Blurry Motion Text Graphic

Using Motion 2.0.1 I created one word of text. Then 'replicated' it. 'Repel' it. And have 5 other behaviors added including
"stretch in" - "subtle light" - 'random glow' - 'gust of wind' and 'roll down.'
The text is blurry even when the only active behavior is 'repel.'
How can I make the text look more crisp?

You mentioned that you made a replicator, using the text as the source. What scale are the replicator cells set to? Just like particles, the replicator takes the source object at its original size (unscaled) as an image and then does all the replicator transforms to it (scale, rotation, etc).
So, if the Scale parameter for the replicator cells is greater than 100%, you're effectively blowing up an image of the text, which is why it gets blurry. A workaround is to make an object at the largest size you think you'll need it at: in the case of text, that is the font size, not the Scale parameter that is found in the Properties tab.
Hope this makes sense and/or helps. Good luck!

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    Hello creative people!!!
    i want to know how do i get motion texts like this in after effects? I just want to have the words in a banner just like this in the video. How do i have the words going in and out of the video? Also in the video i would like to have social media the video as well.
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    You need to closely analyse the graphics and what they are doing..then make a study of the tool ( After Effects) to see how its achieved.  Understand these are multiple components that are composited together.
    Its pretty fundamental ( and actually rather simple once you know) but has a learning curve that involves some effort on your part. Time, time, time...
    Start with the basic tutorials for AEFX and its all there...
    (Some one will post up the Basic Tutorials Link soon).

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  • HP PhotoSmart C309g Printer no longer prints Black Text, Graphics, etc

    We have an HP laptop.
    We have an HP PhotoSmart All-In-One C309g Wireless printer/scanner/copier.
    It has been working fine for a couple of years, until 2 days ago.
    It will no longer print anything in black (colors and Photo Black work fine).
    We have taken it apart...removed all ink cartridges, removed the cartridge caddy,
    cleaned all electrodes,  replaced the caddy, installed 5 (all) new cartridges,, etc.
    We went through the process of removing the cartridges, caddy, shutting down,
    removing the AC cord, waiting for several minutes, then doing the reverse process.
    When we turn the printer on, it does its auto-check/install, and after about 4-5 minutes
    tells us that the installation failed, the to press the OK  button.
    We went thorugh this process several times, and the installation failed every time.
    In the past, installing printer cartridges, cleaning, calibrating...executed quickly.
    The printer will not print anything that is Black, whether it me a print from Word, Notepad,
    doing a direct copy from the glass, etc....both, with the laptop On or Off, but it will not
    print anything in standard Black.
    The colors and Photo Black print fine, but the regular Black does not.
    The output from the other 4 cartridges are sharp, crisp, etc.
    Anything... text, graphics, etc.,  in standard Black does not print.
    Any ideas.
    Thank you
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    The troubleshooting steps in this document may help resolve the issue of black not printing.  If not see the post here.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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  • Text graphics are not clean in Encore playback

    I have a project that is all text graphic from a PowerPoint and no matter how I put them into Encore, they don't play back clean. I have made PNG, PSD, JPG and I even redid all the text in Premier Pro. All the same results. I have done this many times before but now nothing seems to work. Looking for answers. 

    Where can I look for that?
    On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 10:32 AM, John T Smith <[email protected]>

  • A way to undo Formatted Text & Graphics OCR from Acrobat 7?

    Over the course of a few months, my company received a large number of PDF files for a project for which the internal policy was that every file should be text searchable.  Unfortunately, we did not save the native files in any sort of convenient way, having at that time not realized that failing to do so was a very bad idea.  We ran OCR on every one of the files that we received, which total approximately 4,000.  At the time that we received the majority of these files, my company was still using Acrobat 7; we've since upgraded to version 8.
    Recently we discovered that there were discrepancies between our electronic copies and the hard copy printouts from which our electronic copies had been generated:  in the electronic copies, uppercase F had changed to P, S had changed to 8, etc.  We eventually worked out that it must have been that at some point a computer was mistakenly set to run OCR using the Formatted Text & Graphics setting, as opposed to either Searchable Image or Searchable Image (Exact).  This was absolutely not want we wanted, as for our purposes using a type of OCR that causes the original images to change essentially renders the files useless.  My questions, then, are the following:
    1)  As I asked in the title, is there any way of undoing Formatted Text & Graphics OCR that was performed in Acrobat 7?
    2)  Is there a way of identifying files that have had Formatted Tex & Graphics OCR performed on them (something stored in the metadata)?
    Rebuilding these files from scratch is going to require a gargantuan effort, so any help would be much appreciated.

