Best way to add new post link

What would be the best way to add a "new post" link on the main homepage that links to the appropriate blog page. Ideally, I'd like to put a small photo too.
Is the only way to manually add it every time I update, or is there a better way?
Thanks, Jill

You can do it any number of ways. Link a shape, link text, or link a photo to the appropriate blog page, using the Inspector from the tool bar at the bottom of the iWeb window.
You are correct that the only way is to manually update each time. I don't know of any method to get the blog entries to auto update an indicator on the Home page in iWeb.
I have a site for a current project I'm on that has a "Shot of the Day" link on the Home page. As the site has gotten large, I have a duplicate of the Domain file for this site that contains nothing but this Home page. I update the page and then simply swap out the files on the server with the updated ones. Makes opening, editing, and saving the changes faster and easier than publishing the entire site each time. Here's an example of how I placed the link on the Home page...

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    I've been using a Snow Extreme and b/g Express, but have recently been having dropped/slow connection issues. I think this may be at least partially caused from the many other networks and other wireless devices in the neighborhood - I can see 30 or more networks at times. I've also gotten a new Mini and MacBook, both with n wireless, so I decided to get a new dual band Extreme.
    The faster connection speed of the new Extreme is very noticeable on my n capable machines. It also looks like the connection issues I was previously having may have been resolved, but its a bit early to tell for sure.
    First problem I've had is with setting up the guest network. If I attempt to set it up wirelessly, I get as far as changing the settings and restarting the Extreme. Once I do, it does restart, but then Airport Utility is not able to find it after restart. I am able to see the main and guest network in my available networks, but I am unable to join either. Once I turn guest off (via ethernet since Utility isn't able to see it wirelessly) I am again able to see it in Utility and connect to the main network. If I try to turn on guest via ethernet, I get an error and it does not restart.
    Originally the Snow Extreme was the main and the Express was used for wireless printing. My plan was to use the new dual-band as the main, move the Snow to the printer, and use the Express for AirTunes. But now I realize that I'm only able to print and use Airtunes on the main and not the guest network. Since the Snow and Express are b/g, are they going to slow down the main network? I am seeing these as clients in Airport Utility, which I didn't expect. If so, is there a better way to set this up than what I am attempting to do?
    I've got the radio mode set to 802.11n only (5GHz) - 802.11b/g/n. Am I able to set it up so that the n capable clients use the 5GHz band and the b/g clients use the 2.4GHz band so that they don't slow down the n connection, or would I even want to do this?

    The jre is 14,872 KB (j2re-1_4_2_03-windows-i586-p.exe).
    If you silently install the JRE then then licensing doesn't appear to be an issue (no dialogs appear). See Silent installation is perfect for us since our customers are very nontechnical and would be very confused about the JRE installation dialogs.
    My main question remains: what is the best way to incorporate the installation of the JRE into an existing product. I solved the above-mentioned error 1500 problem by asynchronously starting the silent JRE installation after my product is installed, i.e., after the InstallFinalize step. This results in a bad human interface: the user is prompted with the final dialog with a "finish" button. However the mouse cursor is showing an hourglass intermittenly (kind of like when you logon to Windows after a reboot), for 25-40 seconds after this dialog first appears, until the JRE is installed. I have got to figure out a way to synchronously install the JRE while the user waits.
    I chose to do a private install (search for "private" in, which works, but I haven't yet figured out the best way to uninstall this JRE -- it appears that simply deleting the directory tree might be the correct way to uninstall.
    I have searched a lot of newsgroups for the "generally accepted" method to incorporate some Java programs into a product (i.e., how to install the JRE). I have not found anything. My conclusion is that I must be doing something that isn't done that often, either that or I've taken a wrong turn.

  • Best way to add new objects to a Group?

    I have been trying to figure out how to keep things organized in the timeline. Which is very important when you get very complicated.  If I pick a group and then an obj and hit the group tool,  it makes a new group instead of just having it added to the original.  The only work around I have found is to ungroup the first group and then everything is nested in the new group.  That is a pain.......I would love to just select an object with my middle mouse, just drag it into a group in the timeline.  Or is there an easier way?

