Blurry Windows text - Boot Camp

Howdy folks, got a quick question -
I had to install Windows (8.1) and I did so without much problem on my rMBP (late 2013), thanks to Boot Camp. I happened to note that some of the textual content seems "blurry/pixelated".
I say 'some content' because most of the Windows-based stuff in Explorer, Desktop, etc. seem fine. But text on Chrome, or while installing any software (Windows Prompts) are not 'normal'. Or do I say... Text seems "distorted".
Is there something wrong with the display?
On another note, Christmas greetings to those observing! Peace and good health unto us all.

Hi all, I'm having the same problem, and I doubt it is the High DPI support problem. For eg. an app created in Visual Studio 2013 looks pixelated, even if you change scaling settings for the app, while the ap in Visual Stusio itself looks good.
Can you please suggets another solution?

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    GTA 4 on windows 7 BOOT camp texture problem, macbook pro 13 january 2011 help .
    my problem looks like this
    gta 4 steam !

    If GTA IV believes the system is under specification even though the computer is powerful enough to run the game with higher settings, the following will fix this problem.
    This will work if your problem looks like this: "resource usage 230/60" and you can't change any other setting
    Just follow the steps:
    Step 1: Create a text file named ‘commandline.txt’ (without the " ")
    Step 2: Put the following statement inside it:
    i5 users: -availablevidmem 18.0 (with the -)
    i7 users: -availablevidmem 22.0 (with the -)
    Step 3: Open the main GTAIV folder (C/ program files (86)/ rockstar games/ GTA IV) and copy the commandline.txt file into it.
    Step 4: locate the file "GTAIV.exe" (in GTA main folder)
    Right click the file and select Properties
    Under the shortcut tab, you will see an area that says Target
    Modify the Target adding the command line after the last quotation mark (just add the statement you added in commandline.txt)
    (remember, i5 users: -availablevidmem 18.0 / i7 users: -availablevidmem 22.0)
    It should look something like this:
    Make sure to add space between " and -"
    I hope This helps, although late cx

  • Windows 7 Boot Camp no longer recognize my wireless mouse and Keyboard?

    I have a mid 2011 27in iMac on 10.9.1 and I run Windows 7 via boot camp, sometimes Parallels as well. Today I tried to boot up in to Windows via Boot Camp, but I can not control the cursor or input anything via kayboard. This has happened before and I only got it working again after reinstalling Windows, which I am REALLY trying to avoid
    The thing is, when I boot in to Windows, it is definitely responding to the keyboard when I hold F8 to go in to safe mode, but once the desktop loads up, I lose any function of mouse or keyboard. Even when I try to manually add a device using a USB mouse, it is not detecting any wireless device.
    Both my Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard work fine in OS X, Windows 7 when in Parallels and works during the start up of boot camp, but not when Windows 7's desktop boots up.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    You have to download the drivers. To download them, press X key while your Mac is starting to start into Mac OS X, open Boot Camp Assistant and follow the steps to download them. You will have to burn them onto a DVD or USB drive, so you will be able to install the drivers on Windows. Then, it should work fine.
    If you can't download them in Boot Camp Assistant, download the drivers from this website > The links are from Apple and that's safe to download and install

  • Unable to open windows using boot camp.  Get message "The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk."  Any thoughts, Thank you.

    Unable to open windows using boot camp.  Get message "The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk."   I am using an Imac , Lion operating system, and Windows 7.  It worked a few days ago.  Any thoughts, Thank you.

    Note that nowhere in the Boot Camp instructions does it tell you to use Disk Utility to format the Windows partition. The Boot Camp Assistant program creates the partition & sets the +partition scheme info+ of the disk as appropriate for the Windows installer but the Windows installer itself is responsible for formatting the new partition with the appropriate +file system scheme+ (NTFS for Windows 7).
    If you follow the instructions in the Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide to the letter you should have no problems installing Windows.

  • Red Alert 2 on Windows 7 Boot Camp

    New MBA 13" 2011.... Installed Windows 7 (Boot Camp) with latest Windows Support tools/drivers from Apple.  Install Red Alert 2 the game but get a graphic glitch where the videos and user menu isn't displayed.
    Anyone help?

