Bug Bug Buggy....LE7.2.3

I'm having some weird issues lately with LE7.2.3, I want to try and describe them here to see if anyone else is having similar issues...
1.While recording a track, LE7 stops drawing the track as I go, it draws it for about 5-10 measures and then looks as if I'm not even recording, just playing back. I've had to stop in mid-take a couple of times to make sure that it's still recording (thus ruining the take), then the rest of the event finally shows up... weird.
2. Random vertical white lines are appearing around the environment window, like little graphic glitches.
3. On certain projects I can't change the name of the track/channel, when I go to edit the track name, I can type in the blue popup box but it doesn't save in the track itself, it just retains the default "track 5" name or whichever.. When I try it again, the name I typed earlier is still in the popup field, but it won't change the name.
Could this be a memory issue? I've never had these issues before the recent update...

Hi dreamsareweird, Questions 1 and 2 are known issues with Logics graphics engine. Do a search on these forums and you'll find many posts talking about it.
As far as question 3 goes, try holding down Option and double clicking the track name to rename it. That's how I do it and it works fine for me. Good luck.

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  • N97 - BUGS BUGS BUGS !

    I am an Indian IT Professional from Saudi Arabia. I recently bought an N97 and upgraded the firmware to v12.
    BUGS BUGS BUGS... I seriously dont know when Nokia will grow and create bulletproof OS!
    Following are the most annoying bugs/problems I have faced so far:
    Sometimes the phone plays NOKIA ringtone for my contacts with assigned ringtones. This really irritates at times...
    Need unlock 2 times to switch on background light... Y ?
    A white screen on left hand corner if I use flash during taking photo... None of my night pics are clear because of this. I pay so much money to have a good phone from Nokia, and they have a camera flash which bounces back onto the lens!!!
    Sometimes when I unlock, the touchscreen feature freezes, and I cant even restart by pushing power button! I finally have to pluck out my battery to fix the issue! That's pretty sad ! The best camera features are of N95!!!
    When there's a flash, the persons eye bounds to have the RedEye effect! No matter even if I am in RedEye mode.
    Sound output is soooooo less as compared to N95 !
    Nokia releases new Symbian OS versions with new generations of mobiles, but sadly it still hasn't been able to embed the DIVX playing capability! Sad !
    HomeScreen Widgets are so very limited! Home screen should be more edit-able!
    I think making N97 a super-phone is a good move! But why in the world do they have such less Phone Memory and such less RAM?
    When I get my phone out of my pocket when I get a call, the screen rotates when i try to slide my finger on ANSWER! It's so irritating!
    A better headset should have been designed for N97!
    There were no games (unlike 5800) pre-installed!!!

    Sadly I had the problem of a delay of the alarm - 5 minutes - delay in the last 2 days.. I set up the alarm to 07:30 and it started 07:35 the following day I set it up to 08:00 and it started at 08:05 !!!
    I had this problem earlier when I just got the phone, and unfortunately it came back again yesterday and today.
    Another problem I had today - I disconnected the charger but the phone stuck, the light of the charging  did not go off and the phone was freeze - I had to take the battery our to re start it.
    Any advise ?
    using Nokia since ages most recent were the 9300, N95 the E71, and since July 15 - a proud owner of the N97 - later switched to the N97 White

  • X6 Bugs, Bugs Bugs.....@ Firmware 12......

    Okay, new FW, but, always a lot of Problems. Bugomtimes, the Loudspeaker does not go on, eg. selecting a new Ringtone, the Preview is not played over the loudspeaker, it comes from the Normally-Phone-Earspeaker. Same with Voice Dialing, the Reply of the command comes not from the Loudspeaker, it comes from the built in Earspeaker too.Reboot device, all is okay. Next Bug, Select a Caller Group/-a Private-Profile, to filter unwanted Callers. ok. Done. Now it goes crazy, if a Caller rings, which is not in the Group, the Ringtone is off, thats okay. BUT, the Vibration turns on. Why ? If i want that the phone rings only by wanted callers in the current Profile, then it should do that. Next Bug: WLAN...the device find my WLAN and marked it as "knowed", 5min later it is "unknown" and  i have to set the WPA Key again and the Phone stores the WLAN as a new one. Next Bug, Somtimes the Media-Sensor does not Pop up the Media-Bar, the Phone recognizes the button (BeepTones are on) but nothing happens. Reboot Device, the MediaBar is now there...but how long?...Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs and a lot of other one. I feel me like a Beta-Tester for Nokia. Who can help me ?  greetings Thomas

