BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE using inbound delivery with HU

I have a program that uses BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to GR Post the inbound delivery.  The inbound delivery is created thru ASN.  But I encounter error message BORGR 637 "Inbound delivery cannot be packed".  This error occurred because item packing status (VBUP-PKSTA) = 'C', the inbound delivery has HU items and is packed already.  This cannot be avoided because deliveries coming from the ASN is possible to have HUs already. Is there a workaround with this or maybe the parameters used are wrong or incomplete ?
  lv_grcode = '01'.
  MOVE: sy-datum TO ls_header-pstng_date,
        sy-datum TO ls_header-doc_date,
        sy-uname TO ls_header-pr_uname,
        likp-vbeln TO ls_header-ref_doc_no,
        '2' TO ls_header-ext_wms.
    MOVE: gt_lips-matnr   TO lt_item-material,
          gt_lips-werks   TO lt_item-plant,
          '101'           TO lt_item-move_type,
          gt_lips-lgort   TO lt_item-stge_loc,
          likp-lifnr      TO lt_item-vendor,
          gt_lips-n_lfimg TO lt_item-entry_qnt,
          gt_lips-meins   TO lt_item-entry_uom,
          gt_lips-vfdat   TO lt_item-expirydate,
          likp-vbeln      TO lt_item-deliv_numb_to_search,
          gt_lips-posnr   TO lt_item-deliv_item_to_search,
          'B'             TO lt_item-mvt_ind.
    APPEND lt_item.
Thanks in advance

Hello Giancarla,
How you managed this situation, I mean, since you received no updates from this SCN topic how it was solved in your customer?
I am also facing the same problem and I am doing research with correction notes, additional BAPIs and reversal engineering in BORGR transaction code to find out a way to enable GR for packed materials.
Thanks in advance for your inputs.
Luciano Ap. Souza

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  • Goods Receipt using Inbound Delivery with reference to Outbound Delivery

    Here is our scenario that we need help finding a solution:
    1.  Multiple Intracompany POs created
    2.  On the confirmations tab of the POs, we have u201CInbound Deliveryu201D Selected because the items need to be received in with Handling Unit management.
    3.  We have the Order Combination box checked on the shipping tab to allow 1 delivery to be created for multiple purchase orders.
    4.  We create only 1 Outbound Delivery for only available items on various purchase orders.
    5.  Due to being handling unit managed, we need to receive the items using an inbound delivery.
    Problem:  We need to find a solution to easily enter an outbound delivery number which will allow us to receive only the parts that were shipped (issued), via the inbound delivery process. 
    If we remove the confirmation control key, we can complete a Goods Receipt for Outbound Delivery in MIGO u2013 but is there a way to complete a goods receipt using an inbound delivery with reference to an Outbound Delivery?
    Thank you for the help.

    You can work with Inbound delivery created via IDOC Triggered from Outbound Delivery, this will carry the HU Data as well. Please refer this wonderful note, which will explain you a lot of things,  Note 1119073 - FAQ: Automatic inbound delivery creation for stock transfers
    There are other notes also available for Inbound delivery creation with HU in STO, please browse the notes, if you find any difficulty.
    Chandra Shekhar

  • Create Inbound Delivery with Reference to PO using Serial Numbers

    I guys.
    I didn't find any BAPI  to create an Inbound Delivery with Reference to PO using Serial Numbers so I've made a Function Module with BDCData.
      LOOP AT serial.
        ADD 1 TO ld_count.
        ld_value = serial-sernr.
        CONCATENATE  'RIPW0-SERNR(' ld_count ')' INTO ld_field.
        PERFORM bdc_field USING ld_field ld_value.
    This works fine for 10 entries, but when I'm trying to use 1000 entries in serial Internal Table I'm getting the error: Screen 0000 is too large for internal batch input area - Message no. 00379.
    Please note that my issue is the Serial numbers, so don't answer me please with BAPIs that doesnt allow me to deal with this.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance,

