BeX variable exit confusion

In my BW system, someone has created a query. There is a variable in this query.
The value for this variable is filled by an exit but the description of the variable is filled at run time by what it is unclear.
The description for the current month is displayed as 'MAY 2008' and for june it will be 'JUNE 2008'. Wanted to know where this logic is built?

If you look at the text variable, the text variable would be created with a characteristic are reference. The value for the text variable comes from that characteristic - it's the value that the char holds.
Click on the text variable selection screen. in the list of variables, choose ur variable and choose display - you can find the char that loads data into the variable. for a given query, the text variable will hold only one value and this value shows up in the report.
Hope this answers you!
~ Arun Kk

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  • How to Install Business Content BEX Variables.

    Hi Experts.
    i want to install all the standard bex variables
    (exits, formulas) available in business content.
    when i go to the business content i see lot of variables
    of 0CALDAY which one to install ?. and even after installation of all none of them seem to appear in the BEX query designer?.
    Is there anything am missing?
    Hari Anand.

    A little correction to Aby's reply.
    You don't have to have something like Billing date mapped to 0CALDAY in transfer rules.
    It's enough to have just 0CALDAY.
    The other dates (if you need them), like billing date, receiving date etc. are created as A REFERENCE TO 0CALDAY.
    It means that to all derivative dates you may apply variables created on 0CALDAY.
    You may not see all variables installed from a business content. -- Some variables are created on a particular infoobject and you can see those variables in the left panel, beneath this infoobject.
    There are also text and formula variable that might be independent from infoobjects. You can see them while creating a formulas in structures.
    Best regards,

  • Regarding Bex user exits

    Hello Friends ,
       I have created a variable for a report , can a Info Object be associated to the
      variable through Bex variable exits ..

    Hello Akash,
    yes you can. Suppose you have entered your controlling area in variable ZCO_AREA and you want to fill variable ZCHRT_ACCTS (Chart of accounts). Then you can do it like this in variable exit ZXRSRU01:
    DATA: l_s_range LIKE rsr_s_rangesid,
          l_s_var_range LIKE rrrangeexit,
          i_pco_area LIKE /bi0/pco_area.
    CASE i_vnam.
        IF i_step = 2. "Fill after variable popup
          READ TABLE i_t_var_range INTO l_s_var_range
                          WITH KEY vnam = 'ZCO_AREA'.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM /bi0/pco_area INTO i_pco_area
          WHERE co_area = l_s_var_range-low.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            l_s_range-low = i_pco_area-chrt_accts.
            CLEAR l_s_range-low.
          l_s_range-sign   = 'I'.
          l_s_range-opt    = 'EQ'.
          APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.
    Hope it helps (after a few days of waiting?)
    Martin Lehmann

  • Default value of BeX customer Exit variable not Displayed in WeBI??

    Hello Experts,
    We are stuck with a problem where WeBI report is created on top of BeX query and we are not able to see the default value of Bex Customer exit variable in WeBI run. Here is the complete scenario:
    1. One restricted KF is created in BeX, restricted with Customer exit variable on net Due date. And this variable is mandatory, ready for input, and Default value in calculated is user exit as current Week's Monday.
    2. So, by default KF data should be restricted to Monday of current week, if user does not change this value.
    3. Now, WeBI report is created on top of this Bex query, and all is working fine, i.e. we are getting variable as Prompt in WeBI, but Default value is not shown while Running the Webi Report.
    So, need your inputs on the same, if default values from BeX in WeBI is supported or not? If yes, why this is happening, and how to resolve it?
    Please notice, the restrcition is in KF only, it is not a separate restrcition on Net Due date in Filter area or in Defualt area of BeX
    and we are on SAP BW 7.1 and BOXI 3.1 SP4.
    Edited by: VIPUL GOYAL on Nov 23, 2011 9:44 PM

