Blocking some fields from entering in summary block in enter query mode

Hi ,
I have a data block where in some fileds have to be dynamically allowed to enter and some are not based on
a particular condition. The problem is whenever the forms enters enter query mode, all the fileds in the block are updateble. Even maually I tried to set/unset the property in forms using set_item_property, but the enter query mode was trying to overiride it and making updateble.
Please suggest a solution for this.
Thanks in advance.

Try the below code
you can set the item here too by using the below code
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    HI, you cannot hice many fields in SAP, since they all need for something.
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    Reward if helpful

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    Hi Arun ,
    Can you explain little bit more ??
    what is account doc no? 
    what are the transactions should be displayed in your output??
    -Rajesh N

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    the code u gave me is not running.let me explain in
    detail.i have two tables;sales and accounts in my
    database (oracle 9i).each have a corresponding form
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    please advice and thanks very muchWhat does it mean "not running" ?
    Sure, it is running.
    Did you tested my example ?
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    You didn't provided table structures and insert statements,
    that's why i showed you the method on 2 emp- tables.
    But it is exactly, what do you need.
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    and my emp_2 on your accounts,
    and compare the results.
    If you cannot directly copy and paste
    and say to your teacher / chief "My homework / task is ready"
    it doesn't mean, that the solution didn't provided ...

  • Hiding some fields from ALV report

    Hi All,
    I want to know if there is way to hide certain fields in ALV for some users only and not for others?
    If I use the option NO_OUT = 'X'  it will not be displayed in the list but the user can see the in the Layout option fields but if use NO_OUT = 'X' and TECH = 'X' the field will not be in the list and in the layout also but other users will miss that field.
    If I create user specific variant, but once the user is in the report he can change the layout so certain fields cannot be hidden.
    So, is there any way to hide some fields for certain users and not for others without hard coding user ids in program and restricting the fields from display??
    Thanks in Advance.

    Thank You Vijay for the reply.
    I knew that Authorization object was the final solution but before using it I wanted to find out if there was a way in the ALV report to restrict certain fields.

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    Thanks. In a search of this forum I did find mention of a limit on number of characters, but I think it was older, so I searched the documentation for Numbers and Pages, and could not find any reference to a character limit. I guess I was hoping that limit no longer applied.
    Silly me -- I foolishly assumed that if there were limit on the number of characters it would have appeared in the documentation, and I failed to ask the Psychic Hot Line what the designers of iWork had in their minds. Now I have a number of college scholarship applications each with several essay-type answers which must be copied and pasted by hand into the summaries.
    On the bright side, the Acrobat responses document retains the entire content of all fields from the PDF forms and I can actually access any form from the responses window, so it's just a few more hours.

  • When i hide some fields from the Editform using javascript, what will happen to the fields that hve been hidden

    I am working on an EnterpriseWiki site collection, and when users edit the page properties as follow:-
    then will get all the fields inside the EnterpriseWiki content type as follow:-
    now i want to hide all the fields except the ; Title & Name, so i edit the EditForm and i add the following script:-
    $('#formTbl tr').filter(function ()
    return !$(".ms-standardheader", this).text().match(/Name|Title/i);
    so currently when users edit the wiki page properties they can only edit the Name & Title, because the script hide the other fields.
    My question is what will happen to the other values such as the page content, assign to , etc that have been hidden.. I test this and seems that when editing the name and title the other values will not get effected which is what i need, but not sure how
    did SharePoint handle this, i was afraid that hiding the other columns will set their values as null or empty if the user save the editform with only the title and name inside it ? can anyone adivce on this ?

    Hi John,
    From your description, my understanding is that you are worried about the values of some fields
     will been saved as empty if you hide them in EditForm.
    If you hide some fields in EditForm, it means that you could not edit them. These fields’ values will not be changed after editing Title field or Name field. When you click Save button, they will be still the values before changing the Title field or Name
    Best Regards,
    Vincent Han
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]
    i found this very critical issue with hiding the fields from the edit form, now i wrote the following script inside the edit form , to hide all the fields except the Name
    $('#formTbl tr').filter(function () {
    return !$(".ms-standardheader", this).text().match(/Name/i); }).hide();
    $('#ctl00_ctl40_g_6c7d849e_da6b_4138_be9f_b99bde542065_ctl00_ctl02_ctl00_ctl04_c‌ ​tl00_WebPartMaintenancePageLink').hide(); });
    . and now if I submit the editform (which only contain the Name) all the html tables inside the wiki page content will be removed.

