Brand New to Creative Zen Vision M - Basic Query Re Music Playback

Hi - bought this MP3 player 2nd hand having seen good reviews. I'm really a Samsung devotee, but couldn't seem to find anything from them in the 30gb range and my 8gb was getting too restrictive (I vaguely remember something about a court case with Apple ... did they stop them from making/selling new MP3 players, or something?). Anyway - now with a CZ and trying to get to grips with basic functions all over again (I'm nearly 50 and a female with no kids to quiz on this kind of thing - it's tough, but I'm getting there!). What I'm particularly keen to do are two things: 1) select a whole album to play, either in sequence or random tracks, and 2) select an artist and set the player to randomly play only their stuff from all the available tracks stored. These things were so simple to do with both the Samsungs I've had, but I'm completely stumped with my CZ (and, yes, I've read the downloadable manual). Hoping these things are possible ...

O God - 16 views so far and no one can answer? Doesn't bode well. Anyone want to buy a boxed Creative Zen Vision M in very good nick?

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  • NEW PLAYER: Creative Zen Vision:M (30

    Well, it seems that we did not have to wait till 8th dec to see what new product Creative will be releasing.According to internet leak, the new product is the Zen Vision:M
    <IMG src="">
    ? 2.5-inch, 320x240 pixel color screen (8-bit)? 30gb hard dri've? Plays MPEG2, MPEG4 SP (Divx, Xvid), WMV9 videos? Plays MP3, WMA, and WMA DRM audio? Displays JPEG images up to 8 megapixels in size? Capability to zoom in on pictures? FM radio, radio recording? To do list, calander, contacts list? 3 colors available (black, white, green)? Battery good for 4 hours music, 4 hours video [edited!]? $ 329 USD or SGD$542? Size: 62 ? 04 ? 9mm, weight: 66g
    <IMG src="">
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    micromouse wrote:
    Jammin72, don't forget that it is the Apple iPod which has "copied" Creative Zen's style of navigation of tracks in the player. Creative has a patent on this, even before Apple released its product.
    True... There will always be some level of imitation of successful implementations of products but even then the iPod was forward thinking in it's design of the player.
    I think Creative did a nice job with going with the Touch Pad interface and player add-ons as well as allowing the unit to work with more 3rd Party software.
    This phsical and functional design change away from thier own stylistic vision to one that is obviously an iPod clone is just a bit dissapointing. Gi've us a NEW player on that is distincti've in it's own right, not one that's closer to what already exists. I would have much rather the unit look like the Zen or a large Micro and offer these features. I mean c'mon you replace the touch pad with a click wheel and from the front you would never know it's from a different company.
    PS... That's not to say that I wouldn't be all over it when they come out with a 60 or 80 Gig model. Message Edited by Jammin72 on 2-08-2005 05:8 PM

  • Creative zen vision navigat

    Creative zen vision
    firmware .40.03
    problem: i cant use my navigation buttons (so buttons on right side of my zen vision)
    and when i remove battery it doesnt help instal new firmware neither go in recover mode.. its working only thing... navigation doesnt work so useless...
    so basicly everything worx i guess only my navigation doesnt so i cant do anyting atm
    i have read faq and searched forum but nothing specifik for this problem
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    That sounds like an electrical or electomechanical problem with the player. Since the Zen Vision has been long since discontinued, you probably can't get Creative to repair it, but you might want to seek out some of the third party repair businesses that might be able to restore it to original functionality.

  • Creative Zen Vision M question!

    Creative Zen Vision M question!?Hey guys, I'm not from US but I hope you will understand my english anyway .
    So here's my question:
    Is there any legal way to get one of "creative zen vison m" players? I prefer new products... 60gb would be awesome..
    Since Im fed up with Apple and got already n Touch i simply want a player with a good capacity and just to listen to music... and i pretty much liked the creative zen vision m player... more than any new product from creative... all of em are more like multimedia and not "classy"....
    Furthermore I just find the product over google at customers site... if i browse all mp3players from creative I cant find the product i want.... It would be awesome if anyone knows a way to get a new one of these... and it would be kickass if it could get delieverd to EU/Austria
    At the end, thx for all the upcoming posts n answers and a picture of the desired product:
    <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""][/url]

    really? :/ I dont like ebay and would prefer a new product... is there no other solution? Like writing to the customers and make out a good price for em to get a new of zen vision m?
    Otherwise, i know it doesnt fit here, but does any knows an "classy" player with about 30-60gig... like ipod classic, just for music n maybe photos... I dont need any multimedia .. got touch already...
    If anyone knows a good one which looks nice post here, would be awesome
    (I hope asking for other brands is allowed :S, otherwise sorry)

