Blurry moving text

First post on here, I'm new to Premiere. Having issues with the edges of text being blurry/jagged (only if it's moving) when I go to export my video. Thought that maybe it was because I had imported a Photoshop file with text layers but the problem persists even when using Premiere titles. I was intending to export it as H.264 but tried QuickTime with similar results. I also messed with the Maximum Render Quality buttons as well as the "Render at Maximum Depth" in the export video settings. I know the idea for best results is to match export settings to sequence settings which I attempted to do but I'm not sure what the "Upper VBR, 1 pass, Target 10.00 Mbps, Max 12.00 Mbps AAC, 320 kbps" is all about, all of the outputs seem to have more listed than the source.
Hopefully  I've provided enough information, any help is appreciated!

I found the YouTube presets, much appreciated! The animation is smooth now, but now text and straight edges are jagged (I can't seem to win with this thing...)
After                                                                                   Before

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  • How to create a moving text in APEX forms?

    Can anyone help me with the procedure and the code for creating a moving text in APEX.
    Thanks in advance.

    marquee was introduced with IE (Internet Explorer) and certain versions of Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari web browsers support it.
    tell me how do you want the text to work. the easiest way will be to create an HTML region and put the marquee tag code in it
    if you fear about the compatibility of marquee with browsers or have a browser version with which marquee does not work then use JQuery
    check the following
    let me know if this answers your query in the current thread
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  • How do you create animation on website i.e. i just want to create a simple moving text in my site.

    I just want to create a moving text or a flashing text in my website using iWeb. HELP!

    See the bgcolor= ?  That's the background color.  In the iWeb color inspector window chose the web safe color palette, and you will see the number codes that correspond to the colors. just type in the numbers you want and that will change the background color.
    Sincerely,  David

  • ITunes 10.6 store blurry/fuzzy text?

    I am using Windows 7 X64 SP1 with the latest updates from Microsoft.
    I am currently using a Nvidia GTX 460 graphics card, with the latest Nvidia drivers.
    I have tried repeatedly to reset iTunes store cache, emptied Windows temp files, does repair options on both iTunes as well as Quicktime.
    I have also tried resetting both ClearType (including trying it turned off completely), and reset video card driver settings.
    I have tried to re-install both iTunes and Quicktime. I even uninstalled iCloud, and Safari. Still no effective change or improvement in any of those cases.
    Yet, the problem still remains. Many times when I try to browse the iTunes store, the text is very blurry and fuzzy and difficult to read. Sometimes the text becomes completely unreadable.
    Anyone else have similar experiences?
    Anyone know of a workaround, or should I just delete both iTunes and quicktime, and go back to iTunes 10.5 until their is a fix? It all started with the latest iTunes update that supposedly changes how it displays artwork and things. I can't tell any real difference between 10.5 and 10.6 in the case of artwork, but the display of text is getting very frustrating.

    Ha! Issue solved. The track not showing the arrows was a PDF in iTunes. All is well.

  • I have blurry, faded text in Firefox 4 (but not FF 3 or Chrome)

    Here is an example from Youtube. Ever since I upgraded from Firefox 3.6 to 4, my text is blurry and thin and hard to read, it looks terrible. This also happens in IE ever since I upgraded to IE9, but I don't care since I rarely ever use IE.
    Out of desparation I installed Chrome just so I could browse without struggling to read text, and the text is clear and perfect there.
    Can someone please help me get a usable installation of Firefox again? I love the addons and features of Firefox, but not if I can't READ when I'm using it...

    Try to disable hardware acceleration.
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If disabling hardware acceleration works then check if there is an update available for your graphics display driver.

  • Moving text entered into a PDF without moving other objects

    Sometimes, I add text to a pdf through the following:
    -         Click Tools to the top right of Acrobat, beneath the X.
    -         Under Content | Edit Text & Objects, select Edit Document Text.
    -         Hold down ctrl before you place the cursor on the pdf.
    Often, the text is not placed in the correct spot. To move it, I go to Tools | Content | Edit Object and then select the text and move it. However, this often causes other text in the document to shift along with the text that I entered. It seems somehow the text I entered gets linked to other text and I can either move all or none of it. How can I get only the text that I just entered to shift without getting other text to shift with it?

    Test Screen Name: I think Add or Edit Text Box might be more practical than Edit Document Text if I need to move the text after I add it. With Add or Edit Text Box, moving the text box does not cause other elements to move, which is unlike what happens when I add text via Edit Document Text.
    I think the PDF creator needs to allow the option for users to use the Forms Tool. This PDF does not have form fields. As for adding text via Comments, Add stick note creates a conspicuous text box that I want to avoid, as does Insert text under Comment | Annotations.
    So Add or Edit Text Box appears to be the best option.
    I believe the sender expects me to print this PDF, handwrite my entries and then scan and email it back to him. But I am trying to find ways to save time, paper and ink by adding text without printing this PDF and the many other PDFs that I must routinely fill out.

