Barcode not getting printed from web dynpro

We have a smnart form with bar code. When we test it from GUI, it is diplaying the bar code and also printing the bar code successfully.
However when we show the same smart form in webd ynpro as PDF,  Bar code is getting displayed but when we print the form, bar code is not getting printed.
Are there some settings for this?

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    We are on EP7 sp9 and ECC 6.0. We are working with UWL. In UWL, we downloaded the standard XML file and done changes for removing the other tabs except the 'Tasks' tab and also placed the refresh button on main screen. It looks fine. Now, the problem is the web dynpro screen is not pulling data from backend. Previously, when we click on 'LeaveRequestApproval' work item, we use to get ITS screen. at backend we did changes in SWFVISU transaction to get web dynpro popup screen when user clicks on 'LeaveRequestApproval' work item. We could able to get the popup web dynpro screen, but it is not pulling any records from backend.
    Now, let us know where we are doing mistake? do we need any more configuration at backend? If so, let us know the work around for it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards,

    But are you able to see the labels, buttons etc ? Or is it that the entire page itself is not visible ?
    Please check the log file and see what is the error you get there ? Or probably check on the backend side if there is a dump.
    You can also check with the debugger on the backend side...see what exactly happens on the backend when the page is getting loaded.
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  • Regd PDF Printing from Web Dynpro

    We are using NW04s SP10 . I need to show the data coming from RFC as PDF in Web Dynpro. The RFC is returning String as output after SAP Script is converted to PDF . Below is the code i have written in WD for opening as PDF. When i try to open it as PDF, I am getting message in acrobat reader  "<i>The file is damaged and could not be repaired</i>" . Did anyone faced the similar problem before?
    //Converting the string to binary
    b = wdContext.nodeOutput().nodeBinary_File().getBinary_FileElementAt(i).getBin_File().getBytes();

    Hi all,
    I am able to solve myself. The problem is with the generated data. Now i am able to see the PDF but i am facing issue in showing the data in pdf which i have posted in another thread.

  • Adobe Form not getting interactive in Web Dynpro

    Hello Experts,
    I am facing a strange sort of behaviour, which has drawn my plenty of time, while making use of Interactive Adobe Form in Web Dynpro component.
    In my scenario, I have one existing Adobe Form with interface of type "ABAP Dictionary-based interface". While using this form in Interactive Form element in Web Dynpro and making it enabled, it is not giving me the expected output, that is - Interactive Form in browser window. Instead, it is showing me read only Adobe Form. Has it to do with type of interface?
    Looking forward to active replies.

    Hello Harsh,
    In webdynro adobe integration we use webdynpro native controls and the form must be in the
        ZCI layout. In SFP >layout you have to insert the webdynpro script .After going to the layout
              go to utilites and insert webdynpro script.Then you can find a variable containerfoundation_js.
    If you have changed the layout from standard layout to ZCI layout in form builder (SFP), the update the layout using program FP_ZCI_UPDATE.
    Refer to link below
    Call Adobe Form through ABAP Web Dynpro - Web Dynpro ABAP - SCN Wiki

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    How could I get HttpServletRequest from Web Dynpro. I used the following code
    IWDRequest req = WDProtocolAdapter.getProtocolAdapter().getRequestObject();
    HttpServletRequest hreq = (HttpServletRequest) reg;
    but it's throwing ClassCastException.
    Is there any other way?
    Thank you

    I am building an application based on IPC API. I need to pass HttpSession as a parameter to initialize some IPC objects. Mainly trying to create IPCClient object.

  • When I try to print from web page I get "printer not activated - error code 30", printer works on Internet Explorer

    When I try to print from web page I get a dialogue box "Printer not activated - error code 30" followed by a dialogue box "An unknown error occurred while printing". The printer works on websites when I use Internet Explorer. Also, if I copy the web page and paste it into a Word document, I can print a copy. This issue just started this week; I have not encountered this problem prior to this week. Please advise.

