Balance in local currency while doing MIGO

Hi Gurus,
Below is the message which I am receiving when doing MIGO. Can some body let me know how to solve this
Balance in local currency
Message no. F5703
A balance exists in local currency "INR" with the following details:
Exchange rate type "10", amount "            82.39-" and currency key "INR".
The data in local currency is transferred from the calling application.
System Response
Your data cannot be processed in FI.
There is probably an error in the calling application.
The GL account is "Only in local currency" check box is checked. OB08 settings are also maintained

The error is in GL code
GO to FS00 GL Master, for your GL
Go to Control Tab and remove the check box which reads "Only Balance Local currecy"
Consult you FI teams once
Niti Narayan

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  • Balance in Transaction currency while doing MIGO

    While doing MIGO, getting the error '' Balance in Transaction Currency'' and showing the total of Excise and Cess amounts.
    Urgent issue. Appreciate if you could respond asap

    pls verify the raw material inventory account or the GR/IR clearing account, u might have checked only balances in local currency, or it could be in raw material master records, where in u might have selected the foreign currency valuation
    bala reddy

  • Balance in transaction currency, While doing assets settlement,AIBU

    Balance in transaction currency
    Message no. F5702
    A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'SAR' with the following details:
    Exchange rate '00', amount '     1,800,000.00' and currency key 'SAR'.
    The data in the transaction currency were transferred from the calling application.
    System Response
    Your data cannot be processed in FI.
    The error is probably in the calling application.
    please help me

    Hi, Check your entry for Generic Transaction type in ASCET
    KOSTL Cost Center * Generic Trans. Type Depreciation Run
    Refer below link with same issue,
    [Message no. F5702|]

  • F5061  Balance in local currency EUR is too large for automatic adjustment

    My Company code currency is EUR. The customer has made a downpayment in USD (say 100) and i am now to clear the same against invoice of same amount in USD (100 $) but its is resulting into minor differences in Local currency. I am getting the following error
    Balance in local currency EUR is too large for automatic adjustment
    Message no. F5061
    For postings in foreign currency, it is possible that the balance in foreign currency is zero, but not in local currency. Providing the balance in local currency does not amount to more currency units than the document has line items, the system adjusts the amounts automatically. If an automatic adjustment is not possible, the amounts must be adjusted manually in local currency.
    System Response
    The document is not posted in local currency without adjusting the amounts.
    Adjust the amounts in local currency.
    How can i have the system automatically fetch the Gl accounts to post the exchange rate differeces.
    I have maintained the settings in FBKP- Exchange rate differenes
    Thanks & Regards

    I have the same problem; my company code is defined in HUF and I am trying to post a vendor invoice in Euros.
    I have a 10% maintained there and still receiving the error, either for differences of just one HUF. The strangest thing is that differences are automatically adjusted (also for discrepancies over the 10%) when posting through FB60 but not when using FB01.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Best regards.

  • GL Master - Only Balances in Local Currency

    I am curious when to check the 'Only Balances in Local Currency' (OBILC) box on a Open Item GL.  I've read information from multiple sources and interpret that it should be set on all OI accounts with a few exceptions like recon accounts for vendors and customers.  In my past experience OBILC was checked for most open item accounts but the company I'm currently with has the opposite logic.  With the box not checked, the clearing is process is quite complex and time-consuming.  We are on the classic ledger in 6.0 and have companies in multiple local currencies with group currency of USD.  Just looking for input because I'm doubting my interpretation of when to check this box.
    As an example, the GL would be an AP accrual account with postings in multiple doc currencies.  The company code local currency is MXN, and Group Currency is USD.  Should the OBILC be checked?
    Any input is appreciated.

    'Only Balances in Local Currency' (OBILC) is used when you do not want any foreign excange difference to be posted at the time of clearing. When this indicator is active, then the balances in database tables are updated in local currency only and thus the clearing can happen in local currency only.
    In your below example scenario, you can chosse not to activate this check OBILC, if your company is not interested in doing foreign currency valuation difference posting.

