BT full of empty promises

Was promised delivery of  a new BT vision box was told it would be arriving Monday had someone wait in all day for it and nothing arrives why do I even bother.
You would think of nearly  3 months of hassle we would learn that BT  are a waste of time and energy still we fall for the empty promises no doubt they will try to charge for privaledge for all the hassle BT are quick enough to hound you when they want money from you but when you want something sorting its a different story.
Yes I have posted before complaining and a moderator is trying to sort it out but even this is time consuming just feel it will never ever get sorted out And I'm getting fed up with all the waiting.
A simple a house move that's all it was all the other service providers could manage it ok not BT.
As for open reach they are unreachable still waiting for engineer to return and correctly install the BT box  and modem correctly and safely and not put my home at risk of fire damage by fitting the modem above a heat source  still not heard anything from them what so ever.
What happens if my home catches fire due to this will they foot the bill ?

You are not alone. It was BT's ineptitude that brought me to these forums when they were still in Beta. BTVS who worked here in his spare time went to enormous lengths to get matters sorted out. It took over three months. It was that help and support that made me stay here to try and help others. All credit to BT though that this place exists and we have an excellent  Mod team who can actually get things done by cutting through the going round in circles telephone service.
Patience does eventually bring its own reward and I for one even all those years ago found better things to get wound up about than BT.
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  • O2 Live Chat- waste of time and full of empty promises and lies.

    I just wanted to share with you my experience of 'problem resolution / customer care' with o2. This post is directly linked with my as yet unresolved previous post titled 'lack of support from o2 when things go wrong.' Although this is shown as resolved, trust me, it is not !! Below are exerts from the 'Live Chat' sessions that I have had with o2. For fun, you could play spot the offer of a promise, and then try to find where this has been upheld by o2. (to save you wasting your time looking, I'll tell you now, there are none) Thought the matter had been resolved, it looks good, but looks can be deceiving……….o2: I've arranged the credit amount for you.o2: I've forwarded your details to our Support team and filled the Consumer credit request form for you nowo2: And I'm waiving off the amount of cancellation fee £104 for you now.o2: Please be with me while I do this for you now.Me: ??? that is great. I really do appreciate your help. I'll stay connected.o2: Thanks.o2: Thanks for your patience and I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you.o2: I can appreciate how frustrating this may be for you.o2: I've done this for you now.02: This will be processed for you in next 3 days and You'll receive the credit in the next bill .o2: Yes, be assured and you can trust me. I've personally arranged this for you now. I hope I've resolved your query to your satisfaction. After seeing that the money has NOT been refunded onto my bill as of yet……………………. o2: Thanks for waiting.o2: You'll receive the refund in next bill.Me: So what does this mean, that you will take 105 from my account on 2nd May and then refund it a month later?o2: Yes.Me: But that is crazy, you have not claimed the money yet, so still have time to apply the credit and thus cancel the bill. Why should you have 105 pounds of my money for one month, when you have already agreed to refund it? This just does not make sense.o2: It's already generated and the request is also been made.o2: I'll request you to call our customer service number for the same. The next month and the next bill, and ………………………… still no refund……….. o2: I'm sorry the refund isn't showing on your account. I understand that this has been stressful for you. Don't worry, I'll ensure that after today, this is sorted for you once and for all.O2: Ken, your details on the previous contract were with phones4u and I'm not able to refund it on that account at the moment. I can see the bill for the termination charge though.o2: Now, would it be fine, if I put the credit on your current account that you've signed up the new contract for?o2: This credit balance can be adjusted with your future bills or I can transfer it to your bank account directly from my end.Me: can you please transfer it directly to my bank from your end please, as it has been outstanding now for over a month, and I don't want it outstanding for longer.o2: Yes, absolutely. I'll do this for you.Me: Thanks, and out of interest why did (previous o2 customer care employee) not do this at the start. Either this or just cancelled the bill that had been created for this amount. This would have saved a lot of time and stress on my behalf in having to chase this now for the third time-albeit I will state again (third customer care employee who I am talking with today) that I know this is not your fault- but I am sure you can understand me being unhappy about this.o2: What I'll do for you is keep an eye on your account from my end and ensure that the credit balance is in your bank account immediately after the next bill is adjusted.o2: Yes, I can understand that this has been stressful for you Ken and I'm sorry that (previous o2 customer care employee) didn't do this for you.o2: I'll try my best to get this transferred to your bank account as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the trouble you've had to go through to get this sorted. Please give me a chance Ken and I won't let you down.Me: Okay, I'm happy to do that, but do you have a time frame for this being sorted. I appreciate that you are doing your best, but the phrase 'as soon as possible' is rather open ended.o2: I'll email you by the end of day to tell you when the amount will be in your bank account. Would that be fine? Despite the ‘Please give me a chance Ken and I won't let you down,’ no e-mail and no refund to my bank account so here we go again……………………………… o2: I've checked and can see that we have already credited the £105.50 to your O2 account which is still in the recent charges section of your bill and will reflect on your next bill.Me: okay, but as per my chat with ??? , that will be another month and ??? said that he could / would arrange to have the money paid back into my bank accountMe: He also said that he would send me an e-mail later that day re when the money would be paid back. However, by the looks of it this has not be done, because I certainly have not received any e-mails from ???.o2: I'm sorry, you'll have to call us on 202 free from your phone to get the amount transferred onto your bank account as due to the security reasons, the bank account details can't be shared online.Me: Can you provide me with details as to who I should further my complaint to, and do you have a legal department that I should contact if I proceed with this to the small claims courto2: I'm really sorry ken.o2: I can understand now what you are feeling.o2: But please don't take us wrong. I'll definitely add a note to your account and will see that your complaint is soon resolved.o2: You can email our complaints team [email protected]: Will someone from your complaints dept be able to call me tomorrow. If they can then I will happily speak with them. But I feel that I would be wasting my time to contact / e-mail them.o2: As I'm from an online chat team, I won't be able to arrange a callback from them.o2: But I'll request you to call us on 202 free from your phone and you can speak to a manager and resolve your complaint. The above are exerts only from the live chat sessions thus far, as I would not want to post the whole sessions for fear of crashing the system. I have also removed employee names, as I believe that o2 do this anyway when they edit these posts. Please let me know if you have received poor service also, as I am currently seeking to take this further and one option could be to contact someone such as Watchdog from the BBC, thus others may not end up with o2 and this level of poor service. 

