BBM video contact not available

I have a z30 and the wife has my old z10. When I try to connect bbm video to the z10 it says contact not available for bbm video, 
What am I doing wrong? I'm new to bbm as it is

Welcome to
I suggest the following
To see what you can do Video Contact Calls
Join to contact, then press the Button All
Here choose BBM Video
The contacts shown in BBM list are the ones you can make video calls to those who go online connected
Enter the contact's profile and choose BBM Video.
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    my youtube does not work on safari only when i try to play a video it says "This video is not available on mobile add to playlist" But i am using a mac air 11 inch it is not a mobile. Please Help. i have to use the youtube on firefox or chrome. At times it also say QuickTime Player can't open "video.3gp". and
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    I too am having the same issue as the OP.
    Your USER AGENT information is Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_2) AppleWebKit/600.3.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0.3 Safari/600.3.18
    Every webserver that receives a request from your browser is able to determine the HTTP USER AGENT information unless it has been removed by some software (e.g. firewall) before the request was trasmitted.

  • Help! I get the message "sorry this video is not available on this device"

    Help! Whenever I attempt to access videos posted on my subscribed YouTube  sites, on my iPad mini, I get the message "sorry this video is not available on this device", on a black screen.. Strange because they always were available up until yesterday. Old iPad 1 is ok.
    I have reset everything. It's annoying because some old vids still play and videos that I'm alerted to on my email will open if I use my old iPad 1.
    Any suggestions from anyone on how to fix the problem? Is it an adobe thing? I can't access anything adobe.
    It's all very frustrating.

    This works!!!!
    To solve the problem follow the instuction:
    Go to Settings
    Go to iTunes & App Stores
    Click on your Apple ID
    In poped up window click Sign Out.
    Fill your Apple ID and Password and press Sign In
    Done. Now you will be able to download applications from App Store

  • Iphone contacts "not available" to car phonebook after messing around with Outlook.pst file names and backups. Iphone4 connects to car though and other phones connect properly.

    iphone contacts "not available" to car phonebook after messing around with Outlook.pst files, names and backups, on my ms XP 2003 laptop. I substituted a much smaller new Personal Folder -Contacts File, with a smaller list of phone numbers (4 only as a test) which successfully synced to the iPhone 4. The iPhone connects to the Skoda Octavia HandsFreeSystem OK (Bluetooth works fine), but now iPhone wont load the new Contacts as it did originally. However a family Nokia (never messed with) can connect properly. So must be the iPhone or more likely an Outlook.pst \ Contacts problem. Ideas?

    After fiddling a little more, the following fixed my corrupted outlook.pst file:
    1) I made a backup
    2) In outlook under file, I exported the calendar to excel
    3) In outlook under file, I imported the calendar back to outlook
    And voila, it worked.

  • Video mode not available on this device iphone 6

    When I try to use my usb e-banking the iphone gives me this answer!!
    video mode not available on this device
    with the iphone 4s it works correctly!


  • "the video is not available". this message appears every time I try to watch a video on youtube or tube on iPad 2 IOS6

    Why do I get the following message whenever I try to watch any video on either youtube or
    "the video is not available"
    The video is certainly available as I can watch the identical video on my macbook.
    I have an ipad 2, runnug IOS6

    Do you have an example of such a video?
    If you went to did you switch to "Desktop" mode at some point? If so, switch back to "Mobile version" (at bottom of page).

  • Please help! I am currently using iPhone 5 and changing to iphone 6 in sometime. I have taken backup of my photos, videos, contacts, notes and whatsapp. The only thing that remains is my iMessage. Can someone tell me how to backup and restore my iMes

    I am currently using iPhone 5 and changing to iphone 6 in sometime. I have taken backup of my photos, videos, contacts, notes and whatsapp. The only thing that remains is my iMessage. Can someone tell me how to backup and restore my iMessages?

    iMessages are backed up in the normal backup of your phone so it will be restored when you restore the backup.

  • Synchronization-Contacts (not available)

    Long-time BB user. Curve 8530. Desktop Software 5.0 Bundle 1596.Have been a successful user of software since release. Sync calendar and contacts from Outlook 2010.Generally, one-way sync from computer to device. Sync calendar and contacts separately.  Have about 1,000 contacts in Outlook 2010 Contacts. Tried to sync Contacts last night and today - indicates Contacts(not available)  in the Select Organizer Data to Synchronize ("gray'd out, option to select not available).
    First time this has happened.  How can I get the Contacts option active to sync?
    Last time I sychronized each of Calendar and Contacts prior to yesterday, Wednesday, February 20, 2013, was Monday, February 18, 2013.
    Appreciate some help, guidance and direction.  R, Marathon04

    Hello Marathon04 and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.
    Sorry to hear you're having an issue syncing your Contacts.
    Have you recently added an email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo and enabled wireless Contact sync? 
    If you reboot by pulling the battery then reinsert it, do you get the option to configure the Contacts? 
    It would be recommended you upgrade your BlackBerry Desktop Software to the latest version. You can download it from and once updated see if you're able to configure your Contacts for sync.
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  • Sorry, this video is not available on this device?

    So... I keep getting the message; "Sorry, this video is not available on this device"
    I believe it is a YouTube issue.
    Anytime you monetize your video, YouTube forces an "option" for you to allow tablets or phones to be excluded from being able to view the video. It happens wither you are in desktop mode, wither you are in mobile mode... It doesn't matter.
    It's not anything we can really fix, unless we get YouTube to change policies regarding this.
    Or simply writing about it enough that the information gets out there will at least help.
    Apple can fix this by updating the Apple mobile products in the next update to be read as desktop to any sites we go on to. I don't know what the ramifications would be. I just started using apple, so maybe I'm just incorrect about how apple products work.
    Either way its a terrible move by YouTube, and worth a fight in their direction. I just don't know how to go about it except by informing.

