BAPI call from Process Chain

in our system , a Program runs everyday in R3 system to fill the customized delta tables and we run the process chain to load the data in BW from Delta tables in R3 system.But problem in the above scenario, after completion of R3 Job in R3 system the BW system does not aware of R3 job status so we have schedule the process chain in such a way that the process chain start after 2 Hours of completion of R3 jobs.
to overcome this, i need to implement either of the below requirement.
a BAPI call so that the R3 job can be triggered from BW from a process chain, and then the BW metachains can start once it is finished.
we are using a ABAP program in R3 system to fill Delta table. So at the end of the ABAP code, send an RFC message to BW, which can trigger a job in BW which will start 1 meta chain.
please tell me which is the better option and how can i

i have tried below logic in R3 side
Create a Customized FM with Remote Enabled in BW system
call that FM with RFC destination and Event name as Export parameter from a ABAP program in R3 Side
i have given the Event name in Variant  as same as i have created in BW system SM62
when i had run the Program in R3 side the program run successfully but the process chain did not run in BW system.
please let me know what is the reason behind this.
below code i have written in ABAP program in R3 side
parameters: rfcdest like rfcdisplay-rfcdest,
            zevent type char32.
CALL FUNCTION 'Z999B_CB_F_EVENTRAISE' destination rfcdest
    EVENTID                      =  ZEVENT
   BAD_EVENTID                  = 1
   EVENTID_MISSING              = 3
   RAISE_FAILED                 = 4
   OTHERS                       = 5
Below FM i have developed in BW system with Remote Enabled in Attribute tab page of  FM.
""Local Interface:
    eventid                      = eventid
  EVENTPARM                    = ' '
  TARGET_INSTANCE              = ' '
   BAD_EVENTID                  = 1
   EVENTID_MISSING              = 3
   RAISE_FAILED                 = 4
   OTHERS                       = 5
IF sy-subrc <> 0.

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  • InfoPackage Hangs when called from Process Chain

    We recently implemented the 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL DataSource and have scheduled the execution of a Delta InfoPackage in our nightly Process Chains.
    After working correctly for 2 weeks the InfoPackage has hung the last 3 nights. It is being called and when I view the process chain log it is in the yellow (in process) status. When I look in SM37 in R/3 the extractor has not been called.
    All of our master data and transactional data from other areas runs prior to this extractor and works perfectly via the process chain and if I force the InfoPackage to red and re-execute manually for 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL I have no problems.
    How/where should I troubleshoot this?

    Hi Jonathan,
    Goto your process chain-> Select the delta infopackage -> right click and select wait time and enter the time in seconds. You could set it to 600 secs(10 minutes).
    This would be a permanent solution to your problem as you need not go to BD87 each time for your data load.

  • Can we call Function Module from Process Chain?

    Hello experts,
    I have a small question.
    Can we call Function Module(SE37) from Process Chain?
    If yes can you please provide some example link?
    I m new to BI world.

    Create one ABAP program and call the function module from that program. Check the link to know how to call a function module from an ABAP program.
    Then use process type "ABAP Program" in your process chain and add the program you have created. So then this program will be executed via process chain and this program will call the function module.

  • Calling r/3 program from process chain

    I did the following steps to call r3 program from process chain :
    Steps in R/3 system
    1. Created a program  which needs to be called from bw and at the end of the program i have calling 'RSPC_ABAP_FINISH' function module & passing the rfc id of bw system and bw process variant.
    2. created a even in r/3 (please note that this is not there in bw)
    3. Created a job  and  under start condiion selected 'after event' and mentioned the event created earlier. And under step1 enter the abap program to be executed
    Steps in BW system :
    1. Created a process chain
    2. inserted a process type 'abap program' and selected the call mode 'Asynchronous' and under destination entered the RFC destination of R/3 system. Under scheduled program enterd the event name created in R/3
    after executing above process chain,  the abap program node is becoming green but the abap program is not getting executed in r/3 system. And also the process after the program node in process chain is not getting executed.  The job which was created in r/3 still showing the released status
    Kindly advice where i am wrong.

    any input

  • Alerts from Process chain to mobile

    Hi Experts,
    Can any one explain the pre-requisites for getting alerts to mobile from a process chain? We are working in a production environment BW3.5 where we are getting mails for failure or success from Process chain. Now we want to implement the SMS to mobile  from Process chain.
    Please give the pre-requisites. Surely points will be awarded.
    Advance Thanks.