    Hi, its me again, please allow me a last Question-other Function, Bug, or is that what, what i do not understand......Contacts, Voicedialing. I say the Name to Dial. Phone recognize the Name, but, it wants to Dial the Email from that contact. Or, it wants to dial the Video-Call, but, no Number for videoCall is in the Contacts, i don't have Video Calls. I go to Contacts, select the Phonenumber, select STANDARD, select apply Mobilnumber as Standard, now the Numbertype, in that cases Mobilephone, is now underlined. Video: empty. I speak the Name, Phone says the Name and selects EMail. I remember to my E90, there were no Problems with Voicedialing. In a Contact, i delete the Detail -Videocall- , the Field disappears, i click apply, close contact. Open it again and the Field Videocall is already there. I speak the Name, Phone says the Name, but, it takes videocall, which is empty, or, it try's to make a videocall with the number which is set in the Mobilphone-Field, and, after dialing, error, because i have no video-sim-card. So, the contact is not dialed. That all is a big Problem, if the Phone is in the Bag, i use my Headset, and the Phone try's to open the E-mail Editor or a videocall. Yes, (!) -Sometimes- (!) i can select after the voicecommand another entry of the spoken Contact, but , if i go by car........ hello...is anybody there from Nokia ? I need one guy to tell him, what i mean about the x6.......or, if i make anything wrong, i excuse me........and...to the end...What is in a Contact the Option: -Synchronization- /Public/Private/, i found nothing about that
    I have tried to copy the Phonenumbers via OVI Suite to the other Fields, that i get a Standard, i think, i can't make it.......Thanks for your time, you are the first one, which try's to help me, why is it not possible to talk about that Problems with a Nokia-Hotline...... kind regards ...Thomas

  • [solved] powertop bug or buggy user?

    When I run powertop, it complains that it cannot load /var/cache/powertop/saved_results.powertop. Initially, I thought this was a permissions problem. The default permissions on /var/cache/powertop seemed to be 600. I added execute permission for root (700). However, I still get the same complaint.
    Searching the forums, I found one post which mentioned this in passing but the comment was not the main topic and received no follow-up.
    I would think this was a powertop bug except that I've looked through the mailing list archives for Aug, Sep and Oct (i.e. since the release of 2.1) and can't see any reports of it which would seem a bit odd since I'd expect this sort of bug to be recognised rather quickly. So I'm thinking that it is probably a buggy user rather than a buggy application but I can't think what I'm missing.
    [Note: powertop's bug reporting mechanism appears to be reporting to the mailing list and there doesn't seem to be a separate bug tracker so the mailing list seemed to be the place to look although it is not possible to search as far as I can tell.]
    Last edited by cfr (2012-10-31 01:02:42)

    So what else could be different? When I use powertop, I get:
    Loaded 77 prior measurements
    Cannot load from file /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop
    Cannot load from file /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop
    And I also have 600 and 644 as the respective permissions:
    ls -al /var/cache/powertop/
    total 120
    drw------- 2 root root 4096 Gor 5 23:20 .
    drwxr-xr-x 10 root root 4096 Hyd 27 02:01 ..
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 111460 Hyd 29 22:43 saved_results.powertop
    Er... OK. So how did you create a /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop?

  • Bug, bugs and bugs only! Not a software product!

