BT NetProtect plus – Real time scanning and update...

I have posted this message as both a pointer in case others have the same issue as well as whether anyone has found a proper resolution.
I have recently experianced problems with my BT NetProtect plus indicating the Real time scanning has stopped and any attempt to restart it does not work. This is accompanied with it keep promptig that there is a new update and to restart the computer. This happened every time I logged on.
I had spent some considerable time with the BT support people who have now reinstalled the software about 6 time's after the 2 time I had already tried.
I run Windows 7 64 bit and recently installed an SSD drive. The key thing I have subsequently discovered in my upgrade is that I changed some registry settings to make my default installation location to be my D: drive. I followed this post :
The 64bit version has two versions of regedit. Make this change as well:
1.) Enter into Start>Run: %systemroot%\syswow64\regedit 2.) Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion 3.) Change the Path in DWORDs ProgramFilesDir, ProgramFilesDir (x86) to the new path, probably just changing the drive letter
Everything works fine apart from BT NetProtect plus which when installed new has the above issue.  If I change the default install location back to C: drive then it installs OK and works OK when I subsequently change the default install location back to the D: drive. When I say works OK, that is until BT NetProtect plus issues a major update when the same problem appears again.
I am waiting further contact from the 3rd line helpdesk but the 2nd line team did not seam to know of this problem.
Has anyone else experenced it or know of a proper solution ?

A full McAfee scan on my desktop PC can take about 2 hours or so and a full scan sometimes slows down my over 3 year old desktop PC. Thats why I only do a full McAfee scan every once in a while but I do a quick McAfee scan every 6 or 7 days.
I do like the McAfee shredder though and use that now and again. I also got McAfee quick clean set to run at lest twice a week.  
I have used Norton in the past and that slowed down my last PC more than McAfee from BT. The free version of AVG is good but its only an anti-virus. Some say the windows firewall is ok but not the best.
I also have windows defender set to do a quick scan every evening around 9pm. As most nights I have my Desktop PC on at that time.
I also do a disk clean up at leat once a day.

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    I keep getting told my "Computer is at risk".  When I check, I find my "Real-Time scanning" is switched off.  However I try, when I switch it back on, moments later it is off again.  With a bit of fiddling about, I can get it to remain "active".  However, the moment I open "Outlook Express 6" I become unprotected, once again.  Thereafter, "Netprotect Plus" is overly sensitive and drops out continually, even if I've closed " Outlook Express 6".  I have to fiddle about with it again, making sure "Outlook Express" is closed, to get it to remain operating "as it should". 
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    The real time scanner can become disabled (turned off) if
    1) There's a conflict with another installed antivirus software
       (for example, I had to remove MSE, not just deactivate it)
    2) There's a virus on the PC - I suggest using Malwarebytes (can be used with BTNP)
       Pay close attention during download to make sure you untick any toolbars or additional extras
       (A desktop shortcut is all you need and you can manually update, rather than automatically)
       You could be suprised by what it finds that BTNP didn't!
    3) A BTNP update didn't install correctly
    4) You've carried out a system restore on your PC - BTNP should update and correct itself after a short time
    Possible solutions
    remove BTNP using add/remove
    Use the McAfee removal tool (steps 1&2 only) -
    Then download it again.
    XP - Click Start, Run, type services.msc, and click OK.
    Vista or 7 - Type services.msc in search, right-click services, select Run As Administrator, then click Yes.
    Look for McShield service and check the status.
    If the status is Stopped, right-click the McShield service and click Start.
    When McShield displays started, close the window.
    Open BTNP and verify that Real-Time Scanning is enabled.
    Close BTNP
    Restart computer and check real time scanner again.
    If Real-Time Scanning still switches off
    *Download and run the oas-disabled-fix.cmd utility
    Restart the computer after tool completes.
    The real time scanner should stay enabled now.
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  • Disabling Intego Virus Barrier Real Time Scanning Solved my Problem

    I was having terrible problems trying to get time capsule to work with my macbook pro until i permanently disabled Intego Virus X5 Barrier's Real Time Scanning. This solved my problem. Hopefully it might help somebody out there too.

