Blocking photos on non-Photo pages

I know that you can stop photos on photo pages from being downloaded by viewers, but what if you want to block a photo on a blog page for example? Is this possible?

No matter what you do a viewer can get a copy of some sort on any photo posted on a site. They can take a screenshot of the photo which will be small and not printable except for small, low resolution prints. That goes for the photos in the photos page also.
But you can put your stamp of ownership on the images by using a watermark . This can be done with a 3rd party image editor or a watermarking application. You can find both at by searching for "watermark" and "image editor".
TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 6 and 7 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. Just put the application in the Dock and click on it whenever you want to backup the dB file. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.
Note: There's now an Automator backup application for iPhoto 5 that will work with Tiger or Leopard.

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  • Multiple text blocks in a Photos page

    HI everyone,
    I have created a photo page with over 100 photos. I would like to be able to display a paragraph of text followed by a block of photos, then another paragraph of text followed by another block of photos, etc. Ultimately I need 7 blocks of text, each followed by about 20 photos. This is easy to do in Aperture, but I can't seem to make it work in iWeb. Any ideas?

    Phil ~ This suggestion is neither elegant or efficient, but anyway...
    Create a dummy image of very small file size. Then repeatedly drag that dummy image to the Photos template's photo grid where you want a paragraph of text to appear.
    Then cover that block of dummy images with a paragraph of text. In order to obscure the dummy images underneath, you'll need to also set this for the text box:
    +Inspector > Graphic tab > Fill > Color Fill+
    Alternatively, create a color-filled Shape to cover the dummy images ~ then you'll just need to create a plain (unfilled) text box to place over the Shape.
    You'll probably need to make the text box a graphic text box, so that the alignment is not altered when a viewer changes their browser's text size. You can force your text to be a graphic by, for example, in the Inspector, adding an invisible shadow to one of your text's punctuation marks.
    Obviously you'll have to repeat the above for each of the seven blocks of text and twenty photos, while making liberal use of iWeb's Arrange menu. But according to this: should be able to do the above and still be within the photo grid's limits:
    You can put up to 500 photos on a Photos page, but the photo grid will be paginated and navigation arrows will appear on the page according to your settings. You can have up to 300 photos on a photo grid without pagination occurring if you set “Photos per page” to 300.

  • Drag and Drop to photo page creates links, doesn't replace placeholders

    I searched the discussions for quite a while and didn't find much similar to this topic. Basically, drag and drop is no longer working on my iWeb and my photo grids will not accept pictures to replace the placeholder (sample) photos. I will try to explain the whole problem in detail.
    I am a new iWeb user, and I set up a page without any problems at first. Yet when I returned in iWeb to add another photo page today, I have had a lot of trouble. I used the template Photo Page and opened the Inspector and the Media Viewer to drag photos onto the placeholder photos, as the Help pages and tutorials show. Yet when I drag the picture file from the Media Viewer into the photo grid, only a small text box appears that sets up a hyperlink to the photo file on my computer. I've tried messing with the inspector, seeing what the difference is between the placeholder photos' settings and the files I'm trying to add.
    The only differences I can see are: in the Link Inspector's pane I can tell the program is at first making a hyperlink to the file instead of displaying the photo (yet disabling the hyperlink doesn't change anything); also,
    In the Graphic Inspector pane that appears when I have selected a general area in the photo grid, at the top the "Style" , "Layout" and "Caption" options appear, along with a display of a sample photo style. When I click on one of the rectangles that appears with the file I am trying to drag and drop, I have only the "fill" option, which has "none" selected. Fiddling with the options does not get the photo to appear.
    I can see the blue grid surrounding the placeholder photos, so the photo grid exists. I have also tried using different templates' photo pages, but they all have the same problem. I also tried creating an album in iPhoto and importing it to iWeb, but only two photos appeared out of 12.
    So the main part of my problem is not that photos don't appear at all (if I try and insert them they appear on their own, completely independant of the template's style and the photo grid)., it is that they do not work with the photo grid and that drag-and-drop no longer works.
    Any information that could help is greatly appreciated.

    Try out the following things. These suggestions are
    sort of the starting point for non-specific strange
    behavior in iWeb.
    1. Delete iWeb preference file at:
    2. Delete iLife Media Browser preference file at:
    3. Repair startup disk permissions using Disk
    4. Reboot machine
    5. Delete iWeb application (but keep a backup of the
    Domain file!) and reinstall iWeb 1.0 from original
    iLife'06 DVD or Recovery Disks and then update
    directly to 1.1.1 via Software Update.
    These are the top 5 things that seem to garner some
    kind of positive results from people having similar
    I am having the same problem Susan described. I've tried #1 and #2 from the above recommendations and still have the same problem of photos not opening in the photo page after dragging them from iphoto. I, too, published a site (not on .Mac, but I don't know if that matters) and now want to add a photo page. Also, the template shows six placeholders, but when I select the photo page only three appear.
    Hope you can help. Thank you.