    I have been trying to figure out how to keep things organized in the timeline. Which is very important when you get very complicated.  If I pick a group and then an obj and hit the group tool,  it makes a new group instead of just having it added to the original.  The only work around I have found is to ungroup the first group and then everything is nested in the new group.  That is a pain.......I would love to just select an object with my middle mouse, just drag it into a group in the timeline.  Or is there an easier way?

  • Best way to add a new section in the middle of a tune?

    what's best way to add a new section in the middle of a tune? I think I came up with an interesting transition to a tune... what's the best way to try it out?
    please be specific. if it's just select all and cut and move - I already know that one. somehow, I bet there's a better way.
    thanks in advance...

    You should be able to enter the "in" and out" points in the transport bar. And then under the Region menu, choose "Cut/Insert time."
    So if, for instance, you go up to bar 32, and want to add 8 bars, enter 32 1 1 1 in the top transport place, and 40 1 1 1 in the second. Then select "Cut/Insert Time", and an 8 bar whole will be added to your song.
    Be aware that if there are overlapping MIDI notes found at that cut point, Logic will warn you about it, and give you some options. In this case, I think "Keep" would be what you'd want, but every situation is different...
    Hope that helps....

  • Best way for add thousans items to listbox without freezing ui in wpf

    Hello guys.
    What is the best way for add thousands items (or even more) to Listbox without freezing UI.
    I search many post in the web but I don't understand how this posts writer wrote that code.
    I realized that ObservableCollection can contain 1000 items or even more and show that items to listbox just for few second without freezing UI but I don't Know how can I use that!
    Can you guys give me an example.

    If you bind an observablecollection you can add items to that from a background thread.  Then bind that to the itemssource.  I usually new up an observablecollection, add the items then set the bound property to  that.
    But I avoid thousands of items. 
    You should provide some sort of filter mechanism the user chooses a category or whatever and then fill with a maximum of 300 items.
    Users simply can't work with thousands of items.
    It is usually reading the data out  a database which takes the time rather than creating objects to bind.
    Hence this:
    protected async override void GetData()
    ThrobberVisible = Visibility.Visible;
    ObservableCollection<CustomerVM> _customers = new ObservableCollection<CustomerVM>();
    var customers = await (from c in db.Customers
    orderby c.CustomerName
    select c).ToListAsync();
    foreach (Customer cust in customers)
    _customers.Add(new CustomerVM { IsNew = false, TheEntity = cust });
    Customers = _customers;
    ThrobberVisible = Visibility.Collapsed;
    That's making an asynchronous entity framework call.
    A list of customers is obtained.
    These are then wrapped in a customer viewmodel each.
    Finally the observablecollection Customers is set to this new collection and propertychanged raised to notify the view.
    The itemssource of a datagrid is bound to Customers.
    Hope that helps.
    Recent Technet articles: Property List Editing;
    Dynamic XAML

  • Add new document link not working in upgraded sharepoint 2013?

    Hello there,
    Upgraded SharePoint team sites from 2010 to 2013. add new document link not working for shared document in upgraded sharepoint 2013?. it is specially not working on machine where Office web apps set up with this sharePoint server and it
    is working fine with environment  Office web apps not configured with Sharepoint.
    Looking resoluion /suggestion, thanks in advance.

    Hi  Sushil,
    According to your description, my understanding is that the add new document link was not working on machine where Office web apps set up with this SharePoint server after you upgraded SharePoint team sites
    from 2010 to 2013.
    For your issue, it can be caused by integrating Office Web Apps with upgraded SharePoint Site.
    Firstly please make sure claims-based authentication is used by the SharePoint web application that is used to create the new document. Only web applications that use claims-based authentication can open
    files in Office Web Apps. To determine the authentication provider for a web application, follow these steps:
    1.In SharePoint 2013 Central Administration, click Manage web applications.
    2.Select the web application that you want to check, and click Authentication Providers on the ribbon.
    The authentication provider must be displayed as Claims Based Authentication for Office Web Apps to work correctly with the web application. To resolve this issue, you can delete the web application and recreate
    it using claims-based authentication, or you can change the authentication method of the web application.
    Secondly, make sure the WOPI zones match on the SharePoint 2013 and the Office Web Apps Server farm.
    To do this, run the following command on the SharePoint Server:
    The result will be one of the following:.
    Next, run the following command on the SharePoint Server.
    In the output, look for WopiZone: zone. If the results from Get-SPWopiZone don’t match the zone that is returned by Get-SPWOPIBinding, run the Set-SPWOPIZone -Zone cmdlet on the SharePoint Server to change
    the WOPI zone to match the result from Get-SPWOPIBinding.
    If not work, you can try to disconnect SharePoint 2013 from Office Web Apps Server and re-configure Office Web Apps for SharePoint 2013.
    For more information, please refer to the article:
    Best Regards,
    Eric Tao
    TechNet Community Support

