BreakOpportunity is not defined?

I have a Flex application that I'm now trying to create an AIR version for.
I created a class to help display subscripts and superscripts through the TLF.
It seems to die as soon as it tries to import to flow:
_textFlow = TextConverter.importToFlow(tmpText,TextConverter.TEXT_LAYOUT_FORMAT);
Getting the following in the console:
ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable flash.text.engine::BreakOpportunity is not defined.
at flashx.textLayout.formats::TextLayoutFormat$cinit()
at global$init()[E:\dev\gumbo_beta2\frameworks\projects\textLayout\textLayout_core\src\flash x\textLayout\formats\]
at flashx.textLayout.conversion::TextLayoutImporter$cinit()
at global$init()[E:\dev\gumbo_beta2\frameworks\projects\textLayout\textLayout_conversion\src \flashx\textLayout\conversion\]
I'm using SDK 3.4.0.
I had to get the textLayout.swc from Gumbo (
Has anyone else run into this situation?
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Much Thanks.

I'm using SDK 3.4, which comes with AIR 1.5.2 SDK.
My .actionScriptProperties file originally said
Changing this to
causes another problem though.
Flex just keeps telling me that it can't connect to the debugger now.
A dialog box comes up with this error message:
Process terminated without establishing connection to debugger.
"C\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.4.0\bin\adl.exe"
Output from command:
error while loading initial content
I didn't know that changing the htmlPlayerVersion would have any affect on an AIR project at all.
Have you ever hit the same thing? Is there a way around this?

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    Hi gurus,
    have you encountered this error while creating a PO? can't find any supporting document online.
    please help how to resolve.

    Hi Manohar,
    Language RU (Russian) is not defined in our system and therefore the translation in CUNI is not the appropriate solution for this error.
    Instead, we just maintained the vendor master to be in EN language to stop the system error.
    thanks for your input anyway.

  • Why would I get ReferenceError #1065: "Variable title is not defined."

    Well of course it's not defined.  It's a dynamic class, and strict mode compilation is turned off so that I don't have to declare the property to compile it.
    I've created a library item named "Page" with a single TextField instance named "title".
    Page's class is defined in an ActionScript file, and it's assigned to the library item in export for ActionScript.
    Page's ActionScript file defines the class as a "dynamic" class, so I should not be getting this runtime error.  I turned off strict mode compiling, since it seems to be designed to check the presense of property definitions at compile time for dynamic classes like MovieClip.
    public dynamic class Page extends MovieClip
        public function Page()
            var text:String = title.text; //title can be moused over in the debugger here and shows the correct value, but the flash player throws a runtime error when it tries to access it, but it shouldn't because this is a dynamic class.
    So why am I getting a runtime error for the field "title".  It makes no sense, because if I step to that line in the FlashDevelop debugger and hold the mouse over "title", it shows that it is in fact the instance of the TextField that I'm trying to access.  Yet the player throws an error when I actually try to access it.
    Is it a problem or limitation with the access style (i.e. would it work fine if I accessed it as "this.title" or "this["title"]"?

    Nevermind.  This was apparently a browser caching issue.   The Page base class is defined in the main interface swf, and is externally referenced through its swc in an external "lesson" file that declare a subclass of Page.  It was this custom subclass of Page which was throwing the error (basically the same as the simplified example I wrote for my post, where it simply tried to access "title" as a dynamic property of the Page).  What happened is the browser was caching an old version of the lesson file with the old definition of the class that was not declared as dynamic.  I had received the error before, then updated the class, then I was surprised to see the error persist.  It suddenly dawned on me that the browser was probably caching the old version, so I cleared the cache and it seems to work fine now.
    Actually, it is a problem after all.  I forgot I had updated it to use "this.title" syntax on the page I tested after clearing the cache, but the other pages that try to access title directly as "title" still throw the error.  So it seems to be some sort of quirk in how flash accesses properties of a dynamic class.  If you try to access them direclty, it must do so in a way that requires the property to be defined, but if you access it via "this.title" or this["title"], the it seems to resolve the property value without throwing the error.
    This sucks.  I was really trying to not have to write "this." for every property.  The entire display list is dynamically generated from some custom XML that allows me to call constructors and set complex type-safe properties, and during construction it was copying each item into a Dictionary by name.  This Dictionary was then assigned to the page class as "items", so I was accessing each display object as "".  Then I got the brilliant idea of just making Page and its subclasses "dynamic" so that I could just add the DIctionary values on the Page instance itself.  I thought I would be able to access the dyamic properties just by their name such as "title", but lo and behold, Flash strikes again, and I have to use dot notation anyway.  What do you all think?  Any solutions?

