Blurry fuzzy text

I'm having an interesting problem with text. Using a slide
from the Captivate 2 sample movie, titled Soft-Skills Sample.cp,
when I type new text onto one of the slides in a transparent text
caption it looks blurry when I play the movie. However, when I type
new text onto that same slide in a different text box and include a
bulleted item, the text looks much clearer when I play the movie.
Why is does this occur. I am interested in knowing because I would
like to keep the text as clear as possible. Any ideas are
appreciated. I can even send a sample slide if anyone is interested
in seeing the problem first hand. Thanks.

Hi Kelly
There are essentially two different ways to "fix" the fuzzy text. If it's a one off, you may add a line or three at the bottom of the Caption. Then configure the bottom line with a bullet. After that, size the caption so you don't see the bullet.
Or, if you want to influence all transparent captions, click Edit > Preferences > Project > SWF Size and Quality and clear the Anti-alias Transparent Captions option.
Keep in mind that this may also be affected by the Windows settings that are configured. Specifically, an option called "font smoothing". If Font Smoothing is enabled on the PC used to edit and publish the Captivate, it also causes another type of Anti-aliasing to occur that is unrelated to what you see in Captivate.
Cheers... Rick
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  • ITunes 10.6 store blurry/fuzzy text?

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    Ha! Issue solved. The track not showing the arrows was a PDF in iTunes. All is well.

  • Video looks Blocky, Blurry, Fuzzy in AE (1280X720 29.97fps)

    Im trying to make a montage of gameplay I have recorded of myself playing PS3 the files are .m2ts, so im using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to cut the video into clips so I could then export them into AE (After Effects).
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    So then comes the AE part now my clips are ready to be mastered and added effects to so I go into Import --> File --> and choose my .MOV file which I have exported from Premiere Pro
    But for some reason my video looks Blocky, Blurry, Fuzzy real low quality which is not what I want I have it set on Full and yet it looks horrible.
    It looks like AE is having trouble opening the video properly or something in the settings is wrong but from my point of view the composition matches everything from the clips: 1280X720 29.97fps
    Here is the picture of how my video looks on After Effects as you can see the text is wierd looking and in the settings you can see I have it on 100% and Full
    This next picture below is how it looks on my Windows Media Player as you can see everything looks way nicer
    Now this last image is the settings that come up on AE so that you can see my video has the right settings
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    I recommend you read this for starters and then work your way through thze AE help, including the topic relevant here.

