BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST : getting cost center error

Hi guys,
regarding GL posting, I am using the BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST.
I am uploading file with so many fields. I am able to upload properly.
But, I am getting error only with cost center.
error: "Cost center 512401 does not exist on 2009/07/31.  "
actually, cost center exists and functional consultant showed me and he uploaded the record manually.
when i post manually using FB01 t code, I am able upload correctly.
I tried to debug, but it is taking more than 2 hours, as it is standard BAPI.
Please help me if any body come across this situation.

Hi ,
    please check this thread will provide you some insight on the BAPi.
Hope your query resolves quickly.
Have a best day ahead.

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  • Getting Cost Center Does not exist error when executing BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING

    Hi Champs,
    I am getting Cost Center Does not exist error when executing BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_CHECK.
    But when I checked for the particular Cost center, it is mapped to the same company code the program has got executed.
    Cost center 1000/150402 does not exist on 17.11.2009.
    Cost center 1000/150402 does not exist
    Cost center 1000/150402 does not exist on 17.11.2009.
    Cost center 1000/150402 does not exist on 17.11.2009.
    Please let me know if you have any guess on this. It is very critical issue for me.
    Thanks for all your help in advance.
    With Best Regards,
    Ravi kanth Yechuri

    Use 0000150402 not 150402 .

  • SAP Table to get Cost Center Acct Line Items based on Cost Element

    Hello there,
    My question is pretty straight forward.
    Is there a way to get cost center document line items efficiently by just using the Cost Element(most specifically), Period, Posting Date, and Fiscal Year (Cost Center would help too)? I ask this because other tables I am asking are quite slow. So basically im trying to look for the the BSIS/BSAS equivalent for cost center accounting.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and good day.

    Hi ,
                Check out this link .You will get what is want with linkage also.<a href="">FI tables</a>\
    Please reward if useful.

  • Cost center Error in SRM

    We are working on SRM 4.0. when the user is trying to create a shopping cart from catalog he gets the error message as
    "you don't have the acces to the cost object xyz12.please return to the cost assignment section and correct".
    We have given the access to that cost center in SRM even also he is getting the same error. 
    He does not have any problem with single line item against the same cost center. problem gets only when he is going to create with multiple line items in shopping cart against the same cost center.
    Request you to please advise me where i need to check to overcome the issue.

    Hi  Sri,
    Is this the exact error you are receiving, it does not seem familiar? Is this a customer message in yor system?

  • Cost Center Error while releasing Billing document to Accounting

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Our user raised an issue that when he had released billing document to accounting, the system threw error message
    "Cost center xxxx (CO area)/xxxx(Cost center) does not exist on date 11/16/2011". Message No. KI 222.
    But the cost center xxxx does not exist in the system at all. The user does not want to create the cost center eirther. Cost center was not entered in Sales order, Delivery and Billing. I have checked 'Default account assignement' (OKB9) settings, Default account assignment in cost element master record and assignment of cost center to sales organization (OVF3). But cost center xxxx was not configured in the above settings. I have checked validations/substitutions, user exits and BAPIs, there is nothing specific to the cost center. This is not a cross-company code scenario. I have made field status to optional for cost center. But still the problem persists. Accounting document did not get generated because of the above mentioned error message. User applied SAP notes 315350. But it did not resolve the issue.
    Would anyone let me know 'why the system showed the cost center xxxx that does not exist, while releasing the billing document to accounting'?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Friend,
    I think this link help for you
    Cost center XXXX does not exist on 15.09.2010.
    or check the OVF3

  • Problem while creating PO (Cost center error)

    Dear Expert,
    While Raising PO through ME21N, we are getting an error for cost center budget exceeded for 2011.
    The below is the error.
    Budget for Cost Center 2110404 getting exceeded for year 2011. Please check
    Message no. ZCO_VALIDATIONS004
    The cost center is newly created in the fiscal year 2011 & the budget is assigned at internal order level & not on cost center level.
    I want to know were the system is checking for the budget in cost center (T code).
    I have checked the Tcode KPZ2, KPZ3, KP06, there is no budget assigned.
    Thanks & Regards,
    FICO Consultant

    I have checked the Co Validation in Tcode OKC7 & found the below validation set for specific  Cost center i.e Marketing cost center which i m using.
    Cost Center IN
    FIVAL_MARKETINGCC ( Marketing cost centers for Validations ) AND NOT
    Activity type LIKE 'HR' AND NOT Activity type LIKE 'TR'
    AND NOT Activity type LIKE 'AZ' AND NOT*
    Ref. Transactn LIKE 'TR' AND NOT*
    Ref. Transactn LIKE 'HR' AND NOT Ref. Transactn LIKE 'A'
    AND Amount in LC <> '0.00'
    Please let me know if you can give any inputs on the same to resolve my issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Cost Center Error Message in Posting a Billing Document to Accounting

