Barcode Font not available in PDF after adding to Font Management

Hello CF experts,
I need to use a barcode font in a PDF document. I installed
the font in Font Management, but nothing happens when I attempt to
use it. I've tried to use it both in and out of PDF's, and it
doesn't work either way. It does work in normal HTML code if the
local machine has the font installed, but this isn't very helpful,
as I need it to be served up from the Server with fontembed for PDF
Here is what the Font Manager shows:
User Defined Fonts
Actions Font Family Font Face Font Type Useable In Path
IDAutomationHC39M IDAutomationHC39M TRUETYPE PDF/FlashPaper
I've tried using it in <font> tags, CSS Styles, etc,
and nothing works.
Any ideas?

Hey SafariTECH,
The Server is the source for any fonts used? This hasn't been
my experience at all. Web pages don't embed fonts, but rely on the
clients PC having the requested font face installed.
My problem is that I have a unique need for a Barcode font to
be available to clients without having to run around and install it
locally. In concept I should be able to embed the font in
Flashpaper or a PDF and bypass the need to make the font available
on each client's PC.
Is anyone successfully using the PDF "Font Embed" feature
this way using fonts installed in the Font Manager?
Is there any easy way to tell if the font's installed in Font
Manager are actually working and/or available?

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