  • Cs6 3D axis widget showing up blurry/fuzzy

    My 3D axis widget was showing fine( solid, clear, and visible in front of the mesh I was working on), but now It has started to switch between normal and Blurry/Fuzzy( as if it is sitting behind the mesh and the whole scene). It is very difficult to see sometimes and even more s to access it. Does anyone know of this problem,  and if so, how t correct it? Also any troubleshooting advice would be helpful too.
    Sys info:
    Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00) x64
    Operating System: Windows NT
    Version: 6.2
    System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:5, Stepping:5 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, HyperThreading
    Physical processor count: 2
    Logical processor count: 4
    Processor speed: 2394 MHz
    Built-in memory: 7989 MB
    Free memory: 4517 MB
    Memory available to Photoshop: 7040 MB
    Memory used by Photoshop: 88 %
    Image tile size: 128K
    Image cache levels: 4
    OpenGL Drawing: Enabled.
    OpenGL Drawing Mode: Basic
    OpenGL Allow Normal Mode: True.
    OpenGL Allow Advanced Mode: True.
    OpenGL Allow Old GPUs: Not Detected.
    Video Card Vendor: Intel
    Video Card Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics
    Display: 1
    Display Bounds:=  top: 0, left: 0, bottom: 768, right: 1280
    Video Card Number: 1
    Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics
    OpenCL Unavailable
    Driver Version:
    Driver Date: 20121009000000.000000-000
    Video Card Driver: igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igdumdx32,igd10umd32
    Video Mode:
    Video Card Caption: Intel(R) HD Graphics
    Video Card Memory: 3770 MB
    Video Rect Texture Size: 8192
    Serial number: Tryout Version
    Application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\
    Temporary file path: C:\Users\RYANS_~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
    Photoshop scratch has async I/O enabled
    Scratch volume(s):
      C:\, 341.9G, 82.7G free
    Required Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Required\
    Primary Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\
    Additional Plug-ins folder: not set
    Installed components:
       A3DLIBS.dll   A3DLIB Dynamic Link Library  
       ACE.dll   ACE 2012/06/05-15:16:32   66.507768   66.507768
       adbeape.dll   Adobe APE 2012/01/25-10:04:55   66.1025012   66.1025012
       AdobeLinguistic.dll   Adobe Linguisitc Library   6.0.0  
       AdobeOwl.dll   Adobe Owl 2012/06/26-12:17:19   4.0.95   66.510504
       AdobePDFL.dll   PDFL 2011/12/12-16:12:37   66.419471   66.419471
       AdobePIP.dll   Adobe Product Improvement Program  
       AdobeXMP.dll   Adobe XMP Core 2012/02/06-14:56:27   66.145661   66.145661
       AdobeXMPFiles.dll   Adobe XMP Files 2012/02/06-14:56:27   66.145661   66.145661
       AdobeXMPScript.dll   Adobe XMP Script 2012/02/06-14:56:27   66.145661   66.145661
       adobe_caps.dll   Adobe CAPS   6,0,29,0  
       AGM.dll   AGM 2012/06/05-15:16:32   66.507768   66.507768
       ahclient.dll    AdobeHelp Dynamic Link Library   1,7,0,56  
       aif_core.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       aif_ocl.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       aif_ogl.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       amtlib.dll   AMTLib (64 Bit) (BuildVersion: 6.0; BuildDate: Mon Jan 16 2012 18:00:00)   1.000000
       ARE.dll   ARE 2012/06/05-15:16:32   66.507768   66.507768
       AXE8SharedExpat.dll   AXE8SharedExpat 2011/12/16-15:10:49   66.26830   66.26830
       AXEDOMCore.dll   AXEDOMCore 2011/12/16-15:10:49   66.26830   66.26830
       Bib.dll   BIB 2012/06/05-15:16:32   66.507768   66.507768
       BIBUtils.dll   BIBUtils 2012/06/05-15:16:32   66.507768   66.507768
       boost_date_time.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       boost_signals.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       boost_system.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       boost_threads.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       cg.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007  
       cgGL.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007  
       CIT.dll   Adobe CIT
       CoolType.dll   CoolType 2012/06/05-15:16:32   66.507768   66.507768
       data_flow.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       dvaaudiodevice.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dvacore.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dvamarshal.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dvamediatypes.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dvaplayer.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dvatransport.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dvaunittesting.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       dynamiclink.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       ExtendScript.dll   ExtendScript 2011/12/14-15:08:46   66.490082   66.490082
       FileInfo.dll   Adobe XMP FileInfo 2012/01/17-15:11:19   66.145433   66.145433
       filter_graph.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       hydra_filters.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       icucnv40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2011/11/15-16:30:22    Build gtlib_3.0.16615  
       icudt40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2011/11/15-16:30:22    Build gtlib_3.0.16615  
       image_compiler.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       image_flow.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       image_runtime.dll   AIF   3.0   62.490293
       JP2KLib.dll   JP2KLib 2011/12/12-16:12:37   66.236923   66.236923
       libifcoremd.dll   Intel(r) Visual Fortran Compiler   10.0 (Update A)  
       libmmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   10.0  
       LogSession.dll   LogSession  
       mediacoreif.dll   DVA Product   6.0.0  
       MPS.dll   MPS 2012/02/03-10:33:13   66.495174   66.495174
       msvcm80.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005   8.00.50727.6910  
       msvcm90.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008   9.00.30729.1  
       msvcp100.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010   10.00.40219.1  
