Block Business Partner to move in

I want to block a list of  Business Partner to move in.
is there a standart way to do it?
what do you recommend ?

I don't know about how to block the business partner.
but we can set deleation flag to these Business partners by executing this t-code  BUPA_PRE_DA.
While createing move-in we can check this flag by enhancements.

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  • Block business partner (vendor) for local purc. org

    I have a problem regarding, block business partner for local purchase organization.
    R/3: Transaction MK05, block vendor for ONE purc. org.
    SRM: Transaction BBPUPDVD.
    If I activate transaction BP, and look into the purchasing data, the bp is only blockt for my SAP purc. org.
    If I activate transaction BBP_UPDATA_PORG, tape in the local purc. org. and the SAP purc. org, run the transaction, nothing happens. It is NOT possible to mark the block indicator for the local purc. org.
    BR. Kim

    <b>Please go through the following SAP OSS Notes -></b>
    Note 805467 - BBPUPDVD/BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: purch. org. view deletion indicato
    Note 613182 - BBP-GP: New field: Purchasing block
    Note 805468 - BBPUPDVD/BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: Deletion indicator in POrg view
    Note 563677 - Purchasing documents: No message when partner blocked
    Note 859615 - Error 06 025 Partner is not created for Purchasing Organizat
    Note 900620 - E WY017 Partner not created for Purch.Org.(BAPI_PO_CREATE1)
    Note 1053064 - MEB1: Invoicing party partner cannot be used in agreements
    Note 654416 - BBP_PARTNER_VALIDATE: Long runtime
    Note 840215 - PO is created with wrong terms of payment in ECS
    Note 702888 - ECS: Terms of payment in ECS
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Blocking business partner

    i need to block business partner in transaction FMCAC2 so that no transaction will be done for that business partner. there is a requirement for abap to do that. transaction XD05 is not meeting the requirent because its not in SD but in TRM which is specifically for Revenue Authority. What do i need to do

    i need to block business partner in transaction FMCAC2 so that no transaction will be done for that business partner. there is a requirement for abap to do that. transaction XD05 is not meeting the requirent because its not in SD but in TRM which is specifically for Revenue Authority. What do i need to do

  • Blocked Business Partner List

    can anyone help me to find how this blocked list updated?
    1. Some of the business partner updated automatically in this blocke list
    2.  Some business partners added into blocked list after SPL screening.
    Also please confirm the below questions
    1. when ever a customer/document blocked in SPL screening then BP will be automatically added into blocked list.
    2. If yes then after releasing document in SPL screening, i have to release BP also from Blocked list to avoid feature blocking?
    Thanks in advance

    it would be helpful if u can you provide the answer for that
    thank you

  • Can we block the business partner master data for embargo reason?

       Do you know if we can add the embargo block on business partner master data in GTS just like SPL checking?

    Embargo checking in SAP GTS can be enforced using any combination of the following:
    country-to-country, country group to country, or all countries to country.
    The check is based on the combination of the country of departure and the country of destination (or groups of countries).
    If the system detects an embargo situation, the document is blocked for further processing.
    IF you want to block Business partner for embargo reason,
    you may have to do some code enhancement(abap coding based) for the same.

  • How to block a business sales order????

    Hi all,
               While generating the sales order....In the customer tab i will select one business partner from CFL,after choosing i want one particular customer to be blocked....means it should unable to post the sales order.....i know that i should write my coding in the customer tab LOST FOCUS event......can anybody suggest me the coding for this problem....

    How about blocking some partner from ChooseFromList of BP in Sales Order?
    Meaning that blocked some bp with criteria in Choose From List. Sample code:
    If pVal.FormType = 139 And pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_CHOOSE_FROM_LIST Then
                If pVal.ItemUID = "4" Then
                    If pVal.InnerEvent And pVal.Before_Action Then
                        BubbleEvent = False
                        Dim oForm As SAPbouiCOM.Form
                        oForm = SBO_Application.Forms.Item(FormUID)
                        Dim oCons As SAPbouiCOM.Conditions                   
                        Dim oCFL As SAPbouiCOM.ChooseFromList
                        'oCFL = oCFLs.Add(oCFLCreationParams)
                        oCFL = oForm.ChooseFromLists.Item("2")
                        oCons = oCFL.GetConditions()
                        'Note: Add the condition only once.
                        If 0 = oCons.Count Then
                            Dim oCon As SAPbouiCOM.Condition
                            oCon = oCons.Add()
                            oCon.Alias = "Cardcode"
                            oCon.Operation = SAPbouiCOM.BoConditionOperation.co_EQUAL
                            oCon.CondVal = "C0001"
                            'Set your own condition here instead of the system conditions
                        End If
                        BubbleEvent = True
                    End If
                End If
            End If
    Regards, Yatsea