    Bernd's been across the mountain and seen the bear; so, you can bank on what he posted.
    But, just because, I'll second his "no".
    Formatted Text and Graphics (Acrobat 7, 8) and ClearScan (Acrobat 9, X) effectively replace the image of textual characters.
    If a character is not recognized as 'something' a bit map is of the thing is left behind.
    Now, while Acrobat or other OCR engines (Abbey FineReader, AdLib, Adobe Capture, etc.) are really rather impressive no OCR engine has 100% accuracy 100% of the time. Other variables  come into play (scan lamp age/brightness, platen cleanliness, scanner mechanicals cleanliness, calibration of scanner, hard copy 'quality' (characters' darkness density, contrast between characters and background, presence of lack thereof of boxed in text, text in or adjacent to line arcs/circles, etc.).
    All of that is for semantic content that is "textual". Semantic content that is not textual (but, coincidently may contain text) provides little to no useful OCR output (e.g., graphs, drawings, etc.). Validate this by performing OCR on such a PDF then Export to a plain text file. Print this file out and compare that to the source paper or the scanned image.
    There is no metadata info that identifies the OCR mode used.
    Perhaps something buried in the bowls of PDF page description content; if so, not intrinsically easy to obtain.
    My suggestion (fwiw) - move forward with re-scan.
    A server product would help to move it along but a high speed scanner hooked to a local machine (with ample resources) and Acrobat Pro 8 or 9 get it done. With Acrobat 8 or 9 use Search Image (Exact).  In Preferences check the category Create PDF or TIFF to assure it is what you desire. Check Acrobat's scan presets to assure you have what you want vis-a-vis Compression and Filtering. Do avoid "Automatic".
    Be well...


    I'm looking at buying a high-end colour laser like the Xerox 7750 or Ricoh 7200. I've got a few questions about colour lasers in general (see my other recent posts). Feel free to offer any comments about:
    My HP scanner has options that optimise the scanning quality for text, graphics or both. ie it appears there is no one setting that scans a mixed page at the best quality. I've noticed on reading printer manuals that some also offer different print settings for graphics and text. Do colour lasers print text in an inferior way if there are graphics on the same page; and vice versa? Or should text quality (and graphics) stay the same no matter what else is on the page? Assume the text is sent to the printer as actual text (not rasterised in the application).
    In the Ricoh 7200 manual it states: "If text & graphics are blurred, select Text Priority under Graphic Mode from the Maintenance menu and then print."
    There is no more explanation, but when I saw that I immediately thought: if I select Text Priority is text quality somehow improved at the expense of graphics quality? Do lasers have this limitation?
    Thanks in advance for any comments.

    Import the TIFF into a pdf, you can use the Text Recognition tool page by page. Personally, I prefer for a job like your to use a dedicated OCR program that lets me designate which parts of the page should be considered graphics and which are text that needs to be OCRd.

  • Copying a Text Graphic

    I just picked up on a Flash project at work from our previous web designer who has since left the company and I know nothing about Flash so I am going to try my best to explain my problem.
    The client has requested some information be added to one of the sections of the web page which would involve a vertical scroll bar because it can not all fit in the pre-determined area for text. It will be added under jobs. Under the legal section the text runs outside of the area and has a scroll bar effect applied to it. Can I copy the legal text graphic, delete the old jobs text graphic, place the job text in the copied legal text graphic and then name it as the like the original text graphic that I deleted and have it all work without any problems?
    This might be a little bit hard to understand so I included a picture to show you maybe what I am talking about?

    I am not clear on what you have in front of you, but if the text is a graphic of text, then you should be able to directly replace that graphic with a new graphic in whatever object is holding it.
    If that section only holds text, you may find it is a textarea that has a scrollbar enabled for it, wherein the text is likely defined in the actionscript code (which means you could edit the text... a graphic isn't involved).
    What I recommend is that you make a copy of the file so that an original is retained.  Use the copy to experiment with making changes.

  • Making MOTION text in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR

    I make my video titles in MOTION with some basic text styles (face color, outline, glow). I make my DVD labels and jacket covers with Illustrator. Obviously, I want them to be the same. I am still trying to figure out the vocab of Illustrator and have not mastered how to replicate the exact effects I made in Motion. Does anyone have a better, more APPLE friendly workflow to do vector DVD labels and jackets OR does anyone know a way to integrate MOTION text style with ILLUSTRATOR.

    The issue is resolution, screen vs print, your video is something like 1024x576 pixels, or any one of the multitude of dimensions, print requires 200/300dpi depending on the print method, inkjet/laser/offset.
    So you are creating a DVD slick, 27x18cm-ish, each face is about 13cm wide and 18cm high, at 300dpi you need to be supplying a file that is 1535pixels x 2126pixels. How to do this?
    Take your motion motion project, save it as print version, change the project settings to reflect your desired output size and create your new masterpiece.
    hope this idea helps

  • Tutorials on Text Graphics

    Anyone know of some good tutorials or sources that'll provide information on how to create good text graphics?
    I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

    No. But needless to say there were some interesting art in there though.
    What I meant was how to create nice looking text graphics using Photoshop's Horizontal Type Tool (T).
    Thanks anyway!

