Best way to sync two Macs?

I recently got a new iMac, which means I now run Mac OS X Lion on an iMac as well as on a MacBook Pro. This means I now need to keep the two machines in sync. I am finding that although iCloud takes care of my calendar, photos, and contacts, it is not useful when it comes to documents and other data. Could someone please suggest the best way of keeping the two Macs in sync?

Sorry No.
I don't have a need for such syncing.
But the app is around for quite some time and they have a time-limited Trial version.

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  • Best way to sync 2 macs

    What is the best way to sync a MacBook Air with an iMac?

    If you really want a no fuss solution I'll give you one that I've been using not for nearly a year.  There are additional benifit's at least check it out at Synology .com
    1.  Purachase a Synology Disk Station (DS) I recommend for home users the DS112 ($199 + $100 for 2TB HDD) or DS112J ($149 + $100 fo 2TB HDD).
    The DS has a app called Cloud Station (CS) that works just like DropBox with one exception you have 1, 2 or 3TB's of storage (depending on the space you choose) and the SYNC is much more secure since it's on your own home network.  You can also set up CS to sync over the Internet which is more secure than DropBox IMO.  You don't have to be a network expert by any means to set the DS up.....very simple instructions (do some reading and reasearching while you wait on your order).  If you do need help Synology is very responsive to phone calls and emails.  And the best thing about Synology they are very MAC friendly.  And if you use Time Machine to do regular backup what's synced in CS will be backed up, because Cloud Station is just like another folder residing in your Home folder.
    There are also YouTube videos on how to set up DS and CS.  If you do decide to get one I'd be glad to help you set it up!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, I used Chronosync but didn't really like it,  seemed like I was always having to perform a manual sync and there were issues with some of the files syncing properly, that was my experience.  Others may love it I didn't.

  • Using 10.4.11 is there a way to sync two macs??

    I have a g4 1.5 gig 5,5 laptop and a tower g4 agp sawtooth accelerated computer. We have att with its wireless modem/router. I got things messed up with adding, deleting, altering documents, bookmars, address books etc. I'm wonder IF there's ANY program out there that would allow to sync (not clone) these two computers? I just signed up with mobileme, so I can sync bookmarks (on safari only) and address book BUT NOT files and folders. Is there a way to sync using the wireless modem OR firewire connection and reboot? A tech person mentioned one possibility ----intech 303-554-5555 data backup. But they haven't returned phone calls. Any info would be appreciated.
    PS I want to stick with Tiger because it apparently runs better on these older machines than does Leopard (thus timemachine is not available to me).

    Hi yaya,
    There are many Folder Sync APPs, I use Tri-Backup...
    And can synchronize folders across my Network, and it does way more than TM and all the others out together too!

  • What is the best way to sync two computers

    I have my work computer and my home computer and I would like my photos and work I do on one show up on the other and vice versa. What is the best way to accomplish this?

    Lightroom wasn't designed to do this.
    The workaround that works the best from Lightroom's point of view is to put your catalog file and all photos on an external HD and move this external HD back and forth. Of course, the drawback is that you have to carry the external HD with you.
    Some people have experimented with putting the catalog file in the cloud, and photos on a shared network drive, so both computers can access everything. This has certain disadvantages, particularly if you use the catalog on one computer before it has synchronized from the other computer; and you can search these forums for details.

  • Any way to sync two macs... without putting all of your data online?

    I'm thinking about getting a macbook air to supplement the iMac I have at home. I'd envision using it the following way:
    - Select a few folders, iTunes playlists, calendars, and iPhoto albums
    - Copy these from the iMac to the Air
    - Edit files, play music, edit calendars, edit and add photos on the Air
    - Press "sync" and have all of the edits/playcounts/calendars/photos propagate back to the iMac -- just like an iPhone syncing
    Is there any way to do this fairly simple task? (The one caveat is that I don't want to upload all of the above-mentioned files/music/calendars/photos to a server (e.g. dot mac or google). That just seems like a bad idea.)
    If there's no way to do this using iSync, has anyone found a decent 3rd party application that works well?

    There's certainly no way of doing this with iSync as iSync is only for syncing Contacts and Calendars to non-Apple mobile phones.
    Google for ChronoSync as that may do what you want.

  • What is best way to sync 2 Macs to 1 iPhoto database?