  • Acrobat Standard X Running very slow moving text boxes

    I am an IT Technician that has a user running Adobe Acrobat Standard X. He mainly does editing with PDF's adding text boxes. When moving a text box within the PDF the program freezes for 30+ seconds and goes into "Not Responding". It always comes back, but should not take this long to drag and drop a text box. I have looked through other forums and tried a couple of things to "speed up" the program a bit. I have gone through the Preferences and unchecked the Enhanced Security option, unchecked the option that does Background Downloading, and changed the Updater to notify befor downloading and installing new updates. Again these are solutions that I found within other forums. At this point I am willing to try anything that could possibly help. I would appreciate any input on this matter. Thank you

    I am an IT Technician that has a user running Adobe Acrobat Standard X. He mainly does editing with PDF's adding text boxes. When moving a text box within the PDF the program freezes for 30+ seconds and goes into "Not Responding". It always comes back, but should not take this long to drag and drop a text box. I have looked through other forums and tried a couple of things to "speed up" the program a bit. I have gone through the Preferences and unchecked the Enhanced Security option, unchecked the option that does Background Downloading, and changed the Updater to notify befor downloading and installing new updates. Again these are solutions that I found within other forums. At this point I am willing to try anything that could possibly help. I would appreciate any input on this matter. Thank you

  • Windows 8 Blurry/Fuzzy Text

    Hi everyone,
    I recently installed Windows 8 and i noticed that the screen puts a lot of strain on my eyes compared to Windows 7. It seems like the screen/text is blurry/fuzzy a bit putting strain on my eyes. It is not as crisp as it was in Windows 7. Almost too powerful?
    Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    I bought an Asus laptop with a 1920 x 1080 resolution 15.6" screen and windows 8 and I find the screen is tiring. The laptop has an i7-4700HQ cpu with onboard gpu and a separate nVidia gpu for higher demand games and applications.
    There is some Eye strain with this laptop. I have suspected:
    1) the small text as I am entering presbyopia world at 44 this year, or;
    2) perhaps it is the pwm way that led backlights are controlled in lcd screens.
    3) I've heard windows 8 and newer text is problematic.
    I do change the scaling of the text in windows on the laptop, and in apps like Google Chrome and IE, but that does not worsen anything. Scaling isn't worse, it only makes things bigger and easier to read, which seems to help, but I still get tired looking at
    the laptop screen. I have Clear Type on and without it, things look worse. I have tried various brightness levels. The text on the laptop seemed to look nice at first. I thought it looked "smooth", perhaps because of the high resolution of the screen
    (it is non-reflective matte). I suppose that is because of the higher resolution. In reality though, I find I am straining to focus on it. It seems oddly soft.
    What I don't understand, is why is it when I connect my older 17" lcd monitor to the laptop and use that as the only display, the text in windows 8 on that monitor is also blurry, and worse than it was when I used the 17" lcd display with my AMD64 desktop with
    XP Pro.
    Is it the display card or windows 8? Not sure what to do.

  • Blurry Logos/Text

    Finishing up a project and messed up on some chapter markers (entered them in the clips). Corrected that, but now our text and logos come in blurry. We even went to another project and cut and pasted the "Clear" Logo+type, but in the new project it looks horrible. Also, when we imported the logo, it came in Extra large and we had to scale it down. Why is it doing this? Probably a simple fix, but can't seem to figure it out!

    What version are you using? The current version has a user preference that defaults to scaling anything put in a sequence to fit that sequence. So if you put a small logo in the sequence it scales it up. You can switch this off in the prefs Editing panel. Then the image will go into the sequence at whatever size it is.

  • Blurry Menubuilder Text

    Hi, I'm creating a menubuilder project to link several
    different movies together. When I preview the menu, the text and
    tootips are clear. Once I export the project however, the text
    appears blurry and most unprofessional.
    It doesn't matter whether I export to .swf or .exe and it
    also doen't seem to matter what font I use, all fonts come out
    blurry. I've had no such issues with the movies themselves, just
    with this menubuilder project. I'm using Captivate Version 1.01 Any
    suggestions?! Thanks in advance

    Do not export to exe
    OR swf. Export to HTML instead.
    Your problem is probably that the Captivate SWF is NOT
    scalable (as a Flash SWF would be), and since the Captivate SWF
    depends on the HTM for proper sizing information, I'm guessing your
    problem is warping due to the SWF being viewed at the wrong size.
    Just a guess of course.

  • Is it possible to design a moving text in LiveCycle

    Hi All ,
    One idea just struck to my mind . Is it possible to design a text which is moving in LiveCycle ? Like we can do by "Marquee" tag in HTML ?