    Often times, considering how advanced malware has gotten, a System Restore will simply result in getting infected again. Most infections I've come across tend to occur months before they actually strike and are found. If they are one of those infections that slip in overnight (those JavaScript ones that slip in through Advertisements and infected search results), those tend to infect even the System Restore points. System Restore is a handy tool to have, but it isn't bulletproof.
    When such issues happen, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware are wonderful, free pieces of software to have around. Best scanners out there for Malware that are updated daily. To be on the safe side before you start messing with the system anymore, download and install MalwareBytes ( along with SUPERAntiSpyware ( and perform a full scan with both scanners. Clean out any infections found, reboot if needed, and then we can go from there to see why the Security Suite is acting up.
    When you install the Verizon Internet Security Suite (McAfee under the hood), one of the first things it does is disables the built-in Windows Defender as well as the Windows Firewall, since the Security Suite includes a Firewall and a Spyware scanner with itself. Having two Firewalls and/or real-time scanners in operation can cause some rather nasty problems, besides dragging down system performace. So yes, if the security suite is installed, it's normal for Defender and Windows Firewall to be disabled. When the suite is removed, Defender and Windows Firewall should automatically be re-enabled.
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  • Real time scanning keeps shutting off in security suite

    real time scanning keeps going off and have to keep putting it back on

    I, too, have the Droid 4 and have experienced the random shut downs, tho not as frequently as you seem to be experiencing it.  You said you did a factory reset - another option to try (that seems to help mine) is a system cache clear...
    Power down phone
    Hold volume up/down & power simultaneously until you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu
    Use volume down to navigate to 'Recovery', use volume up to select
    Should see screen with triangle and exclamation point next to an Android
    Press volume up/down simultaneously to go into system recovery
    Use volume rocker to navigate to 'wipe cache' and use power button to select
    Once finished, use volume rocker to navigate to 'reboot system now' and use power button to select
    It also may be a rogue app or a conflict with an app.  Have you recently installed a new app?  If so, try removing it ans see if that improves things.
    How long have you had the phone?  Is it still within the one year manufacturer's warranty?

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       In my project i want to make a data communication between a vi server which is runnig in the real time target and a vi client runs under the local computer (My Computer target).
    My problem is when i Click the property terminal of the property node function (located on the Functions>>All Functions>>
    Application Control palette) , i don't find the front panel open option from the shortcut menu.

    The Front Panel options are methods.  Try dropping an Invoke Node down instead of a Property Node.
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    National Instruments

  • Doubt about Scan and Update Catalog Objects That Require Updates link

    I have a doubt about 'Scan and Update Catalog Objects That Require Updates' link in Administration,
    how can I know how many objects that required upgrading before I click this link???
    in doc.
    section 17.2.4 Updating Catalog Objects
    It is said 'You can confirm the need to update by viewing the metrics in Fusion Middleware Control. In the Catalog folder, find a metric called "Reads Needing Upgrade" with description "The number of objects read that required upgrading." '
    but I don't find it . my OBIEE version :
    conld you pleae help me ??
    thank you in advance.

    That link should be there in 6 version.
    I've verified in 11g6 version doc the same is existing
    BTW: 11g7 version

  • Desktop PC as LabVIEW Real-Time Target and DAQ ISA card

    I want to use LabVIEW Real-Time (Desktop PC + OS Pharlap ETS) for operation with DAQ ISA card.
    Pharlap ETS supports operation from Windows dll and can supports Third Party Device PCI.
    Whether there is a possibility to work with ISA card in Pharlap ETS?
    I want to work for example with card PC20TR from BMC Messsysteme GmbH.
    Does anyone have tricks for using ISA card in Pharlap ETS?

    If you have reviewed the requirements for a Real-Time target and verified that your computer is compliant you might want to check out this article.  The main issue that people encounter when using PC's as RT targets is have the correct network card.  Make sure the card you have is on the supported devices list on the webpage that Christian posted.  You should be able to develop a driver using low level VISA commands but it is not an easy task.  Read over the developer zone article to learn more about it.
    Eric A.
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    Distributed I/O Product Support Engineer

  • Regarding PSA real time scenarios and things

    I knew abour PSA therotically . But i want in detail real time scenarios concering about PSA . Like , if data laoding is failed then how to look at PSA and after identifying how to update to corresponding datatarget like this ......
    So please tell in detail some real time scenarios about PSA and also send some documents or weblogd or old forums to [email protected] now
    I ll assign the points for thanks

