Blurry Menubuilder Text

Hi, I'm creating a menubuilder project to link several
different movies together. When I preview the menu, the text and
tootips are clear. Once I export the project however, the text
appears blurry and most unprofessional.
It doesn't matter whether I export to .swf or .exe and it
also doen't seem to matter what font I use, all fonts come out
blurry. I've had no such issues with the movies themselves, just
with this menubuilder project. I'm using Captivate Version 1.01 Any
suggestions?! Thanks in advance

Do not export to exe
OR swf. Export to HTML instead.
Your problem is probably that the Captivate SWF is NOT
scalable (as a Flash SWF would be), and since the Captivate SWF
depends on the HTM for proper sizing information, I'm guessing your
problem is warping due to the SWF being viewed at the wrong size.
Just a guess of course.

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    Ha! Issue solved. The track not showing the arrows was a PDF in iTunes. All is well.

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    Try to disable hardware acceleration.
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If disabling hardware acceleration works then check if there is an update available for your graphics display driver.

  • Windows 8 Blurry/Fuzzy Text

    Hi everyone,
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    I bought an Asus laptop with a 1920 x 1080 resolution 15.6" screen and windows 8 and I find the screen is tiring. The laptop has an i7-4700HQ cpu with onboard gpu and a separate nVidia gpu for higher demand games and applications.
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    What I don't understand, is why is it when I connect my older 17" lcd monitor to the laptop and use that as the only display, the text in windows 8 on that monitor is also blurry, and worse than it was when I used the 17" lcd display with my AMD64 desktop with
    XP Pro.
    Is it the display card or windows 8? Not sure what to do.

  • Blurry Logos/Text

    Finishing up a project and messed up on some chapter markers (entered them in the clips). Corrected that, but now our text and logos come in blurry. We even went to another project and cut and pasted the "Clear" Logo+type, but in the new project it looks horrible. Also, when we imported the logo, it came in Extra large and we had to scale it down. Why is it doing this? Probably a simple fix, but can't seem to figure it out!

    What version are you using? The current version has a user preference that defaults to scaling anything put in a sequence to fit that sequence. So if you put a small logo in the sequence it scales it up. You can switch this off in the prefs Editing panel. Then the image will go into the sequence at whatever size it is.

  • Blurry moving text

    First post on here, I'm new to Premiere. Having issues with the edges of text being blurry/jagged (only if it's moving) when I go to export my video. Thought that maybe it was because I had imported a Photoshop file with text layers but the problem persists even when using Premiere titles. I was intending to export it as H.264 but tried QuickTime with similar results. I also messed with the Maximum Render Quality buttons as well as the "Render at Maximum Depth" in the export video settings. I know the idea for best results is to match export settings to sequence settings which I attempted to do but I'm not sure what the "Upper VBR, 1 pass, Target 10.00 Mbps, Max 12.00 Mbps AAC, 320 kbps" is all about, all of the outputs seem to have more listed than the source.
    Hopefully  I've provided enough information, any help is appreciated!

    I found the YouTube presets, much appreciated! The animation is smooth now, but now text and straight edges are jagged (I can't seem to win with this thing...)
    After                                                                                   Before

  • Grainy & blurry color text

    Hi, does anyone know why color text would appear grainy or blurry in print?  Illustrations and black text are perfect, it's just the color text...

    It's a printer problem.
    Is there a way to fix it?
    There may not be. The amount of registration drift may be within the functional tolerances of your printer. (Impossible to judge; no one knows from your photo how large the type is, but it appears small.) A certain amount of paper movement as it moves through a laser printer is unavoidable. The four process colors are not laid down by a single toner drum.

  • Blurry fuzzy text

    I'm having an interesting problem with text. Using a slide
    from the Captivate 2 sample movie, titled Soft-Skills Sample.cp,
    when I type new text onto one of the slides in a transparent text
    caption it looks blurry when I play the movie. However, when I type
    new text onto that same slide in a different text box and include a
    bulleted item, the text looks much clearer when I play the movie.
    Why is does this occur. I am interested in knowing because I would
    like to keep the text as clear as possible. Any ideas are
    appreciated. I can even send a sample slide if anyone is interested
    in seeing the problem first hand. Thanks.

    Hi Kelly
    There are essentially two different ways to "fix" the fuzzy text. If it's a one off, you may add a line or three at the bottom of the Caption. Then configure the bottom line with a bullet. After that, size the caption so you don't see the bullet.
    Or, if you want to influence all transparent captions, click Edit > Preferences > Project > SWF Size and Quality and clear the Anti-alias Transparent Captions option.
    Keep in mind that this may also be affected by the Windows settings that are configured. Specifically, an option called "font smoothing". If Font Smoothing is enabled on the PC used to edit and publish the Captivate, it also causes another type of Anti-aliasing to occur that is unrelated to what you see in Captivate.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Blurry Bitmap text (no anti-alias) on Button Symbols

    Can someone please explain when making a button symbol using
    Arial then exporting as an .swf why the font exports blurry and not

    first, do you have alias text on or off in the property
    window? second are you scaling the button, third are you scaling
    the movie, fourth are you making sure the text exists at an integer
    x and y location, sometimes texts looks funny when it's place at
    1.1 pixels rather then 1.0, and fifth make sure your eye glass
    proscription is still up to date! all these things could be
    contributing to the blurring of the font.