  • Logical System is Not Defined in EBP...

    Hi SAP GURU's,
      Please do Accept My Thanks for Kind Help
      Rendered So far ..
      My issue is whie working wih Accoutn Assignment is EBP ,I Tried to Maintain Logical System ..But system  is throwing Error Massage Logical System is Not Defined in EBP..
      Where as it was Defined and Assigned to the Client
    in the Configuration ...
      The Same thing has been defined in R/3 also ...
      what Could be the Reason..?  ? ?
      Could Any Gentleman through Some light on this
      Suitable Points Assigned for the Right  Answer
       Thansk in Advance

    Pl define the same logical system names in the Define Back end systems or in the Table
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Logical System is not defined in table SMOF_ERPSH!

    When i am replicating a material group to SRM system, in SMQ2, the error message appears as 'Logical System is not defined in table SMOF_ERPSH!'.
    can any one please let me know why this comes up, i have checked the SMOEAC settings, its fine and the logical system entries are already present in the tabe

    Can you verify all your settings as per note 720819?
    Also under SMOEAC transaction, site attributes for your site type 'CRM' may not have any value. Please define attributes for your SRM RFC destination. Select the correct RFC destination, then click on button 'Get Values'.After doing this, table SMOF_ERPSH should be populated correctly.

  • Inutilização de NFe: Log de erro Message type 8 is not defined

    Olá Pessoal,
    Estamos com um erro aqui muito semelhante ao descrito na Thread: [Skip número da NF não autorizada|;.
    Solicitamos a inutilização de uma nota writer de saída que foi barrada no Monitor GRC por erro de validação e por isso estava com status 8 na J1BNFE (ECC). A inutilização foi feita com sucesso, o status no GRC está correto, mas no ECC a autorização ainda não constava. Executamos o report XNFE/UPDATE_ERP_STATUS_DIAL e ao fazermos a msg de "erro ao atuzalizar ECC". No monitor da J1BNFE a nota agora aparece com o seguinte log de erro:
    Message type 8 is not defined
    Message no. J1B_NFE018
    The messaging system passed a value for the message type to the back-end system (field I_MSGTYP) that is not defined in the back-end system.
    System Response
    The back-end system cannot interpret and process the inbound message.
    Configure the messaging system in a way that it transfers only allowed message types to the back-end system via the inbound interfaces J_1B_NFE_XML_IN or J_1B_NFE_XML_IN_TAB.
    Achei a thread mencionada acima com o mesmo erro e verifiquei a aplicação das notas, já que o problema foi solucionado com a aplicação das mesmas. Eis os status:
    Nota 1298283 (ECC) - Não relevante pois estamos no ECC 6.0 SP17;
    Nota 1376324 (ECC) - Não relevante pois estamos no ECC 6.0 SP17;
    Nota 1413636 (ECC) - Completely Implemented na SNOTE;
    Nota 1376901 (GRC) - Não relevante pois estamos no GRC SP13.
    Aparenmente alguma coisa ainda está faltando.. mas nao sei o que é.
    Desde já agradeço,
    Daniela Machado

    Verifique esses passos da nota 1298283 (no ECC)::
    Change Domain J_1BNFE_MESSAGE_TYPE
    Use transaction SE11
    Select Domain and insert name J_1BNFE_MESSAGE_TYPE
    Push Change.
    Select Tab "Value Range".
    Fix value Short text
    8 Authorization to Skip a NF-e with Validation Error
    9 Rejection to Skip a NF-e with Validation Error
    Maintain table J_1BNFE_MAP_TYPE
    Use transaction SE16 and display the table entries.
    Push CREATE (F5)
    Insert records
    8 Space A
    9 Space B
    Bernardo Braga
    Edited by: Bernardo Braga on Jul 1, 2010 10:06 PM

  • Bind variable is not defined

    Hi, it is my first attempt to modify a rdf file.
    I run into a problem while trying to add an additional user parameter in an existing rdf file. While I am successful in adding a new FREQUENCY user parameter and I am able to update the form to show this new parameter, I am not able to run the report.
    I have updated the SQL query in the report editor, under data view to use this new parameter :FREQUENCY. (select ... from table where frequency= :FREQUENCY) There was no error here.
    Whenever I run the report, I will always get an error saying:
              "REP-0730: The following bind variable is not defined: "(nothing behind this                                                             error message)
    The program will have a memory error and it exits itself.
    I had tried many methods trying to solve this problem to no avail.
    I am using Oracle 9i Reports Builder
    I would appreciate any help given on this matter.
    Thank you :)
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    In Object Navigator Under Layout ->User parameters are you able to see your bind variable FREQUENCY?

