Bridge Preview Failures

Every once in a while I get a garbled preview image in bridge like in this image below:
I can't find any consistant reason for this behavior. It was present in CS4 and now appears in CS5. A cache purge will correct the problem, but leaves me with lingering fear that the files may be corrupted. It would be helpful to know what is causing the issue. It would be even more helpful for this problem to be corrected.

Omke Oudeman wrote:
Could you specify if it only happens in processed files (assuming the black
and white portraits are processed in PS and not with in camera settings
directly from dSLR?)
It might be related to the video card if you had both version set with Open
GL active. You could try it a while with disabling OpenGL in the PS
And it might also be related to saving and switching to something else while
saving is still in progress.
But as Tai Lao already stated, this randomly failure is hard to track down
BTW, nice portraits!
It does only seem to happen with files processed through PS and saved to JPEG. The error may only be appearing when saving out these JPEGs from ACR in larger batches, but I can't say this with total certainty. If true, however, this would follow your theory about switching to another program while saving as I almost certainly switch to mail,  Firefox or, most frequently, into Bridge to look for my next set of RAW files to process.
I am wrong about the video card not being a possible suspect, though, as I said, it seems unusual that two different cards on two different computers would yield the same error. The example posted above is from a new 2.8 GHz quadcore with the stock ATI Radeon HD 5770 video card. My previous computer was a G5 2.3 GHz dual processor with the Nvidia Geforce 5200.

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    Hello all,
    I wanted to begin learning After Effects CS4, unfortunately Adobe Bridge CS4 is halting my education.
    If I explore any kind of After effects CS4 preset, and preview it inside of Adobe bridge, my pc freezes. The preview window, within Bridge CS4 turns blank white while it freezes,
    the Windows toolbar of Adobe bridge, says not responding temporarily, if a wait a little while around 30-45 seconds I regain control of my pc again, the preview box occasionally will show a still image and sometimes it will stay white or flicker. If I do wait the 30-45 seconds the toolbar window no longer says 'not responding' I can click to a (non) After effects preset folder, (for example) 'My family pictures' and it will operate normally but if I go back to the After effects CS4 presets again the freezing will occur once more.
    What I find strange is that Adobe Bridge previewing, works absolutely fine for my photoshop documents, Illustrator documents, and any Jpeg photos I have, all after effect presets fail to preview, regardless of type if it's a still shape background or animated sprite, the same freeze issue occurs
    I was wondering if anyone has helpful tips?
    so far I have downloaded all important driver updates for my graphics card, my card is a nVidia GeForce 7900 GS 256, I have also reinstalled bridge and AfterEffects, I have downloaded all the relevent players.
    I am a Windows vista user, also I have enough RAM I believe, just over 3 Giga
    I dont know how useful the info is on my Pc spec is, but I thought it could be worth mentioning.
    I have looked for a few hours to find some kind of thread with a similar problem I have been unsuccessful, I hope someone can help
    Kindest regards Julian

    Hi Curt y,
    I do have the latest Quicktime player installed, I would'nt have have thought that would halt me previewing CS4 after effect still shapes and backgrounds? but.. I'm not to sure if I'm honest.
    well I tried uninstalling and reinstalled my player still no sucess sadly.
    do you know roughly what date all these old threads popped up?
    I'm going to scavenge for them anyway in the the hope I find something useful. *must be positive*
    thank you Curt y, for giving me some of your time.
    regards Julian