       msvcp80.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005   8.00.50727.6910  
       msvcp90.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008   9.00.30729.1  
       msvcr100.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010   10.00.40219.1  
       msvcr80.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005   8.00.50727.6910  
       msvcr90.dll   Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008   9.00.30729.1  
       pdfsettings.dll   Adobe PDFSettings   1.04  
       Photoshop.dll   Adobe Photoshop CS6   CS6  
       Plugin.dll   Adobe Photoshop CS6   CS6  
       PlugPlug.dll   Adobe(R) CSXS PlugPlug Standard Dll (64 bit)  
       PSArt.dll   Adobe Photoshop CS6   CS6  
       PSViews.dll   Adobe Photoshop CS6   CS6  
       SCCore.dll   ScCore 2011/12/14-15:08:46   66.490082   66.490082
       ScriptUIFlex.dll   ScriptUIFlex 2011/12/14-15:08:46   66.490082   66.490082
       tbb.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   3, 0, 2010, 0406  
       tbbmalloc.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   3, 0, 2010, 0406  
       TfFontMgr.dll   FontMgr  
       TfKernel.dll   Kernel  
       TFKGEOM.dll   Kernel Geom  
       TFUGEOM.dll   Adobe, UGeom©  
       updaternotifications.dll   Adobe Updater Notifications Library (BuildVersion: 1.0; BuildDate: BUILDDATETIME)
       WRServices.dll   WRServices Friday January 27 2012 13:22:12   Build 0.17112   0.17112
       wu3d.dll   U3D Writer  
    Required plug-ins:
       3D Studio 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Accented Edges 13.0
       Adaptive Wide Angle 13.0
       ADM 3.11x01
       Angled Strokes 13.0
       Average 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Bas Relief 13.0
       BMP 13.0
       Camera Raw 7.3
       Chalk & Charcoal 13.0
       Charcoal 13.0
       Chrome 13.0
       Cineon 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Clouds 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Collada 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Color Halftone 13.0
       Colored Pencil 13.0
       CompuServe GIF 13.0
       Conté Crayon 13.0
       Craquelure 13.0
       Crop and Straighten Photos 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Crop and Straighten Photos Filter 13.0
       Crosshatch 13.0
       Crystallize 13.0
       Cutout 13.0
       Dark Strokes 13.0
       De-Interlace 13.0
       Dicom 13.0
       Difference Clouds 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Diffuse Glow 13.0
       Displace 13.0
       Dry Brush 13.0
       Eazel Acquire 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Embed Watermark 4.0
       Entropy 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Extrude 13.0
       FastCore Routines 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Fibers 13.0
       Film Grain 13.0
       Filter Gallery 13.0
       Flash 3D 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Fresco 13.0
       Glass 13.0
       Glowing Edges 13.0
       Google Earth 4 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Grain 13.0
       Graphic Pen 13.0
       Halftone Pattern 13.0
       HDRMergeUI 13.0
       IFF Format 13.0
       Ink Outlines 13.0
       JPEG 2000 13.0
       Kurtosis 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Lens Blur 13.0
       Lens Correction 13.0
       Lens Flare 13.0
       Liquify 13.0
       Matlab Operation 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Maximum 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Mean 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Measurement Core 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Median 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Mezzotint 13.0
       Minimum 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       MMXCore Routines 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Mosaic Tiles 13.0
       Multiprocessor Support 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Neon Glow 13.0
       Note Paper 13.0
       NTSC Colors 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Ocean Ripple 13.0
       Oil Paint 13.0
       OpenEXR 13.0
       Paint Daubs 13.0
       Palette Knife 13.0
       Patchwork 13.0
       Paths to Illustrator 13.0
       PCX 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Photocopy 13.0
       Photoshop 3D Engine 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Picture Package Filter 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Pinch 13.0
       Pixar 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Plaster 13.0
       Plastic Wrap 13.0
       PNG 13.0
       Pointillize 13.0
       Polar Coordinates 13.0
       Portable Bit Map 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Poster Edges 13.0
       Radial Blur 13.0
       Radiance 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Range 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Read Watermark 4.0
       Reticulation 13.0
       Ripple 13.0
       Rough Pastels 13.0
       Save for Web 13.0
       ScriptingSupport 13.0.1
       Shear 13.0
       Skewness 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Smart Blur 13.0
       Smudge Stick 13.0
       Solarize 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Spatter 13.0
       Spherize 13.0
       Sponge 13.0
       Sprayed Strokes 13.0
       Stained Glass 13.0
       Stamp 13.0
       Standard Deviation 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Sumi-e 13.0
       Summation 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Targa 13.0
       Texturizer 13.0
       Tiles 13.0
       Torn Edges 13.0
       Twirl 13.0
       U3D 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Underpainting 13.0
       Vanishing Point 13.0
       Variance 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Variations 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Water Paper 13.0
       Watercolor 13.0
       Wave 13.0
       Wavefront|OBJ 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       WIA Support 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       Wind 13.0
       Wireless Bitmap 13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00)
       ZigZag 13.0
    Optional and third party plug-ins: NONE
    Plug-ins that failed to load: NONE
    Flash: NONE
    Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

