Building PDF file using Conversion Agent

Hello Experts,
Is it possible to build a PDF from XML using Conversion Agent?
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Artsiom Anichenka

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  • .xml file into .txt file using Conversion Agent

    Hi All,
    I am working on a sceanrio in which the input to the XI is <b>abc.xml</b> file and the output is <b>sdf.txt</b> using <b>Conversion Agent</b>. The XML data should change in txt format.
    Please tell me the steps involved on XI side as i have configured the Conversion agent and deployed in XI server.

    Go through this Blog..
    The module name must be
    The parameter name must be TransformationName
    Might Help you...

  • Is it possible to send a copy of invoice as PDF files to sales agents by e-

    Hi All,
    Please let me know my client needs this below requirement,
    Is it possible to send a copy of invoice as PDF files to sales agents by e-mail triggered by the invoicing or is it only possible manually through ZPDF?
    Best Regards

    Yes,It is possible to send an email as PDF file to desired people.
    For this we have to use the medium as "5(External send)".
    Also maintain the further data as "4".
    Ask your ABAPer to write a code to send the e-mail to sales agents.
    We have a similar requirement in our project also to send a PDF.We have developed a "Z" program and developed a "Z" smartform too.

  • Set password to PDF file using ADS server

    How to set password to .PDF file using ADS(Adobe Development Service) server?
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    Thanks for your prompt reply. Well forget about conversion but there should be a way to just password protect any PDF file, correct?
    We have a 3rd party tool which does that for our VB6 apps, I am surprised how come Acrobat SDK doesn't expose those Properties/Methods for VB6 model.

  • Open pdf files using AutoVue

    I need to open pdf files using AutoVue in .Net Desktop application(Windows Form ). Is it possible?
    If it is possible please help me to.

    Out of the box no
    Doing it requires a good knowledge of .Net and JAVA (specifically JNI) in order to build a JAVA wrapper for .Net
    I would recommend to google on how you can interact with a java applet inside an IEFRame that is sitting inside a .Net application
    Java.NET : Integration of Java and .NET - CodeProject
    But your are on your own there

  • Where is a PDF file, generated by Agent (BIEE11g), stored?

    In BIEE11g, I created an Agent for scheduling to generate PDF files from Analysis.
    In tab: "Delivery Content", I choose PDF in field "Format", and BIEE will automatically chooise option "Deliver as attachment".
    At the same time, in tab: "Destinations", I just choose "Home Page and Dashboard" for field: "User Destinations".
    After scheduling time, an Alert is generated, and there is data and graph embedded in the content of the Alert. However, I don't find any URL for downloading PDF file. I want to make use of BIEE Agent that so that I can keep snapshot data for the report.
    Anyone know where where is the PDF file, generated by Agent (BIEE11g), stored?

    A nice way to achieve this is to export the reports to the server's filesystem using the Actions tab > Invoke Server Script. On a Windows server you can write a little VBScript or Javascript and pass it the PDF file which then gets saved to disk. I have some code if you are interested - contact me via my blog.

  • Does anyone know how i can view PDF files using Galaxy Note 2?

    Does anyone know how i can view PDF files using Galaxy Note 2?
    This is what i have been doing;
    I click on the file i wish to view (via a portal)
    this file goes to notification widget (i drag down screen)
    notification/message says download complete
    i click on notification/message
    nows it says complete action using (here i only have 2 icon options 1= DB Text Editor 2 = HTML Viewer)
    I have installed Adobe Reader.

    Can you confirm if the downloaded file is a pdf file, that is it ends with .pdf?

  • How to extract text from a PDF file using php?

    How to extract text from a PDF file using php?

    > Do you know of any other way this can be done?
    There are many ways. But this out of scope of this forum. You can try this forum:

  • How to read pdf files using package classes

    Dear All,
    I have a certain requirement that i should read and write PDF files at runtime. With normal java file IO reading is not working. Can any one suggest me how to proceed probably with sample code block
    Thanks in advance.

    hi I also have the pbm. to read pdf file using JAVA
    can any body help meWhy is it so difficult to read the thread you posted in? They say: is pointless, use iText. So why don't you?
    or also I want to read a binary encoded data into
    can anybody give me a hint how to do it.Depends on what you mean with "binary encoding". ASCII's binary encoding, too, basically.

  • How do I open to a specific page or destination in a pdf file using Buddy API Xtra?

