Block material for purchasing standard p.o

Does anyone know how can i block purchase orders only for NB (standard po) type.
When i go to MM02 and change the X-plant matl status to 03, all purchase orders can't be made to this material.
I want to block only the NB purchase order.
Thank you,
in advance

In case you are lokking for funtion that standard materials like Raw materials and packing materials should not be ordered via document type NB, then control it via the ITem category reference in customizing.
SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Puchase Order > Define Document Types
here remove item category |Blank| which means Standard Item category is not allowed for this document type and no user can use document type NB for ordering materials.

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  • Blocking material for Purchase order only

    hi all,
    i have a material and i want to block it for purchase order only bcos we dont want to allow to purchase it but it can perform all other operations. can anyone please help me?
    regards saurabh.

    Go to MM02, in Basic1 tab
    X-plant material status -   01     Blocked for procment/whse
    but it is relevant not only for that plant but also for client level becoz while go to MM02, please not select any plant and go to Basic Data 1 tab.
    this may help u
    pardeep Malik
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  • How to block articlee for purchases

    we are planning to block some of articles for purchases. However we want to allow for stock transfers using stock transfer requests( ME21N-UB doc type).
    when i kept 01 Blocked for procment/whse in X-site status of baisc data tab system is not allowing for stock transfer order creation also.
    plz suggest how to block articles for purchases without impacting for stock transfers.
    what is the usage of follwing selections for blocking
    01     Blocked for procment/whse
    02     Blocked for task list/BOM
    03     Blocked for Purchasing

    If you want to block articles from procuring into DCs and do not want to block DC to Store movements, you may block articles in site-specific Block status (MARC-MMSTA) in Article/DC view. So DC to Store STOs can be created.
    You may see the definitions of various blocking statuses in transaction OMS4. For example, 01 Blocked for procment/whse means blocked from Purchasing,Forecasting and RP (No Message, Warning or Error Message).

  • Block material for Sales Area & Customer.

    I want to block material for particular Sales area.
    For that i used  "X-distr.chain status" &" DChain-spec. status" in Saleas Org1 Tab of material Master.
    Now in Sales Order Creation i am getiing Warning message as
    "Material 95343431321 has status:Discontd w/o Replace"
    Message No V1028
    How to Convert this warning to error so that it wont allow to Save Sales order?
    Also i want to Block material for Particular Customer How to achieve that???Any other better option than Material Exclusion???

    1.KIndly go to the below path
    SPRO-IMG-Logistics generalmaterial mastersettings for key fields Dat relevant for Sales and distribution-Define sales stauses-select the disct status ,details and maintin  as "B" in Block for order then system will give error message at the time of sales order
    2.Better option is through material  exclusion onle

  • Block material for sales order

    Dear All,
    there is any transaction code to release the block material(for sales order) with refernce to specific plant.
    i can do in CO06 but we can delete one by one.
    but i want to delete all blocked material form 2008 to till date.

    Actually i have created a numbers of order since 2006 to till date but delivery is still pending.
    because of this material is blocked for specific order and i can not create order for particular material because its block,
    i have around 100 orders.
    i know that we can do through CO06.but i don't want to do one by one.

  • Block material for sales order entry in specific plants

    Hi Experts,
    I wanted to know if there is a simple way to block material from being ordered in a specific plant other than maintaining exclusions. My situation is one sales org, two plants (A & B). Order entry should be blocked at plant A and not B.
    I tried using the material Cross-distribution-chain material status on Sales org 1, but this blocks across all plants.
    I also tried Plant-Specific Material Status on purchasing view, this blocks the material only if it is being procured (non stock). This does not work for materials that does not require procurement. Setting the material to deletion status in MM06 at the plant level will only give a warning.
    Any ideas or suggestions on how to handle this?

      Thank you. But I don't want to entirely cut off the plant from the sales org. I just don't want to be able to create sales order for a few materials in a specific plant. Ex. Material A should not be allowed on sales orders in plant X but should be allowed in plant Y, both are assigned to the same sales org 1000.
    I did some research and found there is no standard way to handle this in SAP, so I decided to go with a user exit MV45AFZZ. By checking against plant specific status (MARC-MMSTA) and if the value is 'XX' then issue an error message.

  • Block Material for sales by plant

    Hello Guys,
    I want to block the material for sales by plant, i have the material A created in 6 different plants and want to block the material for sale in one plant, i know about all the material blocks in Basic Data1 which is a global block and block on Sales Org1 will block it across the sales organization and block in Purchasing View, MRP view and costing are relevant to block the material for procurement in a plant.
    All sales orders are created in CRM 4.0 and will replicate to R/3
    Any development ideas will be appreciated.

