Basic questions from techie thicko with 'new' G4

I've looked but can't find the answers to these basic questions.
My new (reconditioned) computer as below came with just the operating systems and something called 'Cloner' plus some Utilities.
A) What is the best way to switch between OSX and Classic?
(It defaults to X on start-up and I can get to X from Classic by re-starting pressing 'x'. If that's the right way to do it, what is the approved way of getting into Classic?)
B) I'm not sure (after reading about it!) what I can do with Cloner and how.
C) I have AppleWorks on OS9. Can I update this for OSX? Failing this, is there a Software Download that will give me a basic DTP facility until I can afford to buy an advanced programme? I also have Pagemaker 7 in Classic.
D) I have been transferring stuff to Classic from my iMac DV 9.2.2 with my card reader and this seems to work well. Anything to watch out for?
There's more but I can't impose on members' kindness too much!
For future reference, is it possible to post pictures on these boards and if so how please? I have Photoshop and hosting sites.
Sorry to be a pain but I really am an idiot about techie stuff.
Thanks for any help.

I'm not sure what Cloner does. It sounds as if it may clone the hard drive, a bit like Carbon Copy Cloner:
I'm wondering whether it was just used to put the operating systems and utilites onto the drive in the first place when they reconditioned the computer. Perhaps they use a 'master' drive and just clone it to the drives in the computers they're reconditioning, rather than installing everything separately and repeatedly.
I think version 6 of AppleWorks runs under both OS 9 and OS X natively. If you have an earlier version, I'm not sure whether it's a free downloadable upgrade or whether you have to pay for it.
I'm sure the card reader works fine, although you could network the two computers together with an ethernet cable and create a small network. With two computers you just need a crossover cable to create a crossover network:
If you're thinking of keeping your iMac, that may be a better long term solution. You could then use the iMac as your OS 9 machine and the PowerMac as your OS X machine if you wanted to.

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    I have some very basic questions about how to use the new mozaic 2G mp3 player. I bought the Mozaic because it has a speaker and sleep timer, but I'm finding it to be much harder to use than other mp3 players that I have had (Ipod shuffle, clix etc). This may reflect my failure to look in the right place but I have to say the "help" section isn't much help.
    Here goes:
    . I download podcasts to listen to during my morning run. WMP provides an easy to find place in its program, "recently added," which allows the user to just work with those files. As near as I can tell, Creative makes you wade through all of your tracks. Is there some way to create a file to which "recently added" tracks, or specific tracks, can be dumped? How about automatic tagging of these added files?
    2. I have several thousand pictures on this hard dri've. Apparently, the Mozaic Centrale
    Is going to copy all of them, which strikes me as a waste of space. Is there a way to shut this function off? I couldn't care less if a single photo was added to the centrale program (or whatever it's called). Is it really going to duplicate all of the jpg files?
    3. I have the Zen Stone plus speaker which has served me very well. I had similar problems working with whatever Zen was calling its media player and wound up using WMP instead. I"d like to take a run at using the dedicated Zen media player....
    I apologize for the basic nature of these questions, but the answers weren't obvious to me from the materials I was able to locate.

    sineadholly wrote:
    Problem with speaker. I read you need to do a firmware update to get the speaker option on your product's menu so i've completely updated it, but still no option to switch speaker on, and won't just come on when i unplug the headphones, any ideas?
    what exactly is the model of your Mozaic? Is it EZ 00, EZ 300 or plane ZEN Mozaic?