    I'm working with a CD ROM catalog that utilizes the Buddy API Xtra to open PDF files when a link is clicked. The client would like to be able to open to a specific page within a pdf file.
    I can open a pdf file using the Buddy API baOpenfile() function but I'm having trouble opening to a specific page when I add #page=4:
    baOpenfile("@\pdfs\Powder Cores\Magnetics_Powder_Core_Catalog_2011.pdf#page=4","normal")
    I've also tried working with the code below which seems to me like it should work... I didn't realize that the "open..." part of it was a function in Director.
    on mouseUp me
      pageNum = 4
      theApp = baShortFileName(baFindApp("pdf"))
      theDoc = baShortFileName("@\pdfs\Powder Cores\Magnetics_Powder_Core_Catalog_2011.pdf")
      theArgs = "/s /A page=" & string(pageNum)   & "&pagemode=bookmarks"
      -- (translates to "/A page=4" in this example)
      open theApp && theArgs && theDoc
    Thank you in advance!

    Thank you Dee! This works perfect!
    It would be cool to know how to use bashell() for this.
    The help files give the following examples:
    Result = baShell( Operation, Filename, Args, WorkDir, State )
    ok = baShell( "open", "c:\windows\notepad.exe", "myfile.txt" , "", "normal" )
    ok = baShell( "edit", "myfile.htm" , "", "", "normal" )
    So I tried:
    on mouseUp me
      -- Close the program group
      tWindowList = baWindowList( "" , "pdf" , false )
      if tWindowList <> [] and count(tWindowList) > 0 then  baCloseWindow(tWindowList[1])
      pageNum = 4
      theApp = baFindApp("pdf")
      theDoc = _movie.path & "pdfs\Powder Cores\Magentics Powder Core Catalog.pdf"
      theArgs = "/A "&QUOTE&"page="&string(pageNum)&"=OpenActions"&QUOTE
      baShell( "open", theApp, theDoc , theArgs, "normal" )
    It opens the pdf file without going to a specific page. Any thoughts as to why it wouldn't accept theArgs?
    Thanks again!

  • How to check the resolution of a pdf file using Acrobat 9 pro?

    How to check the resolution of a pdf file using Acrobat 9 pro?

    PDF files don't have one resolution, but may have none or many different resolutions, one per image. You can check the maximum/minimum resoluion with preflight in Acrobat Pro, but not in Adobe Reader.

  • Laserjet p2055dn is slow printing pdf files using mac

    My Mac is very slow printing pdf files on my hp laserjet p2055dn.  I have noticed fixes for this problem for people using Windows.  Is there a Mac solution?

    Do you want to create PDF files using Java? If so, there is a library available at Check out this site. There are many more similar PDFGEnerator tools that you can use..

  • Print PDF file using Acrobat SDK - Warning message

    We are trying to create automatic program in c# that will print all pdf files located in a specific folder, using Adobe Acrobat 9.0 SDK.
    Whenever the application tries to print file, we receive a warning message ("WARNING! A script has requested to print an Acrobat file. This could print an entire document. Do you want to proceed printing?").
    If we press yes, the file is printed, but next time we'll run the application, this message will appear again.
    Since this application supposed to run automatically (with no interaction with the end users), we want to prevent this warning message from appearing.
    How can we eliminate this warning message?
    Is there any other way to print PDF files using Adobe Acrobat from another application?

    joeln3:  I believe the original post refers to a client application, not a web page.  Why use JavaScript from within a client application?  I understood their use case to involve a client app referencing the PDF Library, loading various PDF files, and using one (or more) of the PDF Library's Print methods to invoke Acrobat's internal print routines.

  • How can i scan to a pdf file using hp officejet 4500 scan feature

    how can i scan to a pdf file using hp officejet 4500 scan feature.  only give a jpg or bit extension

    pf1tarac wrote: how can i scan to a pdf file using hp officejet 4500 scan feature.  only give a jpg or bit extension
    Hello pf1tarac, I don't believe that is possible. In order to create a PDF file, you would need Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF compatible product to save a scan to the PDF format.
    There are some free PDF programs available.  Here  is a link to one of them.
    Please click the White Kudos star on the left, to say thanks.
    Please mark Accept As Solution if it solves your problem.

  • How do I edit a PDF file using Acrobat 9 - Version 9.4.0

    My company - [name deleted by host] purchased Acrobat 9 - Version 9.4.0. for me
    How do I edit a PDF file using Acrobat 9 - Version 9.4.0
    I need to edit - copy, extract text, add text, etc. from existing PDF files to SAVE my changes,
    or create a new PDF file from an existing file.
    This is very important for me to be able to do my job effectively.
    I spent over 2 hrs the last few days, and another hour today, still can't do it.
    PLEASE respond ASAP with a solution.
    Thanks in advance,
    - Daulton West
    [signature deleted by host]

    PDF is an end destination format - although Acrobat is capable of making minor changes to a file (e.g. to correct typos) it is not a word processor or DTP application. Major changes must be done in the original document, and the PDF file re-exported.
    You can copy text from a file by selecting it and right-clicking, or you can save the file as plain or formatted text. To make small changes to the text on a page, use the touchup tool - see the help file for more info.

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