BAPI relating to Withholding tax codes

Hi all,
I am currently using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for flow of information from SAP to J2EE.When J2EE calls this BAPI, its not taking the withholding tax data which it is ought to take.  J2EE which is interfaced with SAP doesn't have the option of entering tax codes. It needs to take withholding tax data from SAP by calling the respective BAPI. What i want to know is that " Is there any BAPI which takes the master data of customer/vendor ( which should take withholding tax information) ?" J2EE is taking all the necessary data except the withholding tax data.
How do i resolve this issue?

I am facing the same problem with this BAPI. /BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST/
This BAPI checks the classical withholding tax codes in table T059Q.
The company codes are normally set up with extended withholding tax types and codes which are in table T059Z.
So the BAPI should check the tables according to which withholding tax (classical or extended) you have customized in R/3 to the company code.
Hope I could help you,

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  • Withholding tax code and Withholding tax type relation

    Hi All,
    Here is my requirement:
    I need to get the WT code description for the tax codes I get in BSIS (BSIS-QSSKZ). The problem is when I try to get the same from T059ZT, I need to have the two key fields WITHT (Indicator for withholding tax type) & WT_WITHCD (Withholding tax code).
    But from BSIS I am having only the field QSSKZ (Withholding Tax Code)and not the WT type.
    I need to know, how can I get the WT type based on WT code? I tried WITH_ITEM but its of no use, as it has both these fields as key fields.
    Thanks in advcane.

    I am working on an enhancement for withholding tax.
    The withholding tax base has to be calculated in the exit.
    I found that MRM_WT_SPLIT_UPDATE is the badi which can be implemented and can contain the logic for the calculation.
    The transaction MIRO calls this BADI.But I need to call the BADI even for FB60,FB65,F-43,F-41 and F10.Is this part of configuration.Please let me know how to enhance the withholding tax calculation.

  • Query related to withhold tax

    Hi  Freinds,
    This is mamatha i have a query related to withhold tax .what is diff b/w business place and section code.what is importance of section code.
    S Mamatha
    Please, search SDN

    For India, witholding tax, you need to create the business place and section code with the same id.
    Section code is additional field provided by sap for tds related processig, reports etc.

  • How to Have Two Withholding Tax Code  in One invoice

    We are using Extended Withholding Tax, and we have defined 9 Withholding Tax type specials, this because is the same withholding type, but we different %, also we have defined more than one Withholding Tax Code, for each one. This kind of Withholding Tax in Venezuela it is called ISAE, and for one invoice I could have more than one ISAE Withholding Tax, in this with have configurated diferents withholdings tax types, but it is a issue because, the system generate one Certificate Numbering for Withholding Tax, but for us this needs to be the same,and only generates one Certificate Number and make the sum of the two amounts. Because is the same Withholding Tax, we need to report only one.
    E.g. I post an invoice 1000999, with two Withholding Tax type, 23 -with tax code 01 and 24 with tax code 02, when i Generate the report I get:
    Vendor Certificate Number Wh. t.t. Wtx Amount in RC wt amount
    10000 00000000001 23 01 90000 2000
    10000 00000000002 24 02 90000 1500
    We need:
    Vendor Certificate Number Wh. t.t. Wtx Amount in RC wt amount
    10000 00000000001 23 01 90000 3500
    We tried to defined only one Withholding Tax type with all the Withholding Tax Code, but the system doesn't allow to post in the vendor master data, more that one Withholding Tax type, we tried to leave it blank, but when we do the FB60, we can´t select multiple Tax Code.
    How we can post a document with more  tham one tax code? or what we have to do to solve the problem?
    I appreciate all the help you can provide me.

