Balance transfer from one company code to another

There is already one company code is running....and having 5-6 one of the plant is going to become another legal entity.........and the mostly customer and vendors are same with both of them for the cutover data what should be the strategy..........
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  • Balance transfer from one company code to another company code line item

    I have company code A in which Suppose for one GL some balances are exists. Now I have created two different company codes B and C and same GL has been created in both company codes now I have to transfer balance from A to B with all line item wise.
    please tell how to do it.

    AS AC CR 2500
    AS  AC 1000
    AS AC 1500

  • Need to transfer more than 150 employees from one company code to another company code

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am new in SAP HCM . We need to transfer more than 150 employees from one company code to another company code due to some business requirement. Please suggest the process of transfer from one company code to another company code considering the other element like gratuity , leave entitlement, Bonus , Exgratia   etc.
    Your quick response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks & regards,
    Babuna Ray
    Mob:- 9007295305
    [email protected]

    do not transfer employee from one company code to another issues are as under.
    1. Employees Form 16 you will get wrong value as per I Tax law because of company is having different PAN & TAN.
    2. Form 24 Q annual return data will not get properly/easily from SAP because of form 24 Q will run on Payroll area base/ company code base
    3. PF number is different for these 2 company codes then you are unable to submit annual return.
    4. If employee will get hike after the transfer case then system will post expenses period wise means if employee is having 2 different cost center related 2 different company codes posting will done as per this scenario is it accepted to Account Depatment? it is reflected in FICO through KSBB how can they manage expenditure which is related to previous month?
    Like this many points are there you have to study it and then suggest to your client.

  • Transfer Customer Master records from one company code to another company.

    hi ,
        working on a rollout project ,
    needed to transfer Customer Master records from one company code to another company code.
    is there any sap standard BDC/T-code as in case of Vendor Master FK15,Fk16(T-CODE) .
    thanks in advance.
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    I think you should ask this question in functional consultant forum.

  • Transfer an employee from one company code to another

    How to transfer an employee from one company code to another? If both the company codes are in same client.

    Position is interlinked with Personal Area and Personal Sub Area. Through PA40 you can use Action Change in Position there you can Assign P.No to Position and in which personal area and sub area P.No belongs to.
    I hope you know how Enterprise Structure is integrated with Org. Structure.
    All the Best.

  • Asset transfer from one company code to other

    I have a scenario to transfer asset from one company code to another company code due to merger.
    Say two company codes X & Y. From 01.04.14 onward Y merged with X  only X exists from that date
    So we want to transfer the assets from Y to X as on 01.04.14  and values of those assets should reflect in X with Gross Value and Accumulate dep posted in Y already.
    For that we are trying to post the same through ABT1N by selecting no revenue and tranfer variant as 1. ( i dont want system to calculate and post any reveneue
    I want following entry to be posted during tranfer
    DR Gross value in X CC
    CR Gross value in Y CC
    DR Accmulated dep in Y CC
    CR Accumulated dep in X CC
    system should not post to P&L GL during transfer.
    Or is there any other method through which we can address this..
    Karthikeyan G

    Hi Karthik
    There is more to it than mere asset transfer
    Usually, during merger, the assets are reevaluated . In thatcase, it helps to retire the assets in Y and rrecreate them in X..
    If you are just taking the assets as-is, then do Abt1n.. Note that the acc entry won't match in each company unless the clearing account is brought in..
    In Y:
    It has to be Dr. Accum dep , Cr. APC and the balance goes to a clearing account
    Similarly in X, same thing will happen
    Br. Ajay M

  • Transferring an Employee from one Company Code to Another Company Code

    Dear All,
                       we are implementing the HR Implementation for the group of Hospitals, each hospital being an Individual Legal entity, but there is a requirement, where in there is a possibility that the employee may be transferred from one Hospital to other on a short term basis or on a long term basis, and as long as the Employee stays in that transferred place, his salary is to be paid from that particular Hospital,
    As per my understanding, we have to run the seperation action and then go for a hiring action in the new company,,, but this wouldnt solve the purpose if the employee works for 10 days in a month in one Hospital and the rest in the Other Hospital...
    I have come across various posts on sdn regarding the same issue that it is possible, but i didn't find the end result for this one,I would request you to provide me with your inputs on this one.

    Hi ,, I am aware that we need to execute a transfer action, but how can we transfer an employee from one company code to another???  let me explain you with my scenario here....
    HOSPITAL-1 : XYZ1 ( Company Code)
    HOSPITAL-2 : XYZ2( Company Code)
    Hospital 1 (XYZ1) and 2(XYZ2) belong to the XYZ Group of Companies
    both these hospitals are separate legal entities
    an Employee "A" is working in a Hospital 1 ( XYZ1) from 1st of a month till 10th and from 11th onwards he is working in Hospital2(XYZ2).
    if i want to transfer an employee internally from one Personnel Area to another Personnel area or from one org unit to other org unit then i can do it through transfer actions, but how am i supposed to do a transfer action in between two company codes?

  • Employee transferred from one company code to another company code

    I have an issue.
    If an employee is transfered from one company code to another company code.
    how can we transfer the master data and payroll data of the employee from existing company code  to new company code.

