Barcode is not getting printed in the SmartForm

Hi All,
I am trying to print BARCODE in a SMARTFORM but it is not getting printed.
I have created a barcode ZTest_Barcode from the transaction SE73. Then I have created a Character Format C1 with this barcode ZTest_Barcode.
In the SmartForm I have applied this character format like this <C1>&WA_VBAK-VBELN&</C1>.
But in the preview of this SmartForm barcode is not getting printed while this field is printing like <C1>220<C1>.
I have also tried with some SAP barcodes like BC_CD39, C128A_01, etc. But the result is same.
Please help me to resolve this issue.

hi avaneet,
check this site for barcode.
it may help you.

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  • Barcode is not getting printed in Sapscript

    I want to print the PO as barcode in my Script. I have converted the output to PDF format
    I have created a character format for this and given C128A as Barcode and used this character format to print the barcode. but the barcode is not geettting printed in the PDF output. the PO is blank.
    Did i miss anything in the process?
    Please let me know the exact procedure for printing the Barcodes.

    There're differents solutions for the creation and print BARCODEs . All of them have the same problem : When you create a spool from a form/smartform with Barcodes, it's not possible to convert the spool to a PDF file because the BARCODE is created at the time of printing.
    just try printing one copy and see.

  • Text overflown is not getting printed in the next page in ADOBE

    Hi Experts,
    I have a text field, where the users can enter the comments. In this text field if the user enters more than a page, a scroll bar appears in the print preview where the users can view the complete text what they have entered, but while printing the text which exceeds more than a page is not getting printed in the next page.
    I have set the subform properties as "Flowed" and the check box "Allow Page Break within content" is also been enabled, but still the extra contents is not getting printed in the next page.
    Please help me regarding this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Karthik MD

    Hi Lohitha,
    Even "Expand to fit" is been enabled.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Karthik MD

  • Text overflown in the first page is not getting printed in the next page

    Hi Experts,
    I have a text field, where the users can enter the comments. In this text field if the user enters more than a page, a scroll bar appears in the print preview where the users can view the complete text what they have entered, but while printing the text which exceeds more than a page is not getting printed in the next page.
    I have set the subform properties as "Flowed" and the check box "Allow Page Break within content" is also been enabled, but still the extra contents is not getting printed in the next page.
    Please help me regarding this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Karthik MD

    This issue is in ADOBE, I think there is no concept of Window in ADOBE,
    The text box is placed inside a Subform.

  • Text element is not getting printed in the output

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to print address from table KNA1in address window through a text element.
    The corresponding code being :
    In Delivery Prg,
    Data : lv_kna1 type STANDARD TABLE OF kna1,
              lv_adr6 type STANDARD TABLE OF adr6.
       ELEMENT                        = 'DELIVERY_ADDRESS'
       WINDOW                         = 'DELIVADR'
    and calling the same text element 'DELIVERY_ADDRESS' as follows in the Script:
    /E           DELIVERY_ADDRESS
    /:           IF &LV_KNA1-TELF1& <> &SPACE&
    IL           Tel.: &LV_KNA1-TELF1&
    /:           ENDIF
    /:           IF &LV_KNA1-TELFX& <> &SPACE&
    IL           Fax : &LV_KNA1-TELFX&
    /:           ENDIF
    /:           IF &LV_ADR6-SMTP_ADDR& <> &SPACE&
    IL           E-mail : &LV_ADR6-SMTP_ADDR&
    /:           ENDIF
    But,this text element is not printing in the output.
    Any pointer on this would be of great help.
    Vamsee Priya.

    yes, it is.
    I'm trying to get the e-mail address from adr6 table with the corresponding address number  from table kna1.
    so I created two tables as below:
      Data : lv_kna1 type STANDARD TABLE OF kna1,
             lv_adr6 type STANDARD TABLE OF adr6.
    now, I'm trying to fill e-mail adress from lv_adr6. but the problem is lv_adr6 is not getting filled.
    data is coming to work area wa_adr6.
    SAP is not allowing me to write the below statement:
    Now, will any move-corresponding statement from work area to its table works?? Is that logically correct??

