Barcode Font not available in PDF after adding to Font Management

Hello CF experts,
I need to use a barcode font in a PDF document. I installed
the font in Font Management, but nothing happens when I attempt to
use it. I've tried to use it both in and out of PDF's, and it
doesn't work either way. It does work in normal HTML code if the
local machine has the font installed, but this isn't very helpful,
as I need it to be served up from the Server with fontembed for PDF
Here is what the Font Manager shows:
User Defined Fonts
Actions Font Family Font Face Font Type Useable In Path
IDAutomationHC39M IDAutomationHC39M TRUETYPE PDF/FlashPaper
I've tried using it in <font> tags, CSS Styles, etc,
and nothing works.
Any ideas?

Hey SafariTECH,
The Server is the source for any fonts used? This hasn't been
my experience at all. Web pages don't embed fonts, but rely on the
clients PC having the requested font face installed.
My problem is that I have a unique need for a Barcode font to
be available to clients without having to run around and install it
locally. In concept I should be able to embed the font in
Flashpaper or a PDF and bypass the need to make the font available
on each client's PC.
Is anyone successfully using the PDF "Font Embed" feature
this way using fonts installed in the Font Manager?
Is there any easy way to tell if the font's installed in Font
Manager are actually working and/or available?

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    My company recently upgraded my Mac from a PowerPC G5 tower - which worked perfectly, to a MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo - so I would be able to work from home. I work in publishing and use pre-set templates and fonts within QuarkXPress. The most important fonts are the ones needed to build our publications, but ever since I've migrated all of my files, fonts, settings, etc. from the PPC to the Intel machine, those (and other) fonts don't work. They don't even show up in the list of available fonts.
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    Hi Darryl,
    From the sounds of it, you have the outline portion of some Type 1 PostScript fonts, but don't have the whole font. Type 1 PostScript fonts are a set. One file is a suitcase containing all of the low res bitmap screen fonts. The rest are the outline printer fonts. As an example, here's Adobe Garamond.
    Adobe Garamond
    The first file which I highlighted in green is the font suitcase of bitmap screen fonts. The rest are the outline printer fonts.
    1) The files for a Type 1 PostScript font must have both the screen and printer fonts for a given set in order to work. They also must be in the same folder.
    2) The suitcase of bitmap fonts will work alone, but output will be terrible since the system will print the fonts using the 72 dpi screen fonts in the suitcase if the outline portions are missing.
    3) Having only the outline fonts will not work. You will get exactly what you are having problems with. You can see the fonts, but Font Book won't load them. That's not a problem with Font Book itself. No font manager will load outline fonts without the matching suitcase of screen fonts present.
    It also may be how you copied them. If the fonts were active on the source Mac and you tried to copy them across a network or via FireWire, that usually doesn't work. Copy them first to a new folder on the desktop of the Mac the fonts reside on. Then copy the desktop copies to your MacBook Pro.

  • Placed PDF (with embedded fonts) reports fonts not available!

    Can anyone tell me why Illustrator CS (I know it's old) should report Fonts missing when the PDF I have placed has definately got the fonts embedded.
    The PDF was made in InDesign CS4 using the default [High Quality Print] setting. If I look at the properties of the created PDF it lists all the fonts as being embedded subsets.
    I know I can get around this by outlining the text but I shouldn't have to.
    Simon Kemp

    So, Illustrator will always require the fonts present and will disregard any embedded fonts?
    That's pretty much it. Remember: Illustrator is not a PDF viewing program. It wants to let you edit the document. PDF is essentially a document exchange format and not really intended for editable content (beyond the extent Acrobat enables). Font designers want you to buy their products if you're going to be doing anything other than reading the text.
    The link-place-flatten trick is good to have in your bag of tricks, but I am not alone in recommending you do not blindly outline all type. Aside from making it nearly impossible for an output service provider to make a possibly necessary last-minute correction, you will not get the proper hinting with very small type. Moreover, if you're dealing with a large amount of text, you'll end up with huge files.