    See 1285993 - Support of Customer Exit Variables from BEx query into WebIntelligence via OLAP universe
    WebI will prompt when executed, but the default values calculated by the user exit  - do not appear.
    Note: If the BEx variable has property 'ready for input' set / enabled, then its WebI prompt shows ok, but no default value appears.
    This behaviour expected 'by design' (in the context of the product's current limitations) as explained in the online guide below:
    Please refer to Chapter 7, page 44, document link here:
    Characteristic variable > processing type > Customer Exit  is "Supported, without user entry"                                                                               
    -->  This should be understood as meaning "User will not be shown a prompt"

  • How to make BEX Customer Exit Variable inactive through Customer Exit Code

    I had created two variables VAR1 and VAR2 as Customer Exit variables
    If VAR1 is entered then it should automatically make the VAR2 as NO Entry Variable.
    vice versa also required.
    can u help me with any code in CMOD so that we can make it inactive through Customer Exit Code.
    Thanks in Advance.

    What i want is not commenting the code
    I want to make the BEX Variable as inactive by using the Customer Exit Code
    EX : If value in VAR1 is entered  then VAR2 should become automatically inactive.
           If value in VAR2 is entered  then VAR1 should become automatically inactive.
    how can this be done
    Thanks in advance.

  • BEx SAP-Exit Variables

    Where do I find documentation on BEx SAP-Exit Variables. What the Exit does and so on?

    Try this link.
    The variables are documented as per BI Content.

  • BEX User exit variables in WEBI

    Hi Experts,
    Need your help please.
    I have a report in BEX with a user exit variable wich depends on other manual input variable.
    In BEX it works properly but in WEBI it doesn't recognize the user exit variable.
    It displays the error message: Not possible to determine the value for ZPD_YEAR_DAY variable
    Error in DB.​ ​Error message is​:​ ​failure to execute the query ​M​D​X​ ​S​E​L​E​C​T​ ​ ​{​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​C​S​1​W​7​F​A​8​F​E​O​H​J​3​T​3​2​H​4​Q​D​Z​4​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​D​H​9​K​1​N​I​T​C​Z​E​4​U​Y​3​J​4​U​A​E​T​Z​4​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​D​H​9​K​1​N​I​T​D​R​2​R​6​P​F​2​K​G​C​U​8​8​W​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​C​S​1​W​7​F​A​8​E​M​Z​V​7​C​H​J​M​V​2​A​Z​P​C​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​C​S​1​W​7​F​A​8​K​0​S​7​H​N​Q​B​O​5​J​A​R​L​S​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​C​S​1​W​7​F​A​8​G​6​D​3​U​V​4​M​I​3​7​5​S​8​W​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​C​S​1​W​7​F​A​8​H​P​Q​C​I​D​R​P​D​B​C​0​K​S​G​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​C​S​1​W​7​F​A​8​I​H​E​Y​U​5​3​8​S​X​E​F​Z​2​8​]​,​ ​[​M​e​a​s​u​r​e​s​]​.​[​D​9​D​H​2​8​D​W​V​F​6​7​4​2​E​6​4​Z​O​L​8​F​X​3​4​]​ ​}​ ​ ​O​N​ ​C​O​L​U​M​N​S​ ​,​ ​N​O​N​ ​E​M​P​T​Y​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​C​R​O​S​S​J​O​I​N​(​ ​ ​{​ ​[​0​C​A​L​Y​E​A​R​]​.​[​2​0​1​0​]​ ​}​ ​,​ ​ ​{​ ​[​0​H​A​P​_​D​O​C​_​I​D​_​_​Z​A​P​_​S​U​B​S​T​]​.​[​5​0​]​,​ ​[​0​H​A​P​_​D​O​C​_​I​D​_​_​Z​A​P​_​S​U​B​S​T​]​.​[​7​0​]​ ​}​ ​ ​)​,​ ​[​0​I​N​F​O​P​R​O​V​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​,​ ​[​Z​D​A​T​E​_​A​T​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​,​ ​ ​{​ ​[​Z​C​P​M​]​.​[​X​]​ ​}​ ​ ​)​,​ ​[​Z​P​R​O​M​O​C​A​O​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​,​ ​[​Z​R​E​S​P​_​A​V​L​_​_​Z​N​I​V​_​C​A​R​R​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​,​ ​[​Z​R​E​S​P​_​A​V​L​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​,​ ​[​Z​N​I​V​_​C​A​R​R​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​,​ ​[​0​E​M​P​L​O​Y​E​E​]​.​[​L​E​V​E​L​0​1​]​.​M​E​M​B​E​R​S​ ​)​ ​D​I​M​E​N​S​I​O​N​ ​P​R​O​P​E​R​T​I​E​S​ ​M​E​M​B​E​R​_​N​A​M​E​,​ ​M​E​M​B​E​R​_​C​A​P​T​I​O​N​,​ ​[​0​E​M​P​L​O​Y​E​E​]​.​[​2​0​E​M​P​L​O​Y​E​E​]​,​ ​[​0​E​M​P​L​O​Y​E​E​]​.​[​4​0​E​M​P​L​O​Y​E​E​]​,​ ​[​0​H​A​P​_​D​O​C​_​I​D​_​_​Z​A​P​_​S​U​B​S​T​]​.​[​2​0​H​A​P​_​D​O​C​_​I​D​_​_​Z​A​P​_​S​U​B​S​T​]​,​ ​[​Z​R​E​S​P​_​A​V​L​]​.​[​2​Z​R​E​S​P​_​A​V​L​]​ ​O​N​ ​R​O​W​S​ ​F​R​O​M​ ​[​Z​A​V​D​P​_​M​0​1​/​Z​P​D​_​G​P​S​_​V​A​R​I​A​V​E​L​_​0​0​2​]​ ​ ​with error:​ Not possible to determine the value for ZPD_YEAR_DAY variable​.​ ​(​W​I​S​ ​1​0​9​0​1​)
    This ZPD_YEAR_DAY variable​ is the user exit variable.
    Thanks in advance,
    José Simões