  • My app went from working fine to: Id field not defined for cfc when I restarted

    Hi everyone,
    I have a CF9 ORM problem that I haven't been able to figure out and thought I'd see if you had any idea. I have seen a few postings talking about a "similar" problem but none of them correctly resolved this particular issue. I appreciate any help you can offer.
    I recently created a CF9 app where I generated scripted ORM CFCs for my app using ColdFusion Builder. It worked great and my app was completely working. However, when I was adding some enhancements, I ran into an error when I restarted the CF app server. Here's the message I keep getting:
    "Id field not defined for cfc Either the table should have a PK column mapped to a cfc field OR at least one field should be specified as id."
    My App.cfc file only had orm enabled (no other mappings) when it was working. I've since tried specifying things like the cfc location etc. and it still hasn't helped.
    - When my app was working, I had moved it to 2 other servers. I had this error on both of those but not on my local copy. They all use the exact same database.
    - The last change I made before the error was adding a generator="identity" field to my generated ORM beans. Once I got the message, I tried changing it back and restarting again but still got the error.
    - I've also made sure all of the Adobe tags are in my web root (as suggested in a prior posting about this problem). I've search all over for a solution and nobody has a solution posted online that works so far.
    Do you have any idea why this is happening?

    Quick thought and probably not relevant, but do you have this.ormsettings.savemapping set to true in your Application.cfc? I've fallen foul of this before - once CF has generated the hbmxml files and saved them to disk you can make all kinds of changes to your code which won't make a difference as it'll continue to read from the file versions, but only for certain properties and methods at times it seems.
    Long shot I know, but I found CF ORM to be a nightmare for seemingly random caching.

  • Payment order are not defined for extended withholding  tax

    Hi Gurus,
    Would you please help me with the message below. It appears on F110 when I try to pay a vendor open item with extended withholding tax:
    Message FZ626 -Payment orders are not defined for extended withholding tax
    In my company payment orders are created in F110 for accounts payable, as we use another ERP system (Baan) to perform the local accounts payments, and now I've just activated Extended withholding tax functionality With accumulation (necessary in Brazil) but I get this error.
    Is it not possible to user payment order with extended withholding tax + accumulation? I find it hard to believe...
    I've tried to unflag the payment order only for the payment method I'm using in FBZP t.code, but then no payment order were created but instead a payment document were posted with the withholding tax accumulation, but this is not the way we are working, and nothing is sent to Baan
    any help is welcome

    The payment method "Y" the option "payment order only" was marked?
    For a withholding tax type with accumulation in a company code with extended withholding tax payment
    methods that create only payment orders can´t be used. Payment orders can only be created only if there are
    no tax types with accumulation involved in the paid items of the payment run.
    The functionality extended withholding tax works fine for Brazil
    however, you can´t use the payment order with this functionality.
    Please, review your customizing for payment method 'Y" in transaction
    Best regards,
    Leonardo Vedovelli
    FI Support Engineer
    SAP Active Global Support

  • Periods not open and No ranges not defined

    When trying to post documents in fb01 or f-43  i get a warning that the period is not open for the year 2008. Earlier I had defined the open and close posting periods for the 1 april 2007 to 31 march 2008.
    Even after editing the year I get the errot that the number ranges are not defined for 2008.
    How should I fix both these problems

    Create the no ranges for the yerar 2008.

  • Data Source Z*** is not defined in the source system

    Hello All,
    I am facing a well known problem extracting data from R3 to the BI side. On both sides I've got SAP ALL.
    I created data source on R3 DEV side, tested it and it extracts data. I've replicated metadata on BI side and activated the data source. The problem starts once I create the info package as no data is availble in PSA.
    I went to extractor checker and tried to start the extraction and I could see the message: data source Z**** not defined in the source system.
    I tried to locate the data source through RSA5 and I cannot see that it is availble there.
    Can you please help and advise where the problem is?