    I ran the automatic setup, I did notice that there was an ATI folder there, however I thought the graphics were Intel graphics not ATI on the new MBAs.

  • Wifi under windows 7 boot camp keeps dying

    I have been running windows 7 64 bit under Boot Camp for just under a week, and last night have started to have some pretty serious issues with the built in wifi.
    Periodically, without any consistent cause, when I am booted into Windows 7, my internet connection begins to degrade.  Not disconnect or anything, just taking on like 60% packet loss or more, pings to both my default gateway (the wifi router) as well as to anything further out on the internet.  My ipad, iphone, macbook pro are all fine and able to use the internet at the same time without issue, its only the imac booted into Windows 7.  I can reboot with no change, still completely unusable (unable to load even a single web page) for Windows 7.  reboot to OSX, no issues.  Its not the router, or the ISP, its JUST when I'm in win7 using wifi. I've changed IPs, used a static DNS, measured wifi, etc.  I was using this setup for almost a week before the issues started, and I'm assuming its something wrong with Windows7.  Fully patched and up to date, both OSX and Win7.
    I finally figured out that I can temporarily fix the problem by resetting the driver for the wifi interface under the Network Adaptor troubleshoot wizard in Windows, this buys me between 5 minutes to half an hour before the issue starts up again.  Nothing else I've found will fix the issue even temporarily. 
    I finally ran a 50 ft ethernet cable from the imac to the router and this has for now solved the intermittent issue, but its not sustainable this way as I cannot leave the cords like this.  But clearly there seems to be an issue with the wifi driver in windows that boot camp is using.
    Can anyone provide some suggestions of what to look for within windows or a way to debug this more directly?  I used the BootCamp assistant to burn a DVD of drivers at install time and I believe they were the most recent versions, but not sure how to check further.  Device manager reports I am using the Atheros AR938x Wireless adaptor, and this is a mid-2011 27" iMac running Lion. 

    I'm having the same problem. Wifi loses connection after 5-ish minutes.
    Wondering if it's an issue with the 802.11n drivers...? Seems a little more stable on the "g" networks.
    This has been happening since the latest OS X update. I have a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 15".

  • [HELP] Windows 7 Boot Camp Boot Problem?

    I have a problem when booting windows 7 after installing it using bootcamp.
    Here is what i did:
    1) Used Boot Camp assistant to "Install Windows 7 or later version" (Last tick box option) - This also partitioned my drive.
    2) While Windows 7 was installing it rebooted several times, I held the option key to select the Windows 7 instlltion disk for every reboot.
    3) Once Windows 7 had finished installing I installed Boot Camp 5 for Windows 7.
    However everytime I restart my Macbook Pro it boots into OSX Mavericks fine, When I go to startup disk there is no option to select the Windows 7 Boot Camp partition.
    When I hold the option key while turining on my Macbook Pro I get the option to select the Windows 7 Partition, but when i select it I get a grey folder with a question mark. However when I turn on my Macbook Pro (with the Windows 7 installation disk inserted) holding the option key, when i select the Windows 7 disk it boot the Windows 7 partition fine?
    I have installed reFind and tried that but I get an error:
    What can I do to fix this? I want to be able to boot into Windows 7 without having the Windows 7 installation disk in the SuperDrive, and i also want to have the startup disk preferences to display the Windows 7 partition.
    Thanks in Advance

    Ok, I have done what you have both said (bobthefisherman & turbostar):
    1) Deleted Windows 7 partition with BCA
    2) Selected all 3 options in BCA, which created a USB install and it also partitioned my HDD
    3) I waited for it to reboot and then it came up with a grey fold with a question mark in it
    I never intervened with it in any way.
    How do i fix this now? Any further suggestions?

  • How can I get Windows 7 Boot Camp to find my Magic Mouse?

    So I just bought a Magic Mouse and it works flawlessly in OS X.
    But when I use Windows 7 Boot Camp I can't find the mouse to add it as a new device. My bluetooth works just fine and I have the Boot Camp 3.3 drivers.
    I tried rebooting, turning the mouse off and on, read a bunch of guides on the internet but no one is having issues CONNECTING the mouse, only getting it to work, so my research is proving to be hard.
    Can you guys help me?

