BOD on WinXP SP2 after installing iTunes7.2

Hello out there,
after I upgraded to iTunes 7.2, I received a Blue Screen of Death on my WinXP SP2 System.
Before upgrading everything went fine, I almost had forgotten how a BOD looked alike.
The worst has been: I even couldn't start WinXP in protected mode. Always received a BOD (message: hard failure!?).
Luckily, I had another WinXP Installation an another partition, which went fine. I was able to rescue my actual own files from Part. C. I also tried to do a harddiskcheck of Part C from my working XP on Part. D. When I tried this, I even received a system crash (BOD)on my otherwise well working Xp System on Partition D!!!
That's the most strange thing I ever experienced in my PC-Life.
Anyway, I had a backup of part. C made 4 weeks ago. I restored this and then put back my own files - now I'm out of the blue and lucky with a working system again. But if I hadn't ... not thinking of all the work reinstalling everything...
Did anyone else reveive such a heavy failure depending on installing iTunes 7.2???
Bad work, apple - a shame for your quality-proofed works you do usually
Greets, maraca

Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not it.
Sometimes the boot camp drivers also fail to load for no apparent reason. Just now, after restarting from OS X, they didn't load until I shut down and restarted from Windows.

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    It is possible that your security software (firewall, anti-virus) blocks or restricts Firefox or the plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after detecting changes (update) to the Firefox program.
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    Hi Steve,
    In the Upgrade log what is the error when PSconfig attempts the Upgrade, I am assuming it completes with a warning?

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    Yes, I checked if my Windows Updates are all up to date.
    Maybe I cannot read, but on the downloadpage of this version, it says clearly that a Windows XP SP2 should do.
    So I tried to install the 32bit version, which worked for the installation. The only problem is that my iPhone nor iPod will be recognized when connected. That gives the error "Install this version in a 32bit OS".
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    I am also having a similar issue. I can install earlier versions of iTunes, 7 and earlier, however, my iPod is only compatible with iTunes 8 or later. When trying to install it on my custom machine with XP Pro x64 on it, I consistently get messages recommending to install the 64-bit version (which is only compatible with Vista), or at the end of the setup initialization I get an error message saying I need to have Service Pack 2 or better. I keep my machine fully updated at all times so I KNOW I have SP3. I have tried multiple times reinstalling the service packs just to make sure I'm not crazy and the Microsoft update site isn't lying when it says in my update history that I have in fact installed ALL updates available. No change whatsoever. Does anyone have a link to a fix for this? Getting incredibly frustrated trolling forum after forum looking for an answer, and talking to clueless customer service reps that don't know what I'm talking about half the time...
    Thanks in advance,

  • Excel 2010 SP2 opens files slowly after installing SP2

    After installing SP2 Excel is opening files very slowly. Files can be on network share or locally, no matter. If Excel is already open, then the file opens fast as it has opened before. OS is Windows 7 64-bit, and Office Professional Plus is 32-bit. Ecxel
    itself opens fast, but is slow when I double click file. Slow is about 12 seconds and fast is about 1 second with a 31 KB file from network. Network itself seems to be OK, anf Word files open fast.

    From your description, I understand that you open EXCEL 2010 SP2 32-bit slowly in Windows 7 64bit.
    Try to start Excel in safe mode. Then, open the Excel file.
    Start the Excel program in safe mode
    1.       Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft Office.
    2.        Press and hold the CTRL key, and then click the Microsoft Excel.
    If the problem does not occur in the safe mode, this issue might be related to some third-party add-ins in the Excel program, we can try to disable them.
    Normally, you could do the following to disable the conflict add-ins in your Excel program:
    Disable add-ins
    Click File menu, click Options >  Add-in, click Go button in the Manage: Com-in Add.
    Check if there are any add-ins, clear the checkbox to disable them.
    Close the Office program and restart it.
    Add one check back each time to the list of Add-In, restart the Office program, and repeat the above procedure. Once the issue reappears again, we can determine which add-in causes this problem and then disable it.
    Please take your time to try the suggestions and let me know the results at your earliest convenience.  If anything is unclear or if there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to let me know.
    Is the performance also slow when you trying to open?
    At this time, we can also try to test this issue in the clean boot mode.
    Test in Clean boot Mode
    Let’s disable all startup items and third party services when booting. This method will help us determine if this issue is caused by a loading program or service. Please perform the following steps:
    1.       Click the Start Button type "msconfig" (without quotation marks) in the Start Search box, and then press Enter.
               Note: If prompted, please click Continue on the User Account Control (UAC) window.
    2.        Click the "Services" tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click "Disable All" (if it is not gray).
    3.       Click the "Startup" tab, click "Disable All" and click "OK".
    Then, restart computer. When the "System Configuration Utility" window appears, please check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts" box and click OK.
    Note: Temporarily disabling the Startup Group only prevents the startup programs from loading at startup. This should not affect the system or other programs. We may still manually run these programs later.