  • Creative Zen Vision : M Hardisk error? W

    A few days ago I purchased a Creative Zen Vision: M mp3 player.
    Creative Zen Vision : M
    So anyway, I put a few song on here about 4 or 5 playlists and all of a sudden... Its went into recovery mode.
    The only options its giving me are the following and its repercutions:
    Clean Up - I enter this mode and it gets stuck.
    Format All - I've entered this mode already, but it says something about Harddisc error?!
    Reload Firmware - Same as format all, it says something about a harddisc error.
    Reboot - All this does is restart the mp3.
    Im stuck with a brand new mp3 that cannot do any of the functions it says it can do.

    I think waiting more then 5 minutes would wield a better result. But I think the player might have a defecti've harddri've. You may need to contact Creative support about it.

  • Creative Zen Vision M malfunctio

    I have a Creative Zen Vision M. I've had this mp3 player for 3 years with no problems. This afternoon I was trying to transfer music from my laptop onto my Zen. I got an error message. It says "Access denied". This happens whether I try to transfer music from my laptop and/or when I want to rip music from various CDs to put on my Zen. I upgraded my Zen to the latest firmware version .62.2. After my Zen upgraded, all of my music files, video files and photos were gone. When I go to System Information, it shows that I have 23 videos on the Zen but when I go to Videos, nothing comes up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Creative Zen Vision M program through the installation CD. While it was reinstalling, I got the following message: "DoInstall fails to launch D:PDE\Explorer\SETUP. INX. DoInstall return error code is -2472332."
    When I now go to open the program, nothing comes up. Its like my computer doesn't recognize the player. I want my music files, video files, and photos back. I also want to be able to transfer audio and video files. Can I downgrade to the older firmware version .40. to get my files back?

    really? :/ I dont like ebay and would prefer a new product... is there no other solution? Like writing to the customers and make out a good price for em to get a new of zen vision m?
    Otherwise, i know it doesnt fit here, but does any knows an "classy" player with about 30-60gig... like ipod classic, just for music n maybe photos... I dont need any multimedia .. got touch already...
    If anyone knows a good one which looks nice post here, would be awesome
    (I hope asking for other brands is allowed :S, otherwise sorry)

  • Creative Zen Vision M 30gb and Vista.

    Is there a way to get a Creative Zen Vision M 30gb to work on a Vista computer? It will save me buying my son a new MP3 player. Thanks.

    I've been in touch with Creative support for over a week now but so far without success. Every time I download links they suggest I still can't access Creative Media Explorer, I just keep getting this error message:-
    "The Creative Media Explorer that is compatible with this device is not installed. Please reinstall the application and try again"
    This has included deleting all previously installed Crteati've files as well as downloading in a 'Clean Boot'. I've also rebooted my Zen Vision M.
    At this rate I'll have to bin the Zen and look at an ipod:manmad:

  • Creative Zen Vision M

    C I have had this player in the past and fell in love with it. I actually had two..both own fault..long story. But anywho.... I know that Creative has them for sale refurbished. I really miss my Mp3 player...have not had one since January. I use my psp for my music. I was wondering if it would be a smart idea to buy one refurbished or not? I would rather buy one on here than any other place. Just looking for input. Thank you for any help in [email protected]

    Re: Creative Zen Vision Md
    stayflysly80 wrote:
    I have had this player in the past and fell in love with it. I actually had two..both own fault..long story. But anywho.... I know that Creative has them for sale refurbished. I really miss my Mp3 player...have not had one since January. I use my psp for my music. I was wondering if it would be a smart idea to buy one refurbished or not? I would rather buy one on here than any other place. Just looking for input. Thank you for any help in advance.Highly recommend getting one. Very smart idea. The ones my friends &I purchased a couple years ago were essentially new. They did not look used & I have never had any problems or issues with mine. Not even a freeze-up.My battery is still lasts a long time. I love it. I've repaired my friends players for them but that's another story.

