Blurry Bitmap text (no anti-alias) on Button Symbols

Can someone please explain when making a button symbol using
Arial then exporting as an .swf why the font exports blurry and not

first, do you have alias text on or off in the property
window? second are you scaling the button, third are you scaling
the movie, fourth are you making sure the text exists at an integer
x and y location, sometimes texts looks funny when it's place at
1.1 pixels rather then 1.0, and fifth make sure your eye glass
proscription is still up to date! all these things could be
contributing to the blurring of the font.

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  • Library font Bitmap text (no anti-alias) Flash CS5

    Ok, in previous version of flash we had this window:
    But now in Flash CS5 the new font embedding window is changed, and there is no Bitmap text checkbox, so how am I to create dynamic Text Fields with ActionScript, and embed the fonts in them using Bitmap text [no anti-alias]? And don't give me the GridFitType.PIXEL solution, I want true Bitmap text.

    Can someone please help me with the above problem?
    I've published two images to show what appen.
    This it's the correct
    one (without embedding font and with font installed in the client
    This it's the wrong one
    (with font embedded and not installed in the client machine).
    I'm so sad... thanks

  • Bitmap text (no anti-alias)

    It' possible in Actionscript 3 to use a font ("Munica
    Regular", 8 -
    without antialiasing?
    I've embedded the font:
    @font-face {
    src:local("Munica Regular"); // also valid
    fontFamily: municaRegular;
    then ,
    tfHeader=new TextFormat();
    var myText:TextField=new TextField();
    myText.embedFonts = true;
    myText.text="My embedded font";
    All works well but the rendering appear so blurred (aliated).
    I've tried with antiAliasType="advanced" and some value of
    gridFitType, but nothing great.
    It's possible to say "Use bitmap text and don't apply
    antialiasing"? antiAliasEnabled=false?

    Can someone please help me with the above problem?
    I've published two images to show what appen.
    This it's the correct
    one (without embedding font and with font installed in the client
    This it's the wrong one
    (with font embedded and not installed in the client machine).
    I'm so sad... thanks

  • PSD overlay menu: text in anti-alias ?

    When creating a PSD overlay menu, should the character setting for anti-aliasing set to "none"? I read this in the User Manual, but the resulting text looks really ragged.

    Same problem here.
    Changing font antialiasing from grayscale to rgba makes the text appear for me.
    Just a tip till the problem gets fixed.
    Just tried downgrading to Cairo-1.10.2-3. Works well with grayscale font antialias setting.
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  • Blurry text using Bitmap text (pixelfont) alternative

    I've placed a bitmap text (no anti-alias) inside a movieclip
    and it looks crisp and clean when exported to swf.
    Now I have dragged a copy of that movieclip on stage
    and it becomes blurry/fuzzy as soon as I export it to swf
    (the original is still clean/crisp)
    Why is this happening and how do I solve the problem?
    Thx for listening/AquaStealth

    Do you use a pixelfont? Whats the font name? If you use
    pixelfont it needs
    to be placed at exact X-Y position (non-comma value)
    > I've placed a bitmap text (no anti-alias) inside a
    > and it looks crisp and clean when exported to swf.
    > Now I have dragged a copy of that movieclip on stage
    > and it becomes blurry/fuzzy as soon as I export it to
    > (the original is still clean/crisp)
    > Why is this happening and how do I solve the problem?
    > Thx for listening/AquaStealth

  • Textfield properties - differences in Anti-alias

    Can anyone explain what's the differences and usage of Anti-alias:
    1) device fonts
    2) bitmap-text
    3) Anti-alias for animation
    4) Anti-alias for readability

    Anti-aliasing, basically, removes 'jaggies' and 'pixelation' by smoothing out vectors. So on things like text, which are vectors, the text looks smooth.
    Device fonts uses the fonts of the users operating system and are not anti-aliased. So they will appear jagged and pixely. However people can take advantage of making sure characters (especially asian multi-byte) are available and do not need to be embedded into flash saving you lots of file size.
    Anti-alias for animation is a less expensive, easier to render but softer looking version of anti-aliasing. Good for non-text vectors. They call it animation because it's easier on the processor to render.
    Anti-alias for readability adds a contrast bump to edges making text look sharper, thus more readable.
    The bitmap-text isn't vector. It saves the text as bitmaps and typically you'd only do this if you intend to use bitmaps. You choose the size of the font and then it's not really good to use alternate sizes for fonts other than what you select. This is useful for games who sometimes don't want the overhead of rendering the vectors for text. Instead the text is just a bitmap and is easier to render.