    I have a main home iMac that serves as our digital life hub. Occasionally, especially when on the road, I'd like to have the same iPhoto database on MacBook Pro, but, be able to make changes, edits, etc., and then be able to get those back into the iMac. Is there a way short of copying the whole iPhoto database back and forth?
    I suppose one idea would be to use a portable, external drive, so curious if performance suffers in that case. Thanks

    You will need to copy the Library to the MBP at least once, thereafter you can use iPhoto Library Manager to move pics and their associated metadata from library to library.
    I suppose one idea would be to use a portable, external drive, so curious if performance suffers in that case.
    Well, performance won't suffer and you can copy the Library to an external as easily as to the laptop.
    1. Quit iPhoto
    2. Copy the iPhoto Library Folder as an entity from your Pictures Folder to the External Disk.
    3. Connect the Disk to the laptop. Hold down the option (or alt) key while launching iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Choose Library' and navigate to the new location. From that point on this will be the default location of your library.

  • Sync two Macs without .mac??

    Hello there...
    Is there any way to sync two macs without using .mac? I have a G4 iBook and a G5 iMac and I would like to sync their iCal so both calendars look the same on each computer.
    Thank you for your help.

    Free eh? (Why does everybody want something for nothing these days?)
    Well, there is notMac, but you need your own server, and alot of time and technical know-how to set it up.
    Otherwise nothing free... developers (like regular people) generally like to be paid for their work and long hours.
    For $25 you can get iSynCal
    For $20 you can get BusySync

  • Gave grandkids Ipads for Christmas.  I need to sync each to my Mac with their own Itune accounts.  I do have them on my computer with their own login.  What is the best way to sync their Ipads?

    I need to sync each of my grandkids IPads to my Mac with their own Itune accounts.  Each grandkid does have a login on my computer that I control.  On their IPads they each set up a ITune account.  What is the best way to sync their Ipads?  Is there something I need to make sure is turned on in their accounts on my computer?

    Hi Jodel,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If your grandkids each have a user account on your Mac, you can use the steps in this article to set up syncing with each user account and iPad:
    iTunes 11 for Mac: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad
    You may also find the advice in this article useful:
    How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices with one computer

  • What is the best way to sync media onto the iPhone using iTunes?

    I know of two ways- one is be simply dragging items onto the iphone folder. The other is by clicking the iphone folder and selecting which playlists,artists, ect I want to sync.
    Is there any difference between the two?

    I have the same question: what is the best way to sync documents between mac devices?
    But I want to be clear:  normally when we use the word "synchronize" or "sync" we are referring to an automatic update to the latest version of the document, whatever the document.
    Just to be clear:  to "transfer" documents is not really the same as to "synchronize".  I will add to the question here with my thoughts. Please excuse me if the om only wants to transfer documents.
    We have tried, over many months, to use SugarSync.  It worked great when I only put in about 10 files to be synced.  It took the latest version and updated it on the other computers that were connected.  But when we tried to sync the whole disk ... we just could NOT get it to work right. Meaning it would scan absolutely ALL of the files on the computer looking for the ones that were modified rather than just taking the lastest ones modified and syncing those.  Their tech department was not much help: I followed all of the steps they told me to do but we just could not get it to work right.  What a disapointment (and a loss of money).
    I would love to find a software that automatically detects what the last modified files were and it will update ONLY that on the other devices (no matter what kind of files they are).
    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

  • What is the best way to sync contacts and calendars

    Advice please
    I am pulling my hair out trying to determine the best way to sync my work computer using outlook and exchange, my iphone and my mac at home.
    In an ideal world I want to have two calendars that is home and work, two sets of contacts that is home and work. And all appear on on outlook, iphone and my mac at home
    I also have Linkedin Contacts (about 690).They appear to be pulled in separately into outlook via the LinkedIn Addin.
    At the moment I have certain contacts who appear three times on my iphone, and its not obvious which database they are coming from.
    I accept you cannot sync outlook secondary calendars to google, therefore what is the best way to set this all up.
    Any advice would be very welcome.

    The only way to do that is to use Exchange server.

  • What is the best way to sync multiple collections of contacts among multiple users?

    (I originally submitted this question under the "Mac OS X Technologies" section, but got no response. I'm submitting a duplicate here because this is where all the smart folks are! My apologies that my question is only partially related to OS X Server . . . )
    What is the best way to sync multiple collections of contacts among multiple users on iOS and OS X?
    For example, suppose I have three collections of contacts: Bob's, Sally's, and Common. I want Bob to be able to access and sync Bob's contacts and Common contacts, and Sally to access and sync Sally's contacts and Common contacts. Bob and Sally never need to access or sync each other's contacts. Bob and Sally would both sync and share contacts in Common.
    How would I best implement this? It's my understanding I have three options for managing contacts across iOS and OS X: 1. iCloud accounts, 2. Install OS X server, or 3. Install and manage Darwin CardDAV directly. Which method would best support what I wish to do?
    I am a seasoned Unix geek well versed in the terminal, so I am prepared to get my hands dirty as much as necessary to achieve what I want. Also, it is sufficient if syncing takes place over WiFi on the local network, in fact, that is desirable versus syncing over the cloud.