  • Image Colors Change in Bridge Preview Window

    I edited some images first in Camera Raw and then Photoshop (CS5), all working in sRGB color space, and saved them as JPEGs.  If I select one of these images in the Bridge content pane, minimize the Bridge window, then maximize the Bridge window, the image appears correctly in the Bridge content pane but the colors are incorrect in the Bridge preview pane.  If I resize the view in the content pane, the image colors in the preview pane get corrected within a couple seconds.  Likewise, if I click on another image and then back, the image colors are correct in the preview pane, but if I again minimize then maximize the Bridge window, the image colors in the preview pane are incorrect again.
    Windows Explorer displays the image colors correctly.  ZoomBrowserEX (browser software provided with Canon camera) displays the same image (same file) with incorrect colors.  When I upload these JPEGs to my web photohosting site (PictureTrail), the images appear there with incorrect colors.  That is where this issue becomes most problematic because with the colors being off, the images are useless for posting to online forums or classifieds.
    It seems that the color in the JPEG is being read differently by different software, and is even being read differently under different circumstances within Photoshop (Bridge).  Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change?  Or some other issue?  Thanks.....

    I have a fair understanding of color profiles and color management.  My monitor is a Dell UltraSharp U3011 set to the factory-calibrated sRGB display mode.
    What makes me certain that this is not a simple matter of different color management in different applications is that Bridge is displaying the same JPEG file/image in two panes on the screen simultaneously and the colors do not match.  Furthermore, the incorrect colors in the preview pane image change to the correct colors if I resize the thumbnails in the content pane, or click on another image and then back; and the colors in the preview pane go back to incorrect if I minimize then maximize the Bridge window.  Seems to me that there must be something within that JPEG that is being interpreted differently in different circumstances that results in the "two versions" displayed within the same application (Bridge) on the same screen at the same time, and that other apps are interpreting one way or the other.
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    Exploring a bit further, I've realized that the same color display issue exists with the original JPEGs from my camera (Canon T1i, shooting in sRGB color space).  So it seems the issue did not originate with settings etc. in Photoshop.... but Photoshop (Bridge) IS displaying "two versions" on same screen at same time, and so must be doing something different with the JPEG info in one pane vs. the other.

  • Nikon D800 "and" CS6 Bridge Preview

    Mac Pro, 10.7.5, Adobe CS6 suite recently updated. I am encountering problem of viewing images from Nikon D800 in Bridge Preview. The image thumbnails are displayed in Content, and able to open images in Camera Raw and Photoshop. What do I need to do to view images in Preview once selected from Content? -Rob

    Thanks for the tip. However the problem "corrected" itself. I think after updating, Bridge had to reset/refresh. I now see any selected images from Content in the Preview panel/window. The problem was that if clicked on image in Content, I wouldn't see anything in Preview. Thanks for that purging tip. That might come in handy.

  • Why are my Bridge previews so tiny?

    Can anyone tell me why my Bridge previews are so tiny for vectors? My preview won't go any larger than a thumbnail size. When I use the zoom tool over the preview, the magnified preview box is so pixelated I can't even make anything out. I am using Adobe Bridge CS4 on Windows 7 (64 bit). All Bridge settings are currently default. The issue is only with vector images - raster images scale to full size without the pixelation. I have already tried uninstalling my adobe products and reinstalling, but it didn't change anything.
    I attached a full resolution thumbnail (on a 1440x900 screen) in case anyone wants to see exactly what I'm talking about. The preview pane on the far left is as large as the image will scale. The images are default illustrator sample files, and I've seen the same images scaled in bridge at full size in tutorial videos which didn't seem to require any special configuration to make work.

    What would defragmenting the TDMS file afterwards mean for the file size?
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  • Bridge preview Problems

    I am having problems with Bridge Preview.  I am viewing a mp4 video file from an sdxhd camera card.  When i click on the file everything looks fine, however when i click play the video streches and i cannot view it properly.

    There are many wrappers for mp4 files, and I am no expert at those.  It may be taken in a different format.

  • Please refresh my memory re: NR in Bridge previews

    A major senior moment leads me to ask for help in refreshing my memory regarding the Noise Reduction applied in ACR not being reflected in the Preview panel within Bridge after clicking the Done button in ACR.
    My recollection was that Noise Reduction and Sharpening applied to a raw image in ACR are not reflected, or at least not fully reflected in the Preview panel nor in the thumbnail in the Bridge Contents panel.
    I've been trying to do a forum search for a post where one of the high gurus (Knoll, Chan or Schewe?) confirmed this fact in this forum, but due to the aforementioned major senior moment, I've been unable to find the right keywords for my search, so I've come up blank.
    Thanks in advance.

