Balance Transfer

I have a query about the balance transfer. we have a G/L Account 2045440. It has some balance in it. I want to make that balance to zero, meaning to move the balance from one account to another account.  I know that we can make a journal posting in FB50 and move it but one of my colleague said that we need to make a Goods Movement as we need to go according to material and plant stuff.
work i made till now:
1) I pulled the Balance Amount of the G/L Account from T-Code FS10N for Fiscal Year 2007.
2) I pulled all the related postings and the corresponding materials from T-Code SE16 and Table BSEG. I found that there are materials more than 500 and like 30000 postings.
My Colleague told me that we need to do the Goods Movement from Inventory Account to Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Account, but for that we need to create a sales order and rest of the things. can you please tell the corresponding Movement Types involved.
I am trying to understand the scenario but can someone help me in this regard.
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baller4life wrote:
Don't count on Chase to give you a high enough limit to do a bt. They are notorious for giving low limits on Slate for some reason.Always consider the source.  People applying for BT cards tend to have high utilization.  High utilization will restrict the limit that one qualifies for as well as APR. buttercup0427 wrote:
What are my chances of getting a CL high enough to combine balances?
We can't tell you that.  However, you need to keep utilization on the card you intend to use for BT'ing.  If you need $X to cover the balances then you'll need quite a bit more than $X to keep its utilization in check.  That is, unless you intend to pay off $X within a few months. Keep in mind that the general advice is do not exceed 30%.  You could probably push it to 50% for a short period of time.  Short term high utilization generally isn't an issue but prologned high utilization can lead to adverse action. buttercup0427 wrote:
How quickly does an inquiry show up on a credit report anyway?
Immediately. buttercup0427 wrote:
I'm in No Cal. Which bureau would Chase pull from?
Google the Credit Pulls Database but keep in mind that multiple pulls are always a possiblity.

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  • Customer & vendor balance transfer to Profit centre

    Hi Experts
    this is Geetareddy . pls could any body help to me abt
    how customer & vendor balance transfer to Profit centre
    get points

         It is through Material master, if your client is using SD and MM, or it is through other line item, vendor or customer balances are identified to profit center.
    assign points if found useful
    KM Naidu

  • GSBER field not registered when posting under tx. OASV for balance transfer

    Dear gurus,
    We are facing a problem when using OASV transaction for balances transfer in our fixed assets reconciliation accounts, because even we enter "GSBER - Business Area" field in the corresponding positions the system does not register it if we definetively post the document.
    We are working on a SAP_APPL SAPKH60006.
    Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Lidia Fernández
    P.D. HELP we are to do the transfer on our productive system this very saturday!!!!
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    Hi I tested this in our 4.6 and in ECC6 in both cases it update the BA.
    An other option you can use the transaction ABF1.
    Fill in
    Deb pst key 70  asset rec account and trand type 100
    second screen
    Ammount + BA (dont fill in an asset number
    Cred pst key 75  asset rec account and trand type 100
    Cred pst 50 offset account (div between aquasition and depreciation)
    Edited by: Paul Annotee on Dec 11, 2008 1:34 PM

  • Balance transfer across company codes

    I want to transfer open balance from one account to another. Both accounts have different company code. Can you please suggest me way to transfer balance in this case? SAP standard transaction FP40 doesn't allow balance transfer accross company codes. Please let me know work around. Thanks.

    Hi James,
    For transferring open balance to another between cross company codes, you first need to maintain posting area 0030.
    Say you have two company codes X and Y, and you want to activate the transfer posting, so you need to maintain two set of GL entries for-
    Posted in   Clearing against
      X                   Y
      Y                   X
    Also you need to confgure one new set of main\Sub for transfer postings.
    Cross Company Code transfer is not possible by Transaction Code-FP40, you need to use FPE1 with document type TF and Clearing reason 03.
    Select the open items you want to transfer and enter the details of the account on which you want to transfer with the proper main\sub configured for the same.
    Hope it helps.