    Hi Maia,
    Can you please mention your MAC model (MBA 2011, MBP, iMac?). Which OS X version?. Have you problems pairing other bluetooth devices?
    You may want to try the following setps.
    1.- First make sure that you have the latest EFI and software updates. Including latest bootcamp bluetooth drivers.
    2.- Unpair MM in Mac OSX
    3.- Do a Nvram and SMC reset:
    4.- Restart
    5.- Pair your MM under Mac OSX
    6.- Boot on Bootcamp assiging bootcamp as a starting partition
    7.- Add your device.
    Let me know if that worked, there are another tricks you can try but I need additional information.

  • New Retina MBP + Windows 7 boot camp = no nVidia GPU

    I'm hoping someone will correct me wrong on this...
    I have a brand new 15" Retina MBP 2.6GHz 16GB RAM 500 SSD. 
    After finally getting Windows 7 SP1 installed (along with countless updates ) and boot camp 4.0, I have noticed some display problems.  My only reslution options are: 1600x1200 (which looks stretched), 1280x1024 (reallly stretched), and  lesser resolutions with which I didn't bother.  This didn't seem to make sense given the nVidia 650M. 
    Also, NONE of the external video ports are working (Thunderbolt to DisplayPort, HDMI to HDMI, HDMI to DVI) -- they're simply not getting a signal at all.
    So I went into device manager, and the 650M is not even showing up as being installed!  All I see is "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", which tells me Windows is only acknowledging the integrated Intel graphics. 
    I can't simply install an nVidia driver, as it can't see the device onto which that driver would be applicable.
    I assumed this was an issue of the "automatic graphics switching."  Apple confirmed this, telling me that Windows doesn't have an option to choose between displays.  I couldn't find a way to trigger it with any third party app, either (including Adobe After Effects). 
    Further, Apple claims 64-bit drivers aren't yet available for this GPU, so even if I could switch it over, I'd have to step down to a 32-bit install.
    So, basically, my boot camp side looks like a netbook.
    I cannot be the only one experiencing this!
    Thanks in advance,

    Paul22 wrote:
    You can't install the windows support software before you partition. 1. Start boot camp in OS X and create the windows support CD; 2. Install windows using boot camp; 3. Install windows support software from the CD that you made.
    I followed the boot camp manual exactly and the Nvidia drivers were not installed. I had to go into the Nvidia drivers directory in the windows support CD and manually run the setup.exe file. After that, the drivers were installed.
    Note: when you create your windows partition in boot camp, you will select custom, and then format. It is critical that you format your boot camp partition and not your OS X partition. It will not say boot camp, but you can tell it's the right one by its size. For example, if you selected a 40 GB size for boot camp, the size of the drive you select to format should be 40 GB.
    That is exactly what I said, are you sure you wanted to reply to me?
    FYI, In a normal Bootcamp installation the partition will be named Bootcamp

  • Windows 7 - Boot Camp - No Internet Connection

    I just installed windows 7 (enterprise 64bit) onto my iMac (running the latest OS). When I log onto the Windows 7 OS it says I have no internet connection. I  use wireless, is this a problem with my network working with windows 7? wireless works on Mountain Lion just fine. Any tips on how to resolve this issue? I looked online for help and it says to reinstall the drivers from the boot camp CD. But these were old post when they use to have CDs for Boot Camp, it is now just an application on my mac. I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
    Thank you,

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    Windows requires Boot Camp drivers to work correctly on a Mac.
    1. Press Option key when your Mac starts and choose Macintosh HD.
    2. Open Boot Camp Assistant, download the Boot Camp drivers and burn them into an USB disk or DVD.
    3. Start in Windows and install Boot Camp drivers

  • Will upgrading to Snow Leopard affect my Windows 7 boot camp partition?

    Did some preliminary searching on this before posting but couldn't find with confidence my answer. Does anybody know? Details below.
    Q: Will upgrading to Snow Leopard affect my Windows 7 boot camp partition?
    I'm running 10.5.8 on a single drive with two partitions. 1st partition for OS-x is extended (journaled), 2nd partiction (ntfs) has solid version of Windows 7 RC, build 7100 running.

