BPEL Process unable to read Inbound messages from B2B Inbound IP_IN_QUEUE

Hi Greetings.
I am working on setting up trading partners at a customer place using BPEL and B2B. BPEL is 10.1.3 and B2B is 10.1.2. The previous BPEL developers developed some processes and deployed them to Development environment. B2B is also set up by them. Lets say the customer name is Pet Safe who is the host trading partner and the remote trading partner is Pet Smart. PetSmart sends Purchase Orders (850s) using EDI over Internet via AS2 connection. My B2B server has received the test PO and sent back the Functional Acknowledgement (997) to the Remote Trading partner. I can see the messages in TIP_BUSINESSMESSAGE_RT in B2B schema of the database which Oracle 10g.
There is a BPEL process called RSCProcess850. It has been developed by using JDeveloper 10g. This process has a AQ adapter configured in the source code of BPEL. It uses a managed connection factory to connect to the Adapter framework and makes a connection to the database, which in turn talks to the EIS to dequeue the messages in B2B inbound queues. This process dequeus the messages and transforms the EDI and puts the PO details into Oracle e-business Suite tables. There is another process called SendInvoice which is configured to a Data Base adapter which polls a table in the Data BAse and sends the invoice to the B2B schema by enqueing the data to OutBound queues of B2B schema. I tried creating a connection factory using Enterprize manage console for both AQ Adapter and DB Adapter but when restarted the server it is unable to load all the BPEL process because the source code of BPEL is mismathching the password. So I have deleted the connection factories that are created suing em console. These connection factories insert an entry in oc4j-ra.xml files for both AQ Adapter and DB adapter. Once I have deleted them and restarted the server all the processes are loading but the problem is the BPEL process is neither dequeueing or enqueueing the messages. There are no errors thrown in the BPEL Domain logs also. The test PO order details are not there in the staging tables of the e-business tables, which means that the BPEL process are not able to DeQ or EnQ using the adapters. How do I know whether the adapter is fetchingthe data from staging tables or not? I am nearing my deadline but unable to proceed I am stuck here. Any sort of help or approach is highly appreciated.
my e-mail Id is [email protected]
Thanks in advance

To test whether the messgae is ENQ or DEQ u can use the sql given in thte B2B user guide.

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    Were you able to do it? We are facing this same issue now and, despite the fact the docs say otherwise, it does not seem to be a trivial task.

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    I fixed it myself. I hade to do a Xi Data Cahe Refresh.
    Navigate to Administration section on the SAP Exchange Infrestructure start page. On the Directory tab page, choose Cache overview under the heading Administration of Locks and Caches. Do a Full Cache Refresh on the adapter engine.
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    I have exactly the same issue , SSH works fine but ASDM and Web interface reply with that error message "ASDM is unable to read the configuration from ASA".
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    Sounds like Subbaraja may be right, there's no synchronization between the program that's
    storing the messages in the files and your program that's reading the messages from the files.
    If the program storing the message has only written half the message, and then you try to read
    it, you're going to get errors similar to what you got. Adding the call to getMessageID may just
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    Click "Unregister".
    If that doesn't work, you're going to need to call AppleCare and have them remove your phone from the system.
    Best of luck.