  • Basic Questions from Prospective Lion Server Switcher

    I have five servers I am running right now using Windows 2003 Server and various 3rd party packages.     Several years ago I became a Mac fan, moved all of my client based stuff to Mac, and now want to start moving my server based equipment to the OSX platform.
    I stopped by my local Apple Store, and they had a version of OSX Lion Server running on a MacMini, but couldn't seem to answer the most basic of questions because as their business people stated "We are not Server Certified" ... they recommended I talk to an outside consultant to get these basic questions answered which seems a little extreme.
    So I'm hoping the group can help.
    (1) I read through most of the Lion Server Advanced Administrative manual.    Lion server appears from the manual to do most of what I need.   However, when I tried doing some of the functions in the manual on the demo Lion Server at the Apple Store, many of the functions I wanted to do did not seemed to either be installed, or their were buttons missing in the Server App.     I do not know if this was a permission level problem, because the account I setup for myself had administrative rights.
    (2) In the mail app, it only appeared you could setup one mail domain.    It appeared you could setup virtual domains and users through the user app, but not through the mail domain itself?
    (3) I could not find any where to enable DNS services.    The manual seems pretty straight forward in turning on DNS, but the Lion Server I saw had no DNS services running, or any way to enable them?
    (4) Same for mailman listserv type function ... manual seems to be straight forward on enabling under the mail server, but again, no signs of the settings or enabling under the mail service.
    (5) Under the mail app, didn't find any way to setup alternative SMTP ports  ( I allow now Port 26 besides the standard Port 25 and SSL ports for my users.) ... I find port 26 gets past most firewalls at hotels etc.      Didn't see any way to control SMTP authentification too.
    (6) Under the Lion Server tech description, it talk about a built in web editor, saw nothing of the kind.
    So did the apple store have a limited install or am I missing something that the lion server manual does not match the capabilities of lion server.
    Love to get a straight answer before purchasing hardware to replace 5 present machines.
    Thank you.

    Thanks for quick response.   Indeed, in hindsight, it appears that they had only installed the Server App, but not the Server Admin tools.
    Unfortunately, I am not a system admin, but I played one on TV <grin>
    All kidding aside ... I'm willing to learn, but would need most of the basics controlled through the GUI ... and then feel comfortable reading up and editting configuration files and running commands from the Terminal.
    On this line, is there good documentation of this, or is this something that you know because you are familiar with Unix?    ie something like the alternate port issue ... is this something in the GUI, or something I would have to edit via Terminal?
    Just trying to make an informed decision before jumping platforms.

  • Basic Questions on BOBJ inrelation with BI

    I am working in SAP BI 2004s. I have few basic questions on BOBJ.
    1. What is Rapid Mart? Is it an ETL tool? If so is it set to replace existing BI extractors from ECC (R3)?
    2. when data is extracted thru Bussiness Obejcts rapid mart where the data will be stored? BI Info Cubes? or any data ware house tables?.
    3. If stored in BI InfoCubes, should universe to be created for the cubes? if so, each dimesnion will be treated like a table to create joins?
    4. Can I automate the result of WebI downloaded to excel to Excelcius Dashboard with any manual steps involved? in otherwords Xcelcius shows the chart or dashboard out of the WebI query result.
    ( I am trying to see how all these products work. In 2004s I use WAD and call individual queries to generate a dashboard)

    1. What is Rapid Mart? Is it an ETL tool? If so is it set to replace existing BI extractors from ECC (R3)?
    A Rapid MArt is a pre-designed set of database schemas, universes and reports from BusinessObjects. Available for SAP ERP as well. Details can be found here :
    2. when data is extracted thru Bussiness Obejcts rapid mart where the data will be stored? BI Info Cubes? or any data ware house tables?.
    When it is a Rapid Mart then it is a relational database but the tool - Data Services - can also load to other targets like BW.
    3. If stored in BI InfoCubes, should universe to be created for the cubes? if so, each dimesnion will be treated like a table to create joins?
    You can create multi dimensional universes and relational universes on top of BW. Depends on your goal really.
    4. Can I automate the result of WebI downloaded to excel to Excelcius Dashboard with any manual steps involved? in otherwords Xcelcius shows the chart or dashboard out of the WebI query result.
    ( I am trying to see how all these products work. In 2004s I use WAD and call individual queries to generate a dashboard)
    Yes - possible.
    perhaps you can provide  a little bit more on what you trying to achieve and then I can point you to more specific information.

  • A few basic questions from a new user - backups, moving files, sharing

    I'm a Mac user considering getting an iPad. I'm hoping someone can clue me in to some basic aspects of the experience:
    1) are backups easy? can you "clone" it (the way I do with my desktop and laptop) so that everything (content, settings, preferences, etc.) can be restored exactly in the event something happens to it?
    2) how does one move files to it? Specifically, PDFs - I have a ton of PDFs I plan to be reading on this thing. Does it show up as a drive (drag-and-drop) when connected to my desktop machine, or does it work through a special conduit or? Does it have a filesystem we can see?
    3) is there any notion of "users" - can multiple people share it and have their own sets of preferencs settings/content?
    4) is the iPad 2 date still best estimated as April? I need it for a trip in mid-March and I don't want to buy the 1st model if the second is coming out shortly thereafter. Is there any likelihood of having it be available in the first week of March? If not, is there a good place (on-line) to rent one for a week perhaps?
    thanks in advance!