    Couldn't have put it better myself.  I have a 24 month contract with O2, £37 a month for the iPhone 4s. My iPhone 4s was faulty, Apple advised me it was a common hardware problem they were aware of and that I should contact O2. The first advisor I spoke to was very helpful. Agreed to swap my phone for a reconditioned 4s free of charge. I asked if I could pay extra for the iPhone 5 and he agreed to sell me a reconditioned handset for £75 and a doorstep swap for my old phone. At first I thought this was fantastic and said yes. Later on, my partner reminded me that I'm paying £900 for a 2 year contract, and for a phone that is supposed to remain fit for purpose for that period (as per the Sales of Goods Act). I started to think they should have provided me with a brand new phone as the fault was not due to me, but due to a common hardware issue. I became even more annoyed when I realised £75 for a second hand phone on top of what I'm paying in my contract was crazy. I contact O2 and explained this matter at length. No joy. Now - that problem might be a matter of opinion, but what happened next was disasterous. The following day I met with the delivery driver, who handed me a grubby iPhone 5 - no case, no box, not so much as a plastic bag. It was covered in some kind of white dust/powder and dirty with fingerprints. The more I looked at the phone the more I felt I'd been dooped. When I went to charge the phone, I realised my old iphone 4s charger didn't fit. I had no idea I needed a new charger and nobody advised me. When I went to insert my sim card, I realised that wasn't going to fit either. No one had advised me. I didn't even get the fork to open the sim card slide. So there I was, stuck without a phone. I opened the live chat. After explaining myself at length, I got a series of "Please hold while I do my best to try to sort this problem for you now" and loads of other cheesey meaningless lines. By this stage I was furious. When the person came back to talk to me, he advised I borrow a friend's charger to use my phone. I explained there was no one and I needed to use my phone that night. I also explained about the sim card, and the dirty phone and lack of box etc. They kept fobbing me off and telling me they would send me a charger, totally ignoring the fact this transaction was unacceptable. I got nowhere, so I hung up.  I went to the O2 store to get a nano sim. I explained the situation to the advisor, and he told me to go home and use the Swap My Sim page. Given that I'd explained the entire situation to him, I expected everything would be ok. No. Turned out I needed my old phone and old sim to do this. Back to the live chat. I explained the whole situation to the new advisor and hoped for the best. I went round in circles with him for about half an hour before he got the gist of my issue.  That seems to be the general vibe from live chat - round and round in circles, nobody listenting properly and cheesy lines like "my heartiest thanks".  My whole situation has made me think I'll leave O2 when my contract expires. Better with a tin can and a string. 