    Hi Experts,
    I am in process of testing my form enhancement for Billing Documents especially Debit Note and Credit Notes. However, when I post my Billing Documents in VF02, this status message appears:
    "Field Cost Ctr is a required field for G/L account 2100 855020".
    Now I already checked the configuration in FS00, VKOA and we want the cost center field filled-up in the process but automatically. Do I missed some of my configuration to maintain also the Cost Center? What transaction code should I check and maintain the Cost Center for this scenario.
    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    Here is the Entire Error Message:
    Field Cost Ctr is a required field for G/L account 2100 855020
    Message no. F5808
    The value for field "Cost Ctr" in the interface to Financial Accounting is an initial value but you are required to make an entry in the field selection for G/L account "855020" in company code "2100" linked to the field selection for posting key "50".
    System Response
    It might be an error in the configuration of the G/L account field selection. The initial application, used to call up the interface must otherwise define a value for field "Cost Ctr". If this is the case, contact the consultant responsible for the application used to call up the interface or get in contact with SAP directly.

  • Cost Center Error in Shopping cart Multi Line items

    We are working on SRM 4.0. when the user is trying to create a shopping cart from catalog he gets the error message as
    "you don't have the acces to the cost object xyz12.please return to the cost assignment section and correct".
    We have given the access to that cost center in SRM even also he is getting the same error. 
    He does not have any problem with single line item against the same cost center. problem gets only when he is going to create with multiple line items in shopping cart against the same cost center.
    Request all  please advise me where i need to check to overcome the issue.

    Thanks for your kind response. can you please elaborate bit more  step by step.
    Awaiting for your feedback.

  • Cost Center error

    I am getting following error when creating PO ofr cost center.
    No direct postings can be made to G/L acct. 50000000 in CoCode PIL
    Message no. ME038
    The G/L account you entered is a control account. Transactions cannot be posted direct to a control account.
    Check your input.
    Inform the individual or section responsible for G/L accounts in the relevant company code.
    Can anybody let me know the solution

    1. As you are creating PO for cost center i.e., consumption directly not for stock. Hope you have to put Acct assignment category in PO. If it is " K ", check the Acct grouping code in " K " ( maintain acct assignment category in IMG - MM - Purchasing - Acct assignment ), it will be VBR.The account modification key is the  Key which has a different meaning depending on the procedure. It is used to differentiate account determination. The key's meaning is predefined in the SAP system and cannot be changed.
    2. Then go to OBYC table i.e., configure automatic postings in Valuation and acct assignment, in that GBB is the Transaction key for the  Offsetting entry for inventory posting ( consumption posting ), in that against VBR , for the valuation area and the valuation class, in turn the respective material , GL accts are defined ( FI people ).
    3. If you simulate the inventory management in the same OBYC table, for the particular plant, material against movt type ( 201 ), you can see the GL accts in the acct assignment tab.
    Hope the above said will clear your doubts.

  • Hi, problem in goods issue to cost center Error message M7314

    Hi to you all,
    I am trying to post a good issue for a material to a cost center but an error message is coming out and says that "stock becomes negative see long text. message no - M7314". the material type was at the begining not valorated (like NLAG material type) but later on it had to be valorated, so the flag was triggered from the basic configuration of material type. if i see the material master record i can noticed that the material has no price neither the amount of stock in the plant, but if i check the stock in any MM report TX like MMBE or MB52 i can see that there is some stock in it. we need to registered the stock issue, any help that you can provide me i´ll appreciate it.
    Best regards.

    When we issue the material to Cost Center then amount (Qty X Value) get debited to that particular cost center,
    I think system fails to calculate the amount as there is NO value maintained in material master
    this is what I thought
    Error Message M7314 is
    Short Text
    Valuated stock becomes negative: & -> see long text
    When a goods movement or an incoming invoice is entered, the system simulates the update of the valuation data in the material master record. The current simulation indicates that this posting would lead to a negative stock quantity (or a negative sales value) although negative stocks are not allowed for this material.
    You cannot post this item. Therefore, terminate current processing.
    Display the material master record (accounting data).
    Check the price, stock value, and stock quantity (also for the previous month, if required).
    Display the material documents and the accounting documents for the material and check whether the stock quantity is realistic.
    Material documents Proceed
    Accounting documents Proceed
    If the stock value does not correspond to the stock quantity, data inconsistencies may exist.
    Please contact SAP Support via SAPNet Frontend as soon as possible.
    Support requires the following information from you:
    ID and number of this error message (M7 3XX)
    Material number and plant
    Total stock and its value (see the accounting data in the material master record)

  • Business Area-Cost Center error while doing VL09 (PGI Reversal)