    You can script to move objects, by referencing their x and y coordinates.
    An example is here:
    This example moves objects based on mouse positions on clicks. However you could use a similar approach to move any object. You would just need to look at what interaction will trigger the events.
    You will probably need to include a time delay otherwise the movement will happen too fast and the user will not appreciate the path. If you do get it to slow down, then be aware that the movement will be jerky and not a smooth path.
    Here is another example of a floating panel, which was for a forum post.
    Good luck,

  • Moving text after making a clipping mask?

    After making a clipping mask with text I am able to move the image around that shows through the text, though how do you move the text around?

    Each time I try to use the Move tool to move the Text Layer it ends up moving the Clipping Mask Layer instead.

  • Moving text when creating an internal hyperlink

    Can someone help me figure out why my text is moving when I am creating an internal hyperlink? Please and THANK you!

    I'm going to take a wild guess that the problem is in the CSS definition for your menu, which generally will use <li> tags for each menu item.
    The following CSS is often used to make the menu items appear side by side.
    display: inline-block;
    LATER: Now I see that you apparently have two or three forum threads for the same issue. That will just confuse things.  Looking at your website, the menu items are lined up horizontally on the right, so I don't understand what the problem is.

  • Need help moving text

    Using CS4 on Win7 Pro. My client bought a template that has a flash piece and I am a total novice in Flash but I do know that you edit the FLA file and export it as a movie. So I opened the FLA file and I'm able to edit the text (all that I want to do right now) but some of the text I'm replacing is longer than the original so it gets hidden under a replay button and some is shorter and is spaced too far away from the replay button (I also want to change the color of that and I think I can figure that one out). There is plenty of room to the left for the text to move to as the original file does have varying lengths of text and it does adjust for that but I can't figure out how to change it for what I've done (I haven't received the final text yet so this is a practice run)... I changed the text by going to the timeline and selecting text from the icon (Edit Symbols) in the upper right of the screen. But where do I tell it where the text should start or how wide it needs to be? I tried moving them individually in the timeline but that didn't change it.
    Here's the file: (I only want to leave this up temporarily because it is huge. The test location of the file in action is here:
    In the future I may have to swap out some of the images leaving the transitions which I think I can do by adding them as a layer deleting the ones I'm replacing...
    So if anyone can lend a hand in helping me figure out how to adjust the text width I would be totally jacked! Any help and advice about swapping images or changing colors would be greatly appreciated too. Or even a link to a video to help me understand how to reverse engineer this would be cool.
    Thanks in advance for your help and assistance!

    Since the text animation is done using the timeline in this file you have to manually edit the positioning of the each symbol element in every keyframe i.e
    You have to go in to the editing mode for txt_c instance of txt_2 > Layer 8 where the required elements are placed
    1. You have to position the Layer 1(under Layer 8) items at every key frame for the display text
    you may have problem while positioning second text onwards as you will not be seeing them on stage. For this you may want to duplicate the symbol(txt_5) at key frame 37 and edit it to have only the second text and remove everything else. And you can swap the existing symbols at key frame 44 and key frame 54. You can repeat this for the rest of the text.
    2. Next you have to position the numbers which spread across three layers (txt_3, txt_4 and Layer 6) under Layer 8. They are for prefix number, suffix number and the dot respectively

  • Moving text and objects

    I have learned much from reading these discussions. This is my first post and I have had no previous experience with layouts or layers in any other application.
    One of my students created this text box. How does she increase the borders around the text in the frame so the text does not bump up against the border? I am not sure how she created it. (Sorry, I thought I could put a picture of the text box in here but it won't import).
    How do you make a text box increase horizontally without increasing it vertically?
    I have had trouble moving objects after they were placed in the background but have learned how to do this from reading these discussions. (Drag from outside the layout to the object.) Thanks. However, I still have trouble doing this for text boxes made over a shape. Sometimes (and I don't know why) a small insertion image appears. It looks like a paragraph insert sign - has a small wavy line on top with two straight perpendicular lines attached to it going down. What are these? When this is an issue I still can't move text that is placed over an object.
    Selecting text to move seems to be different than selecting objects to move.
    iBookG4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hello Star Flower,
    this I don't understand. If the text would be the content of the shape, you should set every option of the wrap inspector by activating "Object causes wrap" and the tab inspector should be useable, too. If the textbox and the shape behind it would be grouped (you can check this in the menu "Arrange" at the bottom) than you couldn't be able to set the border color or anything else then the size. But maybe I am sitting on my brain.
    Of course there are eight handles! Who has mentioned there should be nine? Oh, errr..., my fault
    Have a look at the metrics inspector. There is a checkbox titled "Constrain proportions". Uncheck it and you can resize the object like you want.
    The best to get a reason of this "thingamajiggys" (how do you speak such a word without enough beer?) is to make a screenshot with layout guides and invisibles shown. Can you send me one or a few screenshots (of the first issue, too) to my e-mail address? You will find it by clicking on my user name in the left column of one of my posts. Or perhaps someone other has an idea.

Maybe you are looking for