BADI / User exit for Purchase order(ME21N) after saving the document

Hi expert,
I need the BADI / User exit for Purchase order(ME21N) after saving the document
This is for email sending after create the purchase order so PO document number will be the import parameter
pls help me
point will be reward

Hi Ganesh,
Could you please share your solution?
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  • User Exit for Purchase Order Release Strategy

    I am a little new to this, how do I search for a user exit for purchase order release strategy (TCode ME29N).
    Thanks in advance.

    Check the following Exits and BADI for Pur Requisition
    MEVME001 WE default quantity calc. and over/ underdelivery tolerance
    MM06E001 User exits for EDI inbound and outbound purchasing documents
    MM06E003 Number range and document number
    MM06E004 Control import data screens in purchase order
    MM06E005 Customer fields in purchasing document
    MM06E007 Change document for requisitions upon conversion into PO
    MM06E008 Monitoring of contr. target value in case of release orders
    MM06E009 Relevant texts for "Texts exist" indicator
    MM06E010 Field selection for vendor address
    MM06E011 Activate PReq Block
    MMAL0001 ALE source list distribution: Outbound processing
    MMAL0002 ALE source list distribution: Inbound processing
    MMAL0003 ALE purcasing info record distribution: Outbound processing
    MMAL0004 ALE purchasing info record distribution: Inbound processing
    MMDA0001 Default delivery addresses
    MMFAB001 User exit for generation of release order
    MRFLB001 Control Items for Contract Release Order
    AMPL0001 User subscreen for additional data on AMPL
    LMEDR001 Enhancements to print program
    LMELA002 Adopt batch no. from shipping notification when posting a GR
    LMELA010 Inbound shipping notification: Transfer item data from IDOC
    LMEQR001 User exit for source determination
    LMEXF001 Conditions in Purchasing Documents Without Invoice Receipt
    LWSUS001 Customer-Specific Source Determination in Retail
    M06B0001 Role determination for purchase requisition release
    M06B0002 Changes to comm. structure for purchase requisition release
    M06B0003 Number range and document number
    MEQUERY1 Enhancement to Document Overview ME21N/ME51N
    MELAB001 Gen. forecast delivery schedules: Transfer schedule implem.
    MEFLD004 Determine earliest delivery date f. check w. GR (only PO)
    MEETA001 Define schedule line type (backlog, immed. req., preview)
    ME590001 Grouping of requsitions for PO split in ME59
    M06E0005 Role determination for release of purchasing documents
    M06E0004 Changes to communication structure for release purch. doc.
    M06B0005 Changes to comm. structure for overall release of requisn.
    M06B0004 Number range and document number
    Business Add-in
    ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST Enhancements for Processing Enjoy PReqs: Customer
    ME_PROCESS_REQ Enhancements for Processing Enjoy PReqs: Internal
    ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST Enhancements for Processing Enjoy Purchase Order: Customer
    ME_PROCESS_PO Enhancements for Processing Enjoy Purchase Order: Intern.
    ME_PROCESS_COMP Processing of Component Default Data at Time of GR: Custome
    ME_PO_SC_SRV BAdI: Service Tab Page for Subcontracting
    ME_PO_PRICING_CUST Enhancements to Price Determination: Customer
    ME_PO_PRICING Enhancements to Price Determination: Internal
    ME_INFOREC_SEND Capture/Send Purchase Info Record Changes - Internal Use
    ME_HOLD_PO Hold Enjoy Purchase Orders: Activation/Deactivation
    ME_GUI_PO_CUST Customer's Own Screens in Enjoy Purchase Order
    ME_FIELDSTATUS_STOCK FM Account Assignment Behavior for Stock PR/PO
    ME_DP_CLEARING Clearing (Offsetting) of Down Payments and Payment Requests
    ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED Purchasing Document Posted
    SMOD_MRFLB001 Control Items for Contract Release Order
    EXTENSION_US_TAXES Extended Tax Calculation with Additional Data
    ARC_MM_EKKO_WRITE BAdI: Enhancement of Scope of Archiving (MM_EKKO)
    ARC_MM_EKKO_CHECK BAdI: Enhancement of Archivability Check (MM_EKKO)
    MM_EDI_DESADV_IN Supplementation of Delivery Interface from Purchase Order
    MM_DELIVERY_ADDR_SAP Determination of Delivery Address
    ME_WRF_STD_DNG PO Controlling Reminder: Extension to Standard Reminder
    ME_TRIGGER_ATP Triggers New ATP for Changes in EKKO, EKPO, EKPV
    ME_TRF_RULE_CUST_OFF BADI for Deactivation of Field T161V-REVFE
    ME_TAX_FROM_ADDRESS Tax jurisdiction code taken from address
    ME_REQ_POSTED Purchase Requisition Posted
    ME_REQ_OI_EXT Commitment Update in the Case of External Requisitions
    ME_RELEASE_CREATE BAdI: Release Creation for Sched.Agrmts with Release Docu.
    ME_DEFINE_CALCTYPE Control of Pricing Type: Additional Fields
    ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB Enrich ALV Output Table in Purchasing
    ME_CHANGE_CHARACTER Customer-Specific Characteristics for Product Allocation
    ME_CCP_DEL_DURATION Calc. of Delivery Duration in CCP Process (Not in Standard)
    ME_CCP_BESWK_AUTH_CH BAdI for authorization checks for procuring plant
    ME_CCP_ACTIVE_CHECK BAdI to check whether CCP process is active
    ME_BSART_DET Change document type for automatically generated POs
    ME_BADI_DISPLAY_DOC BAdI for Internal Control of Transaction to be Invoked
    ME_ACTV_CANCEL_PO BAdI for Activating the Cancel Function at Header Level
    MEGUI_LAYOUT BAdI for Enjoy Purchasing GUI
    ME_CHECK_ALL_ITEMS Run Through Items Again in the Event of Changes in EKKO
    ME_COMMTMNT_REQ_RE_C Check of Commitment Relevance of Purchase Requisitions
    ME_COMMTMNT_REQ_RELE Check of Commitment Relevance of Purchase Requisitions
    ME_COMMTMNT_PO_REL_C Check for Commitment-Relevance of Purchase Orders
    ME_COMMTMNT_PO_RELEV Check for Commitment-Relevance of Purchase Orders
    ME_COMMITMENT_STO_CH BadI for checking if commitments for STOs are active
    ME_COMMITMENT_RETURN Commitment for return item
    ME_CIP_REF_CHAR Enables Reference Characteristics in Purchasing
    ME_CIP_ALLOW_CHANGE Configuration in Purchasing: Changeability Control
    ME_CIN_MM06EFKO Copy PO data for use by Country version India
    ME_CIN_LEINRF2V BADI for LEINRF03 excise_invoice_details
    ME_CIN_LEINRF2R BADI for CIN India - Delivery charges
    ME_CHECK_SOURCES Additional Checks in Source Determination/Checking
    ME_CHECK_OA Check BAdI for Contracts
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  • User Exit for Purchase Order Line Items.