    hi chakri, go through this.
    1.The Persistent Staging Area (PSA) is the inbound storage area for data from the source systems in the SAP Business Information Warehouse. The requested data is saved, unchanged from the source system. Request data is stored in the transfer structure format in transparent, relational database tables in the Business Information Warehouse. The data format remains unchanged, meaning that no summarization or transformations take place, as is the case with Info Cubes.
    2. The data records in BW are transferred to the transfer structure when you load data with the transfer method PSA. One TRFC is carried out per data package. Data is written to the PSA table from the transfer structure, and stored there. A transparent PSA table is created for every transfer structure that is activated. The PSA tables each have the same structure as their respective transfer structures.
    3. The number of fields is limited to a maximum of 255 when using TRFCs to transfer data. The length of the data record is limited to 1962 bytes when you use TRFCs.
    4. Four types of updates a) psa and data targets parallel b)psa and data targets serially c) only psa with subsequent updates to data targets d) only data targets
    5.Since the data is stored in transparent tables in database we can edit the data in psa using  ABAP routines using PSA-API’s.
    6. u can delete the requests from the PSA  for the incorrect data provided that the concerned request data is not populated into data targets.
    7. table for PSA:There is only one table for all psa requests.One way to know the psa table name is by right click the psa node and 'maintain export datasource', you will see the table name is /BIC/B0000xxxx (System generated psa table name ) ('ExtractStru.') with se16 you can see the contents, each request no. displayed in field REQUEST.
    8. reporting:  We can not report directly on psa  as the  same data is coming form the source system we can see a report from the source sytem. How ever technically speaking we can have a report on that. You are creating an export datasource on it and report using a Remotecube. you could even create an ODS with the same structure of the PSA and push the PSA data into it with no data transformation and then report. When u create an export data soruce on psa it will start with 7 followed by ur  PSA name. The below link gives the reporting on psa document.
    Re: Reporting on PSA
    Reporting on PSA
    9.Changelog and PSA: If we delete data in changelog the data in psa will not be deleted. You have to delete the data in the PSA exclusively.The change log acts as the PSA for the data target if the ODS acts as a datasource. What I mean is if the ODS supplies to another cube/ODS then the source ODS's Changelog is the PSA for the target ODS/Cube.
    10.PSA as a data source:   create an export data source. The export data source starts with 7 followed by psa name.  Go to data marts in the info sources tab and replicate that data source.  Create an info source and assign this data source.  Activate transfer rules and communication structure Then create a data package  and schedule the load to the data target.
    11.PSA deletion:
      Re: PSA Deletion
    12. PSA data in EP:
    Re: urgent: PSA Data in EP?
    13.Deleting PSA data source:
    To delete the export data source
    Just go to RSA6 and find the your datasource in the node 'DM', click once (highlight it) and there is a delete icon on the standard icon bar, click on that you should be able to delete the datasource.
    Delete PSA datasource
      14.Debug load inpsa:
    Re: How to Debug a Load into PSA    
    to load data manually from psa to the data targets.
    1. go to rsal .ie administrator work bench
    2. under modelling tab choose psa option your application component
    4. choose ur info soruce and expand the tree to see the requests
    5. double click on the psa icon
    6. a new screen will appear which asks for the no of records to enter give the number and press enter u can see the data in the psa
    7. to update psa data manually go to the context menu  of that request and select the optio "update date immeditatley" it will be  loaded to the data target/
    dont forget to assign points that is the way of saying thanks in sdn

  • Post Moved NetProtect-Plus-McAfee-Security-Scan-P...

    Moved to Other BB Queries​tect-Plus-McAfee-Security-Scan-Plus-amp-Rapport-cl​...
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    You should only have one antivirus programme on your computer. You will need to decide which to have and uninstall the others. I, along with others on this forum would suggest that you uninstall all of them and install somthing else such as Microsoft Security or AVG Free or Avast free. McAfee and BTNet protect hog resources and are known to cause some problems such as you are having. If you do decide to uninstall them follow this guide.'t-want-bt-netprotect-plus-anymore.-how-...
    Make sure you follow it including the McAffe removal tool part.
    The Rapport software is I presume supplied by your bank. I don't know if this uses al lot of resources or could cause a conflict. You could leave it on meantime.

  • NetProtect Plus, McAfee Security Scan Plus & Rappo...

    Hi - we have a random variation in the speed at which IE and Firefox run. IE is also very slow to start up on our MSN homepage.
    Could it be that the anti-virus software we have installed is clashing?
    BT NetProtect Plus version 10.5.240
    McAfee Security Scan Plus version 3.0.318.3
    Rapport version 3.5.1208.34
    Windows defender - off
    Thank you

    You should only have one antivirus programme on your computer. You will need to decide which to have and uninstall the others. I, along with others on this forum would suggest that you uninstall all of them and install somthing else such as Microsoft Security or AVG Free or Avast free. McAfee and BTNet protect hog resources and are known to cause some problems such as you are having. If you do decide to uninstall them follow this guide.'t-want-bt-netprotect-plus-anymore.-how-...
    Make sure you follow it including the McAffe removal tool part.
    The Rapport software is I presume supplied by your bank. I don't know if this uses al lot of resources or could cause a conflict. You could leave it on meantime.

