Billing out put problem

hi gurus,
I have a problem when creating billing out put automatically.  through condition technique .  I did it  when am looking into vf02 it is not coming automatically.  when am giving manually it is accepting.  when i saved that out put type it is saving and green singl is coming.  But it is not coming automatically.  Even though i maintained conditon records  in vv31.  still am getting this prob.  in procedure. am having conditon type that
conditon type i assigned i proce.
If any one know this please .  he will get maximum rewards from this query.

Hi Nag,
        I.Once again check assignments with repect to billing type.
        2.Check the communication tab in VV32 are you maintaining all parameters or not,check the storage field it should be filled with print,check medium also.
I hope it will help you

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    Hi Madhu,
    Yes, I did but out put is not coming.
    Pradeep Krishnamurthy

  • Out put problem in Ad hoc query reports

    Hi Gurus,
    I am tryting to generate a report through Ad hoc query in S_PH0_48000510 - Ad Hoc Query SAP/Query/HR_ADM - > Selected several options like personnel number / employee name / entry date / leaving date.
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    Thanks & Regards,
    Pradeep Krishnamurthy

    Hi Madhu,
    Yes, I did but out put is not coming.
    Pradeep Krishnamurthy

  • Csv report out put problem

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    Its not possible to export data directly from 6i to excel but you can export in text file and then open it in excel it will open very easily but keep it in you mind first eliminate all report groups.
    There is a trick to capture Oracle Reports output (text output) into a excel sheet.
    Basic Steps :
    1) Set the output format for the report to XML
    2) Run the report to generate output.
    3) Save the output file locally as a XML file.
    4) Open the file using MS Excel.
    5) To make it more beautiful, you may use a MS Excel Template
    and read below may be this will be helpful to u
    Reports 6i Matrix Output in Excel Format

  • Out Put Problems After Crash

    Hi I am running a newly installed LP8 following a crash to day I am having problems getting sound out
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    I am Running a MOTU traveller and a MOTU 828 which are linked in Core audio and clocks linked by fiber .If I switch core audio to Both together or the Traveller on its own( I use the Traveller’s channels 1 and 2 to input to my monitors) I get I high pitched beeping sound which seems to lag the playing of my midi Keyboard
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    Sounds like you're already running an aggregate audio audio setup (linked in core audio). Maybe the crash wiped out the arregate device?
    Often resetting the MOTU 828 can clear up "beeping" sounds.
    Is it and 828MkII?
    If so the reset procedure is:
    - Unplug the firewire
    - press the button "setup", turn full right until "factory default"
    - push select
    - confirm with "value"
    - plug back firewire
    Might want to check the manual and see if the Traveler has
    a reset procedure as well.
    If none of the above just make sure your audio clocks are locked at the same frequency. Also, shut the Mac down, unplug all of the MOTU stuff, boot the Mac, plugin the MOTU units.

  • Data load and out put problem

    Hi Experts,
    Iam going through a peculiar problem.I have data flowing from R/3 to master data Info provider 0Requi. I have validated the data between R/3 and the master data info provider, it is found to be good. This data is being loaded from 0Requi to a staging write optimized DSO. there are routines in the Transformations for the DSO. when I check and compare the data, I found that out of 625 records in the Source only 599 were available in the target, and out of 599 records 17 records are duplicate and 29 records have not been populated from source to target.
    Any help to solve the issue will be highly appreciated and thanked with suitable points.
    Thanks and Regards

    Thank you very much Jen, Full points to you.
    There was nothing in the error stack. Sy_Subrc in the routine was giving the problem. It has been rectified and the Data is loading fine in the development system.
    Now I am in another peculiar situation.
    The routines, after debugging, are working good in the development system but after transporting to Quality system for testing, they are failing there. Iam facing the same old problem there again. The transports are checked, they were done properly. The ABAPer is satisfied with the transported code. If you can then please guide me.Iam closing this thread and opening a new thread with Subject as " In different behavior of Routines"
    Thank you once again Jen. Full points assigned to you.
    Kind Regards