    I have been trying to search for a User Exit for Purchase Order Line Items and have been unable to do find anything.  I need to overwrite the Net Price and Pricing Condition on a certain type of material based upon the Pricing Condition for that Line Item which is on the Sales Document.  Any direction you can point me into would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  I was able to create my first BADI using the PROCESS_ITEM method.  The following link was also very helpful: Re: BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST Method:PROCESS_ITEM

  • User exit for Purchase order & Purchase requisition.

      I need the user exits/BADIs/BTE in the following events.
           1)  Just before saving Purchase requisitions and After saving purchase req ( Create and Change)
          2)  Just before saving Purchase Order and After saving purchase Order   ( Create and Change)
    Ganesh Nama.

    Hi Experts,
    I want to change delivery date in PR while creating purchase requisition ME51n.
    Means need to add 7 days in delivry date field when ever it is todays date (sy-datum).
    Please suggest suitable badi or EXIT.
    I tried in BADI..ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST... in PROCESS_ITEM methode
    data : preqdata type mereq_item,
              v_lfdat    type  sy-datum.
              prereq_x   type   mereq_itemx.
        preqdata = im_item->get_data( ).
    if preqdata-lfdat = sy-datum.
      prereq_x-lfdat = 'X'.
      call function 'CALCULATE_DATE'
         days              = '7'
         months            = '0'
         start_date        = sy-datum
         result_date       = v_lfdat            .
      preqdata-lfdat = v_lfdat.
      call method im_item->set_datax( prereq_x ).
      call method im_item->set_data( preqdata ).
    But systems is ignoring thi change and again coming in same badi in loop.
    Please tel any other way to make change is delivery date field.
    Thank you.....!!!!

  • User Exits for Purchase order Header Text Validation

    Hi Experts,
    I need user exit for validate a  Long text in Purchase order header data for a Particular Doc type.
    We are using 4.6 B so badi is not available .
    So pls tell me user exit for the same or any other method as i was unable to find user exit for this scenario.
    Note :  This valiadation should trigger whhile creating  PO.
    Warm Regards
    Santosh Kumar
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    i have used concept of global memory through call stack

  • User exit for Purchase order to change RESB-SOBKZ

    The requirment is to change the purchase order's RESB-SOBKZ.
    The purchase orders will be created in r/3 from APO & the same PO would be published back to APO.
    I have to change the above metioned field at the time of PO save in R/3.
    The RESB-SOBKZ  actually changes the purchase orders Individual & collective indicator based on its value.
    Can any one know what is the user exit for this?
    I have checked 'EXIT_SAPLCPUR_001' but it dosn't have the RESB related structure.