  • New Post Link Missing

    I am signed in in the HP Support Forum.
    I added the forum as a trusted site in my IE 8
    I need to post a question about Solution Center and my HP Scanner 5590.
    The Help systems says to click on the "New Post" Link near the top of the list. does not contain the mentioned link, nor does
    If I search for "New Post" in the page I get only one match and it is the link for private messages, not for public posts.
    What can I do?
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Hi SergioTorresC,
    The links you have given are to results pages for searches.  To make a new post, simply click "Home" at the top left of any forum page.  From this page, select the most appropriate location (forum) to post your issue.  For example, if your issue is with a Laptop, you want to look in the "Notebook Computers (Laptops)" section for the most appropriate forum, then click the link to enter it.
    The new post link will appear at the top left of each of these forum pages once selected.
    Be sure to check out this great guide by Daniel_Potyrala for step-by-step information, too!
    Clicking the "Kudos star" to the left is a great way to say thanks!
    When your problem has been solved, accept the solution by clicking the "Accept as Solution" button to help other members in the future!
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  • Best method to add new rows

    I am new to apex and would like your suggestions as to the best method to add new row to a table. I do not want to use the wizard because there are many tables in the db. From reviewing this forum, the suggested method is to create the report with a form, the user clicks the 'create' button and it opens up to a new form for data entry. There is a 'submit' button to commit the changes to the table. When/How do I create the PK? Is it at the page render when the new form is opened or in page process when all the fields are committed? I tried to add the 'insert into table..' in the page render to create the new PK but I received oracle error. Am I missing a step? Thanks very much.

    Good Morning,
    I have a second question to ask about Inserting rows..I was successful with the sql statement in adding a row to the parent table. Now I need to insert a row in the related child table. There are approx 5 child tables where I need to be able to add rows.
    My questions as to the proper sequence to do this:
    1. do I execute the Insert for the parent table first?
    2. then have the user click the button to add info for the child table and then click another button that does the insert into the child table? At this point, is this where I reference the parent table(fac_seq.currval)?
    INSERT INTO CONTACT(cnt_pk, fullname, street1, city, state, zip, phone, title)
    VALUES (CNT_SEQ.nextval,FAC_SEQ.currval,
    NVL(:P36_FULLNAME, 'No Data'),
    NVL(:P36_STREET1,'No Data'),
    NVL(:P36_CITY, 'No Data'),
    NVL(:P36_TITLE,'No Data'));
    3. is it proper procedure to have separate insert statements or is it better to have 2 insert statements?
    INSERT INTO FACILITY(fac_pk, fac_type, fac_name, street1, city, state, zip, state_or_tribe, tribe_yn)
    VALUES (FAC_SEQ.nextval,
    NVL(:P211_FAC_TYPE, 'N'),
    NVL(:P211_FAC_NAME,'No Data'),
    NVL(:P211_STREET1,'No Data'),
    NVL(:P211_CITY, 'No Data'),
    INSERT INTO WELL(wel_pk, fac_fk, cnt_fk, geo_fk, well_state_uk, name,site, high_priority_yn,aqui_exempt_yn, well_in_swa)
    VALUES (WEL_SEQ.nextval, FAC_SEQ.currval, CNT_SEQ.currval, GEO_SEQ.currval,
    NVL(:P47_WELL_STATE_UK, '09DI'),
    NVL(:P47_NAME, 'No Data'),
    NVL(:P47_SITE,'No Data'),
    NVL(:P47_AQUI_EXEMPT_YN, 'N'),
    **I am confused as to how to approach the process of adding rows to a child table. Please clarify for me or direct me to a link that has detailed documentation.
    Many thanks,