  • Set order block for new business partner

    Hi experts,
    I have the requirement to set the order block for a business partner (based on some attributes) at the moment when it will be created or changed.
    I tried to use the BAdI BUPA_GENERAL_UPDATE where I am using the FM CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_READ/ CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_GET_DETAIL to retrieve the already existing status data and the FM CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_CREATE/ CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_CHANGE to add or change this data.
    In the SAPGUI at least the update scenario (CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_CHANGE) is working.
    In the WebUI application none of the both is working: In the create scenario the application is even dumping (SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC) but this dump happens in an other implementation of this BAdI!
    In the BP update scenario nothing happens though the UI will be refreshed by some coding like
    lr_bol_core = cl_crm_bol_core=>get_instance( ).
    lr_bol_core->modify( ).
    Is there something wrong or missing or is there a better BAdI to achieve this requirement?
    Thanks for any help!
    PS: I found another post which covers exactly my requirements but unfortunately without a solution...
    [Re: Update of BP General Data during creation of BP]

    Hi Bruce,
    I propose to select the right value programmatically and then hide the original combo box (use the FromPane / ToPane properties - better don't disable it or make it invisble) and display a disabled EditText item which displays the pricelist which should be applied to new customers when the Form is switched to - or launched in "Add" mode.
    When the form is switched to other modes than "Add" reactivate the original ComboBox...

  • Business Partner records with large numbers of addresses -- Move-in issue

    Our recent CCS implementation (ECC6.0ehp3 & CRM2007) included the creation of some Business Partner records with large numbers of addresses.  Most of these are associated with housing authorities, large developers and large apartment complex owners.  Some of the Business Partners have over 1000 address records and one particular BP has over 6000 addresses that were migrated from our Legacy System.  We are experiencing very long run times to try to execute move in's and move out's due to the system reading the volume of addresses attached to the Business Partner.  In many cases, the system simply times out before it can execute the transaction.  SAP's suggestion is that we run a BAPI to cleanse the addresses and also to implement a BADI to prevent the creation of excess addresses. 
    Two questions surrounding the implementation of this code.  Will the BAPI to cleanse the addresses, wipe out all address records except for the standard address?  That presents an issue to ensure that the standard address on the BP record is the correct address that we will have identified as the proper mailing address.  Second question is around the BADI to prevent the creation of excess addresses.  It looks like this BADI is going to prevent the move in address from updating the standard address on the BP record which in the vast majority of cases is exactly what we would want. 
    Does anyone have any experience with this situation of excess BP addresses and how did you handle the manipulation and cleansing of the data and how do you maintain it going forward?
    Our solution is ECC6.0Ehp3 with CRM2007...latest patch level
    Specifically, SAP suggested we apply/review these notes:
    Note 1249787 - Performance problem during move-in with huge addresses
    **applied this ....did not help
    Note 861528 - Performance in move-in for partner w/ large no of addresses
    **older ISU4.7 note
    Directly from our SAP message:
    use the function module
    unnecessary business partner addresses.
    Use BAdI ISU_MOVEIN_CUSTOMIZE to avoid the creation of unnecessary
    business partner addresses (cf. note 706686) in the future for that
    business partner.
    Note 706686 - Move-in: Avoid unnecessary business partner addresses
    Does anyone have any suggestions and have you used above notes/FMs to resolve something like this?

    One thing to understand is that the badi and bapi are just the tools or mechanisms that will enable you to fix this situation.  You or your development team will need to define the rules under which these tools are used.  Lets take them one at a time.
    BAPI - the bapi for business partner address maintenance.  It would seem that you need to create a program which first read the partners and the addresses assigned to them and then compares these addresses to each other to find duplicate addresses.  These duplicates then can be removed provided they are not used elsewhere in the system (i.e. contract account).
    BADI - the badi for business partner address maintenance.  Here you would need to identify the particular scenarios where addresses should not be copied.  I would expect that most move-ins would meet the criteria of adding the address and changing the standard address.  But for some, i.e. landlords or housing complexes, you might not add an address because it already exists for the business partner, and you might not change the standard address because those accounts do not fall under that scenario.  This will take some thinking and design to ensure that the address add/change functions are executed under the right circumstances.

  • Block documents due to missing business partner

    Hello to everyone,
    I have problem with blocked documents in GTS due the missing external business partner account. I have to give for every blocked document, the business partner account manually in order to release the document. Eventhough the vendor master record has been correctly maintained, also on purchasing organization, I can not understand why the business partner account is missing in GTS. In Screedshot you can see first line is always blocked with block sign.
    Can anybody help me to find the solution for that ?  Thanks in advance.
    Please see attached screenshot (unfortunately avaliable in German language only, I hope you would understand).

    Hi Aman,
    Thanks for your replay. I have again tested the Business parter transfer by changing in name field. The data was transfered sucessfully from R/3 to GTS.

  • Business partner - Delition / block for posting

    It seems very basic question, but I have not come across any such option..
    Can a Business partner be deleted before posting.  Is there any way to block a BP from posting / mark as deleted.
    Edited by: KM Kumar on Aug 31, 2009 8:33 AM

    You can block a BP for any area using Authorizations for that role.  But once a transaction has been created using the BP's payment details then I don't think it is possible to block it for posting.
    You can always change the valid to date for the BP for that role.  Then that role will not be valid from that date.