  • Values not getting printed in the Output

    Hi all,
        Iam facing strange problem.
    In the debug mode iam seeing the values for all variables ( Variable windows) but after printing no value is getting printed. MAIN window is there but no element is being called from the MAIN window.
    Can anyone help me in this regard.

    hi Indrajit ,
    check that in print program you have created the element same as using in main program , also declare temporary variables inside loop at table so that **** sign doesnt gets printed ..
    Hope this will help you

  • Image is not getting printed on the page.

    I am using oracle apex 3.2 and Oracle 10g XE database. I am creating a email template based on the plsql and html content
      l_header VARCHAR2(8000);
      l_content VARCHAR2(18000);
      l_footer VARCHAR2(8000);
    CURSOR contract IS
        SELECT DISTINCT contract_number, l.company_name
        FROM ib_support_contracts_mv c, customer_products p, customer_locations l
        WHERE c.serial_number = p.product_serial_number
        AND   p.location_id = l.location_id
        AND   c.contract_number = :P5_CONTRACT_NUMBER
        AND   ROWNUM <= 1
        AND   sub_line_status != 'TERMINATED' 
        AND   line_status != 'TERMINATED'
        AND   header_status != 'TERMINATED';
    --    AND   header_status = 'ACTIVE'
    --    AND   line_status = 'ACTIVE';
      CURSOR product (v_contract_number IN VARCHAR2) IS
        SELECT DISTINCT order_number, installed_at_name, ship_to_name, bill_to_name, item_description,
           serial_number, service_start_date, service_end_date, cust_po_number, service_description,
        FROM ib_support_contracts_mv v1
        WHERE contract_number = v_contract_number
        AND   NVL(order_number, 99999) =
              (SELECT max(NVL(order_number,99999)) FROM ib_support_contracts_mv v2
               WHERE  v1.serial_number = v2.serial_number
               AND    v1.contract_number = v2.contract_number
               AND    v2.line_status != 'TERMINATED')
        AND ROWNUM <= 100
        AND  sub_line_status != 'TERMINATED' 
        AND  line_status != 'TERMINATED' 
        AND  header_status != 'TERMINATED'
        ORDER BY item_description;
    --    AND   header_status = 'ACTIVE'
    --    AND   line_status = 'ACTIVE'
    --    AND   ship_date IS NOT NULL
      l_header := '<table width="100%">
                       <td align="left">
    *<img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#merunetwork.jpg">*
                       <td align="right"><h2>Support Contract Certificate</h2>
                       <td colspan="2"><br/>
                         <p>Thank you for purchasing award winning product and services from Meru Networks.<p>
                         <p>Below are the details of your service order, confirming support order completion.</p>
                   </table>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      FOR c IN contract LOOP
        l_content := '<div style="text-align: center;"><h2>CID: ' || c.contract_number || '</h2><h2>' || c.company_name || '</h2></div>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '<table width="100%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="tab0">' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '  <tr class="tab0">' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '    <th class="tab0">Products Covered</th>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '    <th class="tab0">Service Ordered</th>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '    <th class="tab0">Serial Numbers</th>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '    <th class="tab0">Begin Date</th>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '    <th class="tab0">Expires</th>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '    <th class="tab0">PO</th>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        l_content := l_content || '  </tr>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        FOR p IN product(c.contract_number) LOOP
          l_content := l_content || '  <tr>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '    <td class="tab0">' || p.item_description || '</td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '    <td class="tab0">' || p.service_description || '</td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '    <td class="tab0">' || p.serial_number || '</td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '    <td class="tab0">' || p.service_start_date || '</td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '    <td class="tab0">' || p.service_end_date || '</td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '    <td class="tab0">' || p.cust_po_number || '</td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
