Bug report: nuisance, single click to open table object from connections pane...

Results frequently (but not always) in two or three tabs being opened for the selected object.
Observed for (and its predecessor).
Same behavior on both Mac and PC platforms.

That's a known bug, will get fixed for the final release.

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  • How can i change the tab bar from opening a new tab when single clicked to open one only when double clicked?

    Out of habbit, i double click the tab bar and it opens 1 tab. however in the new beta, it opens 2.
    Is there anyway to change this so single clicks dont open new tabs on the tab bar?

    I don't have multiple tab bars and haven't installed anything to try and get them.
    I re-read what I wrote earlier and realised it's not worded clearly when I said: If I have more than a single tab bar of tabs open
    I meant: When I have so many tabs open that they won't all fit into the tab bar at once

  • I used to single click to open mail & now I have to double click.  I have not changed preferences.  Any suggestions?

    I have always single clicked to open mail.  Now I have to double click.  I have not touched preferences or made changes.  Any suggestions?

    From where are you launching Mail? The only place, unless I've missed or forgotten something, you can launch an application with a single click is from the Dock. Is this what you're doing, or are you attempting to launch Mail from the Applications folder?

  • Single click to open email

    I have version 3.6 of Apple mail. I used to be able to single click to open a message. Now I have to double click. What do I need to do to change it back to a single click?

    Look for a tiny gray tick at the bottom middle of the message list, drag that tick upwards.

  • New Mac, fresh install of Mountain Lion When I click to open a .Pdf from a web page,while in Safar, I get a black window Nothing opens in Preview or in Acrobat No option to download

    New Mac, fresh install of Mountain Lion
    When I click to open a .Pdf from a web page,while in Safar, I get a black window
    Nothing opens in Preview or in Acrobat
    No option to download

    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type of copy paste the following:
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Click Go. If you see this file:  AdobePDFViewer.plugin
    Drag it to the Trash, empty the Trash.
    Quit and relaunch Safari.

  • I'm no longer able to click and open AI file from my folder.

    I’m no longer able to click and open AI file from my folder. 
    Error messege:  Unable to open... insufficient file....
    Evertime I open AI file, I need to reopen the illustrator software and then click the AI file from saved files.
    Please help.

    Not enough information. What OS? What version of AI? Where are the files located? Do they open from the File menu in AI?

  • Single-click to open in finder

    Is there an option to have single-click open files and folders in the Finder?

    You're welcome.
    I use the Logitech Control Center software that shipped with the mouse, though I actually downloaded the latest version from the Logitech Web site — vs. using the version that came on the included CD — to be sure I had the latest version.
    The version I am using is for PPC. I don't believe they've released a Universal Binary yet for Intel-based Macs: I did not see anything to this effect on their Web site when I checked today. You could contact Logitech about the availability of a Universal Binary. I suspect one may be forthcoming: many vendors have to address the move to Intel-based Macs.
    You wrote: "Can you configure the mouse-wheel click to open in a new tab in Safari?"Yes. Any button can be configured for a custom keystroke. Since the keyboard combination to open a new tab in Safari is Command-T (assuming tabbed browsing is enabled), one could configure any button on the mouse to perform Command-T when pressed.
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X

  • Single click to open apps

    Is there a way I can set my applications to open with a single click like they do when an icon is clicked in system preferences and like they do from when you launch them from the dock? Thanks.

    If you are thinking of a way to have all your applications handy but not clutter up your dock, you can drag the whole applications folder into the left hand side of the dock (where the trash can is). Use the source folder in your root directory, not the side panel. This inserts an alias - all you have to do is control click it and you have a list of all the items inside there that will open with a single click
    Hope that helps

  • How do you change to single click to open files and folders?

    How do you change from double clicking a file/folder, to single clicking (web style)?

    Finder > Preferences
    Turn it off it irks you. I find it exceedingly useful.

  • Why can't I click and open my Skydrive from the favorites bar in finder?

    I am able to do this for Google Drive and also Copy, so I should be able to do the same for Skydrive.
    So how come I cannot click on Skydrive in the favorites bar in finder? I can click on everything else but when I try to click skydrive it is as if I clicked on the window outside of finder where it would be inactive. I want to be able to open my skydrive from finder (in favorites) so how can I fix this?
    Please and thanks for any answers at all in advance

    If I understand correctly you want the title to appear on top of a later video clip so both title and clip are visible.   The problem is the "whites" background which is both making the background opaque and stopping you from pasting it above another clip.  If you just select and drag the title by itself, the background will be transparent so the video clip below will show through.  You should also be able to copy and paste it directly above the clip you want.
    If you want different parts of the title to have a special effect you will have to edit each instance after you have made and positioned the copies.
    I hope this helps - or have I misunderstood?