    I wonder how self-confident man has to be to gain so much impudence enough to release that kind of buggy crap. I have never met legal and so-called "stable" software like this and do really hope never to have to get in contact with again.
    I've spent 4 damn days on a project which i first built in one (!!!) hour and which should be done so, the rest of time i spent on working around the software bugs like not being able to really import prepared mpeg2-files, constant crashing and falling in the final build process giving you something like 'Blu-ray Error: "fatal error", Code: "6", Note: "'. And what, customer has to guess what he has to do next?!!
    Adobe completely loses its image gained with legendary products like Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects, releasing that unstable software.

    Thanks for setting Neil & Jeff straight. I read your posts and fully providing a solution and was able to effectuate a repair.
    Now, while I sit rendering another long project, let me just share some light in this conversation. As a previous owner of major software company with over 1000 employers, I have had to address issues of Buggy software over and over. For all of you whom are sittin in the "cheap seats", let me explain the structure of how these companies work.
    Engineers design the system, programmers write the code, Quality Assurance TEST the code. It is the job of the QA department to RIG the system to FAIL! YES folks, that's right, FAIL! They set up all of the different scenerios to see if they can get the software to fail, hooking up the wrong equipment, wrong files, etc. If the programmers did a thorough job, then the software would catch these errors, inform the user of a problem, log the problem, and send a report (by paper in the old days), back to the QA department who would then implement a bug report to the programming staff.
    A system which does not catch these errors but simply hangs, stops, crashes, giving no explanation is BUGGY. That is the failure of the QA department. The more bugs, the worse the performance of the QA department. If the QA department had done a thorough job, there is NO WAY that Encore 1.5, 2.0 & 3.0 would have been released with all of the bugs that came with the initial release. Remember, upgrades to an existing product level has two purposes. 1) To provide additional capabilities, 2) To repair BUGS!
    Now a word to the users of this forum. In my teaching years, my number one instruction to my engineering students was to "SOLVE THE PROBLEM"! I would tell them that no one cares to hear how smart you are, SHOW us how smart you are and SOLVE THE PROBLEM!
    For those of you who point to numerous reason as to the possible cause, spelling & grammatical mistakes, I would have FLUNKED you out of my class because you did not follow the instructions and perform the objective which is to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.
    To point out WHERE a solution to a problem may have been found AFTER it has already been repair is not SOLVING the problem! You would have flunked the course.
    After spending days working on a problem AND spending hours on the phone with technical support and still not having a problem fixed is
    not acceptable. This is the difference between successful products and non-successful products.
    Therefore, what I am requesting in the future is this; if the participants in this forum would keep their eye on the ball and concentrate on the problems at hand and solutions for its repairs, then this forum will be much more successful.
    If you want to discuss Spelling, Grammer, Microsoft operating systems, etc, then I sugguest that you start your own BLOG, when you can state your opinion till the end of time and hope that someone will join in.
    However, for myself and most likely Chris, we're just looking for a solution to our problems.
    Chris, I thank you for your continued posts. The installation program should have realized the different between the Administrator & User AND if installation on the user presented a problem, then the program should have accounted for that issue. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A BUG! For the QA department NOT to pick up on this simple problem would be a major disgrace & failure on their part.
    As I stated earlier, there seems to be a problem with the installation program. We were able to isolate a problem with a 4 TB disk array. For some reason, the installation program is placing a thread onto the array. If the array has a failure (utilizing Raid 5), the program (CS3 in general) thinks that the program has been re-installed and needs to be re-activiated. No one at Adobe can figure this one out since the program is not suppose to put threads on the array (it is a data array only). While I'm not sure if this is different problem (you are using a network), it may tend to create the same type of scenerio that you are encountering.
    Our solution was to delete the preferences file (as I informed you in my previous post) and wait until the next array failure (which may never happen) to see what happens.
    If I can be of further help, let me know. I'll post my findings of our current problems once Level II Tech Support gets back with me tomorrow.

  • Cap6- Bugs, bugs and more bugs!