    Hello Mauri
    Thanks for your answer, but in this moment we have the configuration exactly like you suggest, but in the moment of we generate the certification number we get two or more numbers, and we only need that the systme generates only one. It is correct that the sistem generates two or more because in one invoice we need and we use two or more wt type ISAE, but for Legal Reasons we need that the system generates only one certificated number, because is the same wt type.  You know if we can do any validation? or we must do anything else to get only one certificated number? we never know or is not a rule to use a specific combination of Wt Type.
    tks Fati

  • EWT - giving validity period based on withholding tax code

    Dear Friends,
    1) My client is having different withholding tax codes (based on rates) for the same withholding tax type. I have given validity period based on withholding tax type in EWT -> Company code -> Assign withholding tax types to company codes, but they want at withholding tax code level because each withholding tax code is having different validity period.
    Could you please let me know whether we can give validity period or dates based on withholding tax code instead of withholding tax types.
    2) Also please let me know how to handle LTDC based withholding tax codes.
    Thanks & Regards,

    it is not possible to give validity period for tax codes.if you are
    using formula functionality,you can set validity period for tax code rates.

  • Vendor's withholding tax code changing

    Can we change the vendor's withholding tax code in mid year......

    Dear KS_sap1,
    Yes, You can change the WT code during the year but then You have to run the report RFWT0010 for the open items in order to be able to pay them.
    I hope this can help You.
    ps please read the report RFWT0010 documentation by se38 and run it first in "test" to check what the System will do in each document

  • Report for determining withholding tax codes for vendors

    Dear Experts,
    Is there any report in SAP thru which I can determine the withholding tax codes assigned to a particular vendor? This is required as the client has over 100 withholding tax codes and not able to know which vendor is assigned to which withholding tax.
    Appreciate your inputs

    Pls use the report Code S_ALR_87012086. In the output control, pls tick the check box "EXTENDED WITH HOLDING TAX." You will get the desired out put for your company code.
    Sanil Bhandari

  • Withholding tax code in line item text field

    Dear All,
    Please suggest me on the below matter,
    When we will pass a vendor invoice through FB60 we will mention the Withholding tax type
    and tax code for withholding tax deduction from vendor . Then withholding tax line item will
    generate automatecally, but there will be nothing in the text field.
    I want that the withholding tax code will come automatecally in the text field after posting the entry.
    Is it possible?

    You can define Text for line items in OB56. Just define Text ID and enter your text and tick the check box "Control Display". Now you can define Substitution rule and replace the Text "=XY" in text field (If you have defined Text ID XY in OB56).
    You can also try to maintain user exit with reference to OB56.

  • Withholding Tax Code Setup

    Hi !
    Can anyone help in setting the withholding tax code like normal tax code (exp. like Cenvat, VAT etc). I need it to set the TDS Deduction. I want the setup like 2%  TDS tax  deduction on Invoice/Payment Amt. then 10% Surcharge on 2% TDs Amount Then 2% Ed. Cess & 1% H & S Cess on TdsSurcharge Amount, The posting of different deductions will be in Different G/L Accounts. Total Ded. will be TDSSurchargeCessHS Cess
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Anupam
    Are you using TDS add on? it is free with SAP B1 2005 B.
    and If you are not using it than also you can set TDS setup.
    Go to administration --> setup --> Financial --> Tax --> Withholding Tax.
    In withholding tax setup form you can set all % and valid from date.
    kamlesh vagal

  • Re: Withholding Tax codes

    Hi All,
    I am new to withholding taxation, my requirement is to create some new withholding tax codes for new requirement for that what do I have to do. in terms of creation and assignment please let me know whole process of withholding tax code till ending.

    The process is:
    1. Define With Holding Tax Countries
    2. Define With Holding Tax Keys
    3. Define Business Place & Section Code
    4. Define Reasons for exeption
    5. Assign factory calemder to Business Place
    6. Maintain tax due dates
    7. Define With Holding tax types for invoice and payment
    8. Define with holding tax codes
    9. Define dependencies and maintain the required tables
    10. Assign with holding tax types to company codes
    11. Define accounts for with holding tax postings
    12 Define number ranges for remittance challan and assign the same to number ranges and tax keys
    13. Define the number ranges for certificates and assign the same to number ranges and tax keys
    Sanil Bhandari