  • Out Put Problem in Sales Order

    Hi ,
    i created a sales order , but prinit out is not generating automatically for one particular customer, rest of customers ok , it's working fine
    and when i assign output type BA00  manually in sales order  , system throwing error
    "Requirements are not checked with manual create" 
    message no :Message no. VN085
    Hint:  <b>this error is only for this particular customer</b>
    hope u people can find a solution for me ,
    Thanks & Regards
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    PLs check delivery block in order, if yes , u check requirements for delivery blocks
    give me feedback immediatly

  • Out put problem

    Hi experts,
                            i have a problem with my script, my script name is  zmodify_form, my report name is zmodify and the trancation code of the script is zmodify, if i make any changes in form (allignments and formats) i can see the changes that made by me in printing test . But when i execute the tcode it shows the same existing screen. wat can i do for this?
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    In Background u can get the Maximum length 250 only.

  • Regarding Frieght charges in Billing Out Put

    Hi All,
    While iam doing billing with 3 line items in billing.In Billing Output print the freight charges are only coming for the last line item it is not calculating the freight charges for the whole three line items.There are any configuration should be done or with the help of abapers it should be done.
    Can any one help me this is an urgent issue

    Hi Sunil
    If it is not showing in the output,then first of all check in the condition type details, wheather it is a freight charge condition type or not.If all those condition types are feight change condition types but still it is not coming in the output then ask you ABAP team to check the coding of the smartform  which is assigned to the output type.

  • Ultrabeat multiple out put problem

    when i change the output of a voice in ultrabeat it plays out of sync and sounds like a different pattern.When i change it back to "main" its plays back ok.Is it a bug or something?or is something wrong with my system?
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    Hi Vishi
    Please check you routine associated with your output type, suppose you have a requiremnt that is qty=5 then trigger DLO1, in such cases every time you save sales order with qty =5 output will trigger automatically.
    To avoid such cases add some code in routine that is output has already triggered then don't trigger.
    Take help of ABAPer.
    try and revert

  • Regarding ALV out put problem

    i have a internal table with the following structure
    TYPES: begin of  ty_final.
    types: b_bseg type bseg.
    types: k_kna1 type kna1.
    types: l_lfa1 type lfa1.
    types: s_ska1 type ska1.
    types: a_anlu type anlu.
    TYPES:   End of  ty_final.
    DATA: lt_final TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_final ,
          wa_final TYPE ty_final.
    after i fill my final internal table i  need to get the output in ALV grid  , i tried to pass the internal table to ALv Grid function module but I am getting shortdump .
    is it possible to to get the output with this complex structure?
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    here is the short dump ,  I think the ALV program doesnt get the internal table value , because the value resides in deep structure .  if i am wrong correct me.
    Short text
    Field symbol has not yet been assigned.
    What happened?
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "SAPLSLVC" had to be terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    Error analysis
    You attempted to access an unassigned field symbol
    (data segment 32821).
    This error may occur if
    - You address a typed field symbol before it has been set with
    - You address a field symbol that pointed to the line of an
    internal table that was deleted
    - You address a field symbol that was previously reset using
    UNASSIGN or that pointed to a local field that no
    longer exists
    - You address a global function interface, although the
    respective function module is not active - that is, is
    not in the list of active calls. The list of active calls
    can be taken from this short dump.
    Trigger Location of Runtime Error
    Program                                 SAPLSLVC
    Include                                 LSLVCF36
    Row                                     3.267
    Module type                             (FORM)
    Module Name                             FILL_DATA_TABLE
    Source Code Extract
    append ls_lvc_data to ct_lvc_data.
    Column per Fieldcat Entry
    loop at it_fcat_local assigning <ls_fcat>.
    clear: ls_lvc_data-href_hndl,
    clear: lt_color_lvc, lt_color_slis.
    add 1 to ls_lvc_data-col_pos.
    if not <ls_fcat>-indx_field is initial.
    assign component <ls_fcat>-indx_field
    of structure <ls_data> to <l_field_value>.
    assign component <ls_fcat>-fieldname
    of structure <ls_data> to <l_field_value>.
    *>>> new API
    if ir_salv_adapter is bound.
    clear ls_lvc_data-style.
    if g_gui_type ne 1.
    if <ls_fcat>-key eq abap_true.
    ls_lvc_data-style = alv_style_color_int_key.
    elseif l_style_color is initial
    and ( <ls_fcat>-emphasize is initial or
    <ls_fcat>-emphasize = '$' ).
    if <ls_stin>-counter is initial.
    ls_lvc_data-style = alv_style_color_normal.