    Hello! Check my previous post, please!
    There is no question, about how iOS users can watch youtube  files, the question is that videos were playable on the iPad. Now it's not. Moreover it's doesn't matter what software to use. It's just return --->
    Sorry, this video is not available On this device.
    I have tried different browsers without any success (Safari, Opera, even google chrome for iOS)

  • 30 GIG Video iPod, Video Options not available - Please help!

    I have a 30 GIG iPod Video 5th gen, with the latest iPod updater software installer on it.
    But when I look at the iPod preferences, when it's plugged in via USB, all Video options (manual vs automatic etc) are all greyed out and not available for selection.
    And I can't drag any videos onto the iPod (even with the right video format!).
    It's like the iPod itself doesn't recognised that it is an Video one, like it has a complex and can only deal with music and photos.
    Can anyone help or offer advice?
    Anyone had a similar problem?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help guys.
    Even with the iPod set to manual, I couldn't drag iPod format videos directly onto it.
    Did a factory restart, and it has fixed the problem.
    And just a note; the options in the video tab will always be greyed out, when the iPod is set to manually update songs.

  • TS3367 Contact not available

    I own an iphone 5. The facetime on my phone is not working. Every time I try to make a video call it just shows that 'the person is not available for facetime' even though she actually is. I wasn't having this problem before, been having it only for the last week. What should I do to rectify this problem? Thank you.

    Try a reset: Hold down the home button along with the sleep/wake button until you see the apple, then let go. If this doesn't work, try Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings

  • "Available" contacts NOT available

    Why is it that my contacts that say are available are actually NOT available?  Whenever I log in it's the same set of people that are said to be available.

    Your apps are contained in an iTunes backup.  They should be in your iTunes library and can be transferred to your new phone by syncing with iTunes.  If they aren't, connect your old phone to iTunes, click on the name of your phone, then go to File>Devices>Transfer Purchases to add them.  If you don't have your old phone, you'll have to redownload them
    As for your contacts, if you don't have them backed up anywhere else your only option is to try restoring to your backup again or sync them from your old phone to a supported program on your computer (such as Outlook, Windows Contacts or Mac Address Book/Contacts).

  • Q10 contacts not available to BMW Bluetooth system....​..........

    I have a (roughly) four month old Q10.  When I originally paired it to my MINI Bluetooth system, it worked fine and my contacts were available in the MINI's display dialog.
    A couple weeks ago, I added a Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server email account to the Q10's account list.  From that point forward (give or take) the only data displayed in the MINI's phone book display was the corresponding phone number for the contact.  No other data.
    A couple days ago, I acquired a new BMW X5.  The MINI and BMW Bluetooth systems are very similar (both BMW systems) and I'm still experiencing the same problems.  Nothing but the phone number is displayed in the X5 dialog.
    Anyone else have a similar experience?

    I have made progress on my original issue, but it took some time to figure things out.
    The problem on my Q10 started while it was still connected to the MINI that I was driving at the time.  After the software update that was downloaded to the device, around early September sometime, the MINI Bluetooth display began showing only numbers, no associated names.  Since I was about to trade the car, I ignored the problem.
    I did try syncing the phone with BB Link on two different computers (one office, one home office), but only wound up with two duplicate contact lists on the device.
    When I acquired the X5 on October 1st and paired the phone, same display issues.  So I contacted RIM tech support and spent about an hour sitting in the vehicle, trying different actions, to no avail.
    Being kind of fed up with the problem, and all the time it was using up, I responded with the usual email message to the open case log with my usual "since you can't fix the problem, thanks for the brick" dialog.
    RIM responded with a detailed message advising me to do a security wipe (after backing up of course) on the Q10, then add back my Microsoft Hosted Exchange email account credentials.
    This fixed the problem.  I have not reentered some of my other email accounts, which I thought might have a negative effect.  Since most of my correspondence and calendar are on the Hosted Exchange account, I'm in pretty good shape and don't want to do anything to screw it up again.

  • Video Musicstore not available

    Hi all,
    i have a problem with the german / austria itunes musicvideo store on my atv. since more then1 week the store is not available:
    "the itunes stor is currently unavailable...."
    all other stores (music, movie) are working.
    Can somebody please confirm this by change the location to germany and go to "music-->music videos".
    thank you in advance.

    Hi there!
    Got the same problem here... Restarted ATV, logged off and in, nothing helped.
    I think what he meant by "all other stores" is, that on ATV all other things work (music, movies,...) - no error messages 'bout iTunes store not available. On my iMac everything is OK (same account).
    Found some messages from other german users in other forums about this topic - but no solution
    Kind regards

  • Captivate 8 Edit mouse points for video demo not available??

    I've been trying to fig out how to enable mouse point editing for a video demo in Captivate 8. I know in previous versions it was simply edit >>> mouse points and even documentation I've read states its the same for captivate 8 but when I go to the edit menu I don't' have an option for edit mouse points. this is in both Mac and PC version. I did find the options adding a mouse to the recording but that doesn't help with editing the actual mouse in the video.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    After a little more experimentation I see that this feature is only available in a .cpvc not a .cptx. with a video in it.

Maybe you are looking for

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