  • Creative zen : vision M 30gb strange problem

    ,Creative zen : vision M 30gb strange problem. Hi people,
    My mp3 player is 2 and a half years old. A few months ago he didn't charge anymore. ?I thought i could repair it by buying a new battery and install him in my mp3.
    Afther a few ours of ?assembling it was ready for charging a thought..
    I used the usb charger and de sync adapter...
    the morning after, my mp3 is not charged and only showing me a little red stripe in de battery (right top) i can listen music but only for a few minutes...
    Also my PC does noet see my MP3
    tested on :
    windows xp service pack 3?
    windows 7?
    please help me
    Stijn van Vilsteren?
    i am sorry for my pore english !

    Squipy wrote:
    Hi, I stopped using this MP3 for about 2 or so years because I bought a new one. I decided to start using it again and downloaded all the required software but as soon as I unplugged the MP3 from the power outlet, the player died. I can't get it to start up without plugging it into a power outlet. I think it has rechargable battery? Why didn't it recharge itself?
    My second enquiry is about the capacity of the player. When my player was empty, I went into "Information" and it said Total Space: 28GB and Free Space: 2GB. Why is free space only 2GB? Shouldn't it be 28 as well?
    Thanks in advance!
    The battery will only last about 3yrs regardless of use.You will need to change it. Did you scroll down to see the album,picture,track counts? Did you partition part of the dri've for removable storage. You can find instructions to open here ? & ? the battery here(very easy to do) ZOther_MP3_Player_Accessories?hash=item40002864567 9&_trksid=p39.c0.m4&_trkparms=72%3A205|66%3A4|65%3 A2|39%3A|240%3A38|30%3A0|293%3A|294%3A200

  • Creative Zen Vision M (30gb) - Is it the end?

    Hi all,
    I've read a lot of posts and think the only way to find a possible solution to my problem is to just post it....
    I've had my Creative Zen Vision M (30gb) for about?2.5 years, apart from crashing a few times, I've always loved it and would never go near Ipod!
    Lately however it's done something, that it has done before which is to suddenly 'remove' about 2000 tracks, it would go funny, crash and reset a few times, recharge with the plug and it was fine again, the tracks 'reappeared'.
    Now it seems when it happened this recent time, 3000 tracks went and I was left with about 000. So i tried formatting everything cause it just wouldn't rectify itself, then I chose to reload the firmware but everytime I tried to connect it to my laptop it would say my player wasn't connected.
    I have recently baught a new laptop with Windows 7 and even without the software it detects it fine and I think I could just drag music over to it now. BUT - It only has 50mb of memory! Plsu MP3 Recovery Tool and online detection firmware thingy justy doesn't think my player is connected or says cannot update firmware on windows 7?
    So my questions?are - how do i fix it's Is my memory fried, would it be worth getting out the old laptop? Where do i go if i want to repair it's Even if it detects it in XP, the software doesn't detect the player.
    Can anyone shine any light here? Am I forced to buy another Creative product or do I jump ship?

    If the XP computer has WMP installed it may not detect the player (the firmware file) It works best on XP /SP2 WMP0 installed. The issue with WMP is a sticky in the MP3 players forum.

  • My Creative zen vision M broke what do i do

    ok my Creative zen vision M 30 gb broke buti dont know how
    i turned it on this moring and the touchpad wasnt working so i was going to turn it of but right before i could to that a black screen comes up saying low baterry and truns of by itslef but i chared it last night so later in the day it turns on byitself and the tocuh pad and the buttons still itsnt working
    i've had this player since october and i want to know about the warranty
    and if creative zen and fix this or replace it with a new

    can anybody help me with this problem

  • HELP!!! Creative Zen Vision M - unresponsive in ANY way...NEED HELP!

    Ok, so this might be a very simple question to answer, but I'm very worried.
    Pretty much, I had been using my Creative Zen Vision M (30 gig) for a long time, but stopped about a year ago. The batteried drained, and I didnt get around to charging it.
    Now, it's been about a year, and I've tried plugging in the Zen into my computers to charge.
    There is NO recognition of the player, no yellow alert, no new device alert, NOTHING.
    The blue light at the top DOES NOT flash
    And My media explorer thinks that it is not connected to the computer.
    I've read a lot about Zens going black, and the blue light keeps flashing, but literally, from the time I plug in the Zen, to when it's sitting on my shelf, I notice no difference. I cannot turn on the player and it wont charge.
    I tried using USB ports in the back, as well as leaving the zen plugged in all day to "Charge". Over 8 hours later, and the player does not budge.
    I do not own an adapter to the Zen, but I tried a 4.5V sony one, and recieved nothing.
    The simple question is:
    After letting the player drain, and die after just under a year of no use, has my player bit the bisquit's
    Is my battery (or firmware, which unfortunately I have no idea what it is, but it sounds like I can upgrade without having the player turn on) simply taking it's sweet time to recouperate.
    PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I am very desperate to get my player working again.