    As I expect, it solved my problem. It's not pretty, but it works...
      PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPLIPW1'       '0200'.
      PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'     'RIPW0-SERNR(01)'.
      DATA: ld_valor(4) TYPE n,
            ld_tabix TYPE sy-tabix.
      LOOP AT serial.
        ld_tabix = sy-tabix.
        IF ld_next = 'X'.
          CLEAR ld_next.
          ld_count = 2.
          ADD 1 TO ld_count.
        ld_value = serial-sernr.
        CONCATENATE  'RIPW0-SERNR(' ld_count ')' INTO ld_field.
        PERFORM bdc_field USING ld_field ld_value.
        ld_valor = ld_tabix + 17.
        ld_valor = ld_valor MOD 18.
        IF ld_tabix NE 1 AND ( ld_tabix EQ 19 OR ld_valor EQ 0 ).
          ld_next = 'X'.
          PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'     '=PNPG'.
          PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPLIPW1'       '0200'.
          PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'     'RIPW0-SERNR(01)'.
      PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'     '=RWS'.

  • Creation of Inbound Delivery with reference from PO

            I use this FM-BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE for creation of inbound delivery.  Delivery date is  same  Actual GR date means it's working fine. But i give less than or greater than Actual GR date  means it shows following error,
              'Acknowledgment for PO item 10028 00010 contains date variance'
        Please tell me how to correct this error.Otherwise tell me correct FM/BAPI to create inbound delivery with reference from PO

    Hi Anjaneya,
                My business process is,(In MM side)
         I create one purchase order(me21n) mention Delivery Date is 24.08.2011 and Delivery Qty is 20 etc......And raise the po to vendor.
       In vendor side, check the po details and perform confirmation process i.e creation of inbound delivery using FM BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE. I give the following  inputs,
              IS_INB_DELIVERY_HEADER -DELIV_DATE  = 26.08.2011
            IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL-PO_NUMBER = 0000010028
             IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL -PO_ITEM  = 00010
    If run this FM shows the following error
           '      Acknowledgment for PO item 0000010028 00010 contains date variance'
                    Please tell me how to correct this error.

  • Is it possible to create an inbound delivery with MB31

    I would like to know if it's possible to create an inbound delivery with transaction MB31. It's a requirement of the client that all goods that come into the warehouse (HU managed) get in with an inbound delivery.
    So, for the scenario of production (non HUM storage Location) to warehouse (HUM storage location) a transfer posting will be done with MB31, A inbound delivery must be created.
    I hope this is possible.

    You can use an STO to transport stock from production to your warehouse and you can use VL31N with reference to your STO to create an inbound delivery document.

  • Intercompany STO with inbound delivery with freight....Urgent

    I have following scenario to map.
    There are 2 company codes A & B and a shipment of goods is to be transferred from A to B.
    I wish to use Intercompany STO process with UB.
    However, A & B are geographycally separated so there involves transportation costs which will be beared by B.
    How can I have the pricing procedure if I wish to have one in STO ?
    If I create some freight conditions then I can add the values but I will not able to know the exact freight charges till B receives the shipment and the invoice for the same.
    In this case how can I use pricing procedure ?
    If I do not enter any freight charges in PO then how can I add them before I do the GR in B as this is requirement to add freight costs on material at the time of goods receipt so to arrive at exact landed cost for that material in B.
    Once I wish to transfer the goods from A to B, I will do delivery so that stock gets reduced from A otherwise if I wait till the stock is physically transferred to B and then B changing the PO and add freight and subsequently doing picking, PGI and GR ,it will not correctly reflect stock positions in A.
    What is the better way I can map this process.
    If I wish to use inbound delivery before receiving the goods in B can I add conditions in Inbound delivery ? If so how it can be done ?
    So my intended procedure will look as
    Intercompany STO-UB
    Outbound Delivery
    Inbound Delivery with freight
    Please suggest as this is very critical and important requirement
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for the feedback.I wished to use NB but I don't want to go with the regular NB and subsequent billing cycle.
    I want to use UB.
    Anyways, is there any way by which I can have freight cnditions added at the time of Delivery.Be it Outbound or Inbound.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance

  • Can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

    Dear all,
    can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

    Dear Ahamed
    I beleive it is a stock movement between 2 different plants
    If so then the receiving plant will have to do GR against the outbound delivery only
    The outbound delivery of the supplying plant
    The  outbound delivery of the supplying plant will not become the inbound delivery of the receiving plant in SAP
    But logically yes
    Your second post talks about outbound delivery only and that is correct
    My point is your proces doesnot involve inbound delivery at all
    In STO there is no inbound delivery at all
    Inbound delivery in SAP means shipping notification that means the confirmation from the vendor about the despatches
    That will not have  muck material details and it is just a confirmation
    Meaning of inbound delivery from SCM 601 logistics execution
    The goods receipt process using inbound deliveries realistically maps standard
    processes in many companies. If the vendor announces the goods receipt with a
    shipping notification, the inbound delivery can be created either manually or
    automatically on the basis of the shipping notification. It contains information
    transmitted by the vendor concerning the expected delivery times and quantities,
    as well as any information about packaging. It is also the reference document for
    the subsequent putaway using a transfer order. If you also use the transportation
    function as part of Logistics Execution, you can summarize inbound deliveries
    into inbound shipments.

  • Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order

    Hi experts,
    I want to create Inbound delivery with refernce to Purchase Order. But I want to create item wise. For example If one purchase order is there with 10 line items. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50......100.
    If I am showing report for Purchase Order with select option and if I select first 5 line items 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 then my program should be create one Inbound delivery for selected line items only. I have tried BDC for Tcode VL31N, but its not worked. Is there any Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order for selected line items????????

    For creating a delivery wrt PO u 1st need to have a sales order i guess.

  • Function module create inbound delivery with text

    I'm trying to create an inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order and create additional texts. I found FM GN_DELIVERY_CREATE but the texts are not added. I entered data in table IT_GN_TEXTL & IT_GN_TEXTH.
    What can be the problem?

    We will solve it with some extra development.
    As we do not have the parameter IS_BORGR_CONTROL-SAVE_TEXTS = 'X', I compared the version of ECC 6.0 to the 4.7. In debugging, we just have to pass one check and it will work. We will create a own version of gn_delivery_create with one extra parameter and put this parameter where it is added in Ecc 6.0.
    if v50agl-create_decentral ne space
        or v50agl-create_uclief     = 'X'.

  • Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?

    Dear all,
    Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?
    If yes, how could we customize the system?
    Kind regards,

    No, I don't think so. You have to convert it into a PO and then you can create the delivery.

  • Create Inbound Delivery with reference to Outbound Delivery

    Hi Team,
    Can anybody describe the process needed to be able to Create an Inbound Delivery with reference to an Outbound Delivery.
    Also, can the whole inbound delivery creation process be automated?

    Inbound Delivery can be created wrt :
    Purchase order
    Shipping notification
    Customer return
    Outbound Delivery can be created wrt:
    Goods shipment based on a sales order
    Stock transfer order
    Goods return (to the vendor)

  • Post Goods Receipt for Inbound Delivery with BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE

    I try to post GR for an Inbound Delivey with BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE and it is not working.
    I know delivery number and PO number and give both to the bapi.
    I am not sure how to set the movement indicator in the item.
    When I set it to B.
    I do get a shortdump from MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT numer 143, stating that this type of movement is not allowed with this transaction
    when setting to L I do get an error stating
    "Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 101 X X _ L)"  from message class M7.
    Below is the coding for it.
    Thank you very much for your help
    * Füllen der Kopfdaten
      ls_gm_header-pstng_date = sy-datum.
      ls_gm_header-doc_date = sy-datum.
      ls_gm_header-ref_doc_no = delivery_header-lifex.
      ls_gm_header-bill_of_lading = delivery_header-bolnr.
      ls_gm_header-gr_gi_slip_no = delivery_header-xabln.
      ls_gm_header-pr_uname = sy-uname.
      ls_gm_header-ref_doc_no_long = delivery_header-lifex.
      ls_gm_header-bill_of_lading_long = delivery_header-bolnr.
      lv_gm_code = '01'.
    * Füllen der Positionsdaten
      LOOP AT selected_delivery_items INTO ls_delivery_item.
        ls_gm_items-material          =  ls_delivery_item-matnr.
        ls_gm_items-plant             = ls_delivery_item-werks. "             0001
        ls_gm_items-stge_loc = ls_delivery_item-lgort.
        ls_gm_items-move_type ='101'. "101
        ls_gm_items-entry_qnt                      = ls_delivery_item-lfimg. "          10,000
        ls_gm_items-entry_uom                      = ls_delivery_item-vrkme.
        ls_gm_items-po_number                      = ls_delivery_item-vgbel. "55001582
        ls_gm_items-po_item                        = ls_delivery_item-vgpos. "00010
        ls_gm_items-mvt_ind = 'B'.
        ls_gm_items-expirydate = sy-datum + 30 .
        ls_gm_items-deliv_numb = ls_delivery_item-vbeln.
        ls_gm_items-deliv_item = ls_delivery_item-posnr.
        APPEND ls_gm_items TO lt_gm_items.
          goodsmvt_header               = ls_gm_header
          goodsmvt_code                 =  lv_gm_code
    *     testrun                       = 'X'
    *   GOODSMVT_REF_EWM              =
         goodsmvt_headret              =  ls_gm_header_ret
         materialdocument              = lv_mat_docno
         matdocumentyear               = lv_mat_year
          goodsmvt_item                 = lt_gm_items
         goodsmvt_serialnumber         = lt_gm_serial_numbers
          return                        = lt_return
      if lt_return is INITIAL.

    Hello Pranav,
    the input for the business data is correct.
    When performing the goods receipt with Migo it works.
    I think the B in the movement indicator is correct, but there might be something wrong with the other data.
    Best regards

  • Collective posting of Inbound Delivery with reference to External ID

    I have created few Inbound Delivery (for different PO) with same External ID reference.
    Now when I try to process these Inbound Delivery through T. Code: VL06IG with reference to External ID, system doesnot consider any Inbound Delivery.
    The External Identification Type used is "Free usage".
    I have checked in the Inbound delivery all the informations are correctly copied. for e.g. the storage location, etc. Also the Storage location is WM activated
    Can you please help me if I am missing any settings.

    First of all I want to clarify this transaction will pick deliveries which are ready for goods receipt.Tat means pick and confirmation should be completed.Now you have to check all your inbound deliveries which has same external id Picking and confirmation completed ?.If yes are you entering same test external id which is in delivery in report.Just copy test in delivery and paste the text in report.System will pick those deliveries.Text is case you should type text correctly.I have tested your scenario and it is working fine.

  • Creation of inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order

           Everyone on the Forum, I have an inbound delivery (ASN), z that programmatically
    (1) (2) I will develop, I found two modules function, BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE and BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE_31I. The two modules operate to create inbound delivery, only
    the first mark me an error and the second error don't mark me, but not validates me any data
    the purchase order. The error I marked in the function call function 'ME_CONFIRMATION_READ_AVIS'
    If I can help with this issue or tell me the difference between one and another.
    Thank you.

    if you want to have you can use the FM ALM_ME_GOODSMVT_CREATE
    hope it helps

  • Inbound delivery with reference to outbound delivery

    Is it possible to create inbound delivery in reference to a outbound delivery. Can it be created with GN_DELIVERY_CREATE,

    Re: Create Inbound Delivery from Outbound Delivery create
    Re: Inbound/Outbound Delivery
    Reward points if it is useful...

Maybe you are looking for

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