  • Disable or Remove some field from User Profile in Personalize iView

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement  to Disable one field and Remove one field  from User Profile in Personalize iView.
    i want to disable Activate Accessibility Feature field and Remove Language field.
    How to archive this.
    Thanks and Regards

    You can use [Personalization|] to do this :
    1. logon as an admin and navigate to Portal Content > Portal Users > Standard Portal Users and open Every User Core Role
    2. right click on User Profile and select edit
    3. click on the Preview button then right click + CTRL on the iView and personalize the User Profile iView
    That's it.

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    I have my Macbook, my iPad and my iPhone set up to sync iMessages between them.  I love that.  However, there are some people whose iMessages I do not wish to have come into my iPad.
    I use my iPad at bedtime for reading and surfing.  I do not need to receive text messages from everyone when I am in bed.  However, my teen/adult children should still be able to text me if they need me.  There are many texts that can wait until morning, but my kids will always be able to have access to their parents anytime of day or night.  (I go to bed reeeeeallly early as I get up and run in the early morning).
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    Crisvett wrote:
    I bought some apps through my iPad but i want to have some of them Also in my iPhone, how can i get it?
    Some apps are iPad only, did you check?
    While at it, check also the apps version as well as what devices are supported.

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    Whenever I click on a link, I always get a message saying "Firefox prevented this page from redirecting to another page"
    I then have to click on the 'Allow' button, and it goes to the page I wanted. This is extremely annoying. I can't find a setting in Firefox that will fix it. I never had this problem with previous versions of Firefox, nor do I get that message when using Internet Explorer, so it's not a firewall issue.

  • Prevent/block some SQL from executing in Database

    Hi Everybody,
    we are working on oracle 10g release 1 on Linux.
    we are in the process of identifying some badly written queries.
    we identified such queries from trace. we want to trace back from where it is coming.
    since there are multi tiers in the system, we are not able to map the queries to application user and there is only one Database user and we are searching in the darkness.
    We want to prevent these queries from execution. so that somebody will get back.
    Any suggestions/ideas ?
    Thank you.

    as indicated by LC, i can find out the query again getting fired and can have a job to kill
    the session. I don't think this will work. In a n-tier environment you're probably using connection pooling, so the same session is probably used by any number of real users. Killing the session isn't go to stop the app server handing out a new connection to whoever is running these queries.
    You are looking for a technical solution to deal with what is really a political issue. You need to start talking to your users or possible the developers, depending on whether the offending SQL is an app query or a freestyle SQL*Plus type thing. If you have only a few "bad" queries then it ought to be possible to at least guess where the source is and arrange a quiet chat.
    Alternatively, just live with it until such a point as performance gets really bad. Then throw a hissy fit, take the database down and refuse to bring it back up until you get the head(s) of the offender(s) on a silver platter or the application developers put proper authentication in place. Whichever is easier.
    This is a serious problem, not from a performance point of view but from a legal perspective. I don't what your business is, or the exact situation in Brazil, but increasingly audit and compliance issues are rising up the IT agenda. People can be abusing your database in any number of ways for any sort of nefarious purpose and you have no idea who is doing what. That's bad.
    Cheers, APC

  • How to block some addons from autodownloading and self installing?

    there is an add-ons that whenever I remove it, after a while it has been installed again, I think this addons works like a malware. the name of the add-ons is "GoHD". It causes opennig a new website while I'm in another Website. It's disturbing me a lot. please help!

    ''Sriram Sk [[#answer-694817|said]]''
    Click menu button and choose addon, In the add on manager tab select Extension and appearance panel, Then Select add on you wish to Disable, Click the remove button.
    thanks Sriram Sk but as I said before I have done that to solve the problem but it didn't solved.In fact whenever I remove or disable it and then restart the firefox, at next time that I open the browser it's been installed automatically by itself however I haven't installed it by myself

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      Please Check is those fields are Active and Visible In form Settings of Employee Master Screen.....

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    Where/why does WD find out that this is a currency-field and where do the values in the value selector come from?
    Best regards,

    at least for the ModelData-Connection (BAPI-Call) there is no data being transferred besides one value for each field.
    I don't know if the MetaData-Connection of JCo is able to get more information (e.g. key-value-pairs for the domain or type the field belongs to,..) than just the structure of the interface.
    -> Where and how do these EVS-values come from without doing something?
    Best regards,

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