  • Unable to read SEARCH response from backend server

    Currently we have problem when searching huge amounts of users against new SunOne Directory Server v6.3
    in production and acceptance.
    [17:12:43] [email protected][!]# /opt/app/sun/ds6/bin/dsadm -V
    dsadm : 6.3 B2008.0311.0058 NAT
    [slapd 64-bit]
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    Sun-Java(tm)-System-Directory/6.3 B2008.0311.0058 64-bit
    ns-slapd : 6.3 B2008.0311.0058 NAT
    Slapd Library : 6.3 B2008.0311.0058
    Front-End Library : 6.3_MTR_5087249_1_20081209 B2008.1210.1821
    It’s not working while searching huge amounts of users against DPS.However, It’s working while searching huge amounts of users against DS.
    Below is the error from access log of DPS when the problem occurred.
    31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - CONNECT - INFO - conn=4565433 client= server=ecdiala03-1:389 protocol=LDAP
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - PROFILE - INFO - conn=4565433 assigned to connection handler cn=default connection handler, cn=connection handlers, cn=config
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - OPERATION - INFO - conn=4565433 op=0 BIND dn="uid=itimadm1,ou=system accounts,o=ericsson" method="SIMPLE" version=3
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - SERVER_OP - INFO - conn=4565433 op=0 BIND dn="uid=ITIMADM1,ou=system accounts,o=Ericsson" method="SIMPLE"" version=3 s_msgid=17 s_conn=ecditna03-2:72725
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - SERVER_OP - INFO - conn=4565433 op=0 BIND RESPONSE err=0 msg="" s_conn=ecditna03-2:72725
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - PROFILE - INFO - conn=4565433 assigned to connection handler cn=BindDone,cn=connection handlers,cn=config
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - OPERATION - INFO - conn=4565433 op=0 BIND RESPONSE err=0 msg="" etime=0
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - OPERATION - INFO - conn=4565433 op=1 msgid=2 SEARCH base="ou=External,o=Ericsson" scope=2 filter="(objectclass=inetorgperson)" attrs="*"
    [31/Mar/2009:14:08:17 +0200] - SERVER_OP - INFO - conn=4565433 op=1 SEARCH base="ou=external,o=ericsson" scope=2 filter="(objectclass=inetorgperson)" attrs="*" s_msgid=18 s_conn=ecditna03-2:72725
    [31/Mar/2009:14:12:25 +0200] - OPERATION - INFO - conn=4565433 op=1 SEARCH RESPONSE err=1 msg="Unable to read SEARCH response from backend server : Timeout when waiting to read from input stream" nentries=33959 etime=248309
    [31/Mar/2009:14:17:25 +0200] - DISCONNECT - INFO - conn=4565433 reason="other" msg="Exception caught while polling client connection LDAP. -- java.io.IOException: Connection reset by peer"
    > > [15:12:29] [email protected][!]# ./dpadm -V
    > >
    > > [dpadm]
    > >
    > > dpadm :
    > >
    > > B2008.1212.0459 NAT
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > [DPS]
    > >
    > > Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    > >
    > >
    > > B2008.1212.0436
    > >
    > > =================

    We have changed the value of data-source-read-timeout in DPS from 20s to 30m.As per application test, the "time out" error has gone, but we get a new error as following.
    [27/Apr/2009:05:28:36 +0200] - SERVER_OP - INFO - conn=209469 op=8 SEARCH base="ou=internal,o=ericsson" scope=2 filter="(objectclass=ericssonInternal)" attrs="EriCA-AttesterNL EriCA-EmploymentForm EriCA-KeyRecoveryNL-Auth EriCA-NL-Auth EriCA-NLOTP-Admin EriCA-NLOTP-User EriCA-accountExpires c cn departmentNumber description displayName eriCompanySynch eriCountry eriCountryCode eriEmployeeStatus eriExpired eriIsManager eriMasterDomain eriOpOrgUnitAbbreviation eriOpOrgUnitIdentifier eriOpOrgUnitName eriOperationalManager eriPartner eriPartnerTrigram eriPwSynchDate eriSignType eriSignum eriSignumStatus facsimileTelephoneNumber givenName isMemberOf l mail memberOf mobile objectClass ou sametimebrowseldap sametimehomeserver sametimeuser smChallResp smDisabled smXauthRADIUSServer sn telephoneNumber title uid uidNumber " s_msgid=27 s_conn=ecditna03-2:8645
    [27/Apr/2009:06:06:23 +0200] - SERVER_OP - INFO - conn=209469 op=8 SEARCH RESPONSE err=0 msg="" nentries=236367 s_conn=ecditna03-2:8645
    [27/Apr/2009:06:06:23 +0200] - OPERATION - INFO - conn=209469 op=8 SEARCH RESPONSE err=0 msg="" nentries=236367 etime=2266483
    [27/Apr/2009:06:11:27 +0200] - DISCONNECT - INFO - conn=209469 reason="other" msg="Exception caught while polling client connection LDAP. -- java.io.IOException: Connection reset by peer"
    Each time while application client ( connecting DPS to read, they will exit with “connection reset” error.
    Could you please kindly give us some suggestion if this error is realted to the DPS?

  • Reading old message from Topic or queue

    How i can read old message from jms topic or queue?

    It depends on what you mean by "old" and what your JMS implementation is. Old as in expired or as in previously delivered?
    Sending expired or previously delivered messages with DropboxMQ is as simple as moving the message files around using a shell or file explorer.

  • Unable to read SMS messages received on Xperia Arc

    I am unable to read SMS messages I have received on my Xperia Arc.  They arrive ok to my handset (as they appear in the notification bar) but when I go to open it up under Messaging they don't appear.  When I send messages they also don't appear in the conversation.
    I assume there is a related symptom to my problem, my Call Log doesn't get updated anymore.
    Any ideas?  I have looked at thread 28371 and seems similar problems but I did not drop my phone...
    I have installed avast! Mobile Security in case I have a virus but it comes up clean.
    Cheers, Paul.