    1.Try with this report  RPUP0001  (read the documentation )
    2.The other option would be LSMW
    But you havent say how the payroll Should process from the persent period with changed company code or for previous periods with pervious company code

  • Stock transfer between one company code to another

    How to configure stock transfer between one company code to another.
    Please send me the step by step procedure ASAP.

    check following steps
    1. Create Customer in Supplying Plant.
    2. Create Vendor in Receiving Plant (In Purchasing View, Menu-Extras-Add Purchasing Data)
    3. IMG-MM-Purchasing-PO-Setup STO-Define Shipping data for Plants (Assg Cust No in Receiving Plant)
    4. IMG-MM-Purchasing-PO-Setup STO-Assgn Doc Typ, One-Step Proc Und Del Tol
    5.IMG-Log.Execution-Shipping-Basic Shipp Func-Shipp Pt & Goods Recei Pt Det
    also give ur mail ID will send doc
    reward if usefull

  • Migrate/Copy Contract details from one company code to another

    We are planning to migrate/copy some contracts from  one company code to another.
    I've read a related post regarding this, but I would like to know more about the steps on how to do it and if it is possible also to copy the conracts' present contract numbers and other contract details  to the new company code.
    Thank you so much.

    Hi Rachelle,
    you can use BAPIs in RE-FX.
    1. BAPI_RE_CN_GET_DETAIL to read the contract data
    2. Change the data according to your requirements
         For example it may be necessary to change the adjustment parameters ..
    3. BAPI_RE_CN_CREATE to create the contracts in the new company code
    If you want to have the same contract number you would have to switch to external numbering in the new company code.
    Regards, Franz

  • Employee data migration from one company code to another company code

    Hi Experts,
    Can some throw some light on how can we migrate employee master data from one company code to another company code in the same client and different clients. what are the other areas we need to take care  during migration like interfaces etc.,.
    secondly can we copy part of org structure or total org structcture to new org plan. if we need to create new org structure which interface is advisable and why?
    i request experts opinions on this.
    thanks in advance
    vara prasad.

    Hi have to repeat the previous Michael's post:
    <b>What made you post this question in this thread?</b>
    Please read the forum guidlines:

  • Copy GL Master from one company code to another company code

    Kindly provide the details how to copy the GL Master A/c from One company code to another company code. T .Code-OBY2 can used or is there any other method.
    Pl do the needful.

    If you want copy all gl's from one company code to another company code you can go through this way
    Otherwise in FS00 has one option is available for copying from one gl to another gl company code wise through  with template  option you can go through that way also.

  • Posting from one company code to another company code

    Hi all,
    For functional reasons in SAP FS CD (insurance) we had to split up an administration in several company codes. Is it possible to post all GL transactions in FiCo from the insurance company codes to the target company code automatiucally every day or week?
    I haven't been able to find a transaction yet. I'm looking for something like the way "distibution" or "assessment" are used in CO but then for posting from one company code to another on the same GL accounts (both CC's use the same chart of accounts).
    Thanx for the help in advance!
    Arnoud Bom

    Dear Arnoud,
    You can do it by substitution rules - GGB4 or EDI / IDOCs.
    Look at discussion bellow. I hope it helps.
    Automatic Posting Between 2 companies in the same system

  • Transferring of employee from One Company Code to Another company code

    Hi Friends,
    There is already configured SAP HR solution for say 1000 Company code, Now I am implementing for another company code 2000, Client has requirement to transfer employees from 1000 ( company code ) to 2000 ( company code ).
    Country is UAE (Gratuity / Pension legal calculation)
    According to me as company code is an legal entity, We need to resign the emplyee in one company code and hire him in another company code. What you say? OR any best SAP Preactice ?

    Hello Jay,
    You need to have different PAs for different company codes and assign those PAs to the respective company codes (check IMG: Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Human Resources Management -> Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code).
    Now you need to run action (transfer or org reassignment) wherein you will change the existing PA (belonging to one company code) to another PA (belonging to different company code). This way the employee master in IT 0001 will show different company code from the date of such action
    Goto PA40, choose Transfer actionChange Info group
    0001 COP
    0006 COP
    0009 COP
    0007 INSS
    0008 COP
    0014 COP
    0015 COP
    0588 COP
    Perform the action Organizational reassignment in PA40 for that employee and change the personnel area. by changing the personnel area the company code will cahnge automatically

  • EE Transfer from One Company Code to Other during a month

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a query related to transfer of employee from one company code to other in during a month. Because these companies are in one group. And if employee is terminated or resigns company needs to clear all his dues according to government rules and regulation.
    I have two Co Codes say 1000 & 3000.
    For these two Co Codes there is one chart of account and same wage types are created. These two companies have same payroll area and Control Record.
    In the current payroll period which is monthly, if I transfer an employee from one company to other. Is it possible to run regular payroll.
    Pls suggest what shall I do in this case....

    You can run regular payroll run before that u have to perform Action Transfer/Relocation.
    If you have some more quaries pls let us know.
    All the Best.

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