    Thanks for your reply Nick101. I see my example was oversimplified. When I say "multiple groups of contacts over multiple users" I'm really referring to N groups of contacts over N users.
    So I need to add Fred, who can access and sync Bob's contacts, Sally's contacts, and Common contacts, as well as Fred's contacts. Can I do it with OS X server?
    You mention you keep your and your partner's contacts administered locally. What keeps you from administering them through OS X server as well?
    I am guessing this can all somehow be accomplished with multiple contact accounts, but I can't find any information on the web explicitly describing this.

  • Is there a way to sync a Mac Air with a Mac Mini

    Is there a way to sync a Mac Air with a Mac Mini?

    There's always a catch
    Check the two sites I mentioned - you should be able to specify the 'freeware' category when performing/narrowing down your search.

  • What is the best way to sync Address Book contacts?

    Please help!
    I run a small Mac network and I need to sync all (we have 8 Macs) the Mac's Address Book's with each other and also with 5 different iPhones. We have a Mac Server running Tiger and all the Macs are running Tiger. 4 of the Macs are Intel. The server is PowerPC.
    At the moment I am just using 1 .Mac account to sync to them all, but this is causing many problems with duplications, errors and 'stress!'
    The reason for the above setup is money. But, as the problems continue and the syncing become more important, money is now allowed to be spent.
    My question really is, as the subject header says, 'What is the best way to sync Address Book contacts?' In the past I have tried XC Connect, and a few other apps, but with the introduction of the iPhones, the setup has become more complex.
    If I were to buy all new Intel Macs and an Intel Mac Server all running Snow Leopard, would the 'Address Book Server' do the job? I have found very little information on the net and the information I did find was all negative.
    Is there something Leopard can do that Tiger can't? Is Tiger nolonger a good enough system to try and run an Address Book network?
    Does anybody else out there in the Mac world have a similar setup to mine, and if so, how do you have your setup.
    Incidentally, ALL users, incuding iPhone users, need read & write access to the Address Book!!
    Any solutions or suggestions would be most welcome.
    Thanks in advance

    Oh, I meant Leopard does do more than Tiger Server.
    I don't know enough about Server, even less abut Syncing.
    SL is to new, not enough time to iron out the kinks yet imho.
    One day SL will be better than Leo, but...
    I'd ask over in server...
    Or perhaps Collaboration Services...
    They may even have a different opinion on SL.

  • I own a MacBook Pro laptop, an iPhone5 and an iPad mini with an itunes/apple account.  I just added an iphone5 for my wife. What is the best way to sync shared music, ical, etc.?

    I own a MacBook Pro laptop, an iPhone5 and an iPad mini with an itunes and apple account.  I just purchased another iphone5 for my wife.  What is the best way to sync and share iTunes music, iCal dates on her phone and my computer and devices? We don't need to sync and share contacts.

    Jordans374 wrote:
    Both are already synced to a windows laptop?
    Move iTunes Library from PC to MAC

  • Best way to sync contacts?

    I have my contacts with Yahoo since I have a Yahoo email address. I also have a Mac Address Book which I no longer sync with Yahoo because of a duplication mess that created a nightmare of missing contacts as well.
    I no longer sync my Yahoo contacts via iTunes. I do it via push feature on the iPhone with Yahoo.
    Now, after syncing all my contacts from Yahoo to my iPhone, I noticed that Yahoo does not distinquish because email addresses (it does so in edit option but not after viewing) i.e. home, work, etc. It does okay on the phone side but not perfect there either as I got mobile phone listings but when I also had a home listing, Yahoo labels it 'phone" on my iPhone. I had to go into each contact on my iPhone to set the phone numbers and emails correctly instead of what Yahoo listed which was the generic "phone" and "email."
    Now I noticed that my Mac Address Book pretty much lists the details like that on the iPhone. I went into iTunes under contacts to sync and my Mac Address Book was not an option. I am missing something?
    I am just trying to find the best way to sync. The issue here seems to be the Yahoo label listing but I am open to syncing my contacts another way.

    Yes, if you just sync contacts then they I'll be automatically updated on all devices.

Maybe you are looking for

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