  • Audition sometimes freezes when I click the open icon in the files pane

    Hi all
    I am using Audition CS5.5 under Windows 7 64-bit. I am finding that quite frequently, when I click the "open file" icon in the top left of the files pane, Audition simply freezes -- I don't get an error message; the application is shown to be running as normal in Windows Task Manager, and doesn't have suspiciously high RAM or CPU usage. It just won't do anything further. I have to close it via Task Manager.
    I don't have any other files open at the time, but so far this has tended to happen immediately after doing batch processing.
    However I haven't been able to identify specific steps to reproduce the issue 100%.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    It's very difficult to deal with freeze issues - we really don't have enough info to go on. What you should do is to read this FAQ carefully, and do exactly as it says.

  • Illustrator Application Window Resizes When Opening Smart Object from PSD

    Hi All, I've taken a vector graphic created in AI CS4 and pasted it into my PSD CS4 doc as a smart object. When the original AI file was created the application window was set as I preferred it, filling my screen. When I double click the Smart Object in PSD to edit it back in Illy, the window that contains the application has been switched off of the fill screen mode and is quite a bit smaller. I know it's small but now I have to click the maximize icon in the application bar to get Illy to fill the screen again. It wouldn't be so bad once, but the application window resizes itself every time I punch back into the smart object from PSD.
    Any ideas on how I can get the AI environment from switching around on its own??
    Win 7, CS4, all patches current, Dual 22" montiors

    I just want to point out that when you open the smart object of course it is not the same file as the original but an embedded copy of it.
    That might also have something to do with this issue and might also be a photoshop issue with the smart object and one reason might be that Photoshop is see the image as resolution and Illustrator sees it as a dimension and the teams might be able to do something about this but might not actually be aware of it unless you file a report even if it is not a bug it would then be a feature request.
    They might not be able to do anything about it but then there might be a clever engineer with an idea, so it might be worth the report.

  • "There isn't enough memory to read worksheet" error when tried to open xlsx object from Powerpoint 2010

    I have a powerpoint presentation (will call it A.PPTX) which has an embedded spreadsheet object (B.XLSX). I was able to double click the object in "A" and open "B.XLSX" as and when necessary.
    today, i opened B from the A and inserted another spreadsheet C.XLSX as an object in B. Closed all the files and saved A.PPTX. when i tried double click and tried to open B.XLSX from the powerpoint, i am getting an error "There isn't enough memory to
    read worksheet"
    Unfortunately, i don't have a backup of B.XLSX as I always edited it by opening it from the presentation. is there a way to recover it?
    1. read through similar threads in the forum about errors while inserting objects or similar error in Powerpoint 2003. the solution provided did not help

    By the description, you want to recover the embedded worksheet in PowerPoint.
    Try following methods:
    1.Click to the presentation file
    2.Change the file extension from pptx to zip
    3.Open the file, locate to ppt>embeddings
    4.There you will see the embedded worksheet
    5.Save the file to another path and open it
    If the worksheet is still corrupted, following these steps to recover an Excel file:
    1.Change the file extension from xlsx to zip
    2.Open the file, locate to xl>workbook.xml
    3. These XML files contain the data of each spreadsheet.
    4.Copy the data to a new worksheet and save
    Tylor Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Single click to open plugins?

    seems like a minor thing but as a PT user this is a real pain (double click for about 10hrs of mixing and it makes a huge difference)

    agent87 wrote:
    Basically I'm asking is if there's a pref that I'm overlooking to set plugins to open with a single mouse click.
    No, there isn't. It is one of the few things that are still "mouse-only" in Logic. There is the shortcut "V" to hide/show plugins that are already open, and you could create screensets for different open plugins, but that would require quite some preparatory actions, for every individual project.
    You can make them open automatically when they are inserted/loaded (I believe this is set by default), however, the inserting itself is a mouse only action too.

  • Since downloading Maverick, I cannot click to open new webpages from links in emails.I am not sure if there is a setting to change since the update

    When I am looking over an email and want to open a webpage, nothing happens when I click the link

    Select a default web browser in the General tab of the Safari preferences window.

Maybe you are looking for

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