  • Out Put issue in Billing

    Hi Gurus,
    I have customized billing document out put as follows:
    1) i have maintained condition table 002 that is Sales Org/Billing document type.
    2) i have maintained condition type with Z and given appropriate name and In the overview i have maintained following details against each Tab:
        General Data tab :
               i have given access sequence as 002 that is Sales 
                                org and billing type i have clicked on Access to 
         Default values tab :
             Dispatch time : 3 Send with application own transaction
             Transmission medium : Print output
             Partner function : BP bill to party
             Communication Strategy : blank
         Time tab:
             no were i have maintained  any value.
         Storage System:
             Storage Mode : printing only
             Document type: SDINVOICE
            Print Param : Sales organization
    In Processing routines :
      in output type : i have maintained my own output type
      Application : V3
      Medium  : Print out
      Program : RLB_INVOICE
      FORM routine : Entry
      PDF/Smart form : ZLB_BIL_VATINVOICE2
    Partner function :
      i have maintained Out type
                                  Medium : print out
                                  function : BP
    In determination procedure V10000
          i have maintained my output types and i have given requirement  62 for my all out put types.
    and i have assigned this out type procedure to my billing documents.
    i have maintained condition records (VV31) for my key combination Sales org and billing type.
    But problem is after saving my billing document and posting the billing document i am not getting out put type automatically.
    Even i am not able to see any billing documents in t-code VF31 after giving necessary details.
    So pls tell me where i am wrong in config
    My second question is we have made couple of invoices proper to this config so will system pick up those invoices which are pending for print out by giving VF31.
    Please reply me on urgent basis since all the invoices are pending for print out and client is panic.
    Correct asn will get good reward.
    thanks & regards

    Hi murali,
    thanks for your reply
    I have maintained communication for condition records
    like Output Device : ZAA3
    clicked on  Print immediately
                     release after output
    these i have maintained in condition records.
    So please tell me where else i am missing.

  • Problem with Input out put parametes of IViews in callable objects

    Dear Friends,
    I have designed model which contains 2 IViews
    Apply leave IViews
    Approve leave Iviews
    In both the cases i have exposed the in & out parameters using start & end point.
    Finally deployed in portal successfully
    Guided procedures ->Design Time
    I have created folder
    when i create callable objects using this IViews , i dont see the input & out put parameters exposed in context parameters tab for this IView.
    Any step i missed.
    shekar Chandra

    HI Nishi
                struck up with minor problem,
    We have a application designed in VC.It contains
    Create request
    Approve Request(approve or reject buttons)
    IF approved then
    a.Book Request IView
    b.Summary Iview
    If Rejected then
    a.rejected IView.
    When i am designing Process with Sequential block,
    all the actions namely
    create request
    appprove request
    are processingone one by as action mentioned in sequential block irrespective of approved or rejected.
    I cannot go for alternative block, since the result state buttons are desinged in IView only namely(Approve/reject).
    How to overcome this probelm any suitable solution?
    shekar chandra

  • Out put determination error in billing

    In my current  project I have to do printing of mass billing documents at once
    For this i configured output condition type ZD00 and access sequeunce ZBNG
    I have defined procedure Z10000 and assigned condition type to it  and done all necessary configuration
    When i create billing document and take print preview the values come correctly .but when i go to the t code vf02 and see the header --output the out put is determined but shows color RED indicating error
    My abaper has debuuged the programm and found that two tables T682V and T683S should contain the entries of condition type ZD00
    Table T683S containes the entries but in table T682V the enrtires of condition type ZD00 are not found
    What i want to know is that is there a config setting to pass entries into this table so that i can do the same
    Thanks and Regards
    Suneel Srinivasan

    Pleae compare your configuration with below article. You should be able to find the missing configuration. Output configuration is done under the transaction NACE. If you configure it correctly and then maintain output condition records correctly, system should issue them.
    [Output config|]
    Please let us know if you can't find what is missing!
    Best regards,

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