    Hi Michael,
    here are some nice 'Myths and Facts' about Intel Macs and BootCamp
    Bottom line: while not exactly needed for installing Windows on an Intel-based Mac, the BootCamp Assistant 'streamlines' the process with a nice GUI (no need for 'cryptic' Terminal commands).
    Mac OSX as of now (10.5 Leopard and above) plus the uptodate firmware for Intel-Macs already include everything needed to install and boot Windows.
    Deleting or reformating an OSX partition does not affect the Windows partition.
    However a repartitioning of course does, if the Windows partition is on the same harddisk.
    But even a repartitioning of any other harddisk (ones that not have the Windows partition on them) does not affect the Windows partition.
    Did that myself when adding/upgrading the harddisks in my Mac Pro.
    Nonetheless, when 'fumbling' with harddisks and partition structure I always have backups of my important files at hand.
    Take care

  • I have an older Mac Pro (2006). I want to install Boot Camp and Windows. I have installrg a purchased Snow Leapord on the machine. To install  Windows, am I limited to Windows 7? And where are the Windows 7/Boot Camp Drivers? On the OS disk? Download? Tha

    I have an older Mac Pro (2006). I want to install Boot Camp and Windows. I have installed a boxed Snow Leapord on the machine. And it says the download of the Boot camp drivers cannot continue because they are not available. But at that point I have not inserted a windows disk, so how does it know i have XP?
    So it appears I am limited to Windows 7? And where are the Windows 7/Boot Camp Drivers? On the OS disk?
    Finally, since I have necer considered Windows 7 before, I assume there are no compatability issues with mainstream applications that were running in XP?
    Thank you.

    You're welcome
    Just remember to reformat the partition (bootcamp partition) to NTFS with the windows installer, ensure to pick the correct partition.

  • I made a mistake. i installed windows using boot camp without os x lion dvd. what should i do? help pls

    i made a mistake. i installed windows using boot camp without os x lion dvd. what should i do? help pls
    Re: can i install windows for pc on my mac or do i need the windows for mac? 

    There is no Lion DVD. Start Boot Camp Assistant and select the menu item to download the Windows Support Software.
    Read and follow the Boot Camp Installation Guide.

  • Resolve trouble between Parallels and Windows under Boot Camp

    After seeing several threads relating to this issue, I decided to make this it's own thread instead of trying to reply to each. This article NOW resolves all issues pertaining to using Windows under Boot Camp through Parallels, INCLUDING activation. Hopefully Parallels will be able to integrate these fixes into a future release.
    Before doing anything, I would recommend preparing your existing Windows installation under Boot Camp, for Parallels, before trying to access it through Parallels. If you have already installed Parallels and now have problems, don't worry, this article should address and resolve these issues as well.
    Something to know upfront: using your existing Boot Camp installation with Parallels will most likely require you to activate your Windows installation a second time. The reasons for this are addressed in Section 4 of this article.
    Section 1: Preparing your Boot Camp Installation for Parallels
    (If you already tried to access your Boot Camp installation through Parallels, and can no longer get into Windows through Boot Camp or Parallels, please skip this step and come back to it after you have completed Section 2.)

    Personally, I think the software fix is a band-aid for a larger hardware problem, probably involving the power management circuitry. I think the reason Photo Booth and QuietMBP and Windows XP all work to silence the noise is because they draw more power by using more CPU, and it's the extra power draw that kills the noise. Nothing scientific, mind you, just a hunch.
    What if your speakers made an annoying hum that went away whenever you started playing music through them in iTunes? Would you still think it's a software problem? I think it's a similar situation here - where software can cover up the issue but not really fix it...

  • I need support files for Windows for boot camp (2010 MacBook) but i can't find them. How can i do?

    I'm trying to install Windows 7 on my MacBook (bought on December 2010) but when i try to download these files Boot Camp tells me it can't find them. How can i do to solve my problem? Please help me, i need them as soon as possible!!

    The BootCamp Drivers (or Windows Support Software) is on the OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 Installation DVD 1 that came with your MacBook.
    Insert that disc after successful installation of Windows and while in Windows.
    Boot Camp - Installation and Setup Guide (Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard)

Maybe you are looking for

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