    Hi Neb,
    It can be related to many issues, one of them can be RFC connection issue. Please check the link below :-
    Datasource xxx is not defined in the source system
    It might give you some of ideas. Also if possible can you tell what Datasource are you having problem with.

  • PL/SQL procedure "Not Defined"

    I have created a PL/SQL procedure, compiled it successfully, and am trying to call it from
    an "onmouseover=" construction in the Link Attributes for a report column.
    I have created an application process entry for this procedure in Shared Components/Application Processes.
    When I place the mouse pointer over the column in the report I get an error stating
    the procedure is "Not Defined".
    I am trying to implement this onmouseover event in a manner similar to how it is implemented in the "Aria People, 0.92" packaged application I have downloaded from the Oracle/APEX web site. In the downloaded "Aria People, 0.92" application I have installed the onmouseover="ARIA_DETAIL(this,'#PERSON_ID#")" call works fine (on page 1 of the app).
    Interestingly, if I take the exact same call to the ARIA_DETAIL() procedure and place it in my application I also get a 'Not Defined' error on the ARIA_DETAIL() procedure.
    Clearly I am failing to do what is needed to have a PL/SQL procedure "Defined" for an APEX application. Can some kind soul please tell me what I have failed to do here?
    Thank you in advance.
    Jim Lewis

    Sorry to go to the basics but am I correct about the following?
    1. You created the pl/sql process as an ondemand process.
    2. You added the ARIA_DETAIL javascript function to the page on which your calling it.
    I'm just guessing but it sounds like you missed the second step there. Take a look at the application you got the code from and look at the Page Attributes. You should see some code in the HTML Header. That's what you need to add to your app.

  • Creating Sales Order- Item Category TAN is not defined.

    Hello all,
    I am working on Creating sales order for Global Bike Inc case. But when I enter the material and quantity number and click check mark it says "Item category TAN is not defined". Can some body help me how can we define TAN or why it is giving me that error.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi SujanB,
    As your question is already answered. An indicator that defines the characteristics of a document item.
    For example, the item category controls the type and scope of:
    Inventory posting
    Transfer of requirements
    Providing further deatils ;--
    01. How item category is determined :--
    Depending on the item category group that you apply & the sales doc type you are processing the system automatically proposes an item category in the document.
    1.sales document type (source: order type)
    2.item category group (source: material master)
    3.item category of the higher-level item (source: user defined)
    4.item category usage (The usage is defined by SAP and is hard coded in the programs)
    SPRO- IMG- SD- Sales- Sales Document- Sales Document Item- Assign Item Category (VOV4)
    Pls refer following link for furter details ;--
    general item category group
    item category usage  in item category determination
    Hope it helps....

  • Product is not defined in Supplying plant in demo system

    Hi Experts,
    I am doing initial load in demo system. While doing Material transfer I am facing Product is not defined in supplying plant issue.
    Though I am transferring master data 1st time to the plants, how can i extend product to the supplying plant first.
    please advice.

    Hi Bala.
    Are you using special procurement key for Production in Another Plant? If yes, perhaps you can try to send first the material at production plant and only then send it at planning plant to APO. I've never had this issue, so this is just an idea/educated guess.
    Also, what support packages are you on?

  • I get a "JavaScript Application - Reference Error: XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper is not defined" error every time I try to open a new tab.

    <blockquote>Locking duplicate thread.<br>
    Please continue here: [/questions/777191]</blockquote><br>
    Just like the title says, starting with Firefox 4 Beta 6 or 7, I forgot. Any time I try to open a new blank tab (sometimes even when I start up Firefox and the app tabs load) I get an error that says "JavaScript Application - Reference Error: XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper is not defined" If I close it everything works as normal again (until I open a new tab) but it is very annoying to have to do this. Is there any fix for this or is the bug just still there?

    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    * [[Troubleshooting plugins]]

Maybe you are looking for

  • Monitor Not Going To Sleep on Mac Mini Server With Lion

    Summary: I am attempting to configure a Mac Mini Server that runs OS X Lion. This machine was originally shipped with OS X Lion; it is not an upgrade. My current specific problem is that my Viewsonic VX2835wm monitor will not go to sleep when the min

  • At a loss for a solution

    I've been at this since Wednesday. Five days now, for about 4-8 hours a day. The low-down- -on Wed. I updated to iTunes 5 from 4.9. When 5 started up I connected my iPod and was told that I needed to update my iPod software, so I did from v2.2 to v2.

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