  • External Kanban (full to empty) - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    Our control cycle is using external replenishment procedure with "0002" (i.e. working with Scheduling Agreements ).
    Indicator u201CSeparate GR posting when changing status to fullu201D is not set.
    When the Kanban container is empty, I perform a PKBC to sign the status from "Full to Empty" and I save it. The system generates a delivery schedule and an email is sent to the vendor.  This can be proved by MD04.
    The problem is that the system generates another delivery schedule after few minutes and also another email is sent to the vendor. So, the delivery schedule and the email are incorrectly done twice.
    I am wondering how the system setup is able to generate automatically a new delivery schedule which is not correct.
    Please could you suggest me some solution.

    I think in this case, that if no user exits were activated in your system, you should create an OSS message for SAP.

  • HP-625 laptop when you install any (full or empty), flash card reader to format it asks and then ask

    HP-625 laptop when you install any (full or empty) flash card, card reader to format it asks and then asks opyatt otformotirovat. that make the laptop under warranty until 01/29/2012

    Please identify your notebook with the p/n on the barcoded sticker on the bottom and state your operating system.
    I suggest that you install the essential System Updates for Window 7 for your notebook if your OS is Windows 7 32 or 64-bit.
    Best regards,
    ****Please click on Accept As Solution if a suggestion solves your problem. It helps others facing the same problem to find a solution easily****
    2015 Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience Consumer

  • 4 MONTHS W/O SERVICE! Empty promises, failed infrastructure and clueless cust. service!

    It all started in March when I got our landline service restored for a remote job.  Things were fine until the end of May, where the line all of a sudden took on a horrible loud humming/buzzing noise.  A about 10 days later, we scheduled for a technician to come out and look at it, and they "fixed" the issue.  The line was crystal clear until a thunderstorm that hit a week later.  The buzzing came back with a vengeance and wasn't connecting properly.
    At first, we couldn't get any information but through automated messages were informed that this was an "area-wide" meltdown of some sort and that it was being repaired.  We knew that to be true because many of our neighbors were without service too - including some elderly without cell phones.  
    Numerous calls to customer service (half of which were directed to someone in the Philippines that had no insight on a LOCAL issue) resulted in us being given a date in between 5-15 days in the future when we should expect repairs to be done.
    End of June passes, nothing.  
    July passes with at least 4 different dates promised for repair, nothing.
    August passes with another 6 dates promised, nothing.  Just months of checking my phone line on the date and times I was told to be disappointed and frustrated.
    Meanwhile, I've had to switch to working with my cell phone which isn't nearly as compatible with the call forwarding console for my job and so I've had many issues that have COST ME MONEY!
    It is only in the past two weeks when I spoke to someone who actually decided to do something for me and get some answers from a supervisor and an area foreman since even though there was this massive blowout taking place for THREE WHOLE MONTHS, there were NO NOTES given as to what was going on and nobody could give me any information but just empty apologies and NEW DATES THAT WOULD PASS WITHOUT A WORKING PHONE!
    I finally had someone come to my door right before labor day and promise everything would be repaired on the following Tuesday, which of course DIDN'T HAPPEN (9/3!!!!!!)
    Another futile call to customer service had me listen to an empty promise of things working by September 9th.  
    But the funniest thing is that all of that isn't the ultimate reason that I'm fed up.
    I had a surprise visit by two technicians early this week that came to "fix" my phone service.  I sighed in relief hoping that my ordeal was over.
    Why?  Because the same RIDICULOUS BUZZING that I experienced in MAY came back with a vengeance and made the phone line unusable.   It was so bad that one of the technicians said that the line "sounded like garbage".  So I was told that the whole line in the area was corroded and received another apology for failing to meet my expectations.  When I asked how long it would take to be rectified, I was given this answer.
    "Probably MONTHS"

    Hi Intrigue,
    Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you. Please go to your profile page for the forum and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.
    Under "My Support Cases" you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