  • Custom fonts not displayed when PDF is generated using 10g Report builder

    I have two fonts , abc.ttf and def.ttf which I have placed under C:\Windows\fonts. One of these displays a logo and the other displays barcode
    I have added the environment variable REPORTS_PATH which has value C:\Windows\fonts. I have also added entries for PDF Subset in uifont.ali.
    But still when I run the report and out to a PDF file, the fonts are not displayed. They are remapped to some other fonts.
    When I check PDF document properties in Adobe reader, under fonts tab it says
       Actual Font: Adobe Sans MM
       Actual Font Type : Type 1
       Actual Font: Adobe Sans MM
       Actual Font Type : Type 1
    uifont.ali entries
    [ PDF:Subset ]
    # This example shows how to subset Arial True Type font into the PDF file
    # Arial = "Arial.ttf"
    # The True Type font files must exist in any one of the folders specified in
    abc= "abc.ttf"
    In Oracle reports builder, I am able see these fonts and select them in my report layout
    I am able to see the fonts in Preview/screen output while running RDFs in my reports builder, but PDF output doesnt display these fonts
    Is there anything else which is required to do ? Do I need to restart the machine after environment variable is added ?

    In one PC were Report Builder is installed, we see "COURIER NEW - WESTERN" font and the RDF created / saved in that font works fine on server. I don't know if this helps!

  • Embed fonts not available error (But they are available sysetm fonts)

    I tried to search and actually did found some answers regarding font problems, but they did not help. So I am explaining here my problem in hope that someone can help me.
    My company bought a HP Xeon X3450 @ 2.8Ghz. @Gb RAM DD3 1333 with Windows 7 64-Bits version Professional.
    We installed Adobe CS3 Suite on Windows 7 64-Bits version and the problems with fonts started.
    We used to work with XP Professional before this new machine arrived and never had system fonts propblems with Adobe CS3 Suite.
    Basically, what happens is:
    When I try to open PDF files with embed fonts (system fonts susch as ARIAL for example) the program returns an error saying that the fonts are not installed/available, but checking the C:\windows\fonts, they are there and working fine on Office or other common application such as notepad for example.
    I tried the workaround I found on these very forums of copying the fonts to the folder C:\Program Fils\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts and it still does not work.
    Formated the HD and then installed Windows 7 32 bits (x86) and still have the same problems. All updates were made and applied to Adobe and Windows respectively for both 64 and 32 versions and the error still happens.
    In resume, fonts are installed, they are system fonts but under Windows 7 64 or 32 bits versions they simply do not work when opening the PDF files with embed fonts.
    -The PDFs had no problems before while running windows XP Professional.
    -The PDFs open whithout any problems on machines with Windows Xp Professional.
    -This is happening specifically in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and CS5 and Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 and 9.
    Please, I urge for help since we don't know what to do anymore.
    Thank you all who took time to read this and forgive my terrible english, it is not my first language.
    Best regards,
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    What I believe you have is 2 different versions of Arial, you old machine probably contains the version you need.
    By old version, I mean one could by true type(XP), and another Opentype (WIn 7), and the error comes up. Even though they have they same name (Eg: Arial Bold).
    There are even old version of fonts that are both of the same font technology format and have different FOND ID  numbers(Eg: Frutiger was one that I often encountered, but you don't see this problem that much nowadays).

  • Fonts Not Available in Photoshop CS3 (Windows 7)?

    My desktop computer crashed yesterday and I had to run out last night and pick up a new unit as I'm trying to meet a number of deadlines (and not having much luck getting the work done in my laptop).
    The new computer uses Windows 7 as the Operating System.  It has already presented a ton of headaches... I've already spent in excess of ten hours trying to reinstall hardware and dealing with the various quirks that arise.
    The latest of these issues is that I cannot seem to access some fonts from Photoshop CS3.  I'm having the same issue, to a lesser extent, in Illustrator 10.
    For instance, after downloading the Helvetica and Helvetica Neue families in Windows 7, they do not appear in the Type menu in Photoshop.  There are a ton of useless pre-installed fonts there, but not the ones I installed.  If I try to access them from Illustrator, it displays only one weight of each typeface (for instance, it displays Helvetica Neue 65 but omits 55, 75, 95, etc....).
    The issue does not occur for all fonts.  For instance, I installed AvantGarde and it displays just fine.  In that instance, the fonts were TrueType whereas the Helvetica font files are Type 1 font files.
    Can anyone help?  I've already lost a day-and-a-half of work, and can't afford to spend much more time screwing around with this nonsense.

