Barcode Font not available in PDF after adding to Font Management

Hello CF experts,
I need to use a barcode font in a PDF document. I installed
the font in Font Management, but nothing happens when I attempt to
use it. I've tried to use it both in and out of PDF's, and it
doesn't work either way. It does work in normal HTML code if the
local machine has the font installed, but this isn't very helpful,
as I need it to be served up from the Server with fontembed for PDF
Here is what the Font Manager shows:
User Defined Fonts
Actions Font Family Font Face Font Type Useable In Path
IDAutomationHC39M IDAutomationHC39M TRUETYPE PDF/FlashPaper
I've tried using it in <font> tags, CSS Styles, etc,
and nothing works.
Any ideas?

Hey SafariTECH,
The Server is the source for any fonts used? This hasn't been
my experience at all. Web pages don't embed fonts, but rely on the
clients PC having the requested font face installed.
My problem is that I have a unique need for a Barcode font to
be available to clients without having to run around and install it
locally. In concept I should be able to embed the font in
Flashpaper or a PDF and bypass the need to make the font available
on each client's PC.
Is anyone successfully using the PDF "Font Embed" feature
this way using fonts installed in the Font Manager?
Is there any easy way to tell if the font's installed in Font
Manager are actually working and/or available?

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    This is an open forum, not Adobe support... you need Adobe staff support to help
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    Why do you need to keep that warning enabled?
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    Thanks & BR,

    I solved the problem following the steps in SAP note 633285 - Printing the total Vat amounts in each Vat group,
    In order to print  in the  order  the Vat amount  in each vat group Please perform  the followed stages:
    Go to Tools (in the SBO tool bar ) and chose Manage User Field
    In Marketing Documents (Rows) add new fields according to the Num of the vat groups that you are using in Orders (e.g. A1, A2 ,A4) The type : Units and Totals  - the Structure: sum in the order each column will represent the vat amounts in the line but only for certain  Vat Group
    in order that each column will display the vat amount in the line only if it belong to certain Vat group we attach a query to each column: (e.g. we have 3 columns : A1, A2, A4) .the queries are;
    SELECT $[$38.82.NUMBER]  WHERE $[$38.18.0] = 'A1' FOR BROWSE  SELECT $[$38.82.NUMBER]  WHERE $[$38.18.0] = 'A2' FOR BROWSE SELECT $[$38.82.NUMBER]  WHERE $[$38.18.0] = 'A4' FOR BROWSE Now each column will display the vat amount only if it in the relevant vat group
    in the order document printing template you need to add those Vat column in our example we add 3  data fields : the file: Order - Rows , the Field: A1/A2/A4 - you can hide (un visible ) this columns as needed
    in the Repetitive Area Footer add a calculation field for each vat groupthe Type: Column Total , the Column: Order; A1/A2/A4 in each calculate field you will get the sum amount of the vat in the relevant Vat group. (in  addition you can add text fields with a relevant description for the calculation fields)
    Thanks & BR,

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    What exactly happens when others try?

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    What could be the reason??? no messages are available in SXMB_MONI and RWB
    Where else can I see the messages stuck in ADAPTER Engine. I have checked the queues SMQ1 and SMQ2 both are cleared.
    Abhishek Mahajan

    Hi Abhishek,
    Synchronous messages are not persisted on the Integration server unless logging is switched on in SXMB_ADM Tcode(Specific Configuration->RUNTIME(Category)->LOGGING_SYNC(Parameters)).
    That's the reason you couldn't find SYNCHRONOUS message in SXMB_MONI.
    Check this blog by Michal.
    Also one simple the selection screen of the sxmb_moni check for the date/time range.
    Incase the receiver side you are using RFC then,
    In your RFC destination on the R/3 Side use the user "PIAPPLUSER" instead of "PIRWBUSER" in the "LOGON_SECURITY" tab.

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    After the intsall we can no longer open up pdfs within IE9.
    I have uninstalled reader XI and did a repair on Standard 9 but it still does not fix the problem.
    There error message we are getting is this:
    "The Adobe Acrobat/Reader selected for viewing PDF documents in browsers cannot be found at its installed location; it may habe been moved or deleated. Please reinstall or repair this application. (15:524)
    Please help. We can no longer do our banking web sites.
    Thank you,

    What is the value in your registry hive for the below key?
    You can reinstall Reader and give ownership to Reader 11 and then check the value for same registry key.
    You can also try  repair for the application.

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    Is it possible to save a PDF I have added comments to over the original file. The PDF I am currently commenting on is not read only but I get an error when I try save it over the original file.

    I am working in Windows 7. The error I get states something along the lines of " File is currently in use and cant and cant be overwritten, If I enter another file name I can save the file. It could be a number of issues not relating to adobe reader but I am just wondering if Adobe reader allows you to save commented PDFs with the same name as the original document that was opened.

  • Text Recognition not available for PDF.

    Hi, I am trying to perform OCR on a document that was scanned and my Text Recognition options are greyed out. The document isn't restricted and the security options are all turned off. What is making my document unable to be recognised?
    Here is a link to the PDF.

    Issue is not reproducible. Could you please specify more details about which version of Acrobat are you using. And what is the OS you are using.
    Is this issue seen for this file only or you can see this issue on other files as well?

  • S_TCODE object is not coming in role after adding profile of another role.

    Dear Gurus,
    I have added profile of a existed role to a newly created role in pfcg (edit->insert authorisation-> from profile), but I can't see the S_TCODE object of that role of the added profile.
    For some roles, it appears, but for some, it don't come.
    Please let me know the reason behind this, so that I can go forward.

    S_TCODE will be added in your authorization profile when you add some T-Codes in Menu Tab of that role in PFCG.
    This may be the case for your role.  In this case it will not be copied with profile. It will be added only if you add the T-Code in Menu Tab.
    The other case is if you directly insert it in bthe authorization objects. In this case it will be copied with profile.
    Please revert.

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