  • J_1IRG23D Table was not updated With Correct Values While Doing MIGO

    Hi Friends,
    I am new to the Excise duty , facing a proble in CIN -While doing MIGO, the Excise Calculation are coming correct values (i.e 10% ),but in the table it was not updated correctly (J_1IRG23D) only one entry is showing wrong ,the other entries in the table are correct.
    In table -J_1IEXCDTL the EXBED it was with correct value 10% of the Base value
    But In table -J_1IRG23D the EXBED,ADE,CESS It was updated with 0.06% on the base value .its gives wrong value
    Kindly help in this issue.

    Go to T Code - J2I5 (not 215 it is j 2 i 5) enter details and select register PLA Check box and execute. This can be extracted many times - no problem.
    After J2i5 balance will update in registers including tables.

  • Only balance in local currency

    our base currency is UDS. One of the GL ( bank account in Germany ) is set up as document currency ( euro ) and " only in local currency " check box  is unchecked ( FS00 , control tab ). Now  when I try to load the plan data into system, all the values goes well except this GL. I used manual entry to load the value (Gp12 ) into this GL (plan ).It did not work.
    Now I tried to change the check box ( FS00 ) but it does not allow as there is balance into that. First I am not clear why this one account was set up like that.Can anybody suggest me how to fix this "only local currency" issue.

    Hi Satya,
    Since you have created the g/l account with account currency EUR and which is different from your company code currency (USD) it will only accept the postings in EUR. If an account is set up in company code currency then it will accept postings in all currencies. Usually bank accounts are maintained in currencies other than company code currency and in this case I am not sure why you have created a P&L account in currency other than Company code currency.
    The indicator "Only balances in local currency" controls the display of balances via FS10N transaction and if you have unchecked that indicator then system should supposedly display the balances by transaction currency but in your case since, your account currency is EUR and the g/l account can only accept postings in EUR it doesnt really matter because it will only display balances in EUR since all the postings going to the above account will be only EUR.
    As far as ur problem is concerned; looks like u r loading numbers in currency other than EUR and that is why it is bombing out. You have to zero out the balance in the account first and then have to change the account currency to USD if you want to plan in diff currencies on that account.
    Plz assign points if useful

  • Balance on local currency

    Hi ,
    In FS00 in control data Tab ,Balance in local currency and Open item managment , What is purpose of this and what happens if we tick what happens if we dont tick that
    Santosh kumar

    The local currency amounts in FI and TR-TM-SE are converted independently of each other. Since the local currency amounts are converted at different summarization levels (at flow level in TR-TM-SE, for the document or account transaction figures in FI), there may be rounding differences when you compare TR-LO and FI resulting from the local currency changeover.
    In FI documents, the system clears any difference between the debit and credit sides after the local currency changeover by means of an additional posting item. This posting item does not exist in TR-TM-SE. This may lead to different balances in TR-TM-SE and FI.

  • Impact of only balances in local currency in business consolidation

    We are doing business consolidation based on classical GL
    and extracting data for consolidation from GLT3 table.
    In some cases we are not getting the transaction currency
    amount for certain GL Accounts in GLT3, it is giving the same amount as Local Currency.
    Is it a impact of tick only balances in local currency, if so
    how do we go ahead correcting it.
    Thanks in Advance

    Remove the Tick mark 'Only Balance in Local Currency' in the master record.
    This should solve the issue.
    Satish Pasumarthi

  • Error while doing MIGO for a sub-contracted item

    Hello to Everybody,
    I am facing below problem -
    Error : Incorrect CCtr <Cost Center Code> with this account (CCtr category must=D) for
    <Item Code> , while doing MIGO. (for receiving sub-contracted item from vendor).
    May I request for possible solution to above error ?

    Dear Sanjay,
    You can determine the cost object for the posting of the  costs in the transaction OKB9.
    Following thread should resolve this issue:
    Re: cost of subcontracting

  • Error message while doing MIGO.

