Bridge won't allow me to open Camera Raw because a qualifying product has not been launched, any suggestions?

Bridge won't allow me to open Camera Raw because a qualifying product has not been launched, any suggestions?

Actually, it may be more to it. I just wasted good 7 hours on the issue: I transferred a big external drive from old WinXp system to my new W7 system, and faced the ownership mayhem ever since.
No matter what I did to the Volume Owner, Files Owner and attributes, recursive Directory Ownership jobs enduring tens of minutes at a time, nothing helped really.
Because you might have one more issue:
Use "Folder Options", either from Tools menu in Explorer, if menu shows, or via Control Panel.
Click on View tab, and find the box for "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)". Ignore that recommendation, uncheck.
Go now to the root directory of your troubled drive and you will see a hidden file "System Volume Information". This can be the "bad guy." Ensure that you have access to that file using the Properties / Security tab in a customary fashion! In my case that file was "padlocked", a small lock icon was placed over the folder icon to indicate that.
Only once I changed that, I was able to access the LR catalogs as a regular user. And only than LR was finally able to access existing previews and to display the grid image icons!
Ugrh.... Windows, the "personal computer system" is a mess, a labyrinth of convoluted intertwined dependencies, maybe created in competing departments and piled up atop of each other in an unseemly fashion. Compared to Unix and its derivatives it is a nightmare, which is a part of our lives for decades already.
I think that all the Apple users are now double-happy to have made the transition, when they see such "problems."

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