  • FBL1N with dynamic selection WITHHOLDING TAX CODE is dropping rows

    Using FBL1N with dynamic selection field: WITHHOLDING TAX CODE and noticed that several vendors dropped off the report. Appears FBL1N's filter logic uses LFB1-QSSKZ and not LFBW-WT_WITHCD. Upon examination, I determined that the missing vendors didn't have a WTC assignment (column is BLANK) in table LFB1. Problem is I'm using transaction FK02's WITHHOLDING TAX ACCT tab to assign the WT codes but these rows are written to table LFBW (not LFB1). How is the LFB1-QSSKZ field populated? And why do some of the entries in LFB1-QSSKZ have values while others do not? Would ultimately like to populate the blank assignments with the correct WT code.

    Hi Steve,
    This is due to the limitation due to standard design.
    You can see that a vendor can be assigned to multiple WHT codes and can also have multiple WHT code for a single line item. Hence in FBL1N output it would not be possible to show the WHT code as there is no  one to one relationship.
    You can click on the line item and can then see the WHT information in WHT button. Or alternatively get the data in withholding tax information reports.

  • Is withholding tax code applicable for India?

    hi guys,
    Is withholding tax code applicable for India?

    Narottam Das 
    Yes it is applicable for india.

  • Withholding Tax Code Deactivate

    Hi All,
    I want to de-activated withholding tax code in sap.what is the process to de-activate the wht code.

    Hi Gaurav,
    If you want to deactivate it at the company code, then it is a tick in SPRO.
    But I guess you mean to say that you want to deactivate some of the Tax codes no longer used in the system..
    For that, there is no direct solution in SAP, you can remove the GL Account assignment to that tax code to ensure that at least no posting is made in that Tax Code, Secondly, you can change the description of the tax code as "DO NOT USE", so that anybody assigning these Tax code in the Vendor Master would realize that these are no to be used..
    But yes, you can limit the use of Tax Type in the Node, Assign Witholding tax Types to Company code, where you can enter the To date as the end date of use of that Tax Type.

  • Assigning multiple withholding tax codes of the same witholding tax type

    As described in note 363650, I have configured a withholding tax type FE to include a range of withholding tax codes of 0% for US 1099 reporting only. I also carried out the conversion to extended withholding and resolved all errors. My requirement is that I need two different withholding tax codes of this type to be open and editable in MIRO and FB60. I am receiving error Message no. 7Q005 when I attempt to add another code of the same type.
    What is the best practice for configuring/recording withholding tax in this case?
    Vendor XYZ
    Header amount of invoice: $1000.00
    Amount relevant for withholding tax type FE code 01: $600.00 (rents)
    Amount relevant for withholding tax type FE code 07: $400.00 (nonemployee compensation)
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for the input. My problem occurs when attempting to assign the second tax code in the vendor master. The system doesn't allow for the second code of  the same type to be added.
    I can assign one code in the vendor master without issue, and all fields are editable in the withholding tax tab for the first code, both for invoicces and for payments.
    I have been offered one suggestion to configure a differrent range of codes with a new tax type. This would mean that if I had only one vendor relevant for 3 tax codes (rent, royalties, unemployee compensation) then I would have to configure two additional withholding tax types with all the codes associated with them. This doesn't seem like the best approach -- am I missing a setting or some other minor config to solve this?

  • Error in added withholding tax code in XK02-extended withholding tax

    dear all,
    I've just activate extended withholding tax using invoice posting.
    When I want to add withholding tax code in vendor master data XK02 it appear error that tax code I've input does not exist in table T059Z, because it read country value "ID" beside the tax code.
    For example I've create tax code L1 in country ID, and add L1 in XK02, the error appear 'Entry 'ID L1' does not exist in T059Z.'
    Does anyone ever experience the same error?

    Hi Oscar,
    i would like to know whether the company and the vendor are both in country ID.
    if that is the case, just check in "Check Withholding Tax Countries" whether the country has been included.
    and also assign the WHT type to your co code in"Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes".
    define the WHT type first and then WHT code.
    this should solve your problem. if not, kindly revert.
    *award points if this helps*
    CA. Karthik Narayan N S
    SAP-FICO Consultant

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