    I am getting error message while doing MIGO. Can some one help me out in this issue.
    Consolidated companies 0 and 5686 are different
    Message no. F5 080
    The number of the affiliated company must be clear for the selected document type for all line items. In this case at least two different companies or a company in connection with a business partner who does not belong to a company are stated.
    If you selected the correct accounts, you must enter the document with a document type that allows cross-company posting. Otherwise, please correct the entered account.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Check Fi customizing in OBA7.
    As you mentioned MIGO, I assume you are doing goods receipt, so you use document type WE.
    Within WE you must not have selected  the field inter-company posting .
    Best you place the cursor into this field and press F1 for detailed explanation,

  • While doing MIGO transfer within plant batch no should not be changed.

    Dear All,
            While doing MIGO transfer within plant (movement type 311), any user is able to change the batch and can assign new batch no.The process is as under.
    T.Code-- MIGO
    M.type --311
    Go in Transfer posting tab.
    In "From selection",
    Select Material and that material will be displayed in Destination selection automatically and can't be change.
    Select Plant and that plant will be displayed in Destination selection automatically and can't be change
    Select Storage location(from where material to be transfered) and we have to select storage location in "destination selection" where material is to be transfered.
    Same way Select Batch No in from selection and indestination selection batch is not coming automatically and we can give any batch no.So we do not want to allow this change and the batch no must remain same as selected in "from selection".
    Now how can i solved the problem and please suggest is there any role of abapers in this case and if yes then which concept we have to followed.This is standard program of sap so access key may be needed.So please guide me on above topics.
    Shivam Pastagia.

    Hi Sivam,
    Sorry for asking the question to this old thread but I am having the same problem.
    My requirement is also to populate the destination batch same as From Batch without allowing the user to change it.
    Can you pleae let me know how did you solve it?

  • While doing migo-goods receipt for production

    I am getting above message while doing migo
    please help
    Batch 0000000027 has the status <restricted-use>
    Message no. M7670
    You are attempting to post a batch with status <restricted use> for a goods receipt.
    System Response
    Depending on the system setting, the system issues either a warning or an error message.
    If the message is a warning (W), the system will accept your entry, but simultaneously issues a warning to prevent you from making the wrong entry.
    If the message is an error message (E), the system will not accept your entry.
    Make sure your entries are correct.
    thanks in advance
    kailash N. thakkar

    You cannot change the status of a batch (unrestricted/restricted) in a goods movement, only with the following functions: by maintaining the batch master record manually in MSC2n
    Got MSC2N On the initial screen, enter the batch data (material,plant batc).
    Select the indicator restricted-use.
    Check out the "Initial status of new batches" in transaction code OMAB whether your new batch status flaged for "Restricted" against your material type.
    Then go ahead for MIGO.

  • In Depot Plant while Doing MIGO MRP indicator not found

    Dear All,
    We have one depot plant. for capturing of excise duty while doing MIGO
    I have not found the MRP indicator check box in excise ->misc. Tab.
    But for doing this same process for other manufacturing plant means non Depot plant I have found the MRP check box in excise ->misc. Tab.
    Is there any process to capture the MRP check box indicator in excise ->misc. Tab while doing MIGO for Depot plant or is there any process to book excise duty while doing MIGO for Depot Plant

    Please go through the Scenario #: Dealer Procurement in Excisable Depot scenario in the below link.

  • Error while doing MIGO

    Hi Experts,
    While doing migo system showing the error message:
    in this purchase order no excise.
    It is IS OIL process.
    Maintain pricing conditions for the material for the excise invoice date
        Message no. 8I629
    Pls help some one.

    is it Excisable Material, did you maintain  the Tax indicator in PO stage? IF yes , next step is to check , are you selecting the right Post to....... register menu during MIGO, for example we use Post to Part-1 register only, then if yes , the you are getting this error becuse you have missed the J1ID master data details. Minimum you should maintain 1. chapter_id details, 2. Material and chapter_id combination 3. Vendor Excise details. for the materials you are tring to make GR.
    Best Regards

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