    What does that error message say?
    See this:

  • How to get the Response Code when a URL is launched from Web Dynpro

    Hello Experts,
    I have a Web Dynpro Application in which in one of its views i have an IFrame UI element in which i will show a resource stored somewhere ..
    But before showing it i want to check if the resource actually exists. For this i have to check the HTTP Response code from Web Dynpro Application without setting it in the Iframe..
    I am using the following code to get the Response Code:
    URL url = new URL("Some Url");
    HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
    wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("Response code ="+connection.getResponseCode());
    }catch(Exception e){
    Now the Problem is whatever response Code occurs 403 (for No Proper Authorization), 404 (for Resource not found) etc..
    i always get Response Code=  500 (which is for Internal Server Error) shown in the messgae i have printed.
    Please let me know the correct way of getting the Response Code from Web Dynpro.
    Also my resource is lying on a SAP Portal 6.4
    Best Regards
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      Check this code from /thread/5242768 [original link is broken] if it works.
    URL myurl = new URL("");
    URLConnection connection = myurl.openConnection();
    if(connection instanceof HttpURLConnection) {
    HttpURLConnection httpConnection = (HttpURLConnection) connection;
    System.out.println("Response = "+httpConnection.getResponseCode());
    catch(Exception e) {
    // print exception
    Harini S

  • Barcode is not getting printed in the SmartForm

    Hi All,
    I am trying to print BARCODE in a SMARTFORM but it is not getting printed.
    I have created a barcode ZTest_Barcode from the transaction SE73. Then I have created a Character Format C1 with this barcode ZTest_Barcode.
    In the SmartForm I have applied this character format like this <C1>&WA_VBAK-VBELN&</C1>.
    But in the preview of this SmartForm barcode is not getting printed while this field is printing like <C1>220<C1>.
    I have also tried with some SAP barcodes like BC_CD39, C128A_01, etc. But the result is same.
    Please help me to resolve this issue.

    hi avaneet,
    check this site for barcode.
    it may help you.

  • My wireless HP Deskjet 3050 printer will not print from web sites.

    My HP Deskjet 3050 J610 printer will not print from web sites - it prints ok from WORD, etc. I keep getting the error message: "An unknown error occurred while printing." This problem only arises with Firefox browser.
    The printer is connected wirelessly to a network and this occurs when I use a laptop on the network. It is also connected via cable to a desktop computer but there is no problem in printing from the desktop.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    That sounds as if you need to investigate to see if you were able to clear all of the paper that was causing the jam. 
    Best regards,
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  • Implementing Note 616762 - Front End Printer in Web Dynpro For Java Applica

    Hi All,
    We need to implement Note 616762 in out web dynpro for java application for front end printing...
    I am confused as to what is mapped where and what about the other inputs to the function modules mentioned in the note.
    Please help me to achieve implementing this note.
    Thansk and Regards,
    Aditya Deshpande

    I had a discussion with basis about printer configuration.
    My problem starts from step 3... do not how the maping of values from webdynpro to function
    also here the function mentioned are not remote enabled... do we need to make it remote enabled..????
    Aditya Deshpande
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  • Google cloud print for officejet pro 8600 - could not get printer information from hp.

    I just purchased a new OfficeJet Pro 8600 today. Everything seems to work great except for the connector to Google Cloud Print. I can print from AirPrint, as well as emails to the address, but when I try to register via the google site, I receive the "could not get printer information from HP" error message.
    The printer is connected via wireless ethernet, and seems to work find otherwise. I have no restrictions on who can send print jobs, and I have changed the email address for a few times, as suggested in other forum threads, but it can never connect to the the Cloud Print service. I am at the latest firmware level listed on the HP website. I have tried to initiate the connection from multiple PC's as well as multiple web browsers.
    This was a big factor in purchasing this printer. Help anyone?
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Hey rch33k, I am sorry for the ongoing issue that you are having accessing Google Cloud Print. This is being looked into as this is not a singular issue and is affecting other customers as well.  Engineers are currently investing this problem to try and provide a solution to it.  I want to again apologize and thank you all for your patience in this matter.  They only other thing to attempt at this time is to contact Google for further assistance to see if anything can be done on their end. Hopefully this will be fixed quickly
    I am a former employee of HP...
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  • When printing from web pagess, right margin cuts off print, cant seem to reconfigure. Frames select on print choices does not highlight for printing options. What will help?

    Using a Dell Dimension E310 with Windows XP and Dell photo 924 Print/Scan/Copier. When printing from web pages on the browser the right portion of the print is cut off. It appears that the "folders" frame on the left side of the page is always printing with the page, which cuts off the print on the right side of the main page frame by the width of the "folders" frame. When I select the print command, the choice for selecting a particular frame to print is on the drop down menu, but is not highlighted for use. We have had this problem with Firefox for some time. Printing from IE or Word, etc. does not produce the same problem. We like Firefox otherwise. What is the fix?