  • Edit Add New Item link in certain view of list in SharePoint Programmtically

    this is my requirements
    i have one list called List 1 and two content types on it
    CT 1 and
    CT 2 and create two views on the list
    View 1 to display items of CT 1 
    View 2 to display items of CT 2 
    the creation of list and views is done via XML 
    now i need to change the URL of add new item link in every view to open its content type, i.e. when i was on view 1 i click on add new item, it will open new item form of CT 1 and hen i was on view 2 and click on add new item, it will open new item form
    of CT 2 
    i do a lot of search on the internet but get the following code but it doesn't work for me, i already wrote it in event receiver
    SPWeb web = properties.Feature.Parent as SPWeb;
    web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
    SPList contractList = web.Lists.TryGetList("Contract");
    SPLimitedWebPartManager webpartManager = web.GetLimitedWebPartManager("Lists/ContractList/SICET%202A%20Contract.aspx", PersonalizationScope.Shared);
    foreach (System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart item in webpartManager.WebParts)
    if (item.GetType().Name == "XsltListViewWebPart")
    XsltListViewWebPart listViewWebPart = (XsltListViewWebPart)item;
    Guid guid = new Guid(listViewWebPart.ViewGuid); // get the view details which is applied to web part
    SPView sicet2AView = contractList.Views[guid];
    System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.InvokeMethod,
    PropertyInfo nodeProp = sicet2AView.GetType().GetProperty("Node", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);
    XmlNode node = nodeProp.GetValue(sicet2AView, null) as XmlNode;
    XmlNode toolbarNode = node.SelectSingleNode("Toolbar");
    if (toolbarNode != null)
    string toolbarType = toolbarNode.Attributes["Type"].Value;
    string linkText = "abdeen";
    toolbarNode.Attributes["Type"].Value = "Freeform";
    XmlAttribute positionNode = toolbarNode.OwnerDocument.CreateAttribute("Position");
    positionNode.Value = "After";
    //toolbarNode.InnerXml = @"<IfHasRights><RightsChoices><RightsGroup PermAddListItems=""required"" /></RightsChoices><Then><HTML><![CDATA[ <table width=100% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0 > <tr> <td colspan=""2"" class=""ms-partline""><IMG src=""/_layouts/images/blank.gif"" width=1 height=1 alt=""""></td> </tr> <tr> <td class=""ms-addnew"" style=""padding-bottom: 3px""> <img src=""/_layouts/images/rect.gif"" alt="""">&nbsp;<a class=""ms-addnew"" ID=""idAddNewItem"" href=""""]]></HTML><URL Cmd=""New"" /><HTML><![CDATA["" ONCLICK=""javascript:NewItem(']]></HTML><URL Cmd=""New"" /><HTML><![CDATA[', true);javascript:return false;"" target=""_self"">]]></HTML><HTML>" + linkText + @"</HTML><HTML><![CDATA[</a> </td> </tr> <tr><td><IMG src=""/_layouts/images/blank.gif"" width=1 height=5 alt=""""></td></tr> </table>]]></HTML></Then></IfHasRights>";
    toolbarNode.InnerXml = @"<IfHasRights><RightsChoices><RightsGroup PermAddListItems=""required"" /></RightsChoices><Then><HTML><a class=""ms-addnew"" ID=""idAddNewItem"" href="""">Test</a></HTML></Then></IfHasRights>";
    //listViewWebPart.ViewGuid = sicet2AView.ID.ToString("B").ToUpper();
    //listViewWebPart.Visible = true;
    but it doesn't work, my first trail is changing the text of the link then go to change the link any help plz
    Mohamed Abdeen

    The “Add new item” button will redirect users to add new item with the default Content Type of the current list.
    So a workaround can be like this: We can change the default Content Type of this list every time when users open this list view page, then the “Add new item” button will work
    as you expected.
    Here is a link with code demo about how to programmatically set a content type as default content type in a SharePoint 2013 List:
    We can put the code into a Visual Web Part and add it into your two views, then when users open a list view page, the code will be executed to change the default Content Type
    of the current list.
    To develop a custom web part, you can take a look at the links below with steps in detail for a start:
    Creating Web Parts for SharePoint
    SharePoint 2013 Create a Visual Web Part
    Patrick Liang
    Forum Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact
    [email protected]
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • What is the best way to add text to an image

    I used the draw ap div to add text to an image.  will that cause any problems?  If so, what is the best way to add text to an image?  Thanks!