    1, yes they are easy, but they are not a clone. When connected to iTunes on your computer you just tell it to backup. That will backup your notes, settings, app data, but not synced data (i.e. not your music, films or contacts and calendars synced from your computer).
    2, via iTunes, not as a drive. PDFs can be dragged into iTunes and then synced to the iPad to go into the (free downloadable) iBooks app. Alternatively you can buy an app like Goodreader which allows you to transfer PDFs wirelessly from your computer (can also be used to read/store PDFs emailed as attachments).
    3, no. There is only one set of options. If you have children (or even other adults) then you can set a passcode to restrict access to, for example, Safari, iTunes, or the ability to install and delete other apps. But it's basically a single user setup.
    4, speculation as to what Apple may, or may not, be planning is prevented by the terms of use of these forums. All that can be said here is that no new version has been announced, and when/if one is it will be on the frontpage. You should ask yourself whether the current one meet most, if not all, of your requirements, not whether some unannnounced item might.

  • Basic questions from new iMac owner

    What exactly should I buy for Time Machine backups (I have 27 inch iMac with 8 gb memory).  Also can I migrate data directly to my iMac from my Dell All-in-One, including Itunes music library?  What type of connector best to use?

    You should buy an external disk that uses the usb3 interface (assuming your iMac is new).  Use the disk first with your Dell.  Format it as NTFS if required, put your itunes folder on it, put your documents folder on it, put your pictures folder on it, .....basically get your stuff on the drive.
    Move the disk to the mac.  Now, copy the iTunes folder in the Music folder.  Place everything inside the documents folder inside the iMac's documents folder, put the pictures folder inside your iMac's pictures folder, ...basically move your stuff to the appropreiate iMac folder.
    Now start up iTunes and it will see the old library and all will be fine.  If any of your album, apps, movie artwork looks weird, simply close iTunes go into the cache folder inside the iTunes folder and delete the old cache files. Restart iTunes and the artwork will look OK.
    You can also open iPhoto and import all the photos from your old picture folder.
    Finally when you are happy that all your stuff is in the right place.  Reformat the drive as hfs journaled, name the drive Backup, and point time machine to it from system preferences.  You can format the drive using disk utilitiy which is inside your applications/utility folder.
    It's really not that hard to convert.  Don't worry about applications you had on the Dell.  They won't work.  You just need your data files.  Data is data so all will be well.
    Good luck

  • Basic question from a new buyer

    Hi everybody,
    As a lifelong musician, I've used "Finale" in the past, to generate music based on musical notation as the input. From Apple's ads for Logic Express, it's not clear to me if music can be entered that way. (although it looks like it can be output that way) Can I write music using standard notation in Logic Express?
    Thanks in advance.

    I also am very comfortable working with notation. You may have figured it out by now, but below the Arrange area is the Editor window. One of the buttons is labeled "Score", and clicking that gives you a notation window. When that is open, a Part Box also opens on the left of the screen, and you can drag and drop items from there onto the score. There are also keyboard shortcuts, and it's worth digging around in the manual a little bit to find out about how to work in this editor. It's very versatile, and I use it all the time.
    Happy writing!

  • Basic Question from a new guy

    Earlier question by me brought a response from Priya (thanks Priya) that I should post the results of querying my lsnrctl settings.
    I can run the query from DOS and get a pretty impressive output, but how do I save the output and then incorporte into a message such as this?

    Hi ,
    It's simple ...
    Just riht click and select "Mark". Then press <Ctrl>+<C> and then <Ctrl>+<V> here to paste it.....
    LSNRCTL> status
    Alias                     LISTENER
    Version                   TNSLSNR for 32-bit Windows: Version - Pr
    Start Date                17-╓┼┬ -2007 16:25:16
    Uptime                    0 days 1 hr. 52 min. 34 sec
    Trace Level               offRegards,