  • Asset balance transfer is showing blank in AW01N

    One user created asset under wrong asset class and one month depreciation was posted of that wrong asset. in the month of september. Now user has created new asset under proper asset class and made balance transfer from wrong asset to newly created asset through ABUMN in month of October i.e, period 7. In ABUMN we have transfered to New Asset  field. After successful balance transfer old asset become deactivated and balance has come to new asset but through AW01N I cannot see the balance which is showing blank under planned value, posted values. Even new asset's first acquisition on date and Acquistion Year is showing as blank.
    How it can be rectified ?

    Hi Srinivasa,
    during balance transfer through ABUMN I used old asset number in Asset Field, Document date, posting date, asset value date and under Transfer to tab I put new asset number in New Asset Field - Mster data - Asset Class - Company Code/Asst Number and made tick on subnumber and simulated finally. Accounting document generated properly. Even through FS10N I can see GL balance also against this asset number. But if I go through AS02 or AS03 or AW01N it is showing as blank. No values are showing. I think I made mistake in ABUMN, instead of putting value under Existing Asset field I wrongly used New asset. As a result I cannot see the date under "First Acquisition on" and ""Acquisition Year". What should I do ? Should I cancel the asset again and create new asset and transfer again or any other procedure . Becasue if First Acquisition on date and Acquisition Year appear in asset master against this new asset, automatically value will in Aw01n.

  • Looking for a few good balance transfer cards.

    I am in the need of adding a few balance transfer cards to my wifes profile. I have about 15k total I want to transfer from my cards. I cannot open any new accounts right now because I opened 5 new cards in Dec-Jan and need to let them age. I want to get 2-3 depending on their limit so I dont go over 50% util on anyone of them.   Her is TU 722 EQ 730. BK in 2009 clean since then. She burned Amex, NFCU, Citi, Barclays(although I know they dont long term BL) She currently hasCap One Plat 0/3,750Discover 5,150/10,000Amazon 0/5,000ToysRUs 0/4,000JCPenny 0/4,000CareCredit 0/6,000Best Buy 0/4,000 Right now I am thinking of theseQS Cap One (Pre Qualified 0% until april 2016 12.9% after and 0 AF) I would then combine all her other capone cards into this card down the road. Barclays (she might be BL but might be worth a try, not sure which one to try) Anymore ideas?

    Klesko wrote:
    So here is what I am thinking so far QS so I can combime her existing capone cards down the road with no AFBofa BankAmeriacard She pre qual on their website but she did burn them for 10k in the BK so I am not sure. Barclays Ring card Not sure on this one either Chase - From what I read I think thats a waste of a INQ right now What do you think? I would like to have 2-3 more options in case the bofa and barclays doesnt work. BofA prequal isn't worth anything. Dogs and cats prequal all the time. But I was going to suggest Bankamericard as DH gets mailers for them for BT (but that's all I know of them).  Why don't you go for the QS and see where you stand? There doesn't seem to be another clear standout there. Unless you were going to go the route of another CU first. I guess that would be best to do before Cap One. 

  • Balance transfer from one company code to another company code line item

    I have company code A in which Suppose for one GL some balances are exists. Now I have created two different company codes B and C and same GL has been created in both company codes now I have to transfer balance from A to B with all line item wise.
    please tell how to do it.

    AS AC CR 2500
    AS  AC 1000
    AS AC 1500

  • Vendor Balance Transfer possibility ?

    is there a possibility to transfer vendor balances directly or using somework around.
    Please let me know me know with the transaction codes possible!

    With above I am adding a point
    You can carry forward vendor balance in T.code: F.07.
    But what’s your requirement? R u transferring Vendor balance from legacy system or from year end balance (close)forwarding?
    Biju K

  • Balance transfer from old recon a/c to new recon a/c

    We have changed the vendor''s reconciliation we have to transfer the balance of open items....from old recon a/c to new one..........
    ....what is the best way to do this.......

    It says:
    A balance sheet eadjustment distributes
    receivables and payables in customer and vendor reconciliation accounts,
    Account Determination
    For each account, you can specify an adjustment account to post the readjustment to. Otherwise, the system posts the readjustment to the original account.
    To distinguish readjustment postings from other postings, you should create separate adjustment accounts and have the readjustments posted to them.
    Since reconciliation accounts cannot be posted to directly, you have to specify adjustment accounts for them.
    Since readjustments are posted without tax, the accounts posted to cannot be relevant to tax.
    Adjustment accounts are determined when calculating the distribution.
    Can you please check the configuration in OBBW.
    Define Adjustment Accounts for Changed Reconciliation Accoun
    In this activity you define the numbers of the accounts for the automatic transfer postings which are made if the reconciliation accounts are changed. Postings are made to these accounts to sort the open items.
    Sorting open items is necessary to be able to display the receivables and the payables according to the legal requirements for creating balance sheets.
    1. Enter the required accounts.
    2. Make sure that the accounts you enter are created.

