Bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2, zero price in conditions

I create salesorder with bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 and give price for material in ORDER_CONDITION_IN table. When price is >0 it works OK. But I need in some cases to create orderline with 0 (zero) price. When entering 0 in COND_VALUE field it is not taken into account, instead SAP takes listprice for this line.
When using VA01 to manually change item price to zero, it works OK.
Does anybody have experience with this?

I usually do not send ORDER_CONDITIONS_INX (or any .._INX) at all. But I tried with:
and just
and it makes no difference. Always when COND_VALUE is zero listprice is taken.
Any more suggestions?

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  • PO with zero price

    Hi All,
    Is there a way to create PO with zero price?? I don't want to tick "Free" check box.

    Not possible ,you can create Consignment PO with item category K with Zero price other than Free goods check.

  • Zero Price Item In Shopping Cart - where is IR flag in Shopping Cart?

    I am relatively new SRM user.
    I am interested in knowing how can I manually post the shopping cart with zero price to create a free of charge PO in back end? I believe there is IR flag in Shopping cart but I am not able to get where that IR flag is in shopping cart.
    Please help me with the transaction & steps for removing IR flag in shopping cart.

    Hello Nim,
    As written previously, if you created a Shopping Cart with a zero total value, as Invoice Receipt Expected flag comes from vendor data, according to vendor purchasing organization (tab 'Vendor Data' in "Manages Business Partner" web transaction), you won't be able to create Purchase Order if this flag is set: error message BBP_PD 045 will be displayed.
    So, you have two alternatives.
    a- First, you unset the flag for the concerned vendor. However, doing this, you won't be able to create purchasing document with total value upper than zero (same error message BBP_PD 045 will be raised)
    b- Second, as no BAdI allows to manage further procurement information such as 'Invoice Receipt Expected', you will have to make some standard modifications.
    Laurent Burtaire.

  • Require ability to enter a zero price on service line items

    We have a need to create a service purchase order (item category 'D') with one line item using account assignment 'P'.  We're creating as a 'limit' Purchase order and intend to create more than one service entry sheet. For example - the total expected services on the PO can be $20,000, and we will post service entry sheets weekly until the $20,000 is depleted.
    Each service entry sheet will have multiple lines... some lines will include a price, and a some will need to have a zero price since the particular service was free and we'd like to acknowledge it as such. When entering a zero price on the line item on the service entry sheet, error message SE316 appears and we are forced to enter a price. When attempting to modify the line type to 'informatory' the 'informatory' radio button is grayed out and we do not have the option to change.
    Please let me know if the scenario above is possible, and if so, please provide recommendation on how to accomplish.
    Thank you
    Marita Hernandez

    you can not create free service PO in sap
    for more check following link
    Kailas Ugale

  • Stored Procedure for Zero Price in GRPO

    Hi all,
       Can anybody let me know the required stored procedure for restricting zero price in the GRPO transaction .
    Thanks in advance ,

    Use this in your SBO_SP_TransactionNotification
    IF @transaction_type = 'A' AND @object_type = '20'
    IF EXISTS (SELECT T0.ItemCode FROM [dbo\].[PDN1\] T0
    WHERE (T0.Price = 0 OR T0.Price IS NULL) AND T0.DocEntry = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del
    SELECT @Error = 1, @error_message = 'Item without Price'

  • Purchase order with zero price

    is i possible to create pos with zero price. i have a scenario that i need to create po with out paying to vendor.
    please help

    If yours is a Free Goods Scenario. Then Mark the Free Item Tab ( Next to Returns) in the Purchase Order detail tab.
    Now you can create a Purchase order with Zero Price. By the time GR thru. 511 Mov. Type (Material receipt with out charge) you can receive the material.
    Rewards Welcome.

  • Stock issue at zero price

    I am facing one problem. Price control indicator in material master is S. I have uploaded stock with quantity 5 at zero price. After uploaded, i set the standard price to Rs. 15/-in material master. While issuing the material from stock for delivery i require to issue it at zero cost, whether it is possible? I don't want to change my standard price.
    Plz. help me whether it is possible to do this and if yes how to do it.
    Suitable answer will be rewarded.

    If requirement generation is at different WBS element then how can you issue the stock from other WBS element in a single transaction? This is not possible. However try with requirement grouping (4th level to 3rd level) concept.