        I know this is very late reply to your query but i think this is the correct answer for which you are looking for.
    you were searching in a right direction...just try to see the User Exit  EXIT_SAPLMEPI_006 on R/3 side in which you will find the RESB-SOBKZ field in CP_POSITION parameter in Changing Tab,Assoicated Type = MEPI_PO in which SOBKZ field is there on 16th position.

  • User Exits for Purchase order & requistion to control Material description

    Dear Experts,
    I am creating a Purchasing requisition & Purchase order for certain Material Type. Currently user can change material description at item level without anu check. Now I have different material type like PACKING(ZPAC), Raw material(ZROH) Etc.
    My requirement is like such that i want to allow change of material description of packing material(ZPAC) but system should not allow for Raw material type(ZROH). so from where i can control this?
    Can any one give me EXIT name or enhancement point for Purchase order & requisition.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can achieve this by Field selection in SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition > Define Document Types > Here get the Field Selection Key for PR Doc Type
    SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Requisition > Define Screen Layout at Document Level > Here for that Field Selection Key, for Selection group "Basic data, item", make field "Short text" as display.
    Similarly do for PO also SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define Document Types > Here get the Field Selection Key for PO Doc Type
    SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define Screen Layout at Document Level > Here for that Field Selection Key, for Selection group "Basic data, item", make field "Short text" as display.
    Note: - But in case of text Purchases, you need to create a new PR and PO Document Type. So that this config. will not have any impact on Text Purchases.

  • CIF User Exit for Purchase Order CIFPUR01

    Hi All,
    I had couple of questions related to the way CIF user Exit CIFPUR01 is called whenever there is a change in txn data related to Purchase Orders on R/3 side.
    I could see that the User Exit is called only when I completely deactivate the Integration Model using CFM3, and then reactivate the same using CFM3. If I generate a new model using CFM1 and then activate the newest version using CFM3 (without deactivating the earlier version), the system doesn't call the User Exit and this is an issue because the custom code for some calculation logic that we have defined is never called !
    Additionally, whenever the change in Purchase Order is done (say to the Quantity, Delivery date etc.), the User Exit is not called when change is done via ME22N and given that Integration Model is active.
    Is this the correct behavior?
    Any thoughts on the above behavior would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Vikas,
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I had already tried that by putting the break points in the include of the User Exit and the control of the program didn't enter the User Exit code when I generated and activated new version of the Integration model (CFM1 followed by CFM3).
    The control enters the User Exit code only when I completely deactivate the existing Integration model and then reactivate.
    Below are the scenarios which explain my point.
    Scenario 1:
    1. Completely deactivate the existing Integration model using CFM3.
    2. Put the break point on the user exit code.
    3. Generate the new version of Integration model through CFM1.
    4. Activate the new version through CFM3.  In this case, the control goes to the user exit code and does the calculation specified by us. This is correct and works as expected.
    Scenario 2:
    1. The Integration model is already activated and I put the break points in the User exit code.
    2. I regenerate the new version of Integration model via CFM1.
    3. I activate the new version through CFM3. In this case, the control DOES NOT go to the User exit code. This is not the expected behavior.
    Scenario 3:
    1. The Integration model is already activated and I put the break points in the User exit code.
    2. I change the PO qty for existing Purchase order.
    3. The change is immediately transferred to APO as expected. The control doesn't get transferred to user exit code. Thus the custom calculation in the INCLUDE of the user exit is not done and hence custom qty is not updated in APO.
    Please let me know if you would need more clarifications.

  • User exit for Purchase order

    We are creating a PO with 2 Purchase requisitions each having 5000/-INR. while creating the purchase order we changed the qty then net value becomes 12000/-INR for both PR's, so the difference is 2000/- which is 10% greater than actual net value that is 10000/-.
    while saving the purchase order we need to rise one error message why means the difference value 2000/- is greater that 10%.
    For that we need User Exit and any example code.

    Hi Deepak,
    Use this Badi. THis will be called at the time of saving PO. U can validate according to your requirement.
    Sample coding:
    METHOD if_ex_me_purchdoc_posted~posted .
          LOOP AT im_ekpo INTO lv_ekpo WHERE LOEKZ NE 'X'.
            SELECT * FROM qinf INTO lv_qinf WHERE matnr     = lv_ekpo-matnr
                                              AND lieferant = im_ekko-lifnr
                                              AND werk      = lv_ekpo-werks.
              IF sy-subrc = 0.
                IF im_ekko-bedat > lv_qinf-frei_dat.
                  MESSAGE e000(zamq) WITH 'Vendor is not released  by quality for material ' lv_ekpo-matnr.