  • Photos on photo page not appearing after republishing to ftp site

    A photo template page (9 photos) created in iWeb used to appear online along with my other pages when published to an ftp site. However, after changing a few of the photos, none of the photos appear after republishing. The page appears as a menu, but no photos.
    I've recreated the photo page using iWeb's template, but to no avail. The photos are about 150KB each. Any suggestions? My next step would be to create a photo page without using iWeb's template for photos.

    It was likely FTP because when I was online chatting with an FTB service rep hours after republishing the site, the photos all of a sudden appeared.
    At any rate, I very much appreciate your time. Now if I just figure various other things, like why a photo on one of my pages also appears in a text box on the same page! Had to replace the text box with a pdf file to get the text to appear. Strange stuff.

  • Albums and Related Photo Page Not Working and IE when Files Local

    OK this is a tricky one for me.
    iWeb 3.0
    Building and testing a site from a local folder on my MBP
    Create an album page, add an album from Aperture save and publish to local folder ( Sites )
    Looks great in Safari
    Testing in Windows XP (vmwear on the same machine) - Firefox works perfectly BUT Internet Explorer 7.0 and the albums will not show on the page. Manually type in the url to the related photo page and and no photos display and clicking the play slideshow does nothing.
    HERE IS THE FUNKY part!! I tested a page from Old Toads site with demos of albums and it works PERFECTLY in IE. A check of the source and it too was created with iWeb 3
    Tried a simple test site and same issue with local files.
    So here is my question to you: Would there be any reason albums would not be working when in a site is being tested from a local file file folder?

    The plot thickens...
    I prefered to test local to review changes and test in all browers without dealing with ftp etc. Good idea at the time but MSFT is too quirky...
    I loaded the site (FTP) to my host and the albums work fine in IE... Bottom line is testing from local folders is not reliable in IE... Safari and FireFox are fine...
    Side note: Most websafe fonts also sucked on IE (clear type on) so I went with images for various small text blocks. The overhead of the png files is small in the name of quality. Also no chance to get the nav bar to work with IE so that was all manually done.

  • Photo pages not appearing in IE browsers

    Now that I've worked out image quality issues in iweb 08, currently testing my published site (temporarily in protected directory test mode). Through Safari Develop Tool I've checked various browsers and all browsers display my site correctly except IE browsers. In all IE browsers I'm noticing the photo pages are not displaying my image thumbnails except captions. Hovering and clicking the mouse over where the image should be visible brings up the slideshow and images do appear. The photo album pages are less then 12 pictures per album; images have been optimized. So this is not the problem regarding the thumbnail pages. So what could it be? Javascript issues?
    Frustrated because this one issue is preventing me from displaying my site live! Of course, I could just forget about PC users but I have products I want to sell and don't want to lose potential customers. One peculiar glitch on a website scares people away.
    Been searching all over the internet for answers but growing more confused. Although new to safari's develop tool and unfamiliarity with javascript fixes, curious if clicking on debugging javascript would be a remedy. If so, what would I need to do to fix the disappearing images? Or, should I just accept that iweb 08 and IE are incompatible and inform my visitors to use non-IE browsers such as Safari and FireFox? Such a letdown!
    Help most appreciative!
    Cheers, June

    I figured it out!!!
    Somewhere along the way, the following permission class got added to the pagedef's of two of the pages but not the others
    <permission permissionClass=""
                  target=",scopeID=s8bba98ff_4cbb_40b8_beee_296c916a23ed,resourceID=/oracle/webcenter/portalapp/pages/*<page name>*.jspx"
        <privilege-map operation="create" privilege="create"/>
        <privilege-map operation="delete" privilege="delete"/>
        <privilege-map operation="edit" privilege="update"/>
        <privilege-map operation="personalize" privilege="personalize"/>
        <privilege-map operation="view" privilege="view"/>
      </permission>once i added the permission class to the other pages they showed up in the navigation model.

  • Iweb photo page resizes photos

    It seems no matter what I do I cannot get an iweb photo page to NOT resize my photos. On a photo page I have gone to the inspector and selected none and original for the photo download size and iweb still resizes the photos when I publish to a folder. I am pulling the photos in from iphoto. In iphoto the photos are full size (3MB +). Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    ImageWell allows you to resize photos either by dimensions or by total size in kilobytes, and then you can upload them. It has a batch option too. Seems as though iPhoto should allow this but I haven't found it.

  • Photo Page Template

    I am trying to build a new website to show some of my photographs but I am really not liking how iWeb works with photographs. When I place them on the photo page, if a user selects on one it then within the same window shows a larger view with smaller icons for the other images. I turned off the slideshow from the inspector but this window now allows the user to download my image. How do I turn that off?
    Does anyone have an experience with 3rd party photo galleries that may allow for more configuration of the navigation and user experience?

    Go to the Inspector/Photos pane and set the Photo Download Size to None.
    Click to view full size

  • IWeb doesn't like photo pages !!