    Sending the SMS alerts are not supported with 3.5 as far my knowledge goes. But can try with WAS
    Read 51 page.
    Try this PDF also
    Hope it helps
    Edited by: Aduri on Jan 15, 2009 10:56 AM

  • DSO activation step has been failing if i activate from process chain

    Hello Frnds,
    one of the DSO activation step is failing from process chain.
    Problem : if i do the activation from PC then only it is failing
    If i do the DSO activation manually then it is fine .
    Kindly provide your suggestions on this issue.
    Thanks & regards

    Hello Lavanya,
    below are the logs for ur reference & process monitor is not genereated
    log from Process Tab:
    Cannot activate request 0000015877(REQU_4E3YPXSZ5F73H6ZNFZJYWMVJH) of DataStore object ZXXXX
    Activation of M records from DataStore object ZOGSDRCA terminated
    Job log:
    Job started
    Step 001 started (program RSPROCESS, variant &0000000015318, user ID ALEREMOTE)
    Cannot activate request 0000015877(REQU_4E3YPXSZ5F73H6ZNFZJYWMVJH) of DataStore object ZOGSDRCA
    Activation of M records from DataStore object ZOGSDRCA terminated
    Cannot activate request 0000015877(REQU_4E3YPXSZ5F73H6ZNFZJYWMVJH) of DataStore object ZOGSDRCA
    Activation of M records from DataStore object ZOGSDRCA terminated
    Entire chain now has status 'A'
    Process Activate DataStore Object Data, variant Activate Data ZOGSDREC has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Generate Index, variant Generated from DROPINDEX ZDELETEREC_CAUSE_INDEX has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Generate Index, variant Generated from DROPINDEX DELETE_INDEX_ZCGSDREC has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Data Transfer Process, variant ZOGSDREC -> ZCGSDREC has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Data Transfer Process, variant ZOGSDRCA -> ZCGSDRCA has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Delete Index, variant Delete Reclamation causes' index has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Delete Index, variant Delete index of ZCGSDREC Reclamations has status Undefined (instance )
    Process Start Process, variant Start Reclamation delta load has status Completed (instance 4EQ978RV7JE1BU3MT2YB20A3X)
    Process Execute InfoPackage, variant 2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF Delta has status Successfully completed (instance REQU_4EQTTCCMY2XEEPL99XGE9EECT)
    Process Execute InfoPackage, variant 2LIS_05_Q0CAUSE Delta has status Successfully completed (instance REQU_4EQG4DHZ6JD3K5UZCR5WP16P9)
    Process Data Transfer Process, variant 2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF / EQ2CLNT210 -> ZOGSDREC has status Undefined (instance DTPR_4EQ97CM4OU8SN3TPQ44G2ZMZX)
    Process Generate Index, variant Generated from LOADING ZPAK_4BFDG83ZVZM4MDUC6L71H1 has status Successfully completed (instance INDX_4EQ97IDIWSIXM0EU3NVNMGOBX)
    Process Activate DataStore Object Data, variant Generated from LOADING ZPAK_4BFDG83ZVZM4MDUC6L71H1 has status Ended with errors (instance ODSA_4EQG4KJGK99HMTOSPBB5WU0BX)
    Job finished
    Here i am giving process types sequence :
    Infopackage -> Create index-> DSO activation.
    does this create index is generating any issues ?
    Edited by: BIuser on Aug 10, 2009 1:13 PM
    Edited by: BIuser on Aug 10, 2009 1:13 PM

  • Calling BW Process chain from Visual Composer

    Hi Gurus,
    i have a question. Does anyone testet to call an ABAP program or a process chain in BW (via ABAP) through a button in visual composer?