    Thanks for your thoughtul and thorough reply.
    To clarify, I do have a copy of ATM, but just have not installed it on my XP computer or this new one.  It is on my Illustrator 10 install disk.  Not sure if it will work on Windows 7, as Illustrator 10 would not run on the new computer until I set the compatibility to work with Vista and earlier.  I suppose that I could install it and see if it works.  Might be worth a shot.
    I will check out the software titles you referenced.
    With regard to font installation on Windows 7, there are three techniques as far as I can tell.  They are:
    1) Drag and drop method: Works the same as it always has.  Simply drag the typefaces into the Fonts folder or Control Panel > Fonts.
    2) You can navigate to where a font file is located (the desktop, for instance) and then right-click on it and choose "Install."  This is what I referred to previously, and I tried it after drag-and-drop did not work.
    3) For the third method (according to Windows 7 documentation I found online at efc430bf550f), you are supposed to be able to go into the Control Panel > Fonts, press ALT (to display the menu) and then choose File > Install New Font.  You would then be prompted to navigate to the typeface you want to install.  However, this option is not available on my computer.  When I tried it, I can access the File menu, but "Install New Font" is not listed on the dropdown.

  • Fonts not embedded in PDF -- how to fix?

    I've been given a PDF that I need to place in an ID file (ID CS3).
    Several fonts are not embedded in the PDF (Univers and Stone Informal) so Adobe MM fonts are being substituted, and I get error messages about the missing fonts when I place the PDF pages in my ID file.
    I do happen to have all of the missing fonts, but loading them (and restarting Acrobat) didn't fix the problem. The PDF was created on Mac (according to the properties) so maybe my PC version of Acrobat isn't recognizing my fonts as being the same (font internal names or something being different?). When I try using Text Touch-Up, I'm told that, for example, the Stone Informal system font isn't available.
    Is there any way to fix this problem? I have no way of getting the source files or another copy of the original PDF with fonts embedded.
    FWIW, when I open one of the PDF pages in PS, PS does find my versions of the fonts and gives me no error messages. And I can see that the fonts are showing up correctly in the PS file.
    But I'd rather not use a bitmap -- I want to use the original PDF if possible (if I can figure out how to embed my fonts in it).
    The final product, BTW, will be a press-ready PDF of the ID file.

    I've got Acrobat 8.
    So if there's no way to embed fonts in the original PDF, I assume they also will not embed when I drop the PDF into my ID file and then create a new PDF of the ID file?
    I guess my only viable option is to open the PDF in PS and save the pages as TIFFs, and drop those into ID. I really hate to do that -- too much tiny text that gets fuzzy.

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    I have downloaded Roboto TTF font from here and saved it in ~/.fonts.
    After downloading it, I ran:
    $ fc-cache -vf
    After that, I changed the font in lxappearance and obconf and every single application I have tried so far uses it by default now except Openbox menu (window titles seem to work just fine) and Geany.
    What can I do to fix this?
    I really like the font and pretty much everything runs well except those two.
    Note: tried placing those files in /usr/share/fonts/local, but nothing changed.
    Last edited by COPE (2013-11-04 07:35:17)

    Tried to switch fonts in terminal (rxvt-unicode) and apparently that font is not available there either.
    Any ideas?

  • Loaded fonts not available to apps

    Running 10.6.8, using Font Agent Pro, have not had problem for past year and a half, and all of a sudden yesterday, fonts not recognized by apps. Using Quark, versions 6 - 9, Adobe Creative Suites CS3 - CS6, Word, Excel, etc. I have loaded fonts through Fontbook instead of using Font Agent Pro, I have removed caches with terminal, ran Repair Disk Permissions, Shutdown, boot in Safe Mode, everything I can think of. In Fontbook, fonts display correctly but a lot of them are not available in other Apps. For instance, Arial & Arial Bold not available, but Italic & Bold Italic are fine. I work at a commercial printer and this is killing me!

    Did you repair permissions and restarted your computer after the font installatons?

  • "Servlet pluto is not available" error page after deploying portlet

    I want to build a JSF portlet with JSC 2.1. I am playing with the tool a little bit and I am experiencing this error after running the project:
    HTTP Status 404 - Servlet pluto is not available
    type Status report
    message Servlet pluto is not available
    description The requested resource (Servlet pluto is not available) is not available.
    Sun-Java-System/Application-ServerIt's strange because it happened when I changed something in the code of the Since then, I can't even run properly a blank JSF portlet project that I created afterwards.
    I created a new project, added nothing and pressed Run Project. It seems, that the deployment was OK:
    Adding portlet to portlet container...
    Deploying portlet container...
    In-place deployment at D:\Work\Creator\Portlet3\build\web
    Start registering the project's server resources
    Finished registering server resources
    deployment started : 0%
    Deployment of application Portlet3 completed successfully
    Enable of Portlet3in target server completed successfully
    Browsing: http://localhost:29080/pluto/portal/Portlet3
    BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 12 seconds)"Servlet pluto is not available" page again...
    My configuration: Windows XP SP2, Sun Creator 2.1 with no updates + bundled AS