    Like everybody here, iWeb '08 is getting on my nerves because all of my photo-pages are ruined. Happily, my backup is untouched and is ready to be updated when a new iWeb will be realesed...
    please be quick to update this non working software....
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    I had a problem with photos missing from Photo pages. I just talked to Apple support and we were able to fix the problem for my domain!
    The Apple support person said that some domain files are not being properly updated to 2.0. In those cases, peoples are experiencing missing pictures and text as navigation on photo pages.
    One indicator if your domain was properly updated to 2.0 is to look at the filename in User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/. In my case the file was Domain.sites and not Domain.sites2 so the initial conversion did not complete properly.
    The solution was to replace incorrectly updated Domain.sites file above with the original backup that I made before installing iWeb 2.0. (NOTE - The readme clearly states to backup this file before installing and luckily I did.)
    After copying the file to User/Library/Application Support/iWeb, make sure that iWeb is closed (not running). I then double clicked the Domain.sites folder and patiently wait for the Progress bar to complete. (Thank you to another poster on another thread for this suggestion.) You will not receive any success message other than the file will be renamed Domain.Sites2.
    After multiple saves and publishes, it appears that everyone now works correctly. The Apple support person was very interested in user feedback and wants more people to report issues via phone. He took my original domain file (via his iDisc account) so he could submit it to engineering for them to study. It sounds like they could still use a few more examples of Domains that fail the initial upgrade to 2.0.
    Hope this helps.

  • Picture Alignment on Photo Pages

    I thought I'd try out a Photo page, rather than having to do a lot of alignment myself...only trouble is all the pictures seem to come out bottom aligned, and as they are not all the same height this doesn't look as attractive as I'd like!!!...and i'm *ed if I can see a way of centre aligning them, or top aligning, as each picture doesn't seem to be selectable in order to move it...and if you look at positions in the Inspector, the position seems only to be that of the top of the group of you move all or none. Does anyone mnow a way round this, or do I have to do all my alignment by hand!!!
    G4 Cube uprated to Powerlogix 1.7MHz , plus original screen and 120MB uprated HD Mac OS X (10.4.7) 2xLaCie d2 HDs/LaCie DVD±RW/Canon N1240U, all run through a Zoom VOIP rou
    G4 Cube uprated to Powerlogix 1.7MHz , plus original screen and 120MB uprated HD   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   2xLaCie d2 HDs/LaCie DVD±RW/Canon N1240U, all run through a Zoom VOIP rou

    I think you have run into a limitation of the template. The only workaround that I can see is to make sure that all 2 or 3 photos in a particular row are all oriented the same way (portrait or landscape). That way they group together and do not look so discontinuous.

  • Split or separate photo pages?

    I'm trying to do something that I would think should be fairly simple and not too unreasonable. I made a photo page, and would like to have it split into sections so I can have a heading above each one, e.g.,
    cool pics
    pic1a pic2a pic3a
    not so cool pics
    pic1b pic2b pic3b
    pic4b pic5b
    Is this even possible? I can insert text, but it's kind of smushed - I'd like it spread out more. I tried duplicating the 'picture box' thing and got no where with that. The other templates don't seem to be able to do something like this either.

    No, you can't do that straight out of iWeb.
    You can have more than one photo groups in one Photos page, but iWeb only builds the last group into the photo array.
    I have slideshow converter scripts to fix all that if you publish to a folder (non .Mac), you can see demo of the results here - there are two groups in these pages: and here:
    You can get the slideshow converter here:
    And if you want to do something really weird, see this page - there are four photo groups in it:

  • Photo page and slideshow

    is there a way to make the slide show automatically appear when a viewer clicks on the album instead seeing all of the pictures first?

    You can't because the slideshow gets the images from the photo page and require photo page to be opened while the slideshow is playing.
    And the only way to have auto slideshow is to disable browser popup windows (most people do block popup)

  • Iweb photo page subscribe button

    How do I get the subscibe link to stop working on the photo page of iweb? I only want to allow people to see what is posted, not my entire photo collection on my computer.

    In the inspector, choose the Photo tab (That's 2nd from the left, sunset and tree).
    You have a lot of options there, and under 'Photo's just unclick the 'allow visitors to subscribe' box.
    You should also set 'download size' to 'none'
    Hope this helps.

  • ?? appear on My Album/Photo Pages

    I have 2 ?? appear on my Album and photo pages. When I visit the published site, they aren't there, but show up when I view online. I've tried for a week to figure out the glitch, but haven't found it. What am I missing? It's at:

    Are you publishing to .Mac or to a non .Mac server? It may be a Unicode issue if it's a non .Mac server. I don't know enough about that particular issue but a search of this forum for unicode may get you to some topics where it's discussed.
    It appears to be some character that's been added that is not supported. Maybe some character in a text box that you didn't know you created and appears invisible in iWeb. It appears in the code as: class="bumper">��.
    Do a select all in iWeb for the page and see if there are any items in the vicinity of where those characters are displayed online.

  • Photo Page Footer

    I have a photo page with a long column of text to the left of it.
    When an image icon is selected the gallery section resizes to show the larger image. When this happens, the page footer jumps up the page and covers the bottom of the text column.
    What setting do I use to keep the footer from blocking the text?

    The text on that page is too long. It extends below the photo when the thumbnail is clicked on an brings up the larger version. You'll notice that doesn't happen on the other pages since the text is shorter.
    If you put the text above the photos on the first page that won't happen.

Maybe you are looking for

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