  • Customer balance transfer to different profit center

    i want to transfer the balance of one customer to another, when i am posting the balance it is not asking for any profit center and that balance is going in dummy profit center. how to post the entry .please guide.

    Since the customer is created at client level, you need to have/operate a clearing GL to transfer the balance from one customer account to another so that the profit center is inherited to cutomer account from the clearing account.
    Customer A/c Dr
    Clearing A/c (with profit center)
    Clearing A/c Dr (with profit center)
    Customer A/c Cr
    Or you can do trnasfer posting with clearing.

  • Transfer of specific gl account balances transfer

    We want to transfer the particular GL account balances not all gl account balances.  How to transfer.  I dont find any list of selection gl accounts in F.16 or FAGLGVTR

    Do you mean transfer to next accounting year of a particular Gl balance?
    What is the business need?
    All the GL balances are carried automatically once you run FAGLGVTR.

  • How to AP recon. account  balance transfer to new recon. account

    Hi gurus,
    I have to transfer old recon. balance to new created recon. account. how can i do this? can anybody help me to work out this issue?
    Dhananjay R.

    check this out:
    BR Tarik
    Change the reconciliation account of the customers/vendoers:
    Account has been posted to; hold balance sheet adjustment
    Message no. F2067
    The open item account in which you want to change the reconciliation account has been posted to.
    By changing the reconciliation account in the open item master record the proportionate values from the items open at the time of change are not posted to the new reconciliation account.
    On the balance sheet key date the open items from the old reconciliation account are allocated to the new reconciliation account using adjustment accounts. This allocation is carried out automatically when you create a sorted list of receivables and payables using report SAPF101.
    The postings necessary are only carried out for G/L accounts and are cancelled on the first day of the subsequent month (balance sheet adjustment posting).

  • Balance Transfer from RG 23 A to RG 23 C

    By mistake some of the balance that has to be uploaded to RG 23 C has been uploaded in RG 23 A
    while MIGO
    How can we correct the same, without reversing all the doc
    Niti Narayan

    You can do gl to gl transfer. for this I think you have to make manual posting allowed for respective GL account.

  • Customer Balance Transfer possibility?

    Is there a possibility to transfer CUSTOMER balances directly or using somework around.
    Please let me know me know with the transaction codes possible!

    The scenarion is as follows:
    I have a customer A with a credit limit of say 100 rs. and we have invoice him for rs. 80 . so balance outstanding credit limit is rs 20.
    I have another customer B with rs 100 credit limit and he has been invoiced only for rs 10. so his outstanding credit limit is rs. 90.
    Now if I have to invoice customer A for rs 50 which system does not allow me to do.
    Can I transfer the balance credit limit of rs 90 of customer B to customer A and make the sales possible?

  • Recon account balances transfer

    We want to transfer some of the  of the  balances from one recon account to another recon it possible
    can anybody tell me the solution for this.
    kindly send me the solution its going to be great helpful for me.

    You need to create an interim account in FS00.  For the old recon account untick the post automatically slot.  Clear all the open items in the existing old recon account.   Transfer the balance through JV to the interim account.  Create new recon account and assign to the vendor master record.  Now transfer the balance in the interim account by another JV to reconciliation account.  For the new reconciliation account tick automatic postings.  Check up assignments in Spl GL Transactions for down payment etc.,  for the new reconciliation account.  Also Check up assignments in OB09 pertaining to Foreign exchange gain/loss for the new reconciliation account. 
    In OB23 change both Accounting and centrally part.  Set the status of reconciliation account field to optional entry from display only.  Save the work.  Now define adjustment accounts for changed reconciliation accounts in OBBW.  Run balance sheet adjustment programme FAGLF101.

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