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    Who knows the answer for this problem?

    Hello Erjee,
    you just need to install the bios version 1.90 or later.
    For other machines with the same problem after installing SP2...
    TE2100 v1.60 or later
    SATELLITE PRO 6000 v1.60 or later
    PORTEGE 4000 v2.10 or later
    TECRA 9000 v1.40 or later

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    The other day, we install SP2 on our 1 back-end and 2 front-end Exchange 2010 servers.  All are on 2008 R2.  After SP2 was installed, if we want to reconnect a deleted/disconnected mailbox, it lets us without issue.  However, when we try to
    access that mailbox in OWA, we get:  "Your account has been disabled."  Additionally, when opening the account (or any reconnected account) in EMC, everything looks perfect except that we cannot click on the Calendar Settings tab.  If we do,
    we get an error saying "cannot open mailbox "Full DN of the System Attendant" when running the command "get-calendarprocessing..."  Please note that we can create new accounts/mailboxes without issue and the reconnected mailboxes seem to begin working
    after a full day.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Tom,
    Base on my test, this is common behavior.
    After restart Exchange Server you can use that mailbox or wait for a while.
    TechNet Community Support

  • ?? while installing bods 4.1 sp2 on bo 4.1sp2

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to install SAP BODS 4.1 SP 2 on SAP BO BI 4.1 SP 2, installation went fine.When i am  trying to registering repositories in BO CMC  instead of data service,   ??  is displaying.
    when we click this error will come 404 missing page
    SAP BO BI 4.1 SP 2 is installed on bundled database(MySQL).
    SAP BODS 4.1 SP 2 is installed on MS SQL 2008 R 2.
    OS : Windows Server 2008 R 2
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandeep Babu.

    Please refer the below SNotes
    1615646 - After installing Data Services 4.0 the string ??? is shown in the CMC
    1740516 - SAP Data Services 4.x and SAP Information Steward 4.x compatibility with SAP Business Intelligence platform and Information Platform Services for active

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    After installing iPlanet Web Server v6 SP2 on Windows 2000 SP2, error message in the event log shows up. "The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( https-admserv60 ) cannot be found."
    "The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: startup: server started successfully."
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    'server started successfully' but these messages still
    Any ideas how to correct this?
    JD Trinaca

    this will occur, as the 6.x servers do not use the lodctrl to place the perf monitor messages in the long as the server starts & runs ok, you can ignore these particular errors

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    Here's the scenario:
    1) I install a purchased, valid Dreamweaver CS5 instance on a machine running Vista 64/SP2
    2) The installation goes perfectly -- no errors or warnings whatever.  The proper startup menu items are created
    3) I successfully launch Dreamweaver after install -- it works perfectly
    4) I reboot
    5) I try to re-launch DW
    6) I get a bizzare system message saying 'Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file.'
    Note that my virus checker is Avast, and I cannot see that it has touched any of the Dreamweaver files, and further note that every other of the dozens of applications i have installed have installed and run perfectly.
    What the heck is going on with Adobe Dreamweaver (Which, by the way, installed perfectly on another machine using this exact, same OS image -- i upgraded my hardware a while back)

    I'm surprised you've never experienced this with other software installations.  It's so typical of Windows' annoying UAC introduced in Vista. The first time you run software after reboot, you have to right click to run with admin level permission status so you can write to and save files on your HD which are necessary for the software to run on your system.   Afterwards, Windows remembers and usually permits you to start the software normally.
    Nancy O.

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    I have DW CS3 installed on my desktop and laptop computers. One computer uses vista64 and the other vista32. After installing vista service pack 2, I now have the following issue previewing PHP pages under Apache: All browsers give me a "cannot display the webpage" error UNLESS I am connected to some kind of network--it could be the internet or my peer-to-peer network. My destop computer is attached to a printer via RJ45 cable. If the printer is turned on, I can preview webpages in DW. If the printer is turned off, I cannot! Or, if I am connected to the internet through my wireless internet card, I can preview pages, otherwise, not.
    Previous to installing SP2, I was able to preview pages on both computers without the need to be connected to a network, so I am pretty sure that SP2 is involved in this new issue.
    When Apache and MySQL start up in the XAMPP control panel, there are no errors, and I can go into PHPMyAdmin just fine.
    Has anyone else run into this? Any thoughts?

    I'm just following up here. I have not solved the issue, but I did figure out that the problem isn't with vista service pack 2 but with Kaspersky anti-virus 2009.