    I am following up to this post to see if there is something I am missing.
    We have bex query with user exit variable and webi bi4sp04.4
    In bex the user exit variable works correctly, in webi, it is ignored  (the webi results are not filtered as they are in bex web results)
    I have tried moving the variable to the char restrictions and removed ready for input - so there are now no prompts in bex query.
    I have reviewed note 1611185 as well as other info on restrictions of BICS and webi, but cannot find a clear answer if bex user exit variables are supported in BI4 clients or not.
    Lee Lewis

  • Need clarification on BEX variable usage in customer exit.

    i am an ABAP guy,i dont have any idea about BW,But here i got one problem,
    1)Variable has been craeted in BEX Report (processed by Customer exit).
    2)i am trying to write ABAP code in CMOD customer exit(ZXRSRU01),but when i am calling BEX variable it is not taking it is giving error(it should defined by data statment)so how to call the bex varible in Customer exit,if any body have sample code or any idea kindly let me know.

    Hi and welcome to SDN!
    there are a lot of examples and clarifications in these forums. For instance:
    Re: steps for a customer exit.
    Re: Regarding the Code for the Customer Exit
    Best regards,

  • Bex  Custom variable exit

    Hi BW Folks,
    I need to build a Bex Variable fiscal year/period that when the
    var 1: user enters the value
    var 2: custom exit that will get me the data for current quarter
    Q1[1,2,3]  Q2 [4,5,6]  Q3[7,8,9] Q4 [10,11,12]
    e.g.: User enters 008.2007 then the current quarter will be Q3 (7+8)
    e.g.: User enters 010.2007 then the current quarter will be Q4.(only 10)
    Any suggestions will be reciprocated with lots of points.