  • Blurry Motion Text Graphic

    Using Motion 2.0.1 I created one word of text. Then 'replicated' it. 'Repel' it. And have 5 other behaviors added including
    "stretch in" - "subtle light" - 'random glow' - 'gust of wind' and 'roll down.'
    The text is blurry even when the only active behavior is 'repel.'
    How can I make the text look more crisp?

    You mentioned that you made a replicator, using the text as the source. What scale are the replicator cells set to? Just like particles, the replicator takes the source object at its original size (unscaled) as an image and then does all the replicator transforms to it (scale, rotation, etc).
    So, if the Scale parameter for the replicator cells is greater than 100%, you're effectively blowing up an image of the text, which is why it gets blurry. A workaround is to make an object at the largest size you think you'll need it at: in the case of text, that is the font size, not the Scale parameter that is found in the Properties tab.
    Hope this makes sense and/or helps. Good luck!

  • Blurry Windows text - Boot Camp

    Howdy folks, got a quick question -
    I had to install Windows (8.1) and I did so without much problem on my rMBP (late 2013), thanks to Boot Camp. I happened to note that some of the textual content seems "blurry/pixelated".
    I say 'some content' because most of the Windows-based stuff in Explorer, Desktop, etc. seem fine. But text on Chrome, or while installing any software (Windows Prompts) are not 'normal'. Or do I say... Text seems "distorted".
    Is there something wrong with the display?
    On another note, Christmas greetings to those observing! Peace and good health unto us all.

    Hi all, I'm having the same problem, and I doubt it is the High DPI support problem. For eg. an app created in Visual Studio 2013 looks pixelated, even if you change scaling settings for the app, while the ap in Visual Stusio itself looks good.
    Can you please suggets another solution?

  • DPS & InDesign - Blurry/Pixelated Text

    Hi there,
    I've made a scrollable frame within my document, but the text appears blurred and pixelatied on my iPad when using it. The font is Helvetica Reg 12.5 pt. Any ideas?

    Make sure the folio and article are PDF format and at least version 24. Then
    set the scrollable frame to vector in the folio overlays panel.

  • Blurry/shaky text

    Just finished burning my first movie onto a DVD. When I reviewed the DVD, much of the text seemed to be of a low resolution, even some of the photos (lots of shaking and fuzziness). None of this showed on my monitor prior to burning the DVD.
    Is there a setting that I need to adjust to get better resolution on the disk?

    I found the YouTube presets, much appreciated! The animation is smooth now, but now text and straight edges are jagged (I can't seem to win with this thing...)
    After                                                                                   Before

  • Fuzzy/blurry text in Pages documents (tables)

    I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced this problem:
    I upgraded to Pages 13 a while ago. Whenever I print text that is in a table, the letters are slightly fuzzy/blurry. Text outside a table is crisp and appears normal.
    Any idea what may be causing this?

    My thought was that, in the interest of finding a solution, posting my findings in Numbers could be helpful. After all, Numbers and Pages have a lot of similarities. In fact the way the tables work (where this problem lies) seems to be nearly identical. That post in another forum would certainly not benefit BuzzerRover in any way, but in here it might.
    In response to PeterBreis0807, yes, I have tried both changing the CMYK when selecting the cell itself, and also when selecting the text inside the cell. In both cases, upon reselecting the cell and attempting to change the color (making sure the color change button is blue), the CMYK cells had reverted to other values. Gray Scale changes did seem to stick, but did not rectify the printing issue. In the interest of adhering to forum rules, this was tested on tables in both Numbers and Pages.
    In addition, this printing issue does not seem to affect inserted images, which print beautifully, or even text outside of tables, as BuzzerRover mentioned. Also, it only seems to happen when printing to my HP LaserJet 400 color, but not when I print to my Canon copier.
    I hope this helps shed some light on this in some way.

  • Tab text is yellow and blurry and unreadable on anything but darkest color tab

    Tabs suddenly appeared colored yellow, white or green with unreadable blurry yellow text. Only way to read tab text is to change each individual tab to darkest grey but text still blurry. I want to get back to tabs the way they were with black text.

    That problem is most likely due to your "ColorfulTabs" extension. There is a newer version ('''''version 18.1''''') on the author's home page, but no guarantee that it will correct your problem (I do not use ColorfulTabs). I found the link following on the Mozilla add-ons page for ColorfulTabs ( ).
    *ColorfulTabs homepage -
    There is also a link on the Mozilla add-ons page for that extension (in the right margin) for "Support site" where there are numerous recent posts about tabs being hard to read or unreadable. I suggest that you add your complaint/problem to their forum.

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