Brand New Ipod touch 4th gen  right earphone jack not working out of the box. Bought at Wal-Mart yesterday. Are we missing something in the set up or should we return it?

We just purchased an ipod touch 4th gen 8 gb from Wal Mart. OUt of the box the right headphone is not working. Tried numerous pairs of headphones..tried the mono settings and nothing is working. Is there a setting we are missing or should we just return it?

If the headphone plug is fully inserted, I would return the iPod for a replacement

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  • My brand new ipod touch 4th gen wont let me sync new songs to it

    I just got my new ipod touch 4th gen 2 days ago and it wont let me sync any new songs to it and it wont let me take any songs off it either. Ive tried rebooting it and restoring it serveral times and nothing seems to work. Also I updates my itunes and still nothing. HELP

    What specific attributes (resolution, frame rate, bit-rate, audio forma etc.),do the mp4 videos have?  There are many variations in the mp4 format.  Have you tried using the Create iPod and iPhone version in the Advanced tab of iTunes?

  • I bought a brand new ipod touch 4th gen 16gb

    I bought a brand new i pod touch 4th gen. 16 gb.  I have had it for about a week.  The screen doesnt work, when i plug it in to my computer itunes recongizes it but still nothing happens with the screen.  The screen pops up every so often but then go right back off.  i restored it but nothing happened. 

    I would make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar
    Or send it to Apple
    Apple - Support - iPod - Service FAQ

  • Can't connect brand new iPod touch 4th gen to iTunes, please help!

    I just got a new iPod touch, 16 gig 4th generation. I'm going through the setup process. Once I get to the option to connect through a network, I hit a problem. My internet at home requires a MAC address to be "invited" into the network before I can connect, however I can't get the MAC address until I complete setup!
    So I choose the "Connect to iTunes" option instead. My computer recognizes that there is an iPod connected to it, but iTunes won't pick it up. There is nothing under "Devices".
    What do I do?? ):

    I just retried a step I missed earlier in the articles before and ran into a problem here:
    #5 Verify that the apple mobile devi usb driver is installed
    > for windows 7
    > if the apple mobile device usb driver is not listed
    > if only Apple iPod appears
    > for windows 7
    I went through all these steps until #8: Click OK in the "Install from Disk" dialog. At this point it tries to load for a bit and I get this message:
    "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. (Apple Mobile Device USB Driver)
    Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)"
    As for your reply, I did indeed already try removing and reinstalling all the Apple programs with unfortunately no effect.
    When I do the sync test, I get that one or more things failed: iTunes Helper not running and No iPod found.

  • Brand new ipod touch (4th gen) no longer plays music. is there a way to fix it by myself?

    I just bought the 4th gen ipod touch on tuesday. I downloaded some music from my brothers itunes account and purchased songs thru the ipod itself as well.  I also have downloaded a few free apps as well.  tuesday and wednesday morning the ipod worked perfectly fine, however last night i was listening to music and playing the free solitaire app i got and it would play a few songs then stop. id restart the song, it would play a few and then stop. finally i stopped playing solitaire thinking you cant play a game and listen to music (im new to ipods and mp3s so i have no idea how to work it).  Now, my ipod works with everything but music. When i click music it is frozen on a black screen whenever i try to do anything in music and no music plays. Is there a quick fix or do i need to take it back to bestbuy where I got it?

    - A reset. Nothing will be lost:
    Reset iPod touch:  Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Next restore from backup va iTunes
    - Then restore to factory defaults/new iPod.  For how to restore see:
    iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software

  • Brand new iPod touch 4th gen will not sit on dock of Sony Dream Machine

    model ICF -C1iPMK2
    I even wasted money on the three pack of inserts to ensure my touch was resting properly
    I have no idea why it won't rest down on the dock - it is like it's two different sizes of 30 pin connectors? is anyone else having this problem? I don't want to be too forceful with it for fear of breaking something irreplaceable

    Im having the same problems with the latest ipod touch not sitting into a bose portable sounddock.
    Sure, the portable sounddock has an aux port in the back which I can use once I find an audio cable with male ends on both sides.
    After reading this thread, I took an x-acto knife and tried to remove/thin the piece of silver plastic at the back of the ipod touch. didnt help much until I took the same knife and tried to thin the grey plastic innard of the sounddock connector. That worked.
    so basically, i removed a thin bit of grey plastic from the inside of the male connector on the sounddock.
    was worth a try.
    I've also emailed Bose support. They're generally very helpful with these things and the last time when I upgraded from an ipod mini to ipod touch, I called them and they sent me (for free) a set of new dock inserts for the ipod touch.