    Hi Adem,
    this is possible, you must write an RFC function module,
    which calls a function module of the function group
    For example you want to start a attribute change run you have to call the function module RSSM_PROCESS_ATTRIBCHANGE
    from your RFC function module.
    Best Regards,

  • Call an ABAP program from process chain

    Hi experts,
    How do I include an abap program in R/3 sandbox in my process chain in BW.
    I know how to do it in BW but this program is in the ECC sandbox.
    what I did was to create a job in R3 through SM36,this job had two steps one to run my program and another step to call the FM RSPC_ABAP_FINISH,which would inform the PC that the job is executed and continue to the next step.
    I was triggering this job trough an event in R3.
    In my PC I added a process type ABAP program,where i made an asynchronous call to the event in the ecc sandbox.
    But this is not working.Any ideas?

    Hi Mario,
    Would RSPC_API_CHAIN_START work?

  • Issue with ABAP program execution from process chains

    Hi All:
    We have a process chain with 3 steps, each of them executing the same program with three different variants. The program is ftp's the file from APO's dataexchange (mount) to another ftp server. The first variant transfers file A to a directory in the external ftp server (say /X) . The second and the third variants are supposed to transfer different files, B and C to the same directory.
    That is where the problem is. After the process chain is successful, I see two files B and C but the contents are same and that of C. So, if I switch the steps in the PC to bring in A then C and then B, I see files B and C with content of C. I tried C then A then B. I see the file names correct but now the contents are A, A then B.
    Have any of you come across this issue? Do you know that these is an existing problem? IF you have a solution, pl. let me know.

    Instead of doing it in three steps - would it be possible for you to have one UNIX script or equivalent doing the above and calling the same from your process chain ...?
    We do a lot of FTPs but then our file names are standard and we have a UNIX script for the same executed using a system command through a process chain and it has been working without issues for the past 1 year ...
    Maybe I have not got your situation properly ... some more detail on the program details and what you are doing in more detail would help....  also SP levels please..

  • Hierarchy Activation dumps when itu0092s executed from Process Chain. u0096 BI 7.0

    CostElement Hierarchy sign reversal is updated manually using ABAP Program to update sign reversal, which updates H and J tables and activates the Hierarchy using func module RSHIER_HIER_CHECK_AND_ACTIVATE. It works fine when ABAP is executed manually as well as when Process Chain is executed in BW 3.5.
    However, the same Process Chain in BI 7.0 it abends during Hierarchy Activation.
    From the Dump, find below call sequence of programs for more details:
    No.   Ty.          Program                             Include                             Line  
    6) METHOD       CL_RSSH_SHOW_LOG==============CP    CL_RSSH_SHOW_LOG==============CM008    53 
    5) METHOD       CL_RSSH_SHOW_LOG==============CP   
    CL_RSSH_SHOW_LOG==============CM007    52 
    4) FUNCTION     SAPLRSHIER                          LRSHIERU03                            121 
    3) FORM         ZBWUXXX1                            ZBXXXXX1                              382 
    005-ACTIVATE-HIER                                                     2) FORM         ZBWUXXX1                            ZBWUXXX1                              278 
    It abends during Container creation to send out a message.
    Any help to resolve this issue would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks, Vijay

    Due to the age of this post I am assuming did you find a fix to the problem?
    I actually would like more information about your abap program as we are trying to create a similar program.

  • Download file from process chain

    Hello experts,
    i have just created a data model and report from flat file(CSV) in BW 7.0.
    I understand that if I want to include the extraction from the DataSource into the InfoPackage in the process chain, the CSV file needs to be on the Application Server.
    The external database is being updated with new data daily. There is a URL - -  that when accessed, deliveres the updated flatfile from the database.
    My question is: can i integrate this download in a process chain to be automatically triggered, so that every morning I have the updated data in the report?

    Hi Andrei,
    Am not sure how to execute the url using the process chain. But still we can check whether the file is available in the application server or not.
    We have a process variant called OS Command, using this variant type we can check whether the file is available or not for some tim intervals. In case file is availabe then the next process will trigger else it will keep on searching for the file until it finds.