    Here's an example that illustrates what I'm referencing.
    The first screen shot shows an untouched raw image of an accidental camera discharge which is alomost totally black as viewed in the Preview panel of Bridge.  You can barely make faint parts of the boy's face.
    The second screen shot is the Bridge preview of the image processed in ACR 7.2 after applying some massive noise reduction and clicking on Done in ACR.
    The third and last screen shot shows the Bridge preview of the same image with the same ACR adjustments as number two after opening it in PSD and saving it as a PSD without altering it in any way after opening it in Photoshop, then saving it intact.  That is in fact exactly how the image looks inside ACR too.
    The difference in noise reduction is massive.
    Obviously this whole thing is an extreme experiment I carried out only to stress-test the noise reduction in ACR 7.2C1.  The shot, as I said, was an accidental camera discharge while the camera was hanging from my neck in the darkened entrance to a pizza place and the flash was off.
    So here we go, as per the above explanation:
         (Please click on thumbnails for larger views.)
    That ACR 7.2RC1 was able to retrieve that much of the image is almost a miracle.
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  • Bridge Previews Better in Creative Cloud? Solutions?

    We purchased CS6 instead of CC (and given the meager additions, we're glad we did!). Anyway, as more of our clients wish to interact with CC files, we're re-evaluating.
    One big bummer in Bridge CS6 has been the terrible DNG previews--all images must be opened in Camera Raw to get an actual estimate of the overall appearance.
    Has there been a work-around established to avoid the bad Bridge previews in CS6?
    And, has this problem been "fixed by an upgrade" in CC?

    Not just Photoshop.
    Standalone software:
    Adobe Photoshop® CS6
    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended
    Adobe Illustrator® CS6
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  • Bridge Preview quality is not sharp and is blurred compared to PSE win

    I've been using a Mac for a couple of years but to date have been running PSE 4 on Windows but I migrated this to my Mac so have been running under VMWare Fusion.  This has been working great and allowed me to get up to speed with Macs gradually.
    Now that PSE 8 for Mac is out, I thought I'd give this a try and bite the bullet and swap over to running PSE on the Mac. So now I see that I need to use Adobe Bridge CS4 to manage my photos, keywords, collections etc, as see that there's no 'catalog' in the Bridge - no big deal.
    Previously I use 'PSE 4 Win' to run a full screen slide show and sometimes connect my Mac to my plasma TV via PC VGA connector.  I was always amazed at the quality of the photos on both Mac full screen and TV.
    Now I getting to know Bridge slowly and love the PSE 8 for Mac, however the Full Screen Preview (or Slideshow) quality initially looks acceptable but on closer inspection and directly comparing the rendering in 'PSE4 Win' with 'Bridge MAC' the latter is more blurred on the edges and the colors look more natural in the PSE4 Win.
    I have tried right clicking the photo and 'Purge cache for selection' and looked through Preferences and did try enabling software rendering, and re-started but no difference.  So now I love the new software but can't ignore the poor quality rendering.  PSE8 on the Mac the quality looks better than Brdige (although colors still not that natural), AFAIK know PSE8 Mac can't be used as a full screen slideshow (I can't even find a full screen option)
    I running a MacBook Pro new Aluminium for Nov 2008. So just to restate both apps are Mac and Windows are running on same Macbook.
    I have attached screen grabs from both (look at the edges of grass where it meets water)  - these are at fit to screen resolution (which is what I'd use for a slideshow or full screen peview).
    The photo is a JPEG 4.03 MB, 3840 x 2160 , res 72 ppi,  application: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.

