from both devices onto my computer. This wouldn't be such a problem, but between the iPhone and the iPad, it takes up around 40 GB of space from apps all by themselves. I store music/videos on an external harddrive so I'm not completely starved for harddrive space but I was wondering if someone could tell me what I can do to keep my iPad/iPhone apps from eating up too much space on my computer?
    Seems like I should be able to avoid having the iPhone/iPad (I use both) upload and backup all of my apps to my computer through iTunes but I also tried doing a backup straight ti iCloud and it didn't do the trick.
    Does anyone have any answers on this please? Thanks.

    400 apps taking up 13.6Gb so I get an estimate of 1,175 (wow I have some bulky apps!) but 40Gb sounds like quite a haul.
    A couple of things come to mind. First is that occasionally iTunes can neglect to delete the old copy when apps are updated so you could have some orphaned files in your Mobile Applications folder.
    Second, your apps should be stored in the same location as your music and movies but I'm guessing from what you've written that they're not. This means you are likely to have a split library with the database and supporting files on your internal drive and media in another folder, but in the old school layout. Assuming you are happy letting iTunes organize your files (and you have a backup) using File > Library > Organize Library > Rearrange files in the folder <Media Folder>, followed by File > Library > Organize Library > Consolidate files will sort that out. You'll have to delete the now redundant copies of the apps on your internal drive. The good news is that this will have dealt with any orphaned apps.
    In the long term you might want to consider making your library portable.
    Note switching to iCloud backup should not remove any content from your computer. I suspect purchases still get transferred when syncing but I've not tested it.

  • All pictures in Photos on Mac syncing with Photos on iPhone and taking up too much space

    Since I downloaded Photos on my MacBook Pro, all the pictures that I had in iPhotos are not showing up on Photos on my laptop AND my iPhone. I used to be able to choose which iPhoto albums to sync with my iPhone and would prefer to do that again. It is taking up way too much space to have them all synced to my phone. Any idea how to choose which pictures I want available on my phone???

    Before the migration to Photos on laptop, I would go to iTunes, Photos, Sync Photos, Selected Albums, and then choose the albums from iPhoto to sync to phone.
    Since I had the problem with all of the photos syncing to iPhone, I un-checked Sync, but they were all still showing up on iPhone.
    I just looked at iTunes and saw this message:
    When I looked last week, the "copy from _______" was not an option. Now I am able to choose the iPhoto albums that I want to sync just as I was before.
    I still don't know why they were syncing when I didn't have that option selected, but it appears Apple has fixed the issue I was having.
    I guess I will continue to use iPhoto rather than Photos on my laptop to avoid this issue again.
    Thank you for your help!!!!

  • ICloud Photo Library taking up too much space

    I am using iCloud Photo library, and noticed that it was taking up too much of my iCloud memory. I have 4 photos and no videos, and that uses around 300 MB of storage. What can I do to change this? Is this a bug?

    If I upload my entire Photo Library to iCloud Drive, then delete photos from my Library (on my computer), can I still access those deleted photos on my iCloud Drive?
    An iPhoto library will not work properly on iCloud Drive. It will be corrupted by the syncing.  An iPhoto Library needs to be on a locally connected volume or on your system drive.  Move your iPhoto Library to a small portable drive as described here:  Use locally mounted Mac OS X Extended volumes for your Aperture library
    A second problem is, that you cannot save space on your computer by uploading to iCloud Drive, because iCloud will keep local shadow copies of all items in your user library. Moving files to include Drive will not save any space at all.  (iCloud Drive FAQ)

  • Photo booth taking up too much space

    I am not sure if I am putting this question in the right forum... I recently had an error saying my startup disk is almost full.  I started investigating what is taking up so much space.  I have a 500GB hard drive and only had about 3 gb free space.  I started deleting some items and after lots of work I now am at 14.49GB free space.  woo hoo!  Well I see my photo booth library is taking up 278GB of space.  Why so much?  I opened the app and deleted almost all the pictures and videos in there, but it barely made a dent in how much space the program is using.  Is it supposed to take up so much space?  How can I clear it out?

    There may be a way to have the library of PhotoBooth be saved and accessed to/from an externally enclosed hard disk drive, so it would (maybe) not be saving to the computer's HDD. I know it is possible to have an external drive harbor the iPhoto and iTunes libraries, so the internal computer drive is more lean.
    A question remains... Do you have a separate user account for the kids so they don't have a way or reason to be mucking about in the Admin user account? And does the computer start up in a way where one has to log in before anyone can do anything? This would likely help keep some of the wondering where things are, to a minimum; or at least you can backup your admin account and secure content so if something happens, you can recover important stuff.
    With a different user accounts, you can also limit what kinds of applications and services are accessed. {Also with kids online, if you had questions about what they were doing, especially where text and message content on social sites, you could even put a key-logger utility on their account.} There are various levels of user account for a reason, and things one can do for more watchfulness than just parental controls.
    I can see why kids would have a fun time with photobooth and the things it can do with peoples faces, etc. When I was a kid, I grew up with a real photo darkroom and bulk film, so I was shooting 35mm and reloading the film cans, developing and printing, hands in chemicals. We also had reloading supplies for the guns. A different world, so was the range of hands-on learning experience.
    You should buy a printed manual for the operating system, a Missing Manuals (for the OS X you have.) They're fairly good. I've had a few, mostly for older systems where I got a great deal for mere coins a few years after the newer systems were released, in secondhand stores. And included a few with Macs I'd restored and upgraded, when donated.
    Anyway, life is an adventure...
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • I selected manually manage music for my iTouch yet it keeps trying to sync to my entire music library.  I do not want that as it is taking up too much space.  How can I stop my iTouch from continuing to try and sync so I can manually manage my music?