    Hi Uday,
    In that case, if you want to block for sales only a specific material or materials from a particular Plant within a Sales Organization, you may not have any standard options available. However, you may want to work with your ABAP colleagues on an userexit to achieve your objective during your sales order processing.
    The following userexit may be useful for your purpose to define your rules for sales by Plant for specific materials within a sales Organization
    User-Exit in program MV45AFZB -
    You can use this user exit to determine which plant will be used for the delivery. In the standard system, the delivering plant is copied from the customer master or the customer-material info record. If you want to use a different rule, then you must enter it in this user exit.
    As per another update here in your forum, if you plan to stop sales completely from a particular Plant for ALL materials in a Sales Og, then you may want to de-link the Plant assignment to the Sales Org, if possible.
    I hope this information helps you in your work.
    Best Regards

  • Block Material for all operations

    Hi gurus,
    I need block a material for all operations. In material master, field X-plant matl status is ok with all possible blocks that system offers. But, I can still do inventory, and other operations...
    How Can I block for all operations a material???
    Thank you
    I will reward with points all answers

    In IM it is possibel to block but in WM it isn't (according to my best knowledge).
    WM-inventory > block WM inventory booking of materials that are out of use
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  • Blocking material for sale at plant level

    Can you please help me whether we can block the material for sale at plant level.
    We can block the material in sales organization view --> DChain-spec. status as BLOCKED FOR SALE , but it wil block sales of the material for all the plants in the sales organization.
    Please help whether we can go ahead at plant level.

    the posting block for goods issues can already be reached with a material status, so no phyiscal inventory document necessary.
    What you could try is to control the usage by a userexit.
    E.g.  you define a sales status AND a material status, just as table entry without any customizing in detail.
    and in the userexit you check for the combination of sales status and material status, and if your material has this combination then send a error message to the user.


    dear all,
    i want to block the material as in from sales side.
    puposes is nobody should be able to put sales order for that material.
    is there a wayout to go for it.

    Create Sales Status in SPRO > Logistics - General > Material Master > Settings for Key Fields > Data Relevant to Sales and Distribution > Define Sales Statuses > Here you can put blocks in following;
    Block f.inquiry
    Block f.quotat.
    Block for order
    Block prod.prop
    Block sched.agr
    Block contract
    Block f.returns
    Free delivery
    Block delivery
    Block cred.memo
    Block DebitMemo
    Delivery block
    And use this key in Material master Sales: Sales org 1 view, in field
    X-distr.chain status (If you want to block it for sales for all distribution chains.)OR
    DChain-spec. status (if only for the specific dist. cahin)

  • Blocking material for a customer

    Hi friends,
    Is there any way in SAP to block the materials for a specific customer????

    Hi Sanjay...
    Use the material exclusion function:
    FUNCTIONALITY: SD> Master data > Products > Listing/Exclusion> Create  (Tcodes VBO1, VB02, VB03)
    Enter the list/exclusion type B001: For the required  customer:
    Enter Maintain materials > Save > Exit
    Create the order and enter material excluded to test exclusion.
    For IMG settings; Go to IMG > SD > Basic Functions>Listing/Exclusion
    ENsure that the listing/exclusion procedure is activated for your order type. You can also create your own condition types access sequences and procedures or use the SAP provided ones.
    Safeer Rahman

  • Blocking material for Procurement

    Hi All,
    I have uploaded a new material master according the client's requirements and now the earlier used codes need to be locked for procurement. Is thi possible? If yes, how so?
    Appreciate all help,

    in material master Goto Basic data 1
    X-plant matl status -
    01 Blocked for procment/whse
                                           02 Blocked for task list/BOM
                                           10 Blocked for MRP
    Select any one.
    Valid from  -
    Here you enter valid date from which the material should be blocked.
    So from this your material will be blocked for any PR/PO/any transactions related to Procurement

  • Blocking material for sales order

    hi all,
    I have blocked a material from basic data 1 view of X-plant material status and Cost estimate 1 view of Plant Specific Material by changing them to 02. but for this material i can still create sales orders or quotations in that case i want system to give an error message. how can i resolve this problem.
    best regards

    Use the material exclusion function:
    SD> Master data > Products > Listing/Exclusion> Create
    ( Tcodes VBO1, VB02, VB03)
    Enter the list/exclusion type B001: For the required
    Enter Maintain materials > Save > Exit
    Create the order and enter material excluded to test exclusion.
    For IMG settings; Go to IMG > SD > Basic Functions>Listing/Exclusion
    Ensure that the listing/exclusion procedure is activated for your order type. You can also create your own condition types access sequences and procedures or use the SAP provided ones.
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  • Block asset for purchase order (TS ME21N)

    The company where I work need that if an asset is capitalized it will not be able to receive new assigment from the purchase order (by TS ME21N); but this is only for some users, so some specifics users can post a purchase order with an asset which has already values and other users not.
    Any idea if it is posible to make something?

    For this you need to go for user exit in purchase order.
    Condition will be like:
    A = your preferred user, who is not supposed to create the PO for an asset, which is already capitalised.
    Please co ordinate with your ABAP resource for this development.
    Hope this might help you

  • How to block material for a particlar sales order

    Hello Gurus
    How to  reserve a material in sales order level  for a given quantity in sales order
    If we do availability check  for that material  it should not show in unrestricted stock and  it should show in reserved  stock
    Looking for your inputs

    Hi Lakshmipathi,
    It should happen for every sales order  not only one order , when ever i create sales order for particular material , quantity it should reserve the stock for that order after doing availablity check and one more thing is once the stock is reserved it should be be show in unresricted stock
    Thanks for your useful information  and i have checked in system , all the requirement you have mentioned are there in system.
    Looking for more inputs

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