BPC 7.5 NW: Inserting an excel formula the data col. in an EVDRE input sch.

I am trying to design an input schedule for uploading trial balances from SAP. In one sheet, I have an extract of a trial balance from SAP. In another sheet, I have an EVDRE report which has an expansion in rows based upon the entities selected (so that the entities selected for data upload could match the entities in the trial balance. It is flexible for different users/regions).
The problem is that I would like to use a VLOOKUP or SUMIF formula to populate the data column in the EVDRE report (pull the data from the trial balance sheet). But as soon as the data is submitted, the formula will disappear and I will just have data.
Does anybody have any ideas as how this could be avoided.
Many thanks.

1. Login into BPC for Admin
2. Once logged into your Appset , open the Dimension library
3. Process each dimension by selecting the "Process members from membersheet" and by unchecking the "Take system offline" option
4. Process all the dimensions one by one not together.
5. Once processing the dimensions is done then open the Applications and Modify each Application by adding or changing the Application Description.
6. Once done modifying Applications then logout of the BPC Admin and BPC Excel.
7. Login back again into BPC for Excel by going through the connection wizard.
Ideally this should solve your problem and If all the dimensions are processed successfully then logoff and login to see if you stilll see the EVDRE error.
Hope this helps.

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    Hi Alicia,
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    I hope it solves the issue.
    It can be clearer if you explain the scenario, that way it would be easy to solve.

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    I am writing the following code:
    for(Iterator iter = columnInfos.keySet().iterator(); iter.hasNext();){
    String attributeName = (String)iter.next();
    for(int index = 0; index < dataNode.size(); index++){
    IWDNodeElement nodeElement = dataNode.getElementAt(index);
    String colVal = nodeElement.getAttributeAsTex(attributeName);
    Label value = new Label(j, index + 1, colVal);
    Here colVal is the variable which holds the data in string format.  So I was just trying to convert it into integer format and used Integer.parseInt(colVal).
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    Hi Gopal,
    Pls refer the following link.
    I have used the same coding which is mentioned in this link. 
    And also I cannot use integer.parseInt(colval)  because new Label()  will accept only the int,int,string as parameters. 
    Here goes my to excel method code which exports the data to excel sheet .
    private FileInputStream toExcel(IWDNode dataNode, Map columnInfos) {
    String fileName = "output.xls";
    IWDCachedWebResource cachedExcelResource = null;
    int i = 0;
    File f = new File("output.xls");
    WritableWorkbook workbook = Workbook.createWorkbook(f);
    WritableSheet sheet = workbook.createSheet("First Sheet", 0);
    for(Iterator coluinfoitr = columnInfos.keySet().iterator(); coluinfoitr.hasNext();){
    Label label = new Label(i, 0, (String)columnInfos.get(coluinfoitr.next()));
    int j = 0;
    for(Iterator iter = columnInfos.keySet().iterator(); iter.hasNext();){
    String attributeName = (String)iter.next();
    for(int index = 0; index < dataNode.size(); index++){
    IWDNodeElement nodeElement = dataNode.getElementAt(index);
    String colVal = nodeElement.getAttributeAsText(attributeName);
    Label value = new Label(j, index + 1, colVal);
    catch (Exception e){
    wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportException(" Data Retrive Err :" + e.getLocalizedMessage(),false);
    FileInputStream excelCSVFile = new FileInputStream(f);
    cachedExcelResource = getCachedWebResource(excelCSVFile, fileName, WDWebResourceType.getWebResourceType("xls", "application/ms-excel"));
    It is exporting the data in text format.  So I am unable to sum up the column values in the excel sheet.
    I need an alternate solution wherein I can export the data in integer format to excel sheet and then sum up the column values by clicking on summation button.
    Hope I am clear now.
    Pls suggest.

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    Thank u but already i do have apache POI
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    All I wanted was =D2*H2, but instead I got all of that. If I manually erase everything and change it to =D2*H2 it reverts back as it was as shown above.
    I tried the same thing without the date in the first column and this eliminated the problem. However, I need the date, so why does Number's insist on doing this?

    And now, the envelope please. The winner is Jerry Green for his spot-on answer!
    Hey, Jerry!
    I really appreciate your response to this silly little problem. I've used a few spreads in my time, but I've never seen this before. Guess I should have checked the Prefs but didn't. Anyway, I'm good to go now.
    This still, I don't think, explains why the row without the date configured correctly. Does it??
    Again, thanks for your perfect answer.

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    Oracle form 6i
    I need to insert my data into a table. I have generated my data from text file and data in a form now i need to insert these data into one table. How can insert my field to that table if there is data in table i need to update and there is no data i need to insert.. Pls tell me the solution..

    Create the on-insert trigger and check the data is thre or not through the Primary key value in this trigger. If data is thre then update or it not there then insert in the same trigger.

  • Formula for dates back 7 days failing because of end of month?