  • No msg from process chain on ODS activ failure

    We are loading and activating a CRM ODS (0CRM_PROH) in a process chain.  The process chain is set up to deliver a message if the ODS activation fails, but this is not happening reliably.
    For instance, yesterday a hex character came over from the source system causing ODS activation failure.  Strangely enough, the overall status of the request in the monitor was green.  Also, the activation step in the RSPC planning view was blue, not red as I would expect.  You could really only see the failure by switching to log view in RSPC, where it was clear the ODS activation had failed.
    Any thoughts on why the overall status of the request is green instead of red or yellow when the ODS activation fails?  Or, any thoughts on why no message is going out?  It's probably obvious that I'm new at interpreting the RSPC screens, so any general references on this topic would be helpful.
    P.S.  The ODS in question is set for automatic activation and automatic updating of data targets.  We are running BW 3.10.21, BI_CONT 3.30.16.

    Hello Diane
    We also had this issue, but with an older version (30B patch 7, works OK w/ patch 14).
    Anyway, to fix it:
    - create a new variant (let's call it V1 as an example) for the SAP program RSODSACT1
    - in your process chain, insert an ABAP call after the ODS load. Punch it RSODSACT1 as program and V1 for the variant
    It worked for us
    Good luck

  • Send Message from Process Chain Step without Process Log

    We send a mail message, depending on the success or failure of the process chain step, to user list.
    When the message is sent not only custom message but also the status information and the process log are sent.
    Our users are only interested about the result of the chain and they don' t want to view all technical information.
    Is it possible to send message without process log?

    Take 2 process(red and green line) from each of the process in the process Chain, one is for sucessfull and other is for failure and at the end of the proces chain,  just put all failure process to the OR and have add a ABAP Program (with Not Sucessfull) and then just put all sucessfull process to the AND and have add a ABAP Program (with Sucessfull) .
    This wil send the mail to the users, when ever there is failure in PC any where, or sends a mail ..if the process chain completes sucessfully.
    If you want only add the send of mail option at the end of the process chain, we can just add 2 process (red and green line) and have same flow as above. so that.. it will only sends mail..when there is failure or sucessfull of the process chian.
    Hope it helps ......

  • Delete request in ODS and Cube from process chain

    Hi Experts,
    I have the next situation:  I have a process that each month need to extract data with a selection criteria of fiscalperiod and fiscalyear, only I can maintain a data request with this selection. For this, I need a delete the old request when I am extracting new data with the same selection criteria, in ODS and Cube.
    Is it possible?
    Thank you very much for your collaboration.

    Hi Jeysi,
    DSO works on 'Overwrite' principle.
    You need to check your data source.(The images your data source sends).
    Even if your updating the key figures using addition method, the data source will send you the correct images and correct delta to keep your DSO as a reflection of the latest image of your source system.
    Hence you would not require to delete a request with the same selection in the DSO.
    Moreover, if you have a cube at the downstream of the DSO, loading deltas from the DSO to cube would alone be sufficient and you would not need to use delete overlapping request.
    However, if you are loading full request to the cube from the data source with the selections of fiscal year and fiscal period , then yes you do require delete overlapping selections.
    In 3.x data flow, this was configured in infopackage in data target tab there is one column for automatic deletions, here you could set the conditions on which the overlapping request in the data target(cube) in this case should be deleted.
    In process chain, you can use , delete overlapping request from the process chain.under application node, load process and post processing.(This can be configured for both infopackages and DTP's)
    Hope this helps,

  • How to remove bulk Infopcackage Processes from process chain

    Hi Gurus
    My senario is, I have a multiple source systems cnnected to my BI 7.0 system. Out of that I have to delete one of the source system. While I am deleting that it is showing all the Infopckages which are assigned to process chain saying IP is assigned to process chain.
    I have more than 100 IPs in my system and more than 60 Process chains. Do I have to remove the that all infopackages individually or is there any simple task.
    Please give me a simple approach to achive my task.
    Points are assigned for right postings.
    Peter B

    first search the source system in the RSA1 -> infosource -> select one by one and you could see the infopack -> u can delete the same.
    but these infopack load process have to be removed from the process chain else chain will fail. have to do by process chain by process chain and activate the process chain once removed. this could be the best practice.

Maybe you are looking for

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