  • Import Product Price and Condition using LSMW IDoc method

    Hi Friends,
    I am working on the Product Import to CRM from flat file using LSMW IDoc method using the "CRMXIF_PRODUCT_MATERIAL_SAVE" message type.
    I am able to import the entire product with its required details except the Price and its conditions.
    Can anyone please let me know which structure or with message type to be used to import the Product Price and condition using the IDoc method.
    Please pass on your valuable comments.
    Thanking you,

    Hi Naveen.
    I am doing the same thing but only the product gets created and the details like short text, unit etc. do not get populated. The idoc gets processed successfuly. Can you share the fields that are required to be mapped or are mandatory.

  • Me22 Problem when change price for Conditions

    I have a strange problem about ME22. I explain the problem step by step:
    1) Enter ME22 with PO
    2) Select one PO Item (ex. the first item) and click on Services
    3) Select First Position.
    4) Click on Conditions and Change the Price.
    5) Back to Services, and repeat step 3 and 4 for second position
    When i change the price at first time work fine but, when i try to change prize the second time the dynpro Conditions appear empty and with row locked.
    This problem don't happen if i don't change the price in Condition Dynpro.
    In ME22N work fine. This is a problem because some batch-input on ME22 stop with error "input not possible" after step 5.
    There is a solution or OSS Note for this problem ?

    Did you already had an answer on your problem? I am facing the same problem.

  • Valuation Variant - Quotation Price via Condition Table

    Hi all,
    Regarding cost estimate in SAP, there are valuation variants. The strategy sequence "Price from Purchasing Info Record" is one step in the material valuation strategy sequence of our  valuation variant PP01. There is also a sub strategy sequence with this Puchasing Info Record Valuation called "Quotation Price via Condition Table".
    What does the mean, where can I find this condition table and how will the price be calculated??? Can anybody help me please?

    Create origin group via Tcode OKZ1 and then assign the conditions that you want to include in product costing in Tcode OKK4.
    In OKK4 by clicking delivery costs or create new icon you will get a popupform which can be used to input chosen conditions as follows.
    PB00     0     200     1000     1000     1000     PR01
    We are using it to calculate material price excluding excise duty (sort of withholding tax which can be reclaimed so will not form part of material cost)

  • Master Data Loading for Prices and Conditions in CRM - "/SAPCND/GCM"

    Could anyone give me some inputs on Master Data Loading for Prices and Conditions in CRM.
    T. Code is:  /SAPCND/GCM
    I need to load data on a file (extracted from 4.6) for service contracts.
    I tried LSMW : for this transaction, recording does not work.
    I am trying loading thru Idocs (LSMW). But that too is note really working.
    Do we require some custom development for this , or is some SAP standard funcntionality available ??
    Can anyone provide some valuable inputs one this.
    Would appreciate your responses.

    Hi Tiest,
    Thanx for responding.
    U r right, our clint is upgrading from 4.6 to ECC.
    So as per the clients requirements, we are maintaining all the configs for Services in CRM.
    Services Data which was in 4.6 is being pulled put on flat files which needs to be loaded in CRM. So middleware would not be able to do this.
    What I am looking os some standard upload program.
    LSMW recording does not work.
    This I-Doc "CRMXIF_COND_REC_SLIM_SAVE_M", i am able to load a single record. But I am not able to find , how to make this function for multiple entries.
    IN standard we for loading master data thru I-docs, we map the values to the standard fields which are available in that I-Doc.
    But in this particular i-doc, there is a common field for which I need to define the field name and a field value..
    Till now, I am only able to define just one field name and a field value.
    I want this to word for mutliple entries.
    Hope u get my point.

  • Sales Order with zero price.

                                   I am creating sales order using the bapi  'BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2'  .For some materials we have condition type 'ZR00' and amount 0.00 per 1 unit. The problem is when i  create sales order, in item conditions it shows zero amount. How can I pass ZR00 price value through BAPI.?i.e i mean to oerwrite the value in Vk13.

    HI Vinsar
    Make use of tables: ORDER_CONDITIONS_IN and ORDER_CONDITIONS_INX of the BAPI.
    Required paramters to be passed for the structures:
    --ITM_NUMBER --> Item Number Eg: 000010
      COND_TYPE -> Condition Type(ZR00)
      COND_VALUE -> Amount
    -- ITM_NUMBER -> Item Number(000010)
       COND_TYPE -> Cond Type(ZR00)
       UPDATEFLAG -> 'I'
       COND_VALUE -> 'X'
    Hope the info helps you.
    Kind Regards

  • Replacement with zero price

    Something went wrong to the system of my client and they reloaded old configuration from QA to PRD server.
    Situation before the system crash:
    When you create a "replacement" order, the price of the item is "automatically" zero. It allows zero cost of material.
    Current situation:
    When you create a "replacement" order, the price of the item is blank and it wont allow you to give zero value.
    What should I check to put back the original configuration? Please help. Forgive me. I am new to SD.

