Bump on my macbook air

I have a (little) bump on my MacBook Air, there are white marks on the aluminum next to the bump and the bump is not depressed but elevated. Do you think that Apple's warranty can repair it? My Macbook is always protected by a case + shell and it never fell. Can you help ?

You mean a swell, not a bump.
On the trackpad?   It's important to know where

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  • How do I find out the Model # to my Macbook Air?

    Hi all. Finding the serial # is easy, but I cannot figure out what model # this is. The laptop was purchased used with no box or manuals, etc.
    Is there a way to find out this information? My wife wants to sell this and buy a Macbook Pro, but I do not want to list it in eBay or Craigslist without knowing exactly what to put down.
    Thanks so much.

    That a Model A1304.
    Here is some history:
    Announced in October 2008 and shipped in November, the MacBook Air (Late 2008) was no faster than its predecessor, in terms of processor speed. It gained performance, however, from a faster 1066 MHz bus, a larger 6 MB on-chip L2 cache, and a faster graphics chipset. In addition, the micro-DVI port was replaced with the new Mini DisplayPort, which was capable of driving a larger external display (2560x1600). The MacBook Air (Late 2008) shipped in two configurations: 1.6 GHz/2GB RAM/120 GB HD/$1799 U.S. and 1.86 GHz/2 GB RAM/128 GB solid-state/$2499 U.S.
    Edit: Actually the Mid 2009 also shows as MacBookAir 2,1
    Introduced in June 2009, the MacBook Air (Mid 2009) represented both a speed-bump and a cost reduction of the MacBook Air (Late 2008). It shipped in two configurations: 1.86 GHz/2GB RAM/120 GB HD/$1499 U.S. and 2.13 GHz/2 GB RAM/128 GB solid-state/$1799 U.S.
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  • Transferring from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air

    Hello community.
    I have a MacBook Pro 13" running OSX 10.7.5 purchased early 2012 (2.8GHz i7, 4GB memory, 750GB HDD).
    I am considering downsizing to an 11" MacBook Air (for when I'm travelling) with an external monitor (for when I'm working).  I'm finding the Pro too heavy to take around with me.
    First question: Will the latest MacBook Air with 2.0GHz i7 and 8GB memory be able to run the Adobe CS6 and a CAD program (Vectorworks)?  I need to downsize but I am worried about it not being able to cope with these fairly demanding programs.
    Second question/s:  The Air will come with OSX 10.8. 
    Can I use Time Machine to backup my MacBook Pro... but not all the files (cause there's 500GB)... just the apps and settings... and then put it on the new Air?  And then upgrade to 10.8? 
    Or should I upgrade to 10.8 on my MacBook Pro before using TimeMachine and tranferring to the Air? 
    Are the two computers compatible with TimeMachine?
    It is possible just to back up apps and settings using TimeMachine and I can move my essential documents over separately? (I can put most of that 500GB on an external drive instead).
    Thankyou for any assistance you can offer.

    I can answer your transfer questions.
    As for Adobe CS6 and Vectorworks they should run without any problem, but you might want to research compatibility with Mountain Lion.
    The two computers are comparable in their ability. The MacBook Air's additional memory and lack of a spinning hard disk should result in an overall apparent increase in performance, even if its CPU is a bit slower.
    I find that I use my MacBook Air more than my MBP simply because it is so much easier to carry around - the same reason you cite. Its battery life is greater also.
    Can I use Time Machine to backup my MacBook Pro... but not all the files (cause there's 500GB)... just the apps and settings... and then put it on the new Air?  And then upgrade to 10.8?
    Upgrading to Mountain Lion is not required nor is it that important.
    If storage is limited on your Time Machine backup disk you can simply use Setup Assistant to transfer all your MBP's content. Be sure to perform this when you initially set up your new Air. Using its equivalent Migration Assistant later will result in the creation of a second user account, which is fixable but a hassle.
    If you want to create a new account and play with your new MBA right away that's OK too, just don't create an account with the same user name as the one on your MBP. Give it a throwaway name so that you can use Migration Assistant later. After you migrate your MBP's account you can delete this temporary one.
    Are the two computers compatible with TimeMachine?
    It is possible just to back up apps and settings using TimeMachine and I can move my essential documents over separately?
    Not conveniently. It would be easier to transfer your essential documents over your network.
    No worries about bumping a post. If a question doesn't solicit any answers after a reasonable amount of time, or the replies you get are not helpful, just post a new question. Unanswered questions are more visible than ones with replies, even if the reply is your own.