  • Pdf save as jpg and png looks pixelated like it doesn't anti-alias text

    This has been an issue for a while and I can't figure out how to resolve it.  When i open a pdf in acrobat 11.0.0 and click file/save as other/ i can't get the text to anti-alias, it always looks jagged no matter what settings i adjust.
    I can bring the pdf into photoshop or illustrator and can export there but with multiple pages it is a bit absurd.  any ideas?

    thanks bill,
    I'll try to do the updates, it is rather difficult to do when the creative cloud software thinks you are up to date.
    I've tried everything from determine automatically and 72-600 dpi, adjusting the interlace and filter options. It happens regardless of the font - here are 2 more examples on a file created in illustrator, saved off as pdf and then jpg using default settings and png using default settings

  • Hey I'm new to photoshop 13 just wanting to know what to do about pixelated around text need it to be clean around the edges for my product labels. I tried the anti alias on and it didn't do much is there anything else I could do to get the text looking g

    hhey im new to photoshop elements 13 I'm finding my text is pixelated around edges I need it to be clean for my product labels. I have used the anti alias on and didn't really do much anyone know any other ways?

    Can you attach a sample of the problem you are addressing here. A psd would be fine.

  • Dynamic text disappears when clicking bold button.

    Dear friends,
    I have dynamic text inside a movieclip, that I can make it rotate.
    the dynamic text properties are : anti-alias for anmations and I emdedded all characters.
    When I click on the bold button the the text disappears.
    bold_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.Click, on_bold);
    function on_bold(e:MouseEvent):void
         var my_format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
         my_format.bold = true;
    How can I solve this problem.

    the easiest (and not very elegant way) is to add textfields that contain those fonts (and embed them).  you can remove your textfields from the display list or otherwise, make them not visible on-stage.

  • Anti-alias

    I use Preview to check pictures of insects (focus, etc...) and it's very hard to evaluate picture sharpness as long as an anti-alias algorithm is always activated : the picture is very sharp and half a second later is all "dithered".
    Is there a possibility to deactivate this ?
    I do not want to use software as Gimp or Photoshop : these softwares always open all the pictures selected in a new window and it's quite unusable with hundreds of 2000x3000 pics.

    Hi again
    I'm sorry. Bad use of terminology I suppose. What I meant by
    "background shading" was to do the following:
    Double click the text. When you do this, you get a dialog
    very similar to what you see when you edit a caption.
    Now, drag the mouse across all the text
    EXCEPT the first letter. Here is where you will apply what I
    mistakenly referred to as the "background shading". I meant to say
    "highlight". I get confused becase all it affects is the background
    shading behind the text that is selected. If it were a true
    highlight, I would expect that if I applied yellow for instance, my
    black letters would be a bit washed out, as the yellow was applied
    over the top of the letters. Instead, it applies shading behind
    My question slide has a white background. So what I do is to
    click the Highlight button to pop up the color picker. Then click
    the More Colors... link.
    As I said earlier, my background is white already. So I
    choose a color that is extremely near white. The color mixer dialog
    shows me RGB values of 255 each. All I do is change one of them to
    Click OK to dismiss all the dialogs and preview.
    If yours behaves like mine (and if it doesn't, I'm not sure
    why) you should notice the anti-aliasing stops.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Blurry fuzzy text

    I'm having an interesting problem with text. Using a slide
    from the Captivate 2 sample movie, titled Soft-Skills Sample.cp,
    when I type new text onto one of the slides in a transparent text
    caption it looks blurry when I play the movie. However, when I type
    new text onto that same slide in a different text box and include a
    bulleted item, the text looks much clearer when I play the movie.
    Why is does this occur. I am interested in knowing because I would
    like to keep the text as clear as possible. Any ideas are
    appreciated. I can even send a sample slide if anyone is interested
    in seeing the problem first hand. Thanks.