  • Business Partner in SRM gets Centrally Blocked

    Hi SRM Gurus,
    We are in now SRM 5.0 Version.
    I have noticed that the Business Partner for a user is centrally blocked and this happens automatically. User gets the error "Partner xxxxx is blocked", while creating the Shopping Cart. This will be resolved by unlocking the central block through transaction code BP.
    We are in SRM 5.0 and release 700 for both ABAP and BASIS stacks. I found the OSS note 781507, but it is applicable for release 640.
    Can any one please let me know what would be the reason for this and how to overcome this?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ramesh Kyla

    In HR, user can be locked in two ways.
    1. Through action type - inactive status. Once this is done, security team will lock this user for certain time period.
    2. Thru Tx BP. flag the Central Block in the Status tab.
    Once it is blocked in HR, thru change pointers it will be updated in SRM.
    To find the BP number of the user, you can get it from HRP1001 table. Give the CP number of the user, it will list the BP number.

  • Business Partner in EBP gets centrally blocked.

         I have noticed the business partner for a user in EBP gets centrally blocked, and this happens
    automatically.  So the user gets this error " Partner is blocked " while creating shopping carts.
    This problem gets solved when we unblock the partner in EBP using transaction BP.
      Can any one please let me know what would be the reason for this central block.  And also how can we
    avoid this?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Priya,
    Check if the partner who is getting automatically blocked is a vendor replicated from R/3.
    If the partner is blocked in Backend system and if you have any vendor synchronization jobs running, to update data from backend to SRM it can get blocked.
    Do check is this vendor created in SRM ? or being replicated and updated from R/3.
    This might solve your problem.
    Best Regards,

  • Blocking of Adding or Updation of Business partner

    Hi Folks,
    I am having problem with the transaction notification where i am having a udf in the business partner master data where in that udf i want to maintain only unique records for that i have used transaction notification but i am getting error message for every unique record updation or adding of the record
    iF @transaction_type IN (N'A', N'U') AND
    (@Object_type = N'2')
    select t0.sortkey
    from ocrd t0
    where t0.cardcode =  @list_of_cols_val_tab_del
         and t0.sortkey in (select t1.sortkey  from ocrd t1 where t1.U_Envsrtky <> '' and t1.CardCode <> @list_of_cols_val_tab_del )
    SET @error = 14
    SET @error_message = N'Same Sort key is not allowed'
    Here sort key is my udf.Please help me regarding this
    Thanks & Regards

    Plz check dis :
    IF @transaction_type IN (N'A', N'U') AND
    (@Object_type = N'2)
    If EXISTS (SELECT T0.[U_Envsrtky ]
    WHERE T0.[cardcdoe] = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del and T0.[U_Envsrtky ]  =  T0.[U_Envsrtky ])
    SET @error = 14
    SET @error_message = N'Same Sort key is not allowed'

  • Error while creating a business partner / sponsor

    Hi experts,
    I am getting the following error (same as the one posted by one of the other users) when i try to create a business partner in the 'sponsor' role:
    Sponsor does not have a customer associated with it.
    Because of this error I AM STUCK!!! and cannot move forward with the rest of the customization. I searched all the settings and researched this error - couldnt find anything useful.
    Can you guys PLEASE HELP???
    Thank you,

    Dear Ajay,
    The sponsor should have a customer number behind
    Please have a look at the online help:[]
    See Customizing Grantee Management   ->GM-GTE Customizing: Master Data  -> GM-GTE Master Data Customizing: Sponsor
    You can adjust your customizing in a way to create the customer automatically at the time of creating the sponsor, or you can first create the sponsor and link it to a customer afterwards. This will depend on how the sponsor Role (Standard is PSSP01) is set.
    you can find it in the IMG> Master Data Synchronization> Customer/Vendor Integration> Business Partner Settings> Settings for Customer Integration> Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer
    and check options 'Customer-based' or 'Optional for Customer'
    Hope this will help
    Kind regards

  • Error in creation of Employee for Business Partner

    I am using SRM 4.0 and ECC 5.0. I have created Vendor Root Org EBP and replicated vendors from R/3 which is appearing in Vendor Organization in EBP.
    Now when I am trying to create Employee as contact person in thru WEB transaction in EBP "Manage Business Partner".
    After filling all mandatory info when I am saving the same and error popup is coming as given below:
    "Central system not reached"
    Can some body help analyze the same?

    Hi Vadim,
    Following attributes are already maintained for Vendor Root in Org Plan :-
    Beside this I have checked up availability of replicated vendors in VENMAP table with GUID.
    First error message is coming:
    "Central system not reached"
    When I am defining Logical system and external business partner ID that is R/3 Supplier code than another error is coming :
    "BP role BUOP001 already exists for partner XXX"
    This XXX is running sr. no. of BP number range but do not appear in BP data base . And in next attempt next Sr. no. is blocked by system.
    Problem is still persisting pls. suggest.

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