    1. Create Customer Exit Variable on your Calender Quarter IO with accepting Select Options (not ready for Input).
    2. Create User Exit Variable code in CMOD. 
    IF I_STEP = 2.
    case <u>'VAR 2'</u>
                              WITH KEY VNAM = <u>'User Enter enabled Variable i.e. VAR1'</u> BINARY SEARCH.
      IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
        if LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(3) <= 003.
          L_S_RANGE-SIGN     = 'I'.
          L_S_RANGE-OPT      = 'BT'.
          L_S_RANGE-LOW = '001'.
          L_S_RANGE-HIGH = LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(3).
      elseif LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW4(3) > 003 and LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW4(3) <= 006.
          L_S_RANGE-SIGN     = 'I'.
          L_S_RANGE-OPT      = 'BT'.
          L_S_RANGE-LOW = '004'.
          L_S_RANGE-HIGH = LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(3).
      elseif LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW4(3) > 006 and LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW4(3) <= 009.
          L_S_RANGE-SIGN     = 'I'.
          L_S_RANGE-OPT      = 'BT'.
          L_S_RANGE-LOW = '007'.
          L_S_RANGE-HIGH = LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(3).
      elseif LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(3) > 009.
          L_S_RANGE-SIGN     = 'I'.
          L_S_RANGE-OPT      = 'BT'.
          L_S_RANGE-LOW = '009'.
          L_S_RANGE-HIGH = LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW+4(3).
    try this and let me know.
    Nagesh Ganisetti.
    Assign points if it helps.

  • Fill BEx Variable with more than one value via Custom Exit

    Dear SDN comunity,
    I want to fill a BEx Variable via a custom exit. My problem is, I don't know how to fill this variable with more than one value.
    I try to give you some background info based on an exaple:
    <b>Type of Variable:</b> Characteristic Value
    <b>Variable Name:</b> ZCCD
    <b>Description:</b> Company Code Selection
    <b>Processing by:</b> Custom Exit
    <b>Characteristic:</b> Company Code
    <b>Variable Represents:</b> Multiple Single Values
    <u><b>This is the used ABAP code:</b></u>
    WHEN 'ZCCD'.
    CLEAR l_s_range.
    l_s_range-low = '2002;2004'.
    l_s_range-sign = 'I'.
    l_s_range-sign = 'EQ'.
    APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.
    <u><b>The system returns this message:</b></u>
    Value "2002;2004" is too long for variable ZCCD
    appreciate your help!

    Eugene, Marcus
    it works now, thx a lot!
    Please find attached the final code:
    CLEAR l_s_range.
    l_s_range-low = '2002'.
    l_s_range-sign = 'I'.
    l_s_range-<b>opt</b> = 'EQ'.
    APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.
    CLEAR l_s_range.
    l_s_range-low = '2004'.
    l_s_range-sign = 'I'.
    l_s_range-<b>opt</b> = 'EQ'.
    APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.
    (Delta to Marcus's code is bold)

  • How to look at sap exit  for bex variable

    hi gurus
    how can i read a sapexit for a standard variable created by sap. i need to replicate that same code and modify it and make my own user exit for a custom variable.

    hi Adnan,
    sap variable exit is process with function module RSVAREXIT[variable name],
    e.g you want to see code for 0date, run SE37, RSVAREXIT0DATE and display.
    hope this helps.

  • Bex Customer Exit: I_STEP 2,3 are not getting called up?

    Hi All,
    I need a small help in BEX variable customer exit. I am trying to give an error message on what user had entered on the selection screen. I kept several breakpoints. But I understand that this particular code is calling up only when 'I_STEP = 1'. For I_STEP 2 and 3, the follwong code is not being called? I have seen so many validations happening on user entered values with error messages.. But I am not sure where I am missing?
    Here is my sample code.. can any one extend the help?
    The original requirement is to 'modify' what user had entered. But I understand that SAP is not allowing to modify what user had input.. So thought of giving a small error message.. and not able to do that also.. so I am in this Forum..
    When 'ZCATID2'.
    *data : l_year1(4) type n,
          l_year2(4) type n,
    data: l_cat(10).
    *IF I_STEP <> 2.
    *RAISE no_processing.
    IF I_STEP EQ 3.
      if LOC_VAR_RANGE-LOW CP '*'.
      message i999(zz) with 'Test'.

