Best book, website, or training for Illustrator 'rules of thumb'

Hey everyone,
To give some background I am terrible at art (no eye for it). Though I have recently been trying to learn Illustrator with a book and some online training videos (lynda). I am grasping some basics concepts on 'How to use the program' and what everything does.
Though since I never took any graphic design course (I'm an engineer) I don't know what types of rules of thumb there are for making basic figures or pictures. What font is best? What type of arrows should I use? Width of stroke? Those are just basic examples of the type of questions I am always asking. So how do I take my basic knowledge of the actual program, and learn how to use those correctly?
I'm an engineer making fairly basic diagrams or drawings for my research, but a slick drawing can really make you stand out. So that is where I'm coming from, I'm also a total begineer so please keep that in mind, I'm looking for more basic advice at the moment. For example below is one of the first drawings I have made in illustrator. Scientific work doesn't need to be too flashy, but any sources/locations would be great.
Thank you so much in advance for helping a terrible artist!

Hi there,
There are a multitude of things you can do to foster your artistic intuition.
1) Google. If you do a quick search for the "principles of design" you should come up with explanations and examples of just that. Here are a few links I came up with:
- GD Basics gives you a brief rundown on design principles and elements as well as exercise prompts you can use to practice and apply what you've learned.
- Learn the Basics is not nearly as elegant as the site above, but gives you real-world examples to show how art and design principles are applied.
2) Take a class. I'm not sure if this is something that could possibly fit into your schedule, but you can take a basic art class at a community college or similar organization and it will help you tremendously. Being in a class will not only force you to practice and learn but you will have the support of your peers, which are generally at all skill levels.
3) Find art and design you like, and take inspiration. I don't mean copy, but if you find an image where you appreciate the line weight, or the contrast of colors, or what have you, save it to an inspiration folder on your desktop. Figuring out what is effective and tasteful is something that takes time and lots of exposure to outside sources.
Please let me know if I can help any further!

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    Not quite interactive but, I have found that the Adobe TV tutorials a
    very useful and a valuable source of information and learning.

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    This one might help you
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    You can't beat the online online classes.
    If you want a beginner's book on InDesign, I recommend Sandee Cohen's InDesign Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press). For an advanced class, look for Real World InDesign (Peachpit Press).

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    I can't say which is best, but I like  the Visual Quickstart Guide from Peachpit Press. I have it for Photoshop and Illustrator. As the title states, it's for a quick start. A concise description of every tool and option, with simple, easy to follow instructions with screen shots. I have Photoshop CS3, and have well over 10,000 hrs in Ps and have several newer Ps books. But my tattered old Visual Quickstart Guide for Ps 6 is still my first resource when questions arise.
    So far as Illustrator goes, I'm only about 100 hours into it, and so far, so good. But it could be just be a case of ignorance is bliss. Mike has thoughtfully posted the link for Peachpit Press above. You can check it out yourself.
    P.S. Here's a direct link to the guide for Illustrator.

  • Best book for beginner?

    Can anyone recommend the best book for a complete novice to Illustrator?
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    Anyway to get started and learn the basics any preference between Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book: TF8&qid=1306750888&sr=8-1
    The Adobe Illustrator CS5 Wow! Book: d=1306750974&sr=8-1
    Thanks for any help/advice!!

    The WOW book is really for someone with a working knowledge of illustrator and in my opinion pretty useless especially for a beginner.
    Classroom in a Book is an instructional book with tutorials to follow and will give you a working knowledge of how Illustrator works.
    Mordy Goldings Book Real World Illustrator will give essentially instructional use of the program similar to informatio in the help files but in an instructional way organized fro the beginning to to end of the features.
    As far as for Cartography I do not know why there is not one on the market as one of he contributors to the WOW book is a cartographer.
    Illustrator is used a lot by map makers so it would probably be a good idea to have such a book.

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    I'm looking for recommendations on the best way to get
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    But before I invest 100's of bucks in training I want to make
    sure i'm getting something worth the money.. I found some stuff
    online for CD's of Training step by steps but When i listened to
    samples of it.. There is no way i would spend money on their
    stuff.. can't understand the speaker and they were really "boring"
    stuttering the whole way through there 2 minute sample.
    If training in Person prefer it to be in the Houston Area for
    Cost reasons. My company will most likely send me to training
    locally when they don't have to fork out additional money for
    AirFair/Car/Hotel ect..
    Thanks in advance for your recommendation..
    PS information about me..
    using Captivate 3 ..(i dont' want Captivate 4 training)
    New user to Captivate.. (no exp. with Flash) Exp i do have is
    with Adobe Pro, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks
    So I need someone that can teach me the ropes in a short
    amount of time for what I need to create for my company.
    Thanks again in advance for your recomendations!