  • Basic question from a non tech user

    how can i upgrade to version 10.4...i have 10.3.9 and i cant use certain online file backup i guess i need to upgrade to version 10.4 as that seems to be th erequired min standard i have to go out and buy a whols new operating system and load it ?...i really dont want to invest a lot more money into this works fine but i expect to replace it in the next one-two years
    eMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Welcome To Discussions harpo1004!
    Here is some additional information.
    Does your Mac meets the Tiger System Requirements?
    Mac OS X Versions 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4, are complete system upgrades that must be purchased.
    Once an OS has been installed, the point upgrades, such as 10.1.x to 10.1.5 (Final) 10.2.x to 10.2.8 (Final), 10.3.x to 10.3.9 (Final), and 10.4.x to 10.4.9 (Pending), can be downloaded for free.
    Tiger is available for purchase at The Apple Store (U.S.).
    If you know what to look for, a Full Retail Version, of the Tiger Install DVD, can also be purchased rather inexpensively, at some online Apple retailers, Amazon, eBay, FastMac, AppleRescue, etc.
    Be sure not to purchase grey, upgrade or machine specific CDs or DVDs.
    Unless purchased from AppleRescue, the discs should look exactly like the images in the above links, and not say Upgrade, or CPU Drop-in DVD, on them.
    Additional info in these links.
    Using OS X Install CDs/DVDs On Multiple Macs
    What's A Computer Specific Mac OS X Release
    Software Update, Upgrade: What's The Difference?
    Additionally, "Tiger ships on a DVD, but if your Mac doesn’t have a built-in DVD-ROM player, you’ll need CD media. When you buy Mac OS X Tiger, you qualify to purchase Tiger CDs for only $9.95."
    Download the Media Exchange Program Order Form Here.
    Orders must be mailed by June 22, 2007.
    AppleRescue, also sells a Tiger installation set on CD.
    Shop Carefully, Examine All Documentation, And I Wish You Success!
    ali b

  • Questions on making Movies with new camcorder

    Hi all,
    First, let me say these forums are extremely useful. Thanks for taking a minute to read (and maybe respond). I have a couple of questions / need some advice about making iMovies with my new camcorder.
    My camcorder is a Sony DCR-SR40 - it's a 30GB hard-disk based digital camcorder. It creates MPEG-2 files (and connects to my G5 with USB2.0).
    1. When I get the camcorder connected and copy over the files, I can't play them in QuickTime 7 (I got an error opening the file). So I spent $20 and bought the QT MPEG-2 plugin - now I can play them but there's no audio. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug with QT?
    2. So I downloaded Streamclip and can happily convert files to a bunch of different formats (what a neat app!). Is there a format that would be best to convert to for making iMovies (iM 6)? DV? MPEG-4? (see next question).
    3. When I create my iM6 project, should I create DV or MPEG-4? (Is there a good summary anywhere on all these formats? It confuses the heck outta me.) I want to turn my iMovies into DVDs to watch with my family and QT movies that I can leave as files and watch on my work laptop. What's the best format (DV or MPEG-4) to use?
    4. Assuming I create DV iMovie projects, my thought was to convert my MPEG-2 files (from the camcorder) and AVI files (from my digital cam that takes short movies) to DV using Streamclip, then import those into iMovie; all that seems like a bunch of work (I guess I could use the batch function) - but is this the right way of doing things? Or can I just let iMovie do the translation to DV when I import?
    Sorry for all the noob questions here, I just don't have a lot of time to tinker (15 month old and newborn) so I'd prefer to just get advice from the folks that know (you all!).
    Thanks so much

    Hi Steve,
    as you allready realized: the iApps are made for miniDV/D8, … but you have found the workarounds...
    1) … you hear no audio when exporting/converting the mpegs with QT... that's no bug, that's due to the nature of mpeg2... the audio and video are "woven together" (tech term= muxxed)... QT supports this playback-format for ... ehm, playback, but "de-muxxing" is not supported by QT....
    2) best format for use in iM/iDVD? my standard reply: DV
    (I've read in the meantime, some report using the Apple Lossless Codec, you should find in the export options of SC, delivers better results - beauty lies in eye of... needs a powerful Mac and "eats" 4 -5x more diskspace then DV)....
    3) DV; mpeg4 is supported to handle iSight "video" and some digi-stills deliver in this format; again, mpegs are for delivery, not for processing.... I didn't found THE website for explaining all that, you can spend hours on wiki and many, many more sites... for the average user (as me), I wrote (still write...) a short summary, click here >> Codexx; an excellent source for background info is forum's member QuickTimeKirk's "book" (=.pdf delivery), you get for 10$ here >> QTpro explained
    4) … that IS a bunch of work, because you tought the old dog new tricks... with my miniDV and still-cam all that is done with a single click and works like charm ...
    this board is full of Qs concerning support of DVDcorders/HDcorders... One can just speculate, wether Apple will implement the support of these formats... I strongly guess NOT, … we saw in the past e.g. no support of (S)VCD, another popular format (to its time), but not fullfilling the high standards of SJ....
    no, you're not a noob - excellent prepared, precise discription of your problems... I wish, all posts are read like that....
    have fun with your kids! it's getting better every day!! (my son now is 6y, in two weeks he starts with school....adventure!!!)