    I downloaded Cap6 trial version yesterday to test their claim that it works with the SumTotal LMS and that it was thoroughly tested. After converting a project I built in Cap 5.5 to v 6 and loading it to the LMS, and testing for over 10 hours, the following items were occuring:
    1)The slide transitions were not smooth, there was a milisecond of a 'blink' whenever new bulleted items were moving into the slide. The blink also occured when transitioning from slide to slide- not just with the text.
    2) The functionality for the click boxes which worked in v 5.5 of the project were totally gone... although you could still see it on the slide/timeline within Captivate. The functionality simply didn't work. I had to re-create every click box and delete the old ones.
    3) The audio was a complete mess... sometimes it would play in synch and other times it would get 'lost' in itself if I pressed the back navigation button.
    4) The module froze after the very first quiz question and would not transition. The occurred numerous times and even after I reloaded a fresh, clean version into the LMS.
    5) Overall, I believe Adobe Cap 6 is not worth the upgrade fee. The only positive thing I noticed was that users didn't get 'stuck' on the loading screen forever but that should have been a bug fix in version 5.5 anyway! That one fix isn't worth a  350.00 upgrade! Now instead of sticking on the loading screen it puts the brakes on us once the quiz begins!
    Our entire organization is shelving Captivate and researching other products that perhaps may not have as many bells and whistles, but at least they will WORK on our LMS! It's very, very frustrating to spend so much development time only to have the final results not work! SumTotal wants to blame Adobe and their crappy code that's under the hood, meanwhile Adobe wants to say that it's the LMS vendor's issue. THe bottom line is that Captivate in my opinion (and I've been using this product for at least 6 years) owes it to the user community to put out a corrected version that isn't a rushed job! It's like Adobe fixes three things, then breaks five... very frustrating to say the least. I hate to leave Captivate but at this point it's not worth the headaches.
    Does anyone out there have any comments about their testing of version 6 or know who we can contact to vent our frustrations about this release?

    I just spent hours adjusting a demo. I recorded some new slides in between existing slides and adjusted the timing.  Now, when I publish, the slides are looking like they are overlapping at some points even though it doesn't appear this way in preview.  Previously, I tried to publish to youtube and HTML and the output is unacceptably buggy.  I am so frustrated and disappointed in this product. 

  • 11g and Exp - A bugging bug.