    I agree with Slimshaddy's comment above. Make sure the time and date is set correctly on your phone. If you continue to have the problem, try resetting the phone and ensuring the time and date it set correctly before you receive any more messages.

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    Can anyone help with me this problem?
    It seems that my version of Tomcat is unable to read accented characters from my MySQL Database.
    I've checked in the Database and the characters are all correctly represented there. But when, in my servlet code, I do:
    String author = results.getString("author_surname");If the String contains any accented character then the character shows as a '?'. (Even before it gets to the JSP - I'm writing the results straight to catalina.out).
    Looking around these forums I found that some people suggested adding
    ?useUnicode=TRUE&characterEncoding=UTF-8;to the end of my jdbc url. As in:
    <ResourceParams name="jdbc/connection">
    //a whole load of other params
    </ResourceParams>inside my server.xml
    But it doesn't seem to make any difference. In addition, I doubt I even need to use Unicode as the accents I need are only: ����� etc.
    (Incidentally, writing that line into my server.xml, tomcat complains that it should finish with a semi-colon. Is that correct? Even if I put in the semi-colon, it still complains!!)
    Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    user13109986 wrote:
    From http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10501_01/server.920/a96529/ch9.htm
    My understanding is the JDBC Api converts the string from the database to UTF-16.. If so is there any way to disable the UTF-16 encoding at JDBC API?That's exactly what it's supposed to do. There isn't even any concept of what it would mean to disable that: Java characters are UTF-16 representations of Unicode code-points, so there isn't anything else it could do.
    I still suspect the JDBC part is working correctly and your writing-to-file isn't. I found this quote in the Wikipedia article on Windows-1256:
    Windows-1256 is a code page used to write Arabic (and possibly some other languages that use Arabic script, like Persian) under Microsoft Windows. This code page is not compatible with ISO 8859-6 and MacArabic encodings.So was there a particular reason you chose Cp1256 and not ISO-8859-6 as the charset to write to the file with?

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    I have 3 Motorola M on my account, one updated correctly, and one has not been updated to the new version.  I have since taken the broken phone into the store, and they customer support people were not able to get it to load as well.  Pretty much told me there is nothing they can do to make it work again, But I can buy a new phone at full price since I still have 6 months on my contract.  Oh that's nice, I can see having to pay full price if the phone was broken by something I did, but not because of a software update. Its very frustrating and not right!

  • Handling inbound messages in B2B

    Dear All
    I have problem configurating B2B to receive any inbound message from the IP_IN_QUEUE, local directory or ftp. Basically, the remote partner transport just doesn't go and pick up the incoming messages. All outbound messages work fine. I am using the HL7 protocol.
    I have tried to set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.DocumentRouting=true as recommended in the manual but it doesn't help.
    Just wondering any other setting I need to change before the engine is able to pick up inbound messages.
    Thanks in advance,

    Dear all,
    I can finally recieve an inbound HL7 with MLLP. One strange thing I find is that the Win32 version does not have the option for entering the "MLLP ID". However, I Still do not have much luck with inbound file.
    I now have other questions. We want to setup a B2B server to receive all HL7 messages. As the B2B server would process all incoming messages and put it in the IP_IN_QUEUE, how would the BPEL processes know which message they should pickup from the queue? I read something about the document routing ID but it seems that HL7 doesn't have this feature.
    Another question, is it possible to adjust the frequency of the B2B server to poll the outbound queue for jobs? We have applications that require very fast response and the current setting just do not serve our needs.
    Finally, is it that if we want an inbound queue services in B2B, how long does it take for the feature to be included in the service?
    Thank you very much for you help,

  • How to create an inbound Idoc from an inbound IDoc in same client

    How to create an inbound Idoc from an inbound IDoc in same client
    Idoc will come from XI as an inbound idoc to SAP, now I have to read this inbound Idoc and split it into Several Inbound Idocs and now needs to be posted in the same client.
    please let me know the procedure..
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Sagar,
    Develop a cusom Z-Inbound function module, configure the Z-FM to trigger when idoc is recieved from XI. In your Z-Inbound function module split the idoc (Recieved from XI)  into respective Idocs and Using MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE post the IDOCs into the same system.
    Thanks & Regards

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