    You probably have updated/ changed something in the driver. Undo those changes and everything will be back to normal. Otehr than that you could be working at a document size you haven't worked before or invoked some setting or tool you never used before that may trigger the behavior because it's beyond your graphics chip's limited capabilities...

  • Blurry/fuzzy fonts on external display (Dell 2209WA)

    Hi, I recently bought a Dell 2209WA and I'm not too happy with how the fonts are displayed on it. All the fonts seems blurry/fuzzy/jagged.
    I have tried to change the sharpness of the display as well as the font smoothing style(I get best results on Medium) in OSX. It gets a little bit better with these settings than with the defaults but far from good.
    I'm running the display on a black MacBook through DVI, native resolution 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz.
    Anybody else with this problem?

    I'm not sure if my problem is related, but I'm also connecting my MacBook to a Dell LCD panel via the mini DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter and I'm getting weird on-screen artifacts and intermittent flickering.
    There's a known problem if you're using the mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter and Apple has provided a firmware update to fix the problem. If you're using that (and connecting to your Dell monitor via an additional VGA-to-DVI dongle, then you might want to grab the update.
    But as far as I know, there doesn't seem to be a solution for the DVI adapter.

  • My desktop went blurry/fuzzy today. After i managed to shut it down and turn it on again everything was fine. What should i do ?

    Do i need to worry? Today my imac desktop went all blurry/fuzzy. After i managed to shut it down and turn it on again everything was fine. What should i do ?

    Restore loop (being prompted to restore again after a restore successfully completes): This issue is typically caused by out-of-date or incorrectly configured third-party security software. Please followTroubleshooting security software issues if USB troubleshooting does not resolve this issue.
    Error 13 and 14: These errors are typically resolved by performing one or more of the steps listed below:
    Perform USB isolation troubleshooting, including trying a different USB port directly on the computer. See the advanced steps below for USB troubleshooting.
    Put a USB 2.0 hub between the device and the computer.
    Try a different USB 30-pin dock-connector cable.
    Eliminate third-party security software conflicts.
    There may be third-party software installed that modifies your default packet size in Windows by inserting one or more TcpWindowSize entries into your registry. Your default packet size being set incorrectly can cause this error. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet-size modification for assistance. Or, follow this article by Microsoft: How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to reset the packet size back to the default for Windows.
    Connect your computer directly to your Internet source, bypassing any routers, hubs, or switches. You may need to restart your computer and modem to get online.
    Try to restore from another known-good computer and network.
    Error 50: This error (and error -50) are timeout errors. Follow the steps for errors 13 or 14 above.
    Above from:

  • Blurry/Fuzzy Videos

    My exported work is turning out very blurry/fuzzy. For the web, I was advised to use the export settings
    Format: h.264
    Preset: PAL DV Widescreen High Quality
    This is just to find out if there is a similar or an equivalent kind of setting when exporting to tape for TV for a sharper quality videos.

    Yes, these are DV-AVI's
    The blurry/Fuzzy is as seen on TV when broadcast by the TV channel, even though the picture quality is fine when I play it on TV via the camcorder at work.
    Initially I thought the blurry pictures were from the channel/station until I realised my cameras (Sony HVR-Z5 Camcorder), though not the best for broadcast is of better quality than that of some of the other programmers who don't seem to be having this issue.
    I'm wondering if there is something more I could do.

  • Blurry/Fuzzy isight

    My isight is very very blurry compared to earlier shots i've taken, I've cleaned the surface of the lense and it appears clear. However the pictures i'm now taking are much blurrier than previous. I'm wonderin if it's possible to clean the inside of the lense.

    Nope, Scott TD,
    Unless you are an Apple-Authorized Service Provider (AASP), you cannot clean inside your MacBook Pro without endangering your warranty. There are no user-serviceable parts of iSight. Contact Apple or your local AASP if you think your problem is internal.
    You can try the relevant suggestion for built-in iSight in Apple's How to Troubleshoot iSight first if you like.
    One other possibility is that you are trying to take very different pictures. Built-in iSight is a fixed focus camera. If the pictures you consider "Blurry/Fuzzy" are of much closer or much more distant subjects than the acceptable images you made, you may be outside the limits of your iSight's Depth of Field or Hyperfocal Distance. Some techniques, such as adding more light, can help in certain circumstances. We may be able to offer other suggestions if you post details of how current and previous subjects differ.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.10)    G5 DP 1.8  External iSight

  • Blurry fuzzy PDF

    Why do i get blurry fuzzy prints of PDF forms on my Deskjet 3050 since i moved to Win 8.1 (i didnt happen with Win *, so it seems a software prob)?  I see that it is a recurrent problem for various users but nothing is done by HP nor Adobe to find a true software solution. I tried their ideas: reloading ALL software, usin "print image", turning on and off, e-print and regular... all of this to no avail. I now think of getting Canon or Epson

    Hi Olivierjeand,
    Do you face the same issue printing the forms on any other printer as well?
    Try printing to Adobe PDF printer first and then print the generated pdf to the regular printer and check.