  • Brand new ipod touch 5th gen 64gb problems with first power on

    I have just received a brand new ipod touch 5th gen 64 gb from amazon. After reading the instructions i tried to power it on but nothing happened.
    It was suggested on here to try the recovery start but again, nothing happened.
    I then plugged the device in to a wall socket charger to see if the battery is flat,but the apple logo comes on for about 15 seconds then goes off again. If I hold down the home button while the apple logo is off, after a while the ipod goes into recovery start up, but as soon as i unplug it from the wall socket adaptor it turns off.
    It will not do anything plugged into the usb soccket of my laptop.
    Any ideas or will I have to return this to amazon?

    - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    - If not successful and you can't fully turn the iOS device fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.
    - Try on another computer                            
    - If still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order. You can go to an Apple store even if yo purchased it from Amazon
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                                     

  • Why is my ipod touch 4th gen with ios 6 only have sound in the speakers but not when I plug my headphones in

    My new ipod touch 4th gen with ios 6 wont play soun in the headphones, but only through the speaker when my head phones are unplugged

    - You do have the volume set all the way up?
    - Have you tried another pair of headphones/do the headphone work in other devices?
    - Try cleaning out/blowing out the headphone jack. Try inserting/removing the headphone plug a dozen times or so.
    Try the following to rule out a software problem:
    - Reset the iPod. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Reset all settings
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup
    - Restore to factory settings/new iPod.
    Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store. It seems yo have a hardware problem, likely a bad headphone jack.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • New iPod Touch 4th gen. cannot connect to home wi-fi network

    When I launch wi-fi on my new iPod Touch 4th gen. my home network's name is displayed, but after entering my password the iPod is unable to connect - the wheel to the left of the network name just keeps spinning.   The network still functions properly for all my other devices (MacBook, 2nd gen. iPod Touch, wireless printer and my wife's PC) and the new iPod Touch did connect to the network in the Apple Store when I visited yesterday.   I know the password I enetered for my home network is correct because I've checked it in my keychain, and also the iPod did not inform me that it was the wrong password for that network - as it does if I enter another password.
    I have followed the advice given to others - unplugging the Time Capsule and leaving it for 5 minutes, checking that all my software and firmware is up to date, 'forgetting' the network on my new iPod then searching for it again, and have completely restored the iPod - but it still cannot connect to my network.   If my network is functioning properly, and my new iPod was capable of joining the Apple Store's network yesterday, and I am sure that I am entering the correct password, it seems to me that my problem must be due to some network setting that is refusing to allow a new device to connect.   I can't find where that setting might be - can anyone advise?

    depending on what router but hopefully all routers came to this default address....
    >Setup of the Basic Setup you goto
    also had an idea when i wanna make sure im typing the right one, i would do is tap each letter/# by 1, as in,
    here's my ipod 4 and my ipod 2, the pswd is 123456
    ipod 4, i press 1
    ipod 2, i press 1
    ipod 4, i press 2
    ipod 2, i press 2
    and so on till i reach both of them to 6 (1by1) to make sure i get it in there right. saw this on another wall it might depends on what channel your using, but i dont rly think that matters bc i have mine on auto and nvr had a problem.
    i would do this even thou it may sound crazy to others....if i were you this is what i would do
    on your ipod 2Gen
    >address to
    -(wireless security settings for passcode)
    >tap the box for the password, whatever ur security is i would copy
    -IF WEP
    -copy phrase key and Key 1
    -IF WPA
    -copy phrase key
    >open Notepad
    >under iCloud account Notepad
    >Paste the Key
    >either on your pc/mac or your 2nd Gen, go back to
    >change your Security Mode to Disable
    >goto your 4 Gen iPod Touch
    >goto settings and connect to it, if pswd is still in it then tap forget this network and reconnect to it
    -once connected and got IP adresses
    >goto Notpad under iCloud
    -you should have obtained your recent icloud msgs included the key you pasted
    -once obtained
    >gobk to pc/mac or ipod 2nd gen and re enabled the security and re-paste the key in
    -once router adjusted try to connect to it
    >1st do your 2nd gen and forget this network reconnect to it and repaste the key
    >2nd goto ur 4rth gen from your notes, highlight the key in ur notpad and tap copy and forget this network reconnect to it and paste the key.
    this should work bc i did it myself when i couldnt get connected bc thats almost the same steps i did.
    somtimes i put my name up on here. remeber these names we put as our nickname doesnt mean its our real name or anything like that,