    Hi Starla94!
    I've taken a couple of Adobe classes through Lodestone
    Digital. They're an Adobe Authorized training facility with a
    center in Houston.
    They don't have any Captivate 3 classes scheduled right now,
    but I'd give them a call and see what they can do.
    Another alternative is The training
    classes I've taken through them have been excellent.
    Hope this helps... ~Anna~

  • Best Step by Step Guide for a Beginner Trying to Typeset a Book?

    Hello all,
    So I've been asked to typeset a good few volumes on InDesign.  My experience with Indesign is very limited, I'm currently running CS 5.5, and have only done basic work for personal PDF's etc. But now I've been asked to do a few volumes to begin in a few weeks time. I really haven't got any of the basics down, so I'd like to learn all fundamental best practices from now since I will be taking this seriously and would much rather take a whole month or two or three or more learning solid fundamentals than start a project and have never ending regrets. So I need to learn the fundamentals for book typesetting, these books will have virtually no graphics, just text, but they could run into ten odd volumes. I can imagine wanting to create an index for each volume too, and one whole index for the entire ten odd volumes as well which may go in the last volume.
    I'm looking forward to this and have always wanted to learn InDesign properly and am happy that the opportunity has presented itself for me to do so.
    So what do you guys recommend? What should I learn first and then move on to? I'm willing to buy books if you think that there is a book which will cover everything I need. I think videos would be good to. Best blogs, websites? I ask here in the hope that you professionals can help me avoid a whole load of pitfalls by starting out right.
    Many thanks.

    This is the one most people recommend first: InDesign CS6: Visual QuickStart Guide: Sandee Cohen: 9780321822536: Books
    This one is more advanced: 8&qid=1418992674&sr=1-1&keywords=indesign+blatner
    And don't forget about, where you can subscribe for a little while or a long while and watch as many videos as you want.

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    I'd also like to have access to some exercises, but not documentary material (which is not my thing), but exercises for movies, TV, and story-oriented shorts.

    My degree is educational psychology, I've been teaching FCP since version 4, been teaching all of the Final Cut Studio apps since FCS2, been teaching apps for various software companies for 3 decades.  Here's my professional evaluation.
    The "Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X, Professional Post-Production" by Brendan Boykin is hands down the BEST book on the market.  The eBook version has been updated to version 10.0.2, also.  If you purchase the eBook version from Peachpit Press, you get the EPUB, PDF, and MOBI versions all together, and the updates for the EPUB are free.
    Online, the best training will be Ripple Training, by far.

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    In my opinion one of the best to start
    Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Third Edition
    Steven Feuerstein

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    I was wondering what would be the best way to prepare photos for iPhoto printed book on a Macbook Pro so to achieve the most realistic results to what's on the screen
    ie. which software should I use to change photos from RGB to CMYK, photoshop or iPhoto itself. I'm guessing maybe the autofix feature in iPhoto? (I don't have Aperture)
    Secondly, which monitor color setting should I set the screen at? I'm guessing it's either Apple RGB or Colour LCD, maybe even ColorMatch RGB?
    Any any other tips that people can give in achieving the most realistic results to what you have on the screen when your printed iPhoto book gets sent back. I don't want the mid tones to disappear or become too bright because the gamma and color settings were different to what they use at the other end.
    Many thanks.

    The situation has changed a little, our original photos are in RAW format and some of them are slightly over saturated in the higher tones.
    I've read on other threads that it is a good idea to run the 'Enhance' tool on all photos before sending the iPhoto Book away.
    Since iPhoto's 'Enhance' tools seems to do a lot of helpful things like sharpen, adjust the levels, etc it also seems to notch the contrast up and this would prove destructive for the lighter and darker tones not captured by the camera's dynamic range.
    So as I've been advised it's best to use Apple's own tools before sending the iPhoto Book away, so I'm going to download the trial of Aperture.
    Does anyone have any more recommendations on which monitor colour profile setting to use etc. I've also read that iPhoto prints best from JPEGS so the RAW will obviously need changed. Will Aperture automatically save to Profile name: Camera RGB Profile after I've done some editing there?
    What would be the best way to prepare RAW images in aperture where some of them might need an Image Overlay in Photomatix then imported back to Aperture for printing an Apple/iPhoto style Book?
    Many thanks

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    Please recommend the best book(s) in the market or on line tutorials which would help me architect and design a java application using SWING.
    I have used most of the swing components in many small GUI apps I have developed [JTable, JTree, etc, etc ....] and do not need a beginners books [online tutorials at sun site are good for that]. A book tackling advance topics, which may not concentrate on coding but has very good cases to understand the design [both class level and usuablity] and architecture of the application.
    I need to develop an editor for a GUI based language + a code genertor + mapper application [which will run as a application and may use webstart to run from a browser.]
    THANKS !

    I like "Pure JFC Swing" it's got a well written example for each and every Swing component. When I was learning to use swing each component I came across I could easily look at the example for that component and incorporate it into code for my app. That combined with the Javadoc was all I've ever needed.

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