    Before export (exp) i used to to run this script to recompile all the user objects on 10g.
    create or replace
    PROCEDURE DBA_Recompile
         p_PInstance_ID               IN NUMBER --     DEFAULT NULL
    * Title:      Recompile all User_Objects
    * Description:
    *     * Recompile materialized views too
         --     Logistice
         v_Message                              VARCHAR2(2000) := ' ';
         v_Result                              NUMBER := 1;     --      0=failure
         v_Buffer                              VARCHAR2(2000);
         v_Line                              VARCHAR(100);
         v_PrintInfo                         CHAR(1) := 'N';     --     Diagnostic
         CURSOR     Cur_Invalids IS
              SELECT     object_id, object_name, object_type
              FROM     user_objects
              WHERE     status <> 'VALID'
                AND     object_type IN ('VIEW', 'PACKAGE', 'PACKAGE BODY', 'FUNCTION',
                                            'MATERIALIZED VIEW', -- arhipac: teo_sarca
                                            'PROCEDURE', 'TRIGGER', 'JAVA CLASS')
              ORDER BY object_type, object_name;
         CURSOR     Cur_Valids (p_id NUMBER) IS
              SELECT     'FOUND'
              FROM     user_objects
              WHERE     status = 'VALID'
                AND     object_id = p_id;
         --  failed compile
         invalid_tab_rec invalid_tab;
         count_compiled     PLS_INTEGER;
         valid_text     VARCHAR2(5);
         exec_cursor     PLS_INTEGER := DBMS_SQL.OPEN_CURSOR;
         sql_statement     VARCHAR2(200);
         count_object     PLS_INTEGER := 0;
         v_err          BINARY_INTEGER;
              count_compiled := 0;
              FOR ci IN Cur_Invalids LOOP
                   --  not unsuccessfuly compiled yet
                   IF NOT invalid_tab_rec.EXISTS(ci.object_id) THEN
                        IF (ci.object_type = 'JAVA CLASS') THEN
                             sql_statement := 'ALTER JAVA CLASS "' || ci.object_name || '" RESOLVE';
                        ELSIF (ci.object_type = 'PACKAGE BODY') THEN
                             sql_statement := 'ALTER PACKAGE ' || ci.object_name || ' COMPILE BODY';
                             sql_statement := 'ALTER ' || ci.object_type || ' ' || ci.object_name || ' COMPILE';
                        END IF;
                        --  compile
                             count_object := count_object + 1;
                             DBMS_SQL.PARSE(exec_cursor, sql_statement, DBMS_SQL.NATIVE);
                             WHEN OTHERS THEN
                        OPEN Cur_Valids (ci.object_ID);
                        FETCH Cur_Valids INTO valid_text;
                        IF Cur_Valids%ROWCOUNT > 0 THEN
                             IF (v_PrintInfo = 'Y') THEN
                                  DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('OK: ' || ci.object_type || ' ' || ci.object_name);
                             END IF;
                             count_compiled := count_compiled + 1;
                             CLOSE Cur_Valids;
                             IF (LENGTH(v_Message) < 1950) THEN
                                  v_Message := v_Message || ci.object_name || ' ';
                             END IF;
                             IF (v_PrintInfo = 'Y') THEN
                                  DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Error: ' || ci.object_type || ' ' || ci.object_name);
                             END IF;
                             invalid_tab_rec(ci.object_id).object_name := ci.object_name;
                             invalid_tab_rec(ci.object_id).object_type := ci.object_type;
                             CLOSE Cur_Valids;
                        END IF;
                   END IF; -- not unsuccessfuly compiled yet
              END LOOP;     -- Cur_Invalids
              --  any other to be compiled
              IF count_compiled = 0 THEN
              END IF;
         END LOOP;     -- outer loop
         --     Print Message
         IF (LENGTH(v_Message) = 1) THEN
              v_Message := 'All valid';
         ELSIF (LENGTH(v_Message) > 80) THEN
              v_Buffer := v_Message;
              WHILE (LENGTH(v_Buffer) > 0) LOOP
                   v_Line := SUBSTR(v_Buffer, 1, 80);
                   v_Buffer := SUBSTR(v_Buffer, 81);
              END LOOP;
              v_Result := 0;
              DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('>' || v_Message || '<');
              v_Result := 0;
         END IF;
         IF (p_PInstance_ID IS NOT NULL) THEN
              --  Update AD_PInstance
              UPDATE     AD_PInstance
              SET Updated = SysDate,
                   IsProcessing = 'N',
                   Result = v_Result,               -- 1=success
                   ErrorMsg = v_Message
              WHERE     AD_PInstance_ID=p_PInstance_ID;
         END IF;
              IF DBMS_SQL.IS_OPEN(exec_cursor) THEN
              END IF;
              IF Cur_Valids%ISOPEN THEN
                   CLOSE Cur_Valids;
              END IF;
    END DBA_Recompile;• Q1: On my 11gR2, after running this script, the database becomes unstable for backup. And i cannot take backup anymore using 'exp' command. following error occurs (last few lines).
    . exporting synonyms
    . exporting views
    EXP-00056: ORACLE error 1455 encountered
    ORA-01455: converting column overflows integer datatype
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully
    adding: ExpDat.dmp(in = 488030208) (out= 26855576)(deflated 94%)
    adding: ExpDat.log(in = 111665) (out= 6645)(deflated 94%)the message looks like some old days bug: EXP-00056: ORACLE error 1455 encountered
    • Q2: can i skip this script to run, before the backup using 'exp'

    Are you using the 10g client to perform the export with?
    If so, then this is a recognised bug:
    View the following metalink document for more info
    Exporting Schema In 11.2 Database With 10g Client Gives Ora-01455 [ID 1083330.1]

  • N80 V 4.0707.0.7 BUGS, BUGS and BUGS we need a new...