  • I have an iBook G4, its current OS is 10.4.11(tiger i think) i cant update itunes past 9.2 which is a big problem for my new ipod touch 4th gen! please help me someone!

    hello, i have an iBook G4 which is old, it has an OS of 10.4.11 which is called tiger i think, forgive me im new to apple,
    it has a version of itunes installed (9.2) which worked fine with my 1st gen ipod touch but ive upgraded to a 4th gen ipod touch and now my itunes version is no longer compatible, the problem is that because my os is out of date i cant install the current version of itunes so i  think i need to upgrade my OS.
    Like i say im quite new to apple so any help or information would be greatly appreciated. thank you

    As Niel has suggested Mac OS X 10.5 Lepaord.
    But first of all make sure that your iBook is above 800Mhz and you have at least 512 Meg of memory. (1 GB recommended)
    Please note, that if you do install Mac OS X 10.5 on your iBook, it will not allow you to install the latest version of iTunes version 11. The most recent version of iTunes that can be installed would be 10.5, which will be compatible with your iPod touch 4th gen, provided it's not been updated to iOS 6.
    Sadly you can't install any version of Mac OS X above 10.5 Leopard, as it they requires an Intel processor, which your iBook G4 does not have.
    Hope this helps.

  • HT203175 I have attempted to sync my new iPod touch 4th gen. with my current PC running Windows XP and everytime I attempt it I get the dreaded blue screen, here are the error codes- 0x0000007E; 0XC00000005; 0X00000000; 0XBA51B7C8; 0XBA51B4C4 any suggesti

    I have attempted to sync my new iPod touch 4th gen. with my current PC running Windows XP and everytime I attempt it I get the dreaded blue screen, here are the error codes- 0x0000007E; 0XC00000005; 0X00000000; 0XBA51B7C8; 0XBA51B4C4 any suggestions?

    In the course of your troubleshooting to date, have you worked through the following document?
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Windows displays a blue screen message or restarts when connecting your device

  • Bought a brand new Ipod touch 5th gen.  it wont activate...what do i do?

    Bought a brand new Ipod Touch 5th gen. it wont activate, what do I do?

    I'm having the exact same problem. I got a new one for my sons birthday yesterday and CANNOT activate it. Anyone know why?

  • On/off button not working on brand new iPod touch 5th gen

    My daughter has just unboxed a brand new iPod touch 5th gen that arrived today.
    It wouldn't turn on so I assumed the battery was flat which I thought was odd but I plugged it in and it came on - 90% + battery.
    The on/off button does not do anything. We've pressed it, held it - nothing. If I press the on/off and the home button together, Siri starts.
    It will only switch off after a minute has elapsed. We can't do it manually.
    What's going on? Any ideas?

    If you have an Apple store nearby I would make an appointment at their Genius Bar.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar
    Otherwise I would call Apple. You get at least 90 days of free telephone support.

  • My new ipod touch 4th gen wont show up on itunes nor in my computer

    my new ipod touch 4th gen wont show up on itunes nor in my computer

  • HT201269 i have got a ipod touch 4th gen and i have got minecraft pocket edition on it but i and getting a new ipod touch 4th gen and i would like to know how to get minecraft back on my new iPod touch with all my data on it??? please help

    i have got a ipod touch 4th gen and i have got minecraft pocket edition on it but i and getting a new ipod touch 4th gen and i would like to know how to get minecraft back on my new iPod touch with all my data on it??? please help

    iOS: Transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device

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