  • MacBook Air can't connect to iMac network, but other computers can

    This one has been driving me absolutely batty.
    I have 4 computers on our network – a mini, iMac, Macbook, and Macbook Air. Screen and file sharing works great except everywhere except between the iMac and Air, which can't do anything with each other. They show up in each other's "Devices" list in the Finder, but trying to connect over any port, pinging, etc. doesn't work.
    I've tried turning off the Firewall, changing IP addresses and dns settings, rebooting, turning off ipv6, creating new user profiles on both machines, and just about anything else I can think of. What am I missing
    Thank you kindly for any help you can provide!

    That's been one of the more difficult parts – no connections work over any protocols/ports that I've tried, whether via browsing or Connect to Server..., though something is working (UDP?) to allow both computers to see each other in the devices list in the Finder.
    It happened just now. I was working on the Air and had mounted the iMac. It worked fine for about 15 minutes and then I suddenly got the pinwheel of death when trying to access the mounted iMac volume. Hanging, hanging, hanging, so I relaunched the Finder. Now I can't access the iMac at all (except, again, to see it in the devices list).
    Here are seemingly related messages in the console (note that there is 1.2 TB unused on iMac and 11 GB unused on Air). It's showing some kind of file system error. Guess I'll run fsck and see what happens.
    Thanks again for your help!
    3/2/11 9:44 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 received event(s) VQ_LOWDISK, VQ_VERYLOWDISK (516)
    3/2/11 9:45 PM hdiejectd[5532] quitCheck: calling exit(0)
    3/2/11 9:58 PM quicklookd[6053] [QL] 'Creating thumbnail' timed out for '<QLThumbnailRequest /Volumes/jed/Documents/lost/food.eps>' (Start date: 2011-03-02 21:57:41 -0500)
    3/2/11 9:58 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 received event(s) VQ_NOTRESP (1)
    3/2/11 9:58 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 type 'afpfs', mounted on '/Volumes/jed', from 'afp_0X76lf1xMNqb4yHcGc0cKW9p-1.2d000006', not responding
    3/2/11 9:58 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 found 1 filesystem(s) with problem(s)
    3/2/11 9:58 PM kernel ASP_TCP Disconnect: triggering reconnect by bumping reconnTrigger from curr value 0 on so 0x70cab28
    3/2/11 9:58 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect started /Volumes/jed prevTrigger 0 currTrigger 1
    3/2/11 9:58 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: doing reconnect on /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:58 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: posting to KEA EINPROGRESS for /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:58 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: Max reconnect time: 30 secs, Connect timeout: 15 secs for /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:58 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect to the server /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect on /Volumes/jed failed 60.
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect to the server /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: connect on /Volumes/jed failed 60.
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel ]
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: posting to KEA to unmount /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel ASP_TCP CancelOneRequest: cancelling slot 0 error 89 reqID 6337 flags 0x29 afpCmd 0x3C so 0x70cab28
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel ASP_TCP CancelOneRequest: cancelling slot 1 error 89 reqID 6338 flags 0x29 afpCmd 0x22 so 0x70cab28
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel ASP_TCP Disconnect: triggering reconnect by bumping reconnTrigger from curr value 1 on so 0x70cab28
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect started /Volumes/jed prevTrigger 1 currTrigger 2
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel AFP_VFS afpfs_DoReconnect: already in unmount /Volumes/jed
    3/2/11 9:59 PM kernel
    3/2/11 9:59 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 received event(s) VQ_DEAD (32)
    3/2/11 9:59 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 type 'afpfs', mounted on '/Volumes/jed', from 'afp_0X76lf1xMNqb4yHcGc0cKW9p-1.2d000006', dead
    3/2/11 9:59 PM KernelEventAgent[37] tid 00000000 found 1 filesystem(s) with problem(s)

  • WD external 1TB not working anymore @ Macbook Air

    hi there.
    After hours trying to figure it out, I just realized that I have too an OLD WD 1TB that has the sata brdge together with the drive itself... problem is, my Macbook is not recognizing the WD passport anymore. It is my time machine backup drive, so I am kind of upset...
    There is a way, any way to put this drive again working, in another drive case or whatever?
    I already updated the drives, I have 2 others external drvies, one from iomega and another one from WD, olders, and both are working.
    i bought this one january/2013 in LA. How old are they?!?! gosh...
    I have a MacBook Air 13", MACOSX 10.8.
    here is a photo from the drive, after I had opened the case.
    Thanks for any help or hint.
    Cheers form Brazil,