  • Time Machine and Updating.....Please advise...

    I need to do 2 updates.......I need to upgrade my external hard drive for Time Machine, and I need to upgrade to Mountain Lion, from Snow Leopard ---
    I have a 750GB hard drive on my MBP, I'll upgrade my external hard drive for backups to a 1TB .... Couple of questions... since I need to upgrade OS as well, , should I upgrade OS first, then install my new HDD for Time Machine and do full backup?  OR the opposite, ,  do a full backup w/ new HDD then upgrade to Mountain LIon??
    Also, , since I'll have extra room , , should I handle that new drive any particular way.....?? i.e.  partitioning, etc??
    Advice appreciated.......

    I think you are worrying too much about little details.
    How much of the existing 750GB is used? Is that internal or the external drive?
    As long as you have a full backup before you start you should be fine.. but I would download and install superduper.. the free version can do a disk image.. that is very useful when things go wrong.. as well as your time machine backups.
    Then I would also strongly recommend clean install of Mountain Lion.. just google for the method.. it is not hard.. the result is much better than trying to do upgrade installs.
    Once you have upgraded / new install.. then do a backup.. to whatever disk has enough space.. but new.. not over the old backup. You can partition the external drive if you need to.. so you can have different backups.

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    avatar animation is lipsync with the speech....even they can copy
    and paste text from the web page and read it aloud with "lee"
    are those features possible in real-time with AS3??????

    Check out this awesome AS3 application from Umanify:,6457,,00.html
    You can drag&drop the GUI of the assistant on the web
    page with the mouse...they are using transparent layers...and the
    avatar animation is lipsync with the speech....even they can copy
    and paste text from the web page and read it aloud with "lee"
    are those features possible in real-time with AS3??????

  • Pls send me Real time SM21 and ST22  least 4

           I am new guy in Basis .Pls send me SM21 and ST22 real time errors.I will give more reward points.

    Hi janardan
    Here I am sending the lists of some real time errors that i have encountered during my monitoring work:-
    1) 06:14:20 DIA 001 010 ALEREMOTE         AB0 Run-time error "CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR"       occurred  
    2) 08:09:13 DIA 002 010 ASCHELVI     SA38 AB0 Run-time error "TIME_OUT" occurred
    3) 05:45:03 BTC 003 000 SAPSYS            D01 Transaction Canceled BT 510 ( )
    4)  10:32:55 DIA 003 010 WORKFLOW          H01 Enqueue of work item 000023517979 deleted by called   application.       
    1) 10.04.2008 11:34:17 sapbebr104 FFERNAND 010 C RAISE_EXCEPTION    1
    2) 10.04.2008 12:47:23 sapbebr102 JIGOMEZ 010 C SYSTEM_CANCELED    4
    3) 09.04.2008 12:48:13 sapbebr104 MLOLMEDO 010 C TIME_OUT    1
    4) 01.04.2008 07:46:11 sapbebr042 BMARIQUE 010 C LOAD_PROGRAM_LOST    3
    In SM21 u can look for messages like :
      >Printer problems
      >Signal 11
      >Short dumps
      >Matchcode problems
      >Aborted postings
      >Runtime error analysis
    ST22 is used for some abap dump analysis
    Award points if found helpful.

  • SCCM 2012 :::WSUS Getcookie error blocking SCEP definition Scan and updates

    Please  advise me what could be reasons for this issue and how to resolve it.   because of this  client is  not able to scan and  retreive updates against SUP and SCEP Defintion is not getting updated. a few set of servers are facing
    this issue. Another set of servers( sccm client is working fine against same SUPs.

    That does not cause any issues IMHO. There should be another error later in the log. Also examine U*.log in %windir%\ccm\logs)
    Torsten Meringer |

  • Report on Real Time Cube and Master data

    Dear Experts,
    I am new to BI. I have created real time cube using some characteristics and top of that I built 3 reports with referring to Master data.
    And in the 3 reports, I have used different characteristics for all the report expect one ( common in all the reports).
    Now I have to create consolidated report using all the characteristics. I have build some sample reports but getting not assigned where there is no data.
    How can I achieve this?
    Thanks in advance,
    Saravanan R

    Hi suman,
    Thanks for your reply .
    I have attached the screen shot of the output. I have created the Infoset using info objects and real time cube, on top of that I have created query.
    this is the problem am facing can please suggest on this .

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