  • Hard Drive still full after emptying trash

    I own a Macbook running 10.4.8., 80 GB hard drive. I also just purchased and hooked up a LaCie external hard drive, FA Porsche, USB 2.0, 250 GB.
    I am working on making some home movies into DVDs, which is why I purchased the hard drive, so I could store the files on that instead of clogging up my computer. Average file size is about 11 GB.
    I filled up my computer hard drive, and then copied the files to the external hard drive once it was connected. I then put the computer files in the trash and emptied the trash. This should have cleared up space on my computer, but nothing has changed, I still have 1 GB of space, but yet the files are gone.
    I tried restarting the computer and repairing disk permissions, but this has not worked.
    Please Help!

    The drive is still full even with the external drive unplugged. Another thing that could be a problem, that I know nothing about, is FileVault. My dad told me to set it up, and neither of us know what it is or what it does. I ran Whatsize, and it appears to me that because I have Filevault running, I have twice as many files. And I tried to turn it off, but it says I don't have enough disk space to turn it off.
    Also, I tried to back up my computer onto the external drive, and the software said I didn't have enough space, even though when I click on the drive, it has plenty! I then just put each main folder (i.e. apps, docs, music, etc) in manually, and this worked. I'm so afraid I might miss something before I re-format.
    Has anyone had this much trouble with a Lacie drive?

  • Two black cartridges 7520 one full other empty but not printing black

    My black photo is empty (not sure why, don't use photo) the larger one on the right hand side is almost full but it is not printing anything black.  colors are fine.   I tried playing with the setting but am at a loss. 
    Please help.  Thanks!
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Welcome to the HP Community Forum.
    This is just one of those things -- you have to have all five cartridges to print with this printer.
    The Photo Black is not just for Photos -- this type of black is "jet black" and is used for particular kinds of "black-black" printing needs that are not only present in Photo Images.
    Regular black prints gray-black, gray, mixes with other colors and prints some of the blackish fonts.
    If I describe it further, I might misrepresent it and no doubt someone will jump on me.  I may have already muffed it.
    You bought into this concept when you purchased this printer -- maybe not deliberately, but just so.  The extra "Photo Black" cartridge is one of the reasons this printer is capable of reproducing truly excellent color photographic Images.
    If you like, you can buy HP genuine ink from HP:
      HP SureSupply
    The shipping is Free -- and the shipping is super fast, at least here in the USA.
    HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer Full Feature Software and Drivers
    Click the Kudos Thumbs-Up to say Thank You!
    And...Click Accept as Solution when my Answer provides a Fix or Workaround!
    I am pleased to provide assistance on behalf of HP. I do not work for HP. 
    Kind Regards,

  • My start up disc is full, I emptied the trash now what should I do?

    I keep getting a message "start up disc is full" . I've emptied the trash, now what should I do?

    Freeing Up Space on The Hard Drive
      1. See Lion/Mountain Lion's Storage Display.
      2. You can remove data from your Home folder except for the /Home/Library/ folder.
      3. Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on freeing up space on your hard drive.
      4. Also see Freeing space on your Mac OS X startup disk.
      5. See Where did my Disk Space go?.
      6. See The Storage Display.
    You must Empty the Trash in order to recover the space they occupied on the hard drive.
    You should consider replacing the drive with a larger one. Check out OWC for drives, tutorials, and toolkits.
    Try using OmniDiskSweeper 1.8 or GrandPerspective to search your drive for large files and where they are located.

  • Trash can too full to empty

    somehow in cleaning house i managed to put way more into my trash can than I intended. I normally empty as I go, but I guess I got caught up in what was I doing. Now when I go to empty the trash I make sure nothing else is going on and I go to empty and it says preparing like 180,000 items for trash and it never gets farther than that. (I must of got a file with a lot of little things). I've let it be for 2 hours and nothing, I've tried restarting my computer and nothing, I've tried moving things out of the trash but it winds up copying them instead of physically moving them. I'm stumped, before I run out of space I thought I'd ask for help.

    So I managed after rebooting my computer to be able to right click the items in the trash and press "put back" and got all but one file back. I tried to delete the one file but it won't do it. The file is from an external hard drive that I was using with Time Machine on an older computer. I didn't need the files anymore so I thought I could just trash them. Now I can't delete it or put it back. The exact file name is 2009-08-10-191144.inProgress Once I unplugged the external drive and restarted the computer the file wasn't there, but once I plugged the drive back in the file was mysteriously there again and still will not delete.