    Yup, that is WHY you never buy WD external HD, they cheap out and save 50 cents by making the controller board and SATA bridge card the same unit
    Toshiba is now doing the same thing, avoid them as well
    Purchase Seagate and Hitachi to avoid that (Hitachi are the best ext. USB drives without doubt)
    see here all about it:
    Your dead external hard drive is likely fine! Great hope for your 'faulty' external HD
    There is a way, any way to put this drive again working, in another drive case or whatever?
    ONLY if you had another identical HD you could swap the controller boards.
    . It is my time machine backup drive, so I am kind of upset...
    You never should have let yourself be in the position of having a single external DATA copy, ever
    hard drives are way way too cheap to let that happen.
    i bought this one january/2013 in LA. How old are they?!?! gosh...
    That doesnt mean anything
    Hard Drive Warning (all makes and models)
    Ironically but logical, new hard drives are far more fragile than one that has been working for several months or a couple years. So beware in your thinking that a new hard drive translates into “extremely reliable”!
    Hard drives suffer from high rates of what has been termed "infant mortality". Essentially this means new drives have their highest likelihood of failing in the first few months of usage. This is because of very minor manufacturing defects or HD platter balancing, or head and armature geometry being less than perfect; and this is not immediately obvious and can quickly manifest itself once the drive is put to work.
    Hard drives that survive the first few months of use without failing are likely to remain healthy for a number of years.
    Generally HD are highly prone to death or corruption for a few months, then work fine for a few years, then spike in mortality starting at 3-4 years and certainly should be considered end-of-life at 5-7+ years even if still working well. Drives written to once and stored away have the highest risk of data corruption due to not being read/written to on a regular basis. Rotate older working HD into low-risk use.
    The implication of this is that you should not trust a new hard drive completely (really never completely!) until it has been working perfectly for several months.
    Given the second law of thermodynamics, any and all current mfg. HD will, under perfect storage conditions tend themselves to depolarization and a point will be reached, even if the HD mechanism is perfect, that the ferromagnetic read/write surface of the platter inside the HD will entropy to the point of no viable return for data extraction. HD life varies, but barring mechanical failure, 3-8 years typically.
    Hard drive failure and handling
    The air cushion of air between the platter surface and the head is microscopic, as small as 3 nanometers, meaning bumps, jarring while in operation can cause head crash, scraping off magnetic particles causing internal havoc to the write surface and throwing particles thru the hard drive.
    Hard drives are fragile in general, regardless, ... in specific while running hard drives are extremely fragile.
    PDF: Bare hard drive handling generic instructions
    hard drive moving parts
    Some of the common reasons for hard drives to fail:
    Infant mortality (due to mfg. defect / build tolerances)
    Bad parking   (head impact)
    Sudden impact   (hard drive jarred during operation, heads can bounce)
    Electrical surge   (fries the controller board, possibly also causing heads to write the wrong data)
    Bearing / Motor failure   (spindle bearings or motors wear during any and all use, eventually leading to HD failure)
    Board failure   (controller board failure on bottom of HD)
    Bad Sectors   (magnetic areas of the platter may become faulty)
    General hard drive failure

  • Letter keys are not working on MacBook Air when playing games?

    Hello. I'm using 10.6.6 on my MacBook Air 2.1 (2009 model).
    I've got a really strange issue when playing games (any game produces this issue). ONLY the letter keys aren't working. The rest is working - numbers, function keys, arrows, tab, enter, delete, etc. Only the keys A to Z are not working.
    This happens both on native games (like Hedgewars from App Store) and ported ones (like Need for speed).
    What's the issue?
    Thank you!


  • I'm debating between a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro which one would you suggest?

    I'm debating between a Macbook Air (MC965LL/A) or a Macbook Pro (MD313LL/A) which one would you suggest?
    I will be using this for college and taking it to class with me.  My biggest fear is that I may be too hard on the Air and damage it, but I like that it is lighter and looks cooler.  But which one do you believe is more logical and provides the best computer quality overall?