          l_content := l_content || '  </tr>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
        END LOOP;
        l_content := l_content || '</table>';
      END LOOP;
      l_footer:= l_footer|| '<h3>Meru Assure Reference Links:</h3>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer:= l_footer|| '<a href="" target="_new"></a>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer:= l_footer|| '<p>If at any time you have questions regarding the activation of your service contract or any other questions please contact our customer group at Meru Networks.</p>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer := l_footer|| '<h3>How to reach Meru Customer Support group:</h3>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer := l_footer|| '<ul><li>24x7x365 online support portal <a href="" target="new"></a>.</li><li>Toll-free numbers:<br/>   <strong>In United States: </strong>1 888 637 8952<br/>   <strong>In United Kingdom: </strong>0800 085 7381<br/>   <strong>In France: </strong>080 554 0108<br/>   <strong>In Norway: </strong>800 30 354<br/>   <strong>In Sweden: </strong>020 160 5667<br/>   <strong>In Denmark: </strong>80 600 087<br/>   <strong>In Japan: </strong>0120 924853</li><li>Direct number:<br/>   Regions outside toll-free areas: 1 650 385 3114</li><li>Email address:<br/>   [email protected]</li></ul>' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer := l_footer|| '<p>We look forward to working with you in the future and thank you for purchasing a MeruAssure support plan.</p><br/>Sincerely,<br/><br/>Trevis Schuh<br/>Vice President - Worldwide Support & Services' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer:= l_footer|| '' || utl_tcp.crlf ;
      l_footer:= l_footer|| '';
      :P5_CONTENT := '<STYLE>.TableBorder {border-top: 4px solid #b3394e;border-right: 4px solid #b3394e;border-left: 4px solid #b3394e;border-bottom: 4px solid #b3394e;padding: 10px;}
    .formLabel {font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size: 11px;font-weight: bold;color: #000000;}
    .GroupBox {border-top: 1px solid #BDC7D6;border-right: 1px solid #BDC7D6;border-bottom: 1px solid #BDC7D6;border-left: 1px solid #BDC7D6;}
    body { font: 12px/16px Verdana, "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; color: #555; margin: 0 auto; }
    table.tab0 { background: #eee; vertical-align: top; font: 0.9em sans-serif; border: solid 0px #b3394e; }
    th.tab0 { padding: 6px; margin:1px; color: #b3394e; font: 0.9em sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bold; border-top: 4px solid #b3394e; border-bottom: 1px solid #b3394e; border-left: 0; border-right: 0; background-color: #fff; text-align: left;}
    td.tab0 { padding: 5px; vertical-align: top; border-bottom: 1px solid #b3394e; background-color: #fff; }
    tr.tab0 { }
    td.tab0s { padding: 5px; vertical-align: top; border-bottom: 1px solid #b3394e; background-color: #fff; white-space:nowrap; font-weight: bold;  }
    td.tab0 a { color: #08c; }
    td.tab0 a:link, a:visited, a:active { text-decoration: none; }
    td.tab0 a:hover { text-decoration: underline; }
    h1 { font-weight: bold; font-size: 24px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 8px; color: #b3394e; line-height: 26px; }
    h2 { font-weight: bold; font-size: 18px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 8px; color: #b3394e; line-height: 24px; }
    h3 { font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 8px; color: #b3394e; line-height: 20px; }
    h4 { font-weight: bold; font-size: 10px; line-height: 18px; color: #b3394e;}
    .smallcaps { color: #333; font: 0.8em sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; }
    </STYLE>' || utl_tcp.crlf ||
              <table width="98%" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5">
                  <td>' || utl_tcp.crlf ||
                    l_header || l_content || l_footer ||
           '      </td>
            </div>' ||  utl_tcp.crlf;
    END;Problem am facing here is i am trying to dispaly a logo in the template which is uploaded in the workspace. Its not getting display please suggest me how to fix this issue.