    Hi Friends,
    Kindly go through the "ERROR" message and "IMPORTANT" point as mentioned below:This is happening while reversal of PGI in VL09.
    IMPORTANT: Just to make you aware, the cost center in error (CONSDSPL) was nowhere assigned in FS00 or OKB9. Also to state that at the time of this error some different cost center was assigned in FS00 which was having business area SUGR. So PGIs are picking up two business areas i.e. 1.DSPL (from Plant-Division-BussA setting) & 2. SUGR (for P&L GL from FS00)
    Following error coming while doing PGI reversal:
    ERROR -
    > BAL1/CONSDSPL CTR belong to business area DSPL not SUGR
    Message no. KI188
    Account assignment object BAL1/CONSDSPL, type CTR is assigned to business area DSPL. You made an explicit assignment to business area SUGR.
    System Response
    The posting row may contain only one business area.
    Perform one of the following actions.
    Make an explicit assignment to business area DSPL. To do so you must set the "Business area" field as entry-ready in Customizing.
    Enter an account assignment object assigned to business area SUGR.
    Change the assignment of BAL1/CONSDSPL to business area DSPL. Note the document number and continue processing the document after changing the assignment.

    Business area filed in cost center CONSDSPL is DSPL (what it should be). In this scenario, they have assigned SGPRODCTN cost center in GL master wherein business area is SUGR.
    That means, when accounting entry is getting generated, it will show two business areas. One will be fetched from "Plant-Division-BussA" setting (SPRO) & the other from GL. Also to make you aware that here the business area should be DSPL, but since they assigned wrong cost center in GL master, the entries are going to SUGR as well.
    Most important thing to notice out here is that when this error came "no default account assignment was done through OKB9" The cost center showing in error viz. CONSDSPL was nowhere assigned. So the question is from where the system is fetching this cost center?

  • Cost center error when posting to a fund - Message KI222

    We are getting error KI222 when we try to post to a fund. The message says Cost center XXX/ABCD does not exist on xx/xx/xxxx. The problem is we do not have a cost center called 'ABCD'. Note 315350 has already been applied in our system.
    Has any one seen this error? if so, how was it fixed?

    I am also running into this issue. I am trying to post a cash discount and system is throwing this error that cost center does not exist on this date. But we do not have any cost center with that number.
    Were you able to resolve your issue? If so, can you please share the solution. I appreciate your help.

  • Cost Center Errors for new Account Assignment "P"

    Hi Friends ,
                       We are implement PS for our client , and we are facing some issues with Cost Centers when trying to creating a PO with reference to a PR with the new account assignement "P" -Project .
    Currently our client is using "K" as account assignment  for the doc type which we are using above . The error we get is "Please use cost center 400100 not cost centeru201D. And we get this error randomly , and doesn't seem to occur for all the plants .
    Has anyone come across some thing like this ?
    Please let me know if you need any additional details .
    Thank you ,

    I feel that your message type ZX000 is custom message.  you have to take inputs from your ABAP that in which situation this type of error comes perticularly debuggin scenario.
    Virendra sir, please add on.

  • KSH3 Display cost center error massage

    Hi All,
    At the ime of display cost  center we are getting error massage.
    *Group 001_CCHRC contains 1181 individual values
    or intervals. Options for checking master data
    are also active (see default settings).
    Obtaining master data information (existence
    check, texts) can considerably increase the run
    Evaluate the master data anyway? *
    how to resolve this error massage.

    Dear Juhi,
    This pop up asks if you want to 'Evaluate master data anyway? YES / NO'.
    The system asks this because the cost center group is quite large and it
    would caused a performance issue.
    If you select 'NO' the cost center texts are not displayed.
    If you select 'YES' all cost center texts will be displayed.
    My recommendation is either you build a suitable cost
    center hierarchy with some business content and groups
    with say up to 100 cost centers and use OKEON and OKENN.
    For further detail information, please use to following
    attached notes for references:
    367073  Change documents CO groups: Performance
    If you absolutely want to eliminate this popup you
    can  review note 364673.  There are two options in the note
    to eliminate the popup message.
    The coding change option is already applied except for change the
    value used to determine the popup which is set to 1000
      GLOBAL_VAL_POP = 1000.                   "SAP standard: 1.000
    br, Guido

  • How to get cost center ranges for a given company and division...

    Hello Experts,
    Is there a table, BAPI or FM that can get the company or division of a given cost center?
    Currently I am creating cost center ranges in my program but that is not the best way to do it
    since they can always add or delete cost centers. Just like in transaction OKEON wherein you
    can see the cost center ranges for a given company or division.
    Hope you can help me guys. Thank you and take care!

    Hi Viray,
    You need to pass controlling area and cost center detail to this BAPI.
    It will return the cost center detail in return.
    Hope this helps you.

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