    APDivs will kill your design unless you fully understand the css behind the scenes and plan accordingly. They really are completely unnecessary in the vast majority of situations.
    An easy way to add "web text over an image" would be to use the background-image attribute in css for a standard <div> tag, then just add the text within that same <div>.
    Something like this in the css (if you are using a 300x300 pixel image)...
    #yourdiv {
    And then this in the html...
    <div id="yourdiv">Your text here</div>
    You would then position the <div> using css margins, floats and padding. Using position:absolute (APDivs) is typically something that will blow your design to pieces if the viewer changes their browser settings.

  • What is the best way to add hard disk space to macbook pro?

    I'm running out of disk space on my macbook pro. What is the best way to add disk space?

    another way of doing it is to replace your hard drive with a larger one.
    if you're technically capable, it takes 10 minutes for the swap and an hour minimum to clone your hard drive or do a data transfer.  all depends on how much data there is to trandfer or to clone.
    good luck.

  • What is the best way to add libraries to a project?

    What is the best way to add technologies to ADF? For example log4j. Or does the embedded logger have log4j features?

    Hope helpful

  • What is the Best Way to add a shopping cart?

    What is the best way to add a shopping cart?

    See that field at the top right that says "Search Forums"? Try Dreamweaver shopping cart. You'll get a lot of answers.

  • __ Is there a way to add new art boards to an existing document?

    Is there a way to add new art boards to an existing document (same dimensions and same space betwen artboards)?
    What I do now is I have to create a new file (with new number of artboards) and cut & paste - is there another way to do this?

    What Illy version?
    File > Document Setup > "Edit Artboards" button (top, right)
    Before entering Edit Artboard mode though, draw boxes at the right size and at the right locations as your desired new artboards so you can snap to them. While in Edit Artboard, anything other drawing boxes will cause you to exit it.
    Tip: Alt+Left Click to convert a slected shape to an Artboard, while in Edit Artboard mode.
    Draw out your new Artboards in normal mode, select them > Object > Artboards > Convert to Artboards.
    *EDIT   Larry's a ninja.

  • Whether there is a simple way to add new Mapping operators on a mapping?

    Whether there is a simple way to add new Mapping operators on existing mapping?
    For example I have a mapping, but now I need to add new Filter or Aggregator operator, so I must delete all connections between attributes, then add new operator, connect source attributes to the input attribute for the operator and so on.
    Is there way to turn down this operations, simply drop new operator on source object or on a connection between two objects, and necessary operations will be automatically executed.
    As I remember in OWB2 something similar existed in a way to add new Filter operator.

    Unfortunately there is not. What you should aim for, is to use the group-by-group mapping using match by name (with some additional options, such as ignore source/target prefix, suffix, etc.).
    I.e. if you want to insert another operator, then I recommend you first populate attributes based on an operator that is currently on the mapping delete the old operator (to delete all connections), map into the new operator and add another operator in order to re-create what you previously had. I know it is not ideal... but in my experience it is the most productive way to work.

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    I'm trying to format a 160 GB hard drive. How long does that usually take? Any clues on why Disk Utilities has been grayed out for two hours now on my 4.5GB G5 and the status bar at the bottom has been showing about 5% "partitioning" for that long? W

  • Dynaset cannot be created in Windows client if you bypass onames/tnsnames

    Overview: We were having a problem with slow (60 seconds) login times from our OO4O application using onames. SQL*Plus was just as slow to process a login. Using a TNSNAMES.ORA file caused the login to be almost immediate, but the solution was not ac

  • Cant "edit in audition" any more.

    I have just updated to 2014 CC versions inc Premiere pro 2014 and now the edit in Audition is greyed out when right clicking in timeline. If I go to project window right click Premiere goes through the prep audio file and opens Audition but no actual

  • How to restore today's and yesterday's history

    When I click on History I do not get today's or yesterday's history but only Last 7 Days and This Month and Last Month. How do I restore the missing history?

  • Can't See Wifi Network At All w/ iBook..No Prob w/ Windows

    The computer in question is a 12" iBook 1.33GHz model. There are several computers connected to a 3rd party router, and the iBook is the only computer not seeing the wireless network at all. Everything worked fine up until 4 days ago. No changes were