    1. Flash message not working... Pre paid customes oops.
    2.You need to enter clock and date after every switch on -- brrr.
    3. Network operator time Update is not happening
    when do we get a relief ... ?
    I hope its not like asking to UNMessage Edited by ys_drake on 19-Jun-200704:49 PM
    N80 V5.0719.0.2 24-05-2007 RM-92 Nokia N80 (12)

    Yes, the new version is 5.0719.0.2 it is available now (I really dreamed last night that Nokia has launched this 5th version) when I checked I was very happy because I thought it would solve all the problems I have in my last V4.0707.0.7 but unfortunately it solved only some bugs but the most important bug has not been solved and the new version has the same bug as the previous one:
    1.Phone requests Time/Date when restarted – whenever switched off and back on (this is the most important bug and I want to reply to the guy who thinks that it is a hardware problem: NO it is a bug in the new firmware because I haven't had this problem before i update to V4.0707.0.7 I am deadly sure)this is still on the new version 5.0719.0.2 !!!
    2.No service messages available, it show requesting then nothing (ok this was solved on the new version)
    3.A cursor appears blinking at the right side of the balloon that shows caller number(this is still on the new version 5.0719.0.2 !!!)
    4.Led stays blinking even after using the keypad and when calling (ok this was solved on the new version)
    5.Lower video quality (ok this was solved on the new version)
    I was waiting for the new Version to solve all the bugs specially the first one - but now after the new version I am thinking to throw Nokia products forever as I am not willing to wait more than that withouht the alarm colock, reminders, and more important I used to switch off my phone to get a quiet sleep since the new version I cannot sleep well, I have to leave my phone switched on to keep the clock running! but what if the battery runs out especially it lasts for less than day and all N80 users know this well and i think this bug cannot be solved.
    I want to tell all the users of N80 that we are all have been screwed by Nokia - I am really disappointed and wouldn't ever think that I will use other brands than Nokia but know just to retort this to Nokia I will have to use other brand

  • KOrganizer 4.7.0: bugs, bugs and more bugs?

    Happy Sunday to everyone! :-)
    I'm quite disappointed by all the problems I'm having with KOrganizer (the most recent release, 4.7.0), one of the programs I use more extensively.
    There's many things not working so I'd like to share all of this with you, hoping to fix it all or submitting as a bug.
    The first thing I've noticed is that it's impossible to keep two calendars synchronized between two different computers: for many years I've used a script which, with a simple rysnc, was able to sync the file "std.ics", containing all the events of a single KDE calendar.
    Now, instead, if I try to do this, I see that nothing changes on the destination computer, so I have to remove the calendar manually and import the iCal file.
    All of this, though, is not enough, because, every time I import a new calendar into KOrganizer, a kdeinit error occurs, so I have to logout and start a KDE session back again.
    Ok, you might say, is that all?
    No, because, if I try to list all the events belonging to a specific period, that is all the times I went playing tennis between April 1st and April 30th, I cannot list the events in a chronological order, which makes the output appearing on the screen a little messy.
    Can you confirm these problems so that I can submit them as bugs?
    Thanks to all in advance,

    Please use dcdiag command to check if all DC run normally.
    Please use repadmin /showrepl command to verify DC replication status.
    Please check if there is any related error in application log.
    Cara Chen
    TechNet Community Support

  • Does an upgrade to 3.7.0 fix this bug Bug CSCus92830

    5760 Wireless Lan Controllers running 3.61 became unreachable and had to be rebooted, it appears to be affected by the following bug CSCus92830.
    Will upgrading to 3.7.0 fix this problem

    Hi all,
    We are too hitting this bug with a 5760 in code 3.6.0. The input queue counter of the TenGig interface keeps on growing, until it reaches 100%:
    wirelessController5760-D-0-1#sho int te1/0/1 | incl  Input queue
      Input queue: 155/2000/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 0
    Can you confirm this is the same bug as you mentioned: CSCus54365 and CSCus92830?
    The reload temporary fixes the issue for a few days. We have also tried to upgrade to code 3.6.1, but the issue remains.
    A definitive fix in code 3.6.2 would be more than welcome...

  • Bug bug bug, again NOKIA. NOTES?