  • ITunes 10.6 store blurry/fuzzy text?

    I am using Windows 7 X64 SP1 with the latest updates from Microsoft.
    I am currently using a Nvidia GTX 460 graphics card, with the latest Nvidia drivers.
    I have tried repeatedly to reset iTunes store cache, emptied Windows temp files, does repair options on both iTunes as well as Quicktime.
    I have also tried resetting both ClearType (including trying it turned off completely), and reset video card driver settings.
    I have tried to re-install both iTunes and Quicktime. I even uninstalled iCloud, and Safari. Still no effective change or improvement in any of those cases.
    Yet, the problem still remains. Many times when I try to browse the iTunes store, the text is very blurry and fuzzy and difficult to read. Sometimes the text becomes completely unreadable.
    Anyone else have similar experiences?
    Anyone know of a workaround, or should I just delete both iTunes and quicktime, and go back to iTunes 10.5 until their is a fix? It all started with the latest iTunes update that supposedly changes how it displays artwork and things. I can't tell any real difference between 10.5 and 10.6 in the case of artwork, but the display of text is getting very frustrating.

    Ha! Issue solved. The track not showing the arrows was a PDF in iTunes. All is well.

  • I have blurry, faded text in Firefox 4 (but not FF 3 or Chrome)

    Here is an example from Youtube. Ever since I upgraded from Firefox 3.6 to 4, my text is blurry and thin and hard to read, it looks terrible. This also happens in IE ever since I upgraded to IE9, but I don't care since I rarely ever use IE.
    Out of desparation I installed Chrome just so I could browse without struggling to read text, and the text is clear and perfect there.
    Can someone please help me get a usable installation of Firefox again? I love the addons and features of Firefox, but not if I can't READ when I'm using it...

    Try to disable hardware acceleration.
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If disabling hardware acceleration works then check if there is an update available for your graphics display driver.

  • Motion text output low quality

    I created this title with Motion. However, the text in the final output(NTSC DV) looks very fuzzy(see image below). When I play it in Motion timeline, everything looks sharp and smooth. What's going on?
    see image here:

    Quicktime displays DV compressed clips at a low resolution.
    you can open the clips in quicktime, go to the Movie Properties window (command-J). select the video track, then the visual settings tab. check off the "high quality" box.
    see if that changes the appearance.
    yes, DV clips are compressed, but if your project is using the DV codec, and you're not going to be doing further compositing to the clips in your NLE (Non-Linear Editor, probably Final Cut Pro), then there's little reason to use Animation (Lossless) or Uncompressed.
    Preview the clips on an external NTSC (or PAL, if that's your flavor) monitor and then determine is they are still blurry.

  • Text & Graphic from Print Module

    I bought Lightroom to help grow my Events business, we print on the night, we have an Awards night to shoot soon.
    We would like to have a graphic (Logo) and Text naming the type of Award.
    Would somebody please help and explain how to achieve this.
    As I understand how the Print Module works, It's one or the other. I know that I could use the Watermark function to add the text, but this would be OVER the image.
    Is there a way to design the template then import to LR? I cannot see a way in PS!
    Any help or advice would be great .

    I could see that being useful too.  As it may not make the final release, and we wouldn't want the request to get lost in beta land, might I suggest adding it as a suggestion on the Feature Request forum where it can easily be tracked?  If you post the link to your request here, others can also vote on your request.  If you search there, you may even find similar requests that you might like to add your vote to.

  • Aligning text & graphics

    I have text, often with a graphic, often in a table (imported
    from Word document) that either does not appear positioned
    correctly or is numbered wrong or both.
    When I remove the numbering (from the toolbar), the text
    repositions into the left margin and I lose the formatting.
    Clicking TAB does not work. Changing the text to Normal does not
    BTW, most of the text is InlineNormal types. Even changing it
    to Normal or removing the tag in the code does not seem to allow
    proper numbering. The numbering does not show in the Design view.
    Preview shows the sentence numbered, but it is the wrong numbering.
    I seem to remember that all text in Word documents should be Body,
    not Normal, before importing the document.

    Best practice for lists in RH:
    1. Assign Normal to all list elements.
    2. Select all list elements.
    3. Click the
    Create a Numbered List button in the RH toolbar.
    4. If you have any elements that should not be numbered, go
    into TrueCode and remove the LI tag from the element; also, remove
    the ending OL tag before that element and the new OL tag after that
    If you need to come back and make significant changes to this
    list at a later date, it's probably simpler to undo the entire
    list, add/change/remove appropriate elements, and start over at
    Step 1.
    Good luck,

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