    This question has been answered here:
    Inconsistant translation of #WORKSPACE_IMAGES# by server
    Denes Kubicek

  • Empname in Arabic not getting printed correctly in smartform

    Dear friends,
              I have developed smartfomr and iam able to print all the data correctly,However i hve to get the Empname in english and Arabic. When iam printing the English is correctly gets but Arabic is getting printed wrongly.
    Eg : David Harry -
    > correctly printed in English
           yrraH David(as i dont know arabic iam writing in in english only  how it is coming in arabic after checking with my user) --- some thing like this is getting pritned in Arabic which is totall wrong.
    However when i login in Arabic the name is getting priented correctly but the English is getting wrongly  i.e Vice versa case.
    Is there any chance how i can i login in English and getting the Arabic Name also printed correctly . Please could anyone help me in this  regard.
    Edited by: Divya Kumari on Jul 24, 2011 6:23 PM

    Well, what was the solution?

  • Terms and conditions not getting displayed on the last page

    Hi All,
    I have to display a smartform, on the front side of the page i have to display material details and on the back side of the page i have to display terms and conditions. I' am unable to print the material details and terms and conditions in duplex mode, but on the last page only material details are getting displayed, terms and conditions are not getting displayed.
    Can you please help me how to make the terms and conditions get printed on the back side of the last page.

    I'm a bit confused by the statement "I' am unable to print the material details and terms and conditions in duplex mode".
    I suppose you meant to say "I am able to print the material details and terms and conditions in duplex mode", correct?
    If the problem is that on the last form page, the T&C is not getting printed on the back of the form, you could force the T&C page by using a flow logic command as the very last element of the main window, which gets processed when all the data is already output. For the command, use the 'Go to New Page' and specify the page name for the Terms & Conditions.
    In case this causes an issue that the last page is printed twice (since the T&C page is likely defined with the next page being NEXT_PAGE), then copy the already existing T&C page, call it LASTPAGE and leave the Next Page attribute empty.

  • APEX4.0.2 - Interactive Report total is not getting printed when downloaded

    I've an Interactive Report based on a sql in Apex 4.0.2. There is a Balance column whose total sum is displayed at the bottom of the table.
    When I download the report, the total sum of balance column is not getting printed in the bottom of the report.
    Could this be a bug or have I missed some setting?
    Thank you for the help.

    Whilst you can update the SQL to include totals, these would probably not be effective if the user filters the data (the total row may be filtered out) or sorts columns (as the total row would likely be sorted as normal data).
    Unless someone else has any other ideas on this, this may be something that needs to be logged with the Apex team as an enhancement request - create a new thread and start the Subject as "Enhancement Request:"

  • Can logger stmts belonging to one class alone not not get printed at times?

    My application has run into an issue where some log statements in "one particular class" do not get printed at times. The issue is not reproduced in a consistent manner ie. it may happen on some days/may not on some other days.
    Here is the structure of the two classes which has reported the issue. I have a class A and another class B which has extended the class A. I am printing 2 log statements in class B(one statement using the logger object of class A (logA object), and the other statement with the logger object of class B (logB object)). But the logger statement using the logA object does not get printed on some days. After a server restart, it starts working fine. Is there some thread which gets killed?
    public class A{
    protected static Logger logA = Logger.getLogger(A.class);
    public static void myLog(String s) {"in myLog, " + s);
    public class B extends A{
    protected static Logger logB = Logger.getLogger(B.class);
    myLog("Log Statement Number 1"); //This statement does not get printed all the time"Log Statment Number 2"); //This statement always get printed
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    Anoop.Isaac wrote:
    The issue is not reproduced in a consistent manner Since you cannot reproduce the problem you have not narrowed down what the possible cause might be. So now you expect someone here to diagnose your problem and provide a solution just by reading some vague and incomplete lines of code with no other information.
    Good luck with that.

  • Barcodes are not getting Displayed in Smartforms.

    In Previous Month barcode was getting displayed in smartforms  print Preview. And PDF form is generated successfully. I am not using standard form this is custom.
    In Previous month, Service pack SAPKA70023 ABA Support Package 23 & 22 for 7.00 were applied, After that Barcode is not getting displayed for current month. I identified that Barcode Name is not mentioned in smartstyles.
    Ther is no transport Request Moved from last one year.
    Can any one suggest me there will be any impact on barcodes after service packs

    have created some new users and done with the leave request, it comes to backend inbox, but not
    visible in portal. Re-configured UWL, but still the task not coming( leave request). For other users it is > coming?
    Where have you created these users? Many times it is not enough to create new users in a backend system. You will have to create them in the data source which is used by the UME of your portal or to map this data source with the system where you have created your new users
    You can see what data source your portal is using by going to
    Portal --> System Administration --> System Configuration --> UME Configuration --> Data Source
    If this Data Source doesn´t contain your new users, then UWL wouldn´t be able to show their items.
    Here you can check if your user is contained in the data source:
    Portal --> User Administration --> choose the right data source --> put in the username --> search
    Please check if your users are correctly created.