    No, I haven't figured it yet. And it seems that nobody ever had.
    JSCreator is buggy. If it weren't for free, I would have never use it. It has so many issues, you will see so many exceptions and experience so many annoyances... And of course, it is very hungry for resources. I am sure that a lot of people will disagree, but that's my opinion. I've been using Eclipse for 4 years now.
    However here are some tips (Windows only):
    Delete directory .Creator from Documents and Settings.
    Uninstall creator, install creator. Don't install it to Program Files, install it to C:\Sun or smth like that, the space character can do some mess.
    Again, put your project somewhere, so the path would not contain spaces.
    Sometimes just restarting the server helps. I've had to reinstall Creator three times yet.

  • Calibri font not available in WebI

    Hello All,
    We are on BO XI R3. We have been using Calibri Font for all our reports built on DeskI. The same font is not available in WebI. Will it be possible for me to add this font in WebI and if yes, please let me know the procedure to do so.
    Thanks in advance

    Please login to BO Server and navigate to the below folder
    Control Panel -> Fonts ->
    Now verify if Calibri related fonts are available. If not, you can install the below  font files from internet.
    CALIBRI.TTF    for Calibri (TrueType)
    CALIBRIB.TTF    for Calibri Bold(TrueType)
    CALIBRIZ.TTF    for Calibri Bold Italic(TrueType)
    CALIBRII.TTF    for Calibri Italic(TrueType)
    Modify the following 2 files by adding tags for this new font.
    2. i18n.xml file
    Now, you should be able to see the new font in WEBI.

  • Perfectly good fonts "Not Available"

    Has someone figured out the font incompatibility issues Snow Leopard seems to have with a lot of fonts that were working just fine under Leopard?
    I have a great many fonts that I want to be able to use, but since my upgrade to 10.6, they are "Not Available" and refuse to be activated.
    What do I have to do to get them working again?

    All but one somewhat small font issue has been resolved since 10.6.3. There are two things that come to mind.
    Reset Font Book. If it's database is damaged, a very common symptom of that is not being able to activate and/or deactivate fonts. Do that by restarting in Safe Mode (restart and hold down the Shift key), then restart normally. After that, all installed fonts will be active, regardless of their state beforehand. Any font sets you've created will be gone.
    Or if your problem centers around Type 1 PostScript fonts:
    Type 1 PostScript fonts are a set. One file is a suitcase containing all of the low res bitmap screen fonts. The rest are the outline printer fonts. As an example, here's Adobe Garamond.
    Adobe Garamond
    The first file which I highlighted in green is the font suitcase of bitmap screen fonts. The rest are the outline printer fonts.
    1) The files for a Type 1 PostScript font must have both the screen and printer fonts for a given set in order to work. They also must be in the same folder.
    2) The suitcase of bitmap fonts will work alone, but output will be terrible since the system will print the fonts using the 72 dpi screen fonts in the suitcase if the outline portions are missing.
    3) Having only the outline fonts will not work. You will get exactly what you are having problems with. You can see the fonts, but they will not load. That's not a problem with Font Book, Suitcase or other font manager. None of them, nor the system itself will load outline fonts from a Type 1 PostScript font without the matching suitcase of screen fonts present.

  • In Pages 5.2, some fonts "not available", yet present in Font Book and working in other apps

    Using Pages 5.2, I open a document created in a previous version, and I get error messages about certain fonts within a font family being "not available" in OS X.  However, these supposedly unavailable fonts are present in Font Book and work just fine in all other apps running on OS X.  In fact, I still have the older version of Pages on my system, and it still finds the fonts without issue.  The specific fonts troubling me at the moment are Myriad Pro Semibold It and Myriad Pro Cond.  Pages 5.2 replaces them with Helvetica.  I have wasted hours of time trying to resolve this problem, and I am at a total loss.  What can I do?

    Like so many other thing is is probably gone. Why not use Pages 09 that has about 100 features more than Pages 5. If you haven't deleted it it should still be in Applications/iWork 09 folder.

Maybe you are looking for

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