    Leave the player connected to the computer & use a REAR USB port(with the computer on) for 24hrs. Or use a wall charger to charge the battery . It may take a hour for it to just start charging plugged in but once it does let it FULLY charge. That means until it stops blinking the battery icon it full & the player cuts off when done. Now I know Creative wall chargers are not easy to find & they are not cheap. The Sony PSP wallcharger is compatible with the players adapter(plugs into the center hole on the dongle) Also to get it charging after it has been connected for a time hit the Reset? while connected.Not easy but doable with a thin pin.

  • What type of hard drive do I need for a Creative Zen Vision

    Hey everybody.
    I have a Creative Zen Vision:M, and unfortunately after dropping it, the hard drive has decided to pack up!
    I have decied to replace the hard dri've, but wondered which hard dri'ves are compatible with the Zen Vision:M? I know the hard drive is a .8" drive, but that's all I know what to look for so far...
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    It uses a standard 2.5" HDD. You can find them around in any good computer shop. You can use larger (capacity) as well. If you wish to find exactly the same one please try:
    (a) Open Device Manager,
    (b) Expand Disk drives item
    You can see brand and model of the current HDD on your computer. If it failed already, pull it out and check.
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  • Creative Zen Vision M won't power up. Doesn't even show LED lig

    I received a Creative Zen Vision M as a Christmas gift last year. Worked fine for about 3 months, then I started having repeated freezing problems. Fixed those, but eventually the unit just died. No indication of any power. Not even the blinking light. Went to Best Buy where it was purchased, but they could not help. Best Buy tried to find a purchase record, but no luck. After giving up on it for a few months, I thought I'd try again today. I've had it connected by USB for the last 7 hours, but no luck. So what can I do now I like the Creative Zen products (I have had no problems with another Creative MP3 player), and I'd love to get this player working again because I enjoyed watching movies on it in flight.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    This happened to me once, so I purchased a new battery, then left it plugged in for a few hours after that.
    It froze when I started it up, but when I reformatted it, everything worked fine again.
    That may or may not help, sorry.
    Good luck =]

  • Creative Zen Vision:M FM Radio Completely Disappeared!! (Reinstalling firmware doesn't hel

    I turned on my Creative Zen Vision: M, and the FM Radio wasn't there. It just simply disappeared; it's not listed on the Main Menu, nor is it listed as an option from "Configure Menu". This has nothing to do with a new Firmware update that removes the?radio; my player was not connected to?my computer. I have had my player since July of 2006, so it's obviously too late to return it. I've looked around on the forum and many other people have had the same problem, but the only solution has been to reinstall/upgrade the firmware. This doesn't solve the problem. I've tried everything on the recovery menu--formatting, rebooting, cleaning disk, etc, but nothing has worked. I've also contacted Customer Support, but from what I've heard, it's probably not going to help. Has ANYONE been able to solve this problem? It's really frustrating that so many people have this problem and nothing has worked.

    Oh, right, sorry.
    "OS Name: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Version: 5..2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600"
    Though currently, I'm installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 via Windows Automatic Updates.
    WMP Version: .0.572.5230
    Should I uninstall WMP entirely to eliminate it as a possible factor?
    (I have Winamp so I don't really need WMP.)
    Are you saying that once I rollback my WMP to WMP0, my computer will be capable of reading my Zen & thus, allowing me to download the firmware and restoring it's previous condition (minus the contents-music, video, pictures, etc.)
    Also, I tried to see if my Zen would try to connect to my laptop - I uninstalled the Zen program on it before connecting it, to see if anything would come up, allowing me to do anything, etc. But no, it just said "My Zen" but I couldn't do anything with that. And then I installed all of the software on the Creative Installation CD. After all of that, apparently my computer acknowledges that a device is connected via USB because it gives me an option as to what to do with it - open it, play it with wmp, explore, etc. The problem though was that the Creative program itself wouldn't acknowledge that it was connected. So I still had the "The player is not connected."
    Just thought this might make a difference -
    I also was looking for some kind of repair shops or sites that would be capable of repairing my Zen - the only thing I came across was - does anyone know anything about this site? If it's reliable, etc. (Just a back up option in case this situation isn't solveable by other Zen peers.)
    Also, thanks again for any help, effort, attempt, etc.

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