    Thanks for the reply, setting 'monitor size previews' has helped a great deal with the sharpness (surprised this isn't the default!)
    Colours are still a little different - difficult to tell which is most realistic.
    I have attached a new full screen preview.
    As an aside, in desparation I did try out some of photo viewing software on Mac platform in comparison.  Adobe Lightroom 2, Aperture, and Picasa all render fairly simarily, however XNView renders very close to PSE4 on Windows platform - in terms of sharpness and colours.  I quite like the Bridge interface so I think, I'll stick with Bridge.

  • New to bridge, preview not showing up... Help!

    Please help!
    I was using after effects and created a text layer. I was taught to go to Animation --> browse presets and it would open Adobe Bridge. Then I'd click on the 'text' folder then another folder inside of the 'text' folder such as 'Animate In'. When I use the computers at my school and click on one of the tabs in the 'content' panel, the preview of what goes on in that tab plays. But it doesn't play on my computer. Instead there's a small icon with a red square, blue circle and yellow triangle in it. How do I get it to play the preview??

    Just needed to install quicktime. = )

  • Images in Bridge preview too red and saturated

    I have used Adobe Bridge CS3 successfully for many years. Now all of a sudden all of my images in Preview appear very red and overly saturated. Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong?? thanks.

    I did ALL those things and the problem remains.
    Just to be sure about ALL, you followed the KB article with removing cache
    and plist etc also?
    Strangely images look okay in
    the "content" area but overly saturated in preview.
    Could you provide more detail about the file types you are using for this
    (maybe even provide a screenshot to clarify better) and OSX you are using.
    And are you using High Quality settings for preview?
    Do you think this means my Bridge is cooked
    No, I can't think of that, it must be a setting (or rather resetting)
    problem and should be possible to solve to my opinion.
     and i'll have to upgrade?
    That's entirely up to you, I can only tell you that Adobe has a 3-version
    upgrade policy, after this you need to buy a full version to keep on track.
    But you surely benefit from CS5 Bridge that is much faster and more stable
    then the CS3 edition

  • Bridge Preview Images not showing changes made in ACR

    Suddenly my raw (Nef) files in Bridge are not reflecting the changes I make to them. In other words after downloading from my CF card, I work on raw files in ACR either one at a time or sometimes applying changes across several pictures. The changed files show up in Bridge briefly and then revert back to the unchanged looking raw. All changes actually exist because if I open the file in ACR or PS they appear just fine. In Bridge however, no changes including cropping, etc. show up. When I open Bridge the files are fine for a moment and then they revert to the uncorrected raws. I can also go to View and hit "refresh" and they will all show the proper changes for an instant and then revert to the original state again.
    I've tried resetting preferences, purging and rebuilding cache, deleting temp files, removing and re-doing xmp files, expanding cache size and all the various rendering options in Prefs. Nothing works.
    I cannot use the Bridge Light box or Preview function to compare photos because the corrections I made aren't there to be seen. The only way to see them is to open each file one at a time in ACR. This problem has forced my workflow to a crawl as I have to edit one pic at a time without being able to compare two together. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi All:
    I had similar problems plus constant crashes that made Bridge unusable.
    It drove me to try alternatives to bridge and to try Lightroom. I like
    Lightroom better than bridge but it has an operational limit that leads me
    to be reluctant switch. But here is the rub, now Bridge is working
    perfectly! What I think fixed Bridge is running a disk/registry cleaner
    called Ccleaner multiple times. I ran it almost every day for a week. It
    found lots of stuff in my registry that it didnt like but as time went by
    it found less and less. It also let me turn on or off services that run at
    startup. I shut off anything that I could see that I didnt need, like
    Adobe downloader; I dont need automatic downloading, as I can do it
    myself. The result is at some point Bridge started to work again. It has
    stayed working for more than 2 weeks now without one crash. I dont know
    what was fixed that did the trick but so far Im happy. Ccleaner is a
    free program and can be found at Its a live
    program as there have been several updates since I started using it. Try
    it; I think it worked for me.
    John Passaneau
    After Bridge started to work again, I had to purge the cache and rebuild
    it. I use cache distributed to folders as I keep my photos on a network
    attached drive and access them from 2 computers and a local cache will not
    work for me.