  • Cannot find flash player 10 after install: xp pro, IE6, SP2

    I have been trying for a week to install Flash Player 10 to no avail. I uninstall and reinstall every time. I have XP Professional Media version, IE6, ans SP2. After install, from which I get no errors and a successful install message, I search for flash player and cannot find it anywhere on my C drive. Any ideas? Is there still a problem with trying to install with IE? Thanks for your help and support.

    Flash Player is a browser plugin, not an installed application. It's not designed to work as a standalone app for opening FLV or SWF.  It's designed to play SWF content inside a web page inside your browser.
    Now, if you must open local content then you can either open those using File: Open in your browser, or you can get the FLash Player 10 Standalone player from the archived players technote here:

  • Problems Getting to Sites After Installing SP2 and Dec CU

    Our setup was running great for the last year and a half.  We decided to install SP2 and the CU’s that had been released since. The updates and CU installs went fine. However, after the install we are having problems with users being prompted
    with credentials.   When going to any of the sites (not AAM) our users can get in fine. However, if we browse to one of the other sites we are continually prompted for credentials and can’t get in. For example, if I go to
    App1 I get in fine but, when I go from App1  to App2 , I continually get prompted for credentials. If I start by going to App2 I get in fine but continually get prompted for credentials when going from App2 to App1. In addition, if I go to
    any of the AAM’s I get in just fine. However, if I try to go to any other site after this, I get the credential prompts. It seems like an issue with the session.
     I have looked through the event logs, used the trace utility, fiddler and tried changing the auth setting s with no luck, no apparent problems in the logs or detail.
     Any advice or help would be appreciated. Again everything worked until we installed the updates
    We are using claims authentication with windows NTLM. Our SharePoint server’s host name is We have three SharePoint 2010 applications. The SharePoint Install is on Windows 2008R2, Is a virtual machine, running in a Windows 2012 Hyper-V
    cluster with 2012 Nic Teaming
    App1 – using standard port 80 –site with simple content - No AAM
    App2 – site configured with simple content
    Intranet:  – AAM for
    App3 – team sites and simple content.
    Intranet: –AAM for

    Hi Cybersoul1
    have you run the PSConfid Wizard after SP2 and the CU’s?
    psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait
    please make sure that this has to be run on call the server.
    reference :
    Thanks, ShankarSingh

  • CSM 3.3.1 - deployment bug? after installing SP1&SP2

    Hi all,
    I've recently installed CSM 3.3.1 with SP1 and SP2 and I've encountered quite serious (for me) problem. Has  anyone met strange situations after installing service packs?
    When I discover new device (i.e. router with 15.1 ios version) and make changes in ZBF policy, CSM deploys new configuration and everything seems to be fine. I must stress that only seems.
    When for example I want to make only small changes to that device (by adding new username ans password) I make "preview configuration" and I see that CSM deletes part of ZBF policy - 10 of 12 zone-pair. For example for some reasons manager makes "no service-policy ...." in zone-pair. When I do another "preview configuration" (after adding another username) it deletes those empty zone-pairs. I thoung maybe naming doesn't suit it and I need to recreate all policy through CSM - nooooo. It did not help. Still it tried to delete some of policy.
    Even when I created all ZBF policies from CSM Ive got situation when in one preview config it removes security-policy from zone-pair and after deployment in second preview it adds these security-policies to previous zone-pair. Its happaning in a  loop.
    Or another strange behaviour is when I add new username it does sth like this:
    In "preview configuration" there is
    policy-map type inspect CSM_ZBF_POLICY_MAP_1
    no class class-default
    class class-default
    while in GUI in CSM there is action inspect defined.
    I've looked through bugtool, but with no success, so need any help.

    thx for interest,
    I didn't open the TAC case casue I didn't have much time for it, however the issue is resolved. It occured that SP2 to CSM was problematic. Right now I've got 3.3.1 version with SP1 and everything works just fine. To make sure that it was it, I installed then SP2 and the problem started again.
    I don't have configuration saved but actually there wasn't much of it. It was a fresh system and only 1 or 2 devices ware added so I suppose it should be easy to restore the situation.
    if you got any new info please let me know

  • "Password is incorrect" after Word 2007 SP2 is installed

    I have a word add-in. I use the protect and unprotect methods on a document.
    The password is decided by the program is always the same.
    After installing Office 2007 SP2, the unprotect method throws an exception saying that the password is incorrect.
    Is it a known bug? is there a workaround?
    Thank you,

    I'll second what Cindy says that this is not the forum for Word issues. However, I can not duplicate what you describe. If you start a thread in a Word NewsGroup - perhaps here: - and provide more detailed information, I will look at it further.
    Enjoy, Tony

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