    Hi Kelly
    There are essentially two different ways to "fix" the fuzzy text. If it's a one off, you may add a line or three at the bottom of the Caption. Then configure the bottom line with a bullet. After that, size the caption so you don't see the bullet.
    Or, if you want to influence all transparent captions, click Edit > Preferences > Project > SWF Size and Quality and clear the Anti-alias Transparent Captions option.
    Keep in mind that this may also be affected by the Windows settings that are configured. Specifically, an option called "font smoothing". If Font Smoothing is enabled on the PC used to edit and publish the Captivate, it also causes another type of Anti-aliasing to occur that is unrelated to what you see in Captivate.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Bitmap text show wrong accents

    I have this problem with text set to bitmap text rendering.
    With fonts like pixel fonts like standard 07_51, Kroeger etc. I can't get them to show the right accents (éèà...).
    This shows on stage and in runtime and it occurs with static, dynamic fields and input fields.
    When I choose anti-aliasing then it's ok, but that isn't the purpose with those pixel fonts, right?
    I've set the correct font-embedding settings.
    I checked it on two computers with
    Flash CS4 v10 on MacOS X 10.6.2, Belgian Keyboard, FontExplorer Pro for font management.
    Any ideas?

    Try here: tml

  • CS 4 - Arial no anti-alias problem

    Hi - I've been using CS4 which I purchased recently.
    I don't know if its a bug or not, but when I select the arial
    font and set it to no anti-alias it changes to 'arial MT' which
    isn't the same. If it's set to 'smooth anti-alias' it stays as
    arial. It's really really annoying. Does anyone know of a fix for
    I know we work with anti-alias but why can't the fonts look
    smooth and crisp like a web page renders them?
    Thanks in advance,

    "plasmoid" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gh767k$e10$[email protected]..
    > yeah exactly, that's the problem I'm having, its almost
    embaressing and
    > I'm
    > sure I'm gonna get people saying "can we change the font
    or does it have
    > to
    > stay like that?"
    > It's really disappointing... I find the smooth
    anti-aliased not that
    > smooth as
    > it seems a bit blurry for me.
    > Anyway - its really ******* annoying. I just hope a
    patch will fix it.
    > Glad I'm not the only one, but kinda p**sd that I am
    aren't as I was
    > hoping
    > there was a work around.
    Adobe has some good people but I'm afraid they also have a
    lot of folks who
    are clearly (no pun intended) deluded about some things.
    Consider this
    little test:
    Al Sparber - PVII
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  • Can't use Bangla font in anti-alias "anti-alias for animation" needed!

    Hi, the problem I am having with adobe flash pro cs6 is that I am trying to use Bangla font in flash. Although the font shows up but in anti-alias "anti-alias for animation" mode, the fonts become all scattered and disordered. But when I switch to "use device font", the work okay. But in using device font, I cant really use the subscript or superscript button. So then again I have to switch back to "anti-alias for animation". I am getting sick of it. Is there any way around it?
    I have added an image for you to understand my query ............
    Someone else "deval mistry" posted the same problem on Mangal font here....
    deval mistry

    I found an solution.
    Uninstalling AirParrot as well as the two offending AirParrotDriver.kext and APExtFramebuffer.kext files in System>Library>Extensions was the fix. All problems disappeared.

  • Anti alias and Use device font not why is that not working?

    I am editing a flash template that I have and I know
    about the anti alias setting and I went through all the text boxes and set them to use device fonts and they all seem to b
    e working except for the sliding text boxes, see attached images that show the sliding box (the gray color) and the text box behind it, when I drill down to the text box it is set to use device fonts already but when I enter my text it does not show all the letters (the W A and V for example are missing) I know that is caused by the Antialias setting but I am unable to find what is set to that in this sliding box, what am I missing? I am a very novice user so please be as detailed as you can in you answer, I can provide any information needed. Thank s in advance.
    I am using CS10

    I had the same issue. They say that because TRC Sri Lanka haven't registered IPad or apple as a safe product. That means the IMEI of apple products will not match with srilankan regulatory specifications. But this issue will be solved in near future. Please contact telecommunications and regulatory bord for details. Dialog axiata can't help.

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