    Thanks Roberto for this good document to clear my fundamentals. I think I understand the mistake on my code.
    Thanks verymuch for your timely help.
    Best Regards,
    ( I looked to give more points to you but it allwoed me only 10 points to give you.). Have a nice day!!

  • How to get the offset value in the Bex customer exit?

    Hello Friends,
    I have defined an offset on a variable in the query definition.
    I wish to capture this offset value  in the Bex variable customer exit .
    Does anyone how to get this??

    I dont think you can capture the offset applied value in a exit as the value is dependent on the variable itself and nothing to capture the result after the offset has been applied.
    why dont you capture the variable value itself and apply the logic to do an offset in the customer exit?

  • BEx  Variable input Issue

    Hi everyone,
                       I have an issue with Input Parameters in BEx Variable Screen. For Example, I have included Customer Name in the Variable Screen. Then , the user says, he does not remember the complete customer name. There will be thousands of names. Instead he remembers only a few Initial Characters. For example, if the  customer Name is ZSAMSUNG. He only remembers ZS out of the whole name.
    In that case, he wants to enter ZS* in the Variable Selection Screen for Customer Name. But this is not working in BEx. It says invalid Parameters. I have created a Characteristic variable with Manual Entry.
    Currently, I am working on BI7.0, Support Package 11.
    Please provide your valuable inputs.
    1) Is it possible create a Customer Exit Variable for the same with some logic.

    Hi Samir
    Sry, but I think that this functionallity is allredy usable in Bex.
    When the variable-screen appears, the customer has to press F4 for help.
    Another screen pos up.
    -> in that screen, in the FIRST ROW, the customer can seach by therms:
       in the first column:  KEYS
       secound column:  Text
       other columns:  attributes if available
    he also has the possibility to search with *
      like  ZS*  for ZSAMSUNG
    try out, it works 

  • The window to select dimensions simply does not appear and I can't move forward, due to variables exit in the report

    Dear experts,
    I am having an issue when I try to create a WEBI document using Bex query through OLAP connection (Bics).
    Due to variables exit, it is not possible to open query pannel in webi to choose wich dimensions to add to the webi document.
    The window to select dimensions simply does not appear and I can't move forward!
    In RSRT ou Bex Analyzer, the query is running fine without errors.
    CMOD code is like this (I believe there is not any error as it is working flawless on other reports for other variable names):
    WHEN 'ZREDT1'.
         IF i_step = 2.
           CLEAR wa2.
           READ TABLE i_t_var_range INTO wa2 WITH KEY vnam = 'ZRE_DT_IN'.
    *      wa2-low = |{ v_year_h }12|.
           IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
             v_year_h = wa2-low(4) - 1.
             CONCATENATE v_year_h '12' INTO wa1-low.
    *        wa1-low = wa2-low.
             wa1-opt  = 'EQ'.
             wa1-sign = 'I'.
             APPEND wa1 TO e_t_range.
        WHEN 'ZREDT2'.
         IF i_step = 2.
           CLEAR wa2.
           READ TABLE i_t_var_range INTO wa2 WITH KEY vnam = 'ZRE_DT_IN'.
           IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
    *        wa2-low = |{ v_year_h }12|.
             v_year_h = wa2-low(4) - 1.
             CONCATENATE v_year_h '12' INTO wa1-low.
             wa1-opt  = 'EQ'.
             wa1-sign = 'I'.
             APPEND wa1 TO e_t_range.
    Please provide assistance,
    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,
    André Oliveira

    I solved it.
    The problem was due to date coming to exit - as you know some time intervals start at 01-01-1000, and as I was calculating 1000-1 = 999
    I was getting and interval from 99901 to 201405. Do not know if it was not working because CHAR NUMC6 was failing trying to recognize interval 99901 - 201405, but probably, this was the issue.
    Thanks for your inputs,
    Best regards,
    André Oliveira

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