  • Barcode not getting printed from web dynpro

    We have a smnart form with bar code. When we test it from GUI, it is diplaying the bar code and also printing the bar code successfully.
    However when we show the same smart form in webd ynpro as PDF,  Bar code is getting displayed but when we print the form, bar code is not getting printed.
    Are there some settings for this?

  • Header not getting  displayed in the next page in the second table

    Dear Experts ,
    I have a query regarding Header not getting  displayed in the next page in the second table of the main window. .Let me elobrate the issue.
    I have a smartform in which there are  2 tables TABLE 1 and TABLE 2 in the smartform MAIN window. TABLE 1 is for pending PO and TABLE 2 is  for future delivery date P O separated by text in between.
    Now the header for both the tables and the data are getting displayed properly if the total output is in only one page. But If there are more entries in the TABLE 1 the Header for the TABLE 2 is not getting displayed. Header for TABLE 1 yet gets displayed properly in the next page in case of more entries.
    Only issue is that Header for TABLE 2 is not getting displayed in second page but it gets displayed if the entries are less in TABLE 1 and the total output is in one page .
    Please provide a elobrate solution on this problem as the requirement is urgent.
    Sachin Hada

    Hi Sachin,
    you need to cteate two pages FIRST and NEXT.
    in first page --> FIRST
        next       --> NEXT
    in next page
      page---> NEXT
      next ---> NEXT.
    you copy the first page main window is the same in next page
    I think help ful for you
    thanks & Regards

  • Invoice is not getting printed for particular 3 customers

    When user is printing the Invoices, only for specific 3 customers it is it not getting printed automatically, but the output is shows success with green. When they re process it manually, it is printing successfully for the same printer.
    1. Printer setup is checked it is correct
    2. There are two outputs one is External send (E-mail) and one is Printout.
    3. The problem is with only the Printout, where as the external send (E-mail) is sent successfully.
    Help me out in this issue...

    First of all Welcome to SCN Forum
    Please check wheather any subroutine has been assigned to the output type access sequence.If the problem is with printout only then check the Logical destination that has been maintained in VV32 for those 3 customers.In VV32 for those 3 customers check wheather Release Immediately has been checked or not. Before reprocessing it go to VF02 and check on determine analysis

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  • Ws_download

    WS_DOWNLOAD is OBSOLETE and currently suggested to use GUI_DOWNLOAD. (i)Still can we use  WS_DOWNLOAD in 4.7, if not why? and (ii)why its suggested to use GUI_DOWNLOAD in 4.7 thanks, vamshi

  • What do you do if your macbook keeps freezing when you try to search something in the search bar?

    I keep trying to search something and everytime it just freezes then goes to the destop...

  • Someone purchased a tablet on my account

    Back in November my wife was at the store in Alexandria La and the saleslady didn't log out of our account, so the next person in line had his tablet added to my account. Been trying to fix this issue for over 2months, everyone keeps passing the buck

  • Webdynpro iview form portal on internet

    Hi , I 've a strange problem . I'm using NWDS04 SP13, EP6.0 SP13. Problem 1) I 'm pulling web dynpro iviews to the portal. 2)They are working fine on LAN,WAN. 3)when i 'm accessing them from internet IP(real ip) first screen is coming with all the da

  • Signature Block : AssureSign Documaker 12.2

    Hello, We are planning to integrate AssureSign Signature handling on our Forms. Since this is the first time, I would like to reach out the more knowledge people in the group to see if we can get some assistance in getting an overview on how to go ab