  • Full trash emptying, iPhoto '11

    I have the issue with the trash of iPhoto '11. I have removed all photos from its trash and now it is showing me that trash contains 1 photo. I empty the trash one more time, but it is no effect.
    How can I force deleting 1 photo? iPhoto can not show me this photo, but it say, that it is.

    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Repair Database. If that doesn't help, then try again, this time using Rebuild Database.

  • Reminders full of empty items

    I have got a strange problem with the brand new reminders in iOS 5. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac, and iCloud keeps it all in sync. It seems to work very well, except the fact that I keep getting empty/blank to-do items in my lists. It's very annoying!
    Am I the only one having this problem? Anybody got a clue what it is and what to to about it?

    Ah, should have been looking a bit better ...

  • How do I get the full $150 credits promised by MSDN?

    I signed up via my MSDN account, which promised $150 Azure credits, but my account is credited with around only $65. The image that suggested I would get $150 is available at

    hi RichardHB,
    For this issue, I suggest you could contact the Azure support team via this channel:
    Please contact support team by creating a support ticket at
     Or if that doesn't work because you don't have an active subscription you will need to contact general customer support to have them create a support ticket for you
    Please try it.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Full iTunes, empty iPod [Please help!!]

    I used to have a windows XP but recently got Windows Vista.
    All my songs were on the XP so I transferred them to Vista, downloaded iTunes and I now have all my songs in the iTunes library on Vista.
    When I connected my ipod, it said updating so I left it for about 2 hours. When I came back and unplugged my iPod all my songs had gone! Now, whenever I plug my iPod in it says, 'Attempting to copy to the disc 'Ipod' failed. The disk could not be read from or written to.'
    If you know anything about how to sort this out please
    please help!!!

    See this troubleshooting article.
    Disk cannot be read from or written to error syncing iPod in iTunes.

  • 60GB Photo Ipod - Saying nearly full when empty!

    Hi - New to Ipod and have just got the 60Gb Photo. Connected via Firewire as I've heard about the USB/Windows problems. Gone to the settings ahd it states that I have only 17.8GB available and I ain't put anyhing on it yet!!
    Anyone any ideas out there?
    At the moment i'm wishing I stuck with my trusty Creative Zen!

    I have the same problem, but I use a Mac. My iPod used to work like a dream, then it started giving me problems recently. the other day, all of my music and photos were deleted, when i went to go and sync up, i had to reset my iPod, then it said the my iPod only had 16 GB's of free space. And that none of it was being used. I restored my iPod and that did nothing. I need help really bad. I don't know whats happening to my iPod, but its really frustrating. Help me out, Please

  • Emails delayed

    Hi there
    I posted a message on the forum entitled ' robbed by bt'.
    I got an email back saying that it had been unable to be delivered..but they would try again.
    Is that happening to everyone...or just me?
    Having terrible time trying to get some money back.
    Please advise

    Well I don't understand what exactly wasn't delivered....maybe an old closed post on this? But I have been contacted by a moderator now so I'm a bit more chilled. As for BT customer Services I really don't know why they pay people to do that job ad they have never resolved anything for me at all. Full of empty promises and lies thank goodness for the forum x. 

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  • I can't get a database connection.

    Background: I've already built two sites with databases using DW CS6, PHPMySQL, and the same hosting company, so I know they allow remote connections. (I'm developing using the remote host because I've never found a tutorial for how to move it all fr

  • Plumtree ob dispatcher service error - while starting the service

    Could not start the plumtree job dispatcher service service on local computer Error 1069: The service did not stsrt due to a logon failure

  • Convex cuboid hulls in RGB space

    Greetings, imagine an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) cube with quite a bit of resolution, i.e. all R, G, and B can have values between [0, (1<<20)-1] (twenty bits resolution). These values are read from three ADC's (Analog to Digital Converters), part of a '

  • Tones are not working while ringtone works

    Phone will ring and alarm clock works.  But, any tones associated do not work.  Vibrate is how I know I have a text message or email

  • S/MIME with Detached Signature

    Can anyone provide an example of how to create a PKCS#7 S/MIME message with detached signature (content-type: application/pkcs7-signature) Thanks