    How do I get my iTouch to manually manage my music?  I selected manually manage, yet every time I hook my iTouch to my computer, it attempts to sync and load my entire library.  I do not want the entire library as it takes up too much space and I don't want all of those songs on my iTouch.  What am I missing?  What else can I do? 

    Oops, sorry, I think you probably already did what I suggested (turning off auto synch).
    I have the same question - how to synch, say, just one playlist.
    There is an option to synch only things that are checked. But everything (in every playlist and item, is checked and there doesn't appear to be a box to "uncheck all", nor can you check each playlist individually.

  • Music Taking Up too Much Space on my hard drive...

    Need some assistance... Have download approx. 30g. of Music Files on my 60 g. 5th. Generation iPod. At the same time I now have 30 g. of back-up files on my laptop hard drive....The music files are now taking up too much memory. I bought an 80 g. external hard drive and have copied all my music files onto it... (Accidentally deleted my downloaded music files last year off of my laptop. An expensive lesson!!! So now I download all music on a seperate external hard drive... Can I delete the existing music files off of my laptop, without losing all the stored music on my Ipod when I reconnect with my library on iTunes? I'd just like to safely remove music files from my laptops hard drive without accidentally deleting music already stored on my ipod! Need the memory on my laptop hard drive for other purposes... Anyone out there that can help me with this? Thanks!!!
    iPod Video   Windows XP  

    Make sure in edit>preferences>advanced that you itunes points to its new loaction.
    Also make sure that itune has copy music into new folder, and organise folder checks ticked to the on position.
    Consolidate your library in itunes.
    Then go through an double check each folder before deleting it from original location.
    This will "copy" music and organise all your music into one location aswell as build Library.
    You can add any folder that is missed as you check everything off.
    It will not delete anything so you will need to manually delete as it is shifted.
    Alternatively you can copy everything in exporer to the desired location & import entire folder into library. Once done, consilidate library, check for dublicates.

  • Storage says apps are taking up too much space!

    in About This Mac > More Info > Storage, my Mac seems to be taking up 48GM in apps!  I can't find what apps are taking up so much space.  I'd like to delete some stuff and free up some space.  I used Daisy Disk to try to see what's taking up space, but that utility says my apps aren't taking up nearly as much.  Has anyone else had this problem?

    See if a reindex of Spotlight corrects the display:

  • Ios6 automatically DL'ed onto my iphone 4 and is taking up too much space (I don't want to install).

    How can I remove the ~2.2Gb of "other" data that I assume is ios6 install files?  I have no photos or music on my 8Gb phone and having a quarter of my phone full already with crap I don't want is frustrating.
    Yesterday I actually downloaded and installed ios6, found out how crappy it was, and then reverted back to 5.1.1.  I want nothing to do with ios6, including the install files.

    I am having this problem as well.... when iOS6 went live, my iPhone4 rebooted itself in the middle of the night (I was awake) and then automatically downloaded the ~2.5 GB iOS6 installer, which in Settings it says is downloaded and ready to install - but gives no way to say no or delete it. I also tried using iExplore but Apple doesn't put it as an App, it has some special hidden system folder that there's apparently no way to see except jailbreaking it.
    Someone on Twitter said you have to restore... but if I do that I'll lose everything I've done since my last backup AND it will just auto-download again. I don't want iOS6 - Apple bricked my iPhone 3G with iOS4, but more importantly, I live in a city and use/rely on those public transportation directions and accurate maps - neither of which exist in that disaster than is iOS6.
    This really ****** me off & inconviences me because it cuts my available space on my phone IN HALF. Not to mention I never agreed to it or wanted it. AND I have limited bandwidth / Comcast gets mad at me if I use too much. WTH

  • Photos taking up too much space on iphone

    I am trying to free up space on my phone.  If I go to the "usage" page in my phone, it says "photos and camera" takes up 5.8gb.  If I click on that it subdivides it and says Photo Library is 2.0 and Synced from iPhoto is 3.6
    When I go into the sync settings in my phone, it's only set to sync a few albums.  It says "copy from iPhoto" - 534 photos.  But the colored bar at the bottom that indicates how much space things are taking- if I hover over the "photos" section, it says 5.9GB and 2082 photos.
    If I look in the phone there are about 500 pictures there.
    Where is all my space?? I do not have 2000 pictures on my phone!!!
    I'm guessing there's a corrupted file somewhere, but how do I fix it? Will a backup/restore do it? Is there ANYTHING short of that?  I've tried deleting all pictures from the phone, turning off photo syncing altogether, etc.  Then I added back in just the photos from the last 3 months- and suddenly it's 6gb again.
    Please help!!!!!

    The following may help: Why does my iOS device say I have more photos than I can find?

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