    Hi Anwar
    Following is the standard process:
    VOV8 Sales order type: Copy of SD / KN - The sales document category - I  , document pricing procedure - C, delivery type - LF, No billing type
    VOV4 Item category determination : SD+NORM=KLN
    VOV7 Item category definition : copy of KLN- Not relevant for pricing/Pricing for free goods & Not relevant for billing
    OVKK Pricing procedure determination:  Sales org + Dist Channel + Div + Doc Pr procedure (C) + Customer Pricing Procedure = Copy of RVCA01/RVCA02. define this procedure  as per your requirement in V/08 and get it determined here.
    VTAA - Copy Control from RE to SD and OR to SD in standard: Item Category proposal  KLN and Pricing type B  So that it will redetermine price with your SDF pricing procedure.
    Regarding your error:
    Check what pricing procedure is getting determined in OVKK and See the error condition type is marked as mandatory. Put a screenshot of your SDF pricing procedure for better understanding...

  • Sales Return, Zero Price

    We were on the user testing stage. Something went wrong to the production server and the back-up copy was loaded to that production server. Configurations were transferred and upload of data is being done.
    One of the issues I encountered is about sales return (Reg Ret Charge VAT). My client says before when they enter the material, the amount (or price of the material) becomes zero but this time the amount reflects the real amount of the material (just like making a regular order). Client want to put back the original setting wherein the price becomes zero when material is entered for sales returns.
    Please guide me on what I can check.

    Your initial post gave me the impression that RE (return order) is created and prices in Tab condition are given manually. In a later post, you are saying RE (return order) is created by referring to a sales order. Which one is it?
    go to VA02, in  your return order. check what is the item category?
    Then go to VOV7, and for that item category, in field "pricing" give BLANK
    In VTAA, return order <-- sales order
    For that item category, give Pricing = B (redetermine pricing) and test.
    I have been thinking,
    1) if the business does not want any prices (i.e. price = 0), then WHY are you (going to) creating a RE credit memo? As in this case, there is NOTHING to pay back to the customer.
    process = RE return order --> LR return delivery, RE credit memo
    So, explain what are the process steps you have configured in the RE process?
    2) Are there any charges you are going to payback to the customer, in this RE process?
    Freight charges, Taxes etc. etc.
    If yes, then at item category level, VOV7, you can NOT give pricing = Blank.
    This shall be applicable for the entire line.
    3) If you don't want any prices / bills -
    have you thought about RE --> SDF (subsequent delivery Free) --> LF?
    or RE --> LR
    Give some background information as to why user / client wants prices = 0? (for all material?)
    Edited by: Typewriter on Sep 24, 2011 9:15 PM

  • Inter Co PO creation wirth Zero Price

    I am an FI/CO consultant, but I need your advice with creation of an Inter Company  PO with Zero value
    My requirement is w.r.t an inter-co PO. Say Company A sells to Company B a material priced $50.00 with 100% discount. The inter-co PO is used as reference to create the delivery doc and the COGS in Co A is at 0.01$ and the Invoice is at 0.00$. In Co B where the PO is created, as a result of the PIR, the value of $50 automatically gets populated as the gross price.
    I now used SKTO, cash discount of 100% to bring the value to Zero. But when I try to save the PO, I get the error message that
    "Net price must be greater than 0 -- Message no. 06218.
    When I try to use the Free Goods Option, the IR indicator in the Invoice tab gets unselected and I get the message that-- Cross-company code stock transfer: Check the IR indicator -- Message no. MEPO106. Company B requires that an IR get generated.
    Also, when I select the Free Goods option, at the time of GR, the entire material value gets posted to the PPV account and since the material is set up at "V", it results in a huge change in the price of the material.
    My question is how do I go about creating a PO such that the discounted value gets reflected in the appropriate Discount GL account instead of the PPV Account  , and the system accepts the value of PO at Zero and at the same permits creation of the the IR at Zero value to off-set the GR/IR balance postings.
    Please advise how I should proceed.
    Thanks and Regards,

    When I try to use the Free Goods Option, the IR indicator in the Invoice tab gets unselected and I get the message that-- Cross-company code stock transfer: Check the IR indicator -- Message no. MEPO106. Company B requires that an IR get generated.
    Also, when I select the Free Goods option, at the time of GR, the entire material value gets posted to the PPV account and since the material is set up at "V", it results in a huge change in the price of the material.
    For above error message.  set message setting in below path.
    SPRO>MM>Purchasing>Environment Data>Define Attributes of System Messages
    Application area : MEPO
    Mesage :106   set as no message or warning message.

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