  • Some basic questions from a mac newbie

    i have been using linux and windows all this while, and recently began using an apple too. have some simple questions here that i hope to get some answers for.
    1. is there something similar to /etc/hosts in linux where i can add the IP address of a server? this is for me to use the 'ssh' command in the terminal
    2. when i open up an application, say safari or chrome, i want the window to fill the entire screen automatically, instead of having to drag the bottom right of the window to fill the screen. how to configure that?
    3. when i close an application by clicking on the 'x' at the top left, why is it that it still appears in the list when i press command+tab? to remove the application from the list, i have to right click on its icon on the dock, then click 'quit'. this is rather troublesome.
    appreciate any help!

    1. is there something similar to /etc/hosts in linux where i can add the IP address of a server? this is for me to use the 'ssh' command in the terminal
    The /etc/hosts file is there, but the /etc/ folder is hidden. You can use the Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities/) to access it via Unix, or could enter "open /etc" in the Terminal to open that folder in the Finder.
    However, I'm not sure how this relates to ssh... I have not needed to modify that file, yet I can ssh all I need to. Are you trying to connect to your new Mac via ssh, or connect to other machines from the Mac via ssh?
    2. when i open up an application, say safari or chrome, i want the window to fill the entire screen automatically, instead of having to drag the bottom right of the window to fill the screen. how to configure that?
    Just drag the window out to full-screen and the browser should remember and open new windows at that size in the future. There are also some utilities (one called "Right Zoom" IIRC?) that will make the zoom button (green + button) behave more like the Windows zoom button.
    3. when i close an application by clicking on the 'x' at the top left, why is it that it still appears in the list when i press command+tab?
    Applications shouldn't quit just because you close their last window, unless the application's entire user interface is contained within that window. That is the case with ALL Windows apps, since there's no global menu bar, but only in some Mac apps. This is something that always ticked me off big-time with Windows... there have been times when I carelessly closed a window I didn't need anymore, but wanted to keep using the app, and then had to wait for it to load again. That won't happen on the Mac.
    If this bothers you, just use the key combination command-Q to quit apps.

  • Basic Questions from an I-Pod Newbie

    OK, I admit it. As far as the I-Pod scene goes, I just came out of my cave, as will be evident fromm the following question that I hope someone will have the patience in addressing.
    Can I mix songs onto an I-Pod that I download from the I-Tunes store with ones from a regular store-bought music CD?

    No, you can do everything within iTunes. You have 2 options in iTunes to manage your iPod, manual sync or auto sync. Auto sync means that anytime you dock your iPod to the computer, any new content in itunes will be automatically synced to the iPod. Manual, you will have to drag & drop new content from iTunes to the iPod. The iPod tutorials sound like something you should review.

  • Licensing question for AD enterprise with new SQL Server

    We have Server 2008 R2 STD where our AD is located and it has enough User CAL's. Additionally we have Terminal server with TS licenses.
    Now we're purchasing a Server 2012 where we plan to install SQL Server 2012 STD where we will install our third party program and this program is going to be used through Terminal server. 
    Now the question is do I only need SQL CAL's or will I have to get both SQL CAL's AND User CAL's for the new server? I'm thinking AD servers User CAL's is enough for the whole enterprise, but I'm not 100% sure and need help with this!