  • CS4 Bridge Preview stops working

    While in Bridge, if I press the space bar to zoom in on an image preview, the image enlarges just fine to full screen, but when I press the space bar again to return to the normal preview, the normal preview window is blank. It remains blank when I click on other images too. The only way I can get the normal sized preview to return is to go to "workspace" and re-click the workspace I was already in and it seems to clear the problem up - until I want to zoom in by using the spacebar again.
    Another, possibly separate, problem is when I do use the space bar to zoom in on an image, if I click to zoom in even more, sometimes (not always) it tells me the image is "not available" and it does not zoom in any closer.
    Does anyone have any input on this problem?
    Windows XP, 3G RAM
    Thank you,

    I have noticed the same thing regarding the missing preview after returning from space bar/review mode. I have what is supposed to be a CS4/OpenGL compatible card (Nvidia 8800GT).
    I suppose this is one of those things that Adobe blames on Nvidia and Nvidia blames on Adobe.
    I have found a relatively simple way to get the preview back though. I just minimize Bridge and then bring it back. That seems to work. In Windows, this can be done pretty easily by just clicking on Bridge in the task bar twice (once to minimize and once to bring it back).

  • Bridge preview does not match thumbnails

    We've just updated the OS, and had to re-install Bridge and Photoshop (CS4). Unfortunately, the preview doesn't match the thumbnail in Bridge, nor does it match the file when I open it in Photoshop. As far as I am aware, they are both set to the same color space. I have also toggled the "Apply auto tone adjustments" box on and off in preferences, and it seems to make no difference.
    This seems to be a new problem that has only occured since upgrading the OS.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    This seems to be a new problem that has only occured since upgrading the OS.
    Have you already tried to use the purge cache option? Go to the menu tools /
    cache/ purge cache for folder and see if it solves your problem.

  • Video Playback in Bridge preview Window is Horrible

    As far as I can remember, I've always had this problem in Bridge.  All videos have horrible playback.  The video is choppy and stutters and the audio is not in sync.  It doesn't matter what format the video is in, although I have noticed that videos shot with my Canon AVCHD and converted to .mp4 format are worse.  But overall there is no video format I've tried that does not stutter.  All these videos play fine in Quicktime or any other video player.
    I have CS5 design suite and a brand new 6-core Mac Pro, with 24GB of RAM and a ATI Radeon 5770, the problem is definitely not my system. What gives? I'd really like to get this fixed so I can preview my videos in Bridge. Its the easiest place to view multiple videos but I cant do that because of how bad the playback is.  I've tried changing the few playback settings in preferences and it did not help at all.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    I am not a Mac user, I use Windows, however,  Bridge is Bridge no matter what the OS. 
    It is my understanding that Bridge does not have a video engine.  It uses Quicktime as the default.  If you right click on the video what default program is listed?  Try changing the default program and see if you get better results.  My .mov video has Windows Media Player as the default and they play just fine.  I realize this is a Windows program, but try VLC or some other program.  With your machine you should get supurb results.  Also, check the video card settings as this has more to do with playback than Bridge settings.
    Here is a tidbit on the black frame issue I copied from another thread.  Hope it is enlightning.   "One of the reasons for the lack of display of a thumbnails is that the CODEC (the encoding/decoding module, used to create the file) is not usable by Adobe programs to display the initial image. Next, many AV files begin with black video, and Dip-to-Black (translated as Fade-from-Black here). If they get just an icon, it's the former. If they get a black Frame for the thumbnail, it's the latter."
    Also, I don't think you can just rename the extension from .mov to .mpg.  What you can do is take the .mov and convet it to mpg or some other format.  Try this and see how it plays.

Maybe you are looking for

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