    HI I have a CR that has been working fine till now. it runs every Sunday late in the day and looks back past 7 days. it has formula for dates from and to.
    and tonumber(totext(CurrentDate,'yyyyMMdd'))
    yet this past Sunday, it is not giving all previous 7 days. could it be related in any to the end of month? i cant think this is it. but perhaps.the date col is type = NUMBER and in YYYYMMDD.
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    Hi Paul,
    The issue is when you convert a date to number a subtract 6 from it, it doesn't go 6 days back; it just subtracts 6 days from that converted number.
    So, today, represented as a number would be 20140804 however, when you subtract 6 from this number you get : 20140798 which of couse is Not a date.
    Your code (if the dates are stored as number in the database) should be :

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    Hello Experts,
    I have both "Keep formula on data" chekboxes selected (inside Edit Report and inside Sheet Options) and in my computer when I refresh the workbook the formulas are not deleted, but in other computers, also with the same version of EPM add-in the formulas are deleted.
    Any ideas?

    Hello Guys,
    I've tried to put the last 2 options selected as you said Nilanjan but no results.
    Rohit, the report is static. I've created the report with Insert new member functionality and so the values of some cells are coming from input forms and others are just excel formulas. When I open the report in my computer everything works, when I try to open it in other computers the Excel formulas are deleted...
    Do you have any ideia of what is happening?
    Thanks in advance,

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    This snippet creates a report with the value 3 in a cell (as it turns out, it's cell A1).  Note that because I'm using Excel Easy Table, I need to turn my scalar (3) into a 2D array.  Easy Table gives me the cell address just to the right of the insertion (where the Formula will go -- by subtracting one from the Column, I can get back the Excel Address (A1) of the "cell to the left".  I then create a formula (starting with "=") that doubles this cell and adds 0.5, then use Excel Insert Formula to put it into the Worksheet, where it becomes 6.5.
    Bob Schor

  • How do i insert excel formula in java code

    Hi frds,
    i want to insert formulas of excel in the excel spredsheet through java code
    if i want to insert =CONCATENATE(A2,B2) through java code how will i achieve this

    Or [_JExcel_|http://jexcelapi.sourceforge.net/]
    To my knowledge JExcel is more complete and less buggy than POI.

  • NEED ADVICE about Inserting a custom formula column in EXPANSION memberset

    Dear all:
    I am asked to create a report with TIME(col), ACCOUNT(col), PRODUCT(row), where ACCOUNT stores Beginning Inventory Amt, COS, etc.
    The problem I am having is that the user requests to have a place to show COS ratio column. COS ratio value is derived from ACCOUNT COS and ACCOUNT NETSALES of my ACCOUNT MEMBERSET.
    I tried various ways but was unable to keep the formula in EVDRE so this COS ratio column's formula goes with the rest of the expansion.
    The result I want is something like below, where NETSALES and COS are my dimension members and RATIO is Excel formula STDCOST/COS... As the report expands by different TIME hierachy (i.e. 2008.total, 2008.h2, 2008.q3), RATIO is expanded accordingly.
    Is this doable in EVDRE?
                                       2008.10                                      2008.11                                      2008.12
                    NETSALES     COS     RATIO         NETSALES  COS   RATIO          NETSALES   COS      RATIO

    You can create a hundred different evdre templates and still not know everything about evdre and its functionality keeps growing. Nothing beats experience here. Iu2019m not able/allowed to provide examples, perhaps one of your colleagues? Or another forum participant?
    1) The online help is good and the Best Practice guide is also very good. I canu2019t send the evdre guide and it is not published by SAP. You can get the BPC for Office Useru2019s Guide;
    Support Portal u2013 Release & Upgrade Info u2013 Install & Upgrade Guides u2013 SAP BPC u2013 (Select your BPC release)
    Office User Guide
    Grab the BPC 7 version as well, it has some better samples.
    To fully capitalize on the fullness of evdre you also need an expert level knowledge of excel, (and I donu2019t mean lots of experience). Evdre is the combination of BPC functionality and excel working in union with each other. VBA is also important in very complex situations.
    2&3) This is one approach. One of the nice features in evdre is the ability to insert excel formulas within a data range. You may need to adjust your row/col key range to address your needs.
    There is nothing really wrong with using dimension logic. Itu2019s important to understand you will take a performance hit somewhere and you should test to determine if the performance hit is within an acceptable range. I have one client with a few hundred accounts with formulas and there application works great and the performance is not to terrible.
    Also look at the following;
    How to Maximize Advanced Formatting for BPC 5.x
    SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 7.0 - Excel Reporting Using EVDRE
    Best Practices for Reporting within SAP Business Planning and Consolidations 5.0

  • How to use Excell formula's within EVDRE

    we want to built a rather large P&L with time in columns and account and cost center in the rows.
    We would like to insert some subtotals within the P&L strucure using simple excel formula's.
    So we create the P&L structure and leave some empty rows in between, which are filled up with excell formula's. The row key range is adapted, so it does not reference the excell formula's. If we hit refresh workbook, our P&L is ready and displaying the correct data.
    Problem now is if we select 'expand all'. My entire P&L structure is changed and displayes the last section of the row key range several times (as many as we have different row key ranges) ... I've put "noexpand" on all of the dimensions on row and column ...
    So normally does one use the functionality of excell formula's within a EVDRE report?
    solved it

    Hi D
    One way is to switch of the expansions and insert the rows and then have the subtotals. to swith of expansion just edit the cell where you have written the evdre function and then remove the formulas pointing to expand range.
    EVSUB in after range would not work here as the whole range is related to one dimension and it works if we have two dimensions and need subtotals
    Harish B K

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