    Licensing questions should be directed to trained Microsoft licensing specialists instead of a technical forum. 
    That said, SQL CALs and operating system CALs are sold separately.  Talk with the vendor from whom you are purchasing your licenses.  They should be able to help you sort out the CAL questions.
    . : | : . : | : . tim

  • Basic question from a neophyte re Audigy 2 ZS notebook and speak

    I just purchased a new notebook, my first. I included an Audigy 2 ZS with the order because the sales person?led me to believe?that I could get superior sound from the notebook when I plugged a couple of external speakers to the card. I thought I would eventually run down to Fry's and get a couple of speakers. I finally got around to opening the Audigy package and installing the software and drivers. The sound through the accompanying earpieces is great, but when I read the minimal documentation regarding how to hook up speakers, I came to the sinking realization that I didn't really know what the heck I had purchased. It appears, at least from the Quick Start diagrams, that you can't just plug a couple of speakers into the card and, wholla!, have this great sound. You have to plug the card into an?powered ?sound system or home theater in order to enjoy external speakers. After all that, I guess my question is this. Is there a set of small speakers of some kind that you can plug directly into the 2 ZS?I wanted portability, something I could travel with. ?I have looked over the diagrams and Knowledge Base speaker stuff and it doesn't even cover such an approach. Thanks for any enlightenment you might be able to provide this confused newbie.

    ? A soundfont cannot contain alle drumkits, and it is not nessecary at all. I dont know a soundfont bank wich contains a complete set of drumkits, too. There are only some soundfonts like the crysis soundfont (to big for its "bad" quality) wich have some dummy-drumkits/ entrys or slightly modified sounds for each than usual. If all drumnkits would be stored in high-quality, the soundfont would be huge... Every synth i know uses the standard drumkit, if the chosen one is not existent. This is not optimal, but it will guarantee, that the the MIDI file or Program/ game will work. The KXDrivers wont do this. SO they are not useable for General MIDI. Only for MIDIs and soundfonts fitting together. But thats not the point of General MIDI. CMSS isnt working with these drivers, too. Dolby decoding/ encoding isnt possible with them, either. These drivers are not bad, but if you want a completely working card, KXdrivers are worthless.

  • Basic questions from a dummy

    hi i have recently installed osx10.4.5. and have some problems any helpw ould be appreciated:
    1 - i use entourage for email and contacts: it is extremely slow switching from email to calendar or to address book. any ideas why?
    2 - my whole machine seems in creasingly slow, and i seem to have used up 45 of the 60GB on my hard drive. i suspect there is a lot of duplication. i already trashed several 1.5Gb abcksups of my Microsoft user data. any other ideas on how to reduce the amount of useless stuff on my machine and increase its speed. (or are the two related at all?)
    3 - i'd like to synch my palm with entourage but invariably hit problems. does anyon e understand how isuync works ? can you piont me to some useful isntructions on how to sync - can i use applemail/address book/ical isntead of entourage?
    thanks for any thoguhts on how to make my machine fast and smarter.

    Hi, Pete. Welcome to the Discussions.
    By the numbers:
    1 & 3: For these issues with Entourage, the best place to search or post for help is the Entourage group you can find on the Microsoft Mac Support - Newsgroups page. These are Google Groups with active participation from Entourage users, including a variety of expert users.
    I don't mean to send you somewhere else, but I've found numerous answers there for folks with questions related to MS products. Accordingly, it has often proved to be the first, best place to look for answers to questions such as you are asking.
    2: See my following FAQs:
    - "Freeing Space on your Mac OS X startup disk."
    - "Tuning Mac OS X Performance."
    - "Problems from insufficient RAM and free hard disk space."
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X
    Note: The information provided in the link(s) above is freely available. However, because I own The X Lab™, a commercial Web site to which some of these links point, the Apple Discussions Terms of Use require I include the following disclosure statement with this post:
    I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Hard drive won't boot into safe mode

    My mid 2010 Macbook Pro has suddenly decided to not boot up after installing BitDefender and running a scan. I installed it on a whim when I saw minor malware that hijacked Safari, and decided to run a scan. While I was working on Photoshop, the scan

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    Hi, I am new to Dial Up technology, I am planning to setup management infrastructure for my L3VPN CPEs, to achieve this I am considering a 2800 with PVDM2-12DM module. Does anyone here knows if this supports both PRI as well as ISDN lines. In additio

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    My iPhone 5 had a problem with the camera, I took it to a Macstore and it will be changed by warranty but I realized that the company don't do iPhone 5 anymore.Will they give me an iPhone 5 from reserve of the factory or another one like an iPhone 5c