    I have E55 with latest firmware which seems 34.001. The very irritating problem this time is about ' Notes' application under Menu > Office.
    Problem: Open an existing note in notes, modify it, choose options > exit. It wont' offer discarding changes! It saves, overwrites modified note eventhough you modify or delete a part of note accidently as if you choose OK!
    That's not good!
    Has anyone faced off this?

    My E73 behaves the same way, but I went a step further and compared this to editing Contact and Calendar entries.  Options -> Exit for Contacts does the same thing, while Options -> Exit for Calendar also exits immediately, but never saving the changes.  For me, none of these apps has a "Discard changes?" option.  In that way they are consistent, but in terms of saving or not saving, Nokia could improve that.  Although at this late stage in 3rd Edition development, I might argue there are much bigger bugs to tackle...


    X-Y chart: 1. CANNOT select symbols. SAME symbols, but different colors, goes to different series automatically. Change it, the changed symbol goes to all.
    2. CANNOT SELECT UNITS of X and Y axes Separately.
    3. Apparently this is because the x- and y - control combo buttons cannot be selected independently. They both turn on.
    Interestingly, the first time Keynote 3 plots the series, each series has a different symbol. Try to edit the chart, and all series come back with a single symbol!

    You can give feedback directly to the Apple folks if you like. (We're a user-to-user community, so we don't have any control over the bug-fixing process, and there's no guarantee that the relevant Apple folks will see this topic.) Here's a link to the iTunes product feedback form:

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs

    found some cruicial bugs in flash cs3.
    1. When making "kisekae" for mobile phone menues (in Japan),
    i have problems with the colors property inspector. i select one
    color but it chooses its own color. if i select a mc, the
    properties inspector does not show. then i have to close the
    program completely and restart.
    2. selecting frame and adding a frame using F6 or
    right-clicking, it does not duplicate the previous frame. it makes
    an empty keyframe instead.
    3. when using "Device Central" and developing "kisekae
    menus", and when I test DoCoMo N903 and N904 series, "Device
    Central" remains open, but Flash cs3 crashes.
    So far nothing yet, but this has prompted me to return to
    Flash 8.
    Has anyone found any similar bugs in cs3?

    If you're experiencing a problem with iTunes, I would suggest you post here first. It may not turn out to be a bug but something that could be corrected. You may want to start a new topic here, just to make sure it doesn't get buried in this thread and so not get people's attention.
    If it can be confirmed as a bug or you want to make a suggest, lacking an iTunes feedback page (which has been requested for months but has not appeared), using the Mac OS X feedback page is your only option.

  • E4200 Bug, bug, bug ,bug...

    I starting to regret that I bought this E4200 router. It has lot of bugs - one day I can connect a pc, the next I cannot. I constantly have to reset or power cycle the router and it drives me crazy. Suddenly the speed is very slooooow and the signal is poor. The guest function does function randomely. Very unstable. This router has status as a router that I didn want to have/buy. It goes to its hangar waiting for a solution and I still use my old Wrt54g router......

    The only part that I noticed was slow was the storage tab (I guess it gets the info from the hardrive as you click it). You can try the previous firmware if you want. http://www.mediafire.com/?qscbxpgls2hkmxb
    I don't work for Cisco. I'm just here to help.

  • IPhone 6 bug bug bug!!!

    Questo telefono con iOS 8.0.2 ha tanti problemi! Connessione wi-fi scadente, perde il segnale e poi per parecchio tempo non lo riprende più, applicazioni che si chiudono da sole improvvisamente, quando apro spotlight la sfocatura dello schermo una volta mi è diventata sgranata e tutta in bianco e nero e per risolvere ho dovuto riavviare il telefono, in generale vedo dei rallentamenti in alcune delle operazioni comuni...insomma, pensavo che passare a iOS da Android fosse un salto di qualità, invece? Risolvete presto questi problemi o Apple potrà solo vantarsi di grandi vendite seguite da grandi lamentele!!!!!

    Nessun problema qui, ma dicono di Apple.

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