  • User Exit for Purchase Order Release.

    Hi Friends,
    I am searching for a user exit which should trigger at the time of Purchase Order release in ME29n transaction.
    If anyone can help me for the same....!!!
    I need the exact exit which triggers at the release of PO....
    Points will be rewarded for the needful replies.

    hai   Mandeep Singh, 
    I am Genaralising This For U.
    It Is ver EASY Procees.
    Just Go To SE84
    Give The PRogram Name Or PAckage name In Which  ME29n  is present.
    Then Click On Display.
    Then Click On Enhancements.
    Then U will Get USer Exits Aswell As BADI 's
    IF Found helpful Reward.

  • BADI / User Exit for APO Order transaction /SAPAPO/SNPTLB

    Hi Experts,
    We have a proxy interface and currently we are using FUNCTION EXIT_SAPMSNPUSER_006 for the APO Order transaction: /SAPAPO/SNPTLB.
    This exist is triggering before the Order is being saved in APO and at times it is throwing an error 'Order key already exists in live cache' in the APO system.
    Is there any other BADI or User exit available to Save the order in APO before the interface gets processed?, if so, plese guide me.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Lakshmi,
    I am having the same issue with the message "Order key already exists in live cache" in our system. 
    We are using the user-exit EXIT_SAPMSNPUSER_005 for UoM conversion.  But we are not making any explicit proxy calls
    to /SAPAPO/SNPTLB.  Does the system automatically call this transaction with this user-exit?
    Did you get a resolution for the issue.  I would really appreciate if you can let me know how you have addressed this.

  • BADI USER/EXIT for inserting cust. data after the Pruch. Requsitio is SAVED

    Hi all,
    Is there any  BADI or USER EXIT available for the transaction ME51N to save
    some customer data fields in a separta Z table , after the data is saved from the
    Purcahse requistion .
    I  have used the customer exit MEREQ001 for additing the customer filelds with TABLE CONTROL.
    I am not able to save the data from the table control . Any suggestion on this will be apprecitated  .
    Best Regards

      You have  to use 'EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_003' to import data from screen to your tables and use 'EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_001' to send data to screen.use the below code like below:
    tables : ci_ebandb.
    data : i_mereq_item type mereq_item.
    if im_req_item is initial.
    clear: ci_ebandb.
    i_mereq_item = im_req_item->get_data( ).
    move-corresponding i_mereq_item to ci_ebandb.
    data : i_mereq_item type mereq_item.
    if not im_req_item is initial.
    i_mereq_item = im_req_item->get_data( ).
    move-corresponding ci_ebandb to i_mereq_item .
    call method im_req_item->set_data( i_mereq_item ).
    Also set the flag EX_CHANGED = 'X' to transafer the changes to database

  • Exit for Purchase Order ME21N

    i want to save some information in my Z Table while creating a new PO, how can i do this while saving a PO, in which Exit shud i write my code i have tried the user exits available for PO, but not able to solve the problem,
    can anybody help me out.
    abhishek suppal

    Try using the BADI 'ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST' or the enhancement MM06E005 (Function module EXIT_SAPMM06E_006).
    Use transaction SE18 to see the BADI and SE19 to implement.
    CMOD for implementing the enhancement.
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  • Badi/User Exit for IE02 and IP02 after status changed to deleted/deactivate

    Hi all,
    I need to change the status of the Plan Maintenance(IP42) when the Functional Location(IP02) or the Equipment(IE02) status is change to deactivated/deleted.
    I cant find any related badi or userexit that can be used to achieve the above purpose.
    Is there any suggestion available to achieve that? Please advise. Thanks.

      You will either have to use the user exit on save or use the change documents functionality through transaction SWEC to trigger a  custom process to accomplish your needs.

  • Problem with User exit for Purchase Order creation/change

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a requirement where I have to implement an enhancement for the standard transaction(ME21N/ME22N). I need to modify a particular field of the item table (EKPO) based on a few comparisons from the header values (After save of PO). I am using the enhancement MM06E005 and its corresponding exit  EXIT_SAPMM06E_013. While debugging I notice that the value is getting changed; but as soon as the control comes out of the FM, the change is not being reflected. Hoping to find a solution for this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Indudhar P.G

    Hi Guys,
    Now I am using the BADI "ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST". But the control is not stopping at the method even though I set a breakpoint. It just saves the PO after I click save. Is this because my document type of PO is Stock Transfer Order. Can I use this BADI for STO's? and moreover how do I process each item line in this method. Does "ls_mepoitem = im_item->get_data( ).
    "  fetch all the item lines?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Indudhar P.G

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