  • PDF Text Blurry Fuzzy... but only on one machine...

    I could really use your assistance. When viewing a PDF, one user can see the PDF text with great clarity, but the same PDF viewed by other users, the text appears fuzzy / blurry. I've tried to massaged about every Preference I could (within Acrobat) and through Windows 2003, but nothing worked.
    The machines (corporate image) are (should be) identical as is the hardware.
    Has anyone successfully resolved this issue?

    Thanks for your help.
    I'm using Aperture 2.1.4, sorry I should have mentioned that in my original post.
    I've installed the RAW Compatibility Update nonetheless, but no joy.
    I did a consistency check on the database and nothing came up. Then I did a rebuild and it almost worked. Luckily, I did this on a copy of the library. It removed most of my images from my library, but those that remained (which were a seemingly random subset of my whole library) were fine.
    I'm now making another copy of the library from the Time Capsule
    It's strange that it would be a problem with the database if it works fine on my MBP, don't you think?
    I'm out of ideas!

  • Blurry or Fuzzy Text & Headings???

    I use Acrobat Professional 7.1 and it has worked and printed properly until the last couple days.  Something has recently changed and now my printing is blurry...
    When I receive a pdf and go to print it out, the preview looks normal. When I print, if there is a logo (business letterhead), it now prints blurry with a bunch of rectangular boxes forming the text.  In some cases the text prints out normal, and other times it prints out fuzzy.  Please see examples attached.
    I have tried numerous things following the Acrobat Help menu's but nothing seems to work.  Any help would be appreciated!

    Well it is inevitable that as the camera dollys in to the text the text will begin to pixelate as it gets larger. You can mitagate this to some degree using the camera parameters, specifically the angle of view and near and far planes. These allow you to control how large the text becomes before it disappears from view. You can also use the sharpen filter to help keep the text sharper as the camera zooms in on it. It really is a matter of playing with the parameters to get a good result. You might also find the near and far fade camera controls helpfull as a final tweak to the text.

  • Blurry / fuzzy screen text / fonts

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 3 days. I find the screen fonts are not very clear or sharp. Text appears quite fuzzy and blurry all the time, e.g. when viewing web pages, reading the help files, or even now - the text on this message I'm writing right now looks fuzzy. Also, the smaller the text, the fuzzier it gets making it very hard to read. I have tried turning off 'font smoothing' in System Preferences/Appearance, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
    Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem? I'd be really grateful for your help.

    If this is your fist Apple computer and your coming from a PC. Then you may notice a difference. Apple uses a slightly different way of smoothing fonts on LCD screens. Some prefer Microsoft's way and some like Apple's. I do know especially if your using Firefox and not Safari the fonts appear even worse. I have found that too high of brightness level can sometimes make this even worse. So try lowering the brightness level some.

  • Text on my screen is blurry/fuzzy

    hello. i accidentally hit a key (not sure which one) the other day, and then i noticed that my desktop background had changed from my customized background to the default blue Mac screen. no big deal, i just changed it back to the picture i had up before. but ever since then, the text on my screen has looked blurry. its a subtle difference but it's definitely noticeable, and a bit irritating to my vision. i tried adjusting the font text smoothness using the system preferences - appearance function, but nothing has helped. any help???

    It sounds like the resolution may have accidentally been changed. Check in Displays preferences. It should be set to 1280 x 800.

  • Is there a way to save a table in Photoshop (that was created in InDesign) without fuzzy text?

    I am trying to save a table in Photoshop that was created in InDesign for web use. When I save it as a png (can't save as pdf or jpeg due to limitations with our company's website), the text appears fuzzy (pixelated?). Is this because the table is getting flattened/rasterized?
    Is there a different adobe product that can be used to avoid this happening? The company who has built our website has a style editor that has limited capabilities. We have tried using the website's editor to create the tables; however, the editor lacks the flexibilty and user-friendliness that comes with InDesign. That is why we opted to create the tables in Indesign.
    In order to upload the table into the editor, the file must be saved as a png, so that is why we are creating in InDesign and then saving the table in Photoshop.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you for the help!

    Thanks for your help!
    Just to clarify, are you suggesting going through the export process while in Indesign? I did that and saved the table as an EPS file, then proceeded to open it, trim, and save as png in Photoshop. I noticed it lost it's white background when I reopened it in Photoshop; the table appeared with a transparent background (which isn't a big deal). When I uploaded the png in the website it doesn't appear to be as blurry, so that did help.
    Thank you for the suggestion!

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