    You're right: most web pages do not use frames, so that option usually is not available.
    I don't know why a page that printed just the main content before would change to printing with useless sidebars. Can you try the site in Firefox's Safe Mode and see whether it prints/previews correctly there?
    First, I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See [ Backing up your information]. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)
    Next, try starting Firefox in Firefox
    [ Safe Mode]. Be careful not to "reset" anything permanently if you didn't back up.
    Does that fix it? If so, the difference usually is caused by one of your add-ons. You can restart the regular way and disable all non-essential add-ons here:
    orange Firefox button ''or'' Tools menu > Add-ons
    In particular, check the Extensions category.

  • Google cloud print "could not get printer information from hp"

    As of today google cloud print has stopped working with my laser jet pro. I started getting an error message that "hp eprint is unavailable at this time". I decided to remove my hp printer from google cloud print. I haven't been able to add it back in since. Every time I try to verify the printer with google cloud print I get the error message "could not get printer information from hp". Everything seems to be configured properly as far as I can tell. I even removed the printer from hp connected and readded the printer and have changed my printers email address. Help please! I am on Chrome OS and this is the only option I have to print.  

    The issue just kind of resolved itself today and I was able to add the printer. I'm assuming it was some kind of server issue on hp's end because I haven't changed anything since yesterday. 

  • Printing from web pages is excruciatingly slow with most recent upgrades of Firefox .Use an iMac and an HP officejet printer. Printer works fine with Safari and woodprocessed files, but not with Firefox and web pages.

    Printing from web pages is excruciatingly slow since downloading most recent upgrades of Firefox Mozilla. I have a desktop iMac, OS 10.6.8, and an HP officejet printer 4500 G510n. The printer works fine with the Safari Browser and with woodprocessed files, but not with Firefox and web pages. Help please! It used to print fast with earlier versions of Firefox.

    Hello and welcome to the Apple Discussions Forum.
    I have hardly any experience with HP printers but since your posting has not been replied to yet I thought I'd offer some assistance.
    With the printer status and ink levels working, it shows that you have a connection to the printer. So I would look at the issue being with the protocol being used for the print queue on the Mac.
    Since you have XP and Vista working, I would check the printer queue configuration on either box. In XP, go to the Properties and select Ports. Click the Configure Port tab to view the connection. If you are using RAW, then this is known as HP Jetdirect-Socket on OS X. So if you are not sure what protocol was used before I would create another printer queue, this time selecting IP > HP Jetdirect-Socket. Then enter your IP address and select the K5400dn from the Print Using menu.
    If this still fails to print then please reply. There may be limitations with adding the HP driver this way that I am not aware of. There may also be other driver options you can look at, such as HPIJS. If Greg Sahli reads this posting he has expert knowledge on this matter and will be able to offer some guidance.

  • CAF DB Update for CAF Entity Service from Web Dynpro

    Hi all,
    I have created an entity service in CAF called “Contacts’ which contains the following attributes.
    Another entity service called "Person" is created. This contains the following attributes.
    contactsRef. (Cardinality -> 0..n , Relational Type -> Composition)
    That means Contacts entity service is used within Person entity service. Now it is working fine within CAF service browser. Now the Web Dynpro DC of CAF application is used within another custom Web Dynpro DC project. I want to store data from Web Dynpro.
    Within the context of component controller of  Web Dynpro the structure is like
         |_ personId
         |_ personName
         |_ personAddr
         |_ contactsRef       
                    |_ phoneNo (Under contactsRef)
                    |_ cellNo (Under contactsRef)
                    |_ emailID (Under contactsRef)
    So I have written the following code within web dynpro custom method.
    APerson person = PersonServiceProxy.create();
    java.util.List ls = new ArrayList();
    for(int i=0; i<4;i++)
    AContacts contact = ContactsServiceProxy.create();
    contact.setEmailID("[email protected]");
    person.setPersonAddr("ABC, KOL");
    After saving the data from Web Dynpro I am trying to test it from CAF service browser. But I am getting only the parent row. I mean only the value of personId, personName and personAddr fields which I have stored from Web Dynpro. But no value is coming within the table for Contacts entity service for composition relation.
    Could anybody help me how can I solve my problem?
    Thanks & Regards
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            Chandan Jash

    Hi Chandan,
    Can you do person.getRelatedModelObjects() and get the contact object, to check whether it is null, also check in the CAF DB whether the data you entered is present.
      I am not sure the code is actually adding the contact model object to person.
    Go thru this SDN Blog on usage of the CMI API's, there is a link for CMI documentation in it which might help you get the right code for adding the contact object.
    award points if  info is helpful

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