    This is an objective comparison,
    Meanwhile, we start from the price of their basic models, considering of course that could get discounts as a student in the Education Store. Required about 100 € more to buy an Air with the same screen size of this Pro and already, in some cases, may be enough to make your own choice.
    Assuming a score to score, we could say: Pro 1 - 0 Air
    Until recently, the beloved laptop for school purposes was the white MacBook.Orphaned "bianchino", now out of the list for some time now Apple, the Mac that is most on the economic front is approaching the Air 11 "(900 € on the edu store). Air 13 "display offers a native that could be called HiRes, identical resolution to that of Pro 15" base:
    Air 11 "(16:9) 1366 x 768 = 1,049,088 pixels
    Pro 13 "(16:10 format) 1280 x 800 = 1,024,000 pixels
    Air 13 "(16:10 format) 1440 x 900 = 1,296,000 pixels
    The comparison on the screens is not to be taken seriously. After all, is what we will see during every second of computer work.
    And so the challenge back in a tie: Pro 1 - Air 1
    For size and weight comparison is merciless. The Pro is a portable slim, well built and, after all, not too heavy. However, this aspect of the Air is unsurpassed. He created a new category of laptops is so small wonder. The weight is also almost halved with 1.3 kg against 2Kg. For those who are always on the go is a godsend for the university and also the difference in the shoulder is remarkable.
    We update our score: Pro 1 - Air 2
    The battery is offered in both cases with a duration of 7 hours. 2-Air Pro 3. Another aspect that is rather in favor of a tie on the graphics: Both models use the Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384MB of DDR3 SDRAM condivisa.Pro 3 - Air 4.
    In academia, it may not feel quite the need for a Firewire port, but the fact remains that the Air does not have it.
    I guess that's the case to score another point: Pro 4 - 5 Air
    I scored a little more than necessary to have a complete line of Air, but for the purposes of this comparison we are interested in the value obtained from the Pro 13 'Air base and 13 "base. Both processors are dual core and, as you can see, the little guy gets along very well though with a slower clock. There is also a crucial aspect to consider: these data refer to the computing power but do not take into account the incredible speed-bump-up by SSD. Translated into monetary terms means that if the Pro 13 "is marginally faster when the CPU is under stress (such as video encoding) Air 13" is significantly more responsive in every area. By now you will present the advantages of SSD, as we talk about it constantly, and be assured that we are talking about really obvious differences in the everyday. The advantages obtained clearly outweigh the disadvantage resulting from a delay of a few seconds more in exporting an iMovie or a few seconds to compress a full-bodied zip file (which then increased the write speed scale in part). To assign a score in this area I find then a little 'in difficulty. From the viewpoint of the CPU Pro 13 "is slightly faster but we are sure you can assign an advantage when then every single operation, to start since, requires up to 8 times (the value is clearly approximate) of the time ' Air 11 "? I have no doubt to say that overall performance on the front of the Pro 13 "basis, as configured, is beaten hands down Air 13" base.
    I say then: Pro 4 - Air 6 (but wait ... is not over)
    Do you know where the above discussion decade? The MacBook Pro is much more expandable: add just € 77 and takes a 60GB OCZ Agility SATA3 that mounts in an instant. At that point, the bill draws on the opposite reactivity with SSD and the difference of the processor, though not so obvious, back to bite. It is also possible to realize different combinations. We have spoken of a disk of only 60GB in effect, but in the Pro can also be used as an adapter to enter the optibay the HDD of 320GB in place of the original SuperDrive. In this way we obtain the speed of the solid disc for the operating system and applications and the increased capacity of a traditional hard drive for archiving. Also, the RAM, which base is 4GB on both, on the Pro can be easily increased to 8GB. To want to do things right we should say that the added cost rises well and lose the initial assumption for which we have assigned a point to Pro for the greater economy.Furthermore, the comparison is based, only the basic models, however, the counter remains a valuable expandability, both now and in the future: if after some time you should decide to improve the performance of your Mac, is with the Aircan only change SSD (mSATA but those are expensive), while the Pro will have more flexibility.
    u point for the Pro: Pro 5 - 6 Air
    With the 2011 version of the MacBook Air has resumed the backlit keyboard, but still (and will) not have an Ethernet port, Superdrive and the infrared receiver. The absence of the reader / writer is a point against him, this is indisputable
    equal footing Pro 6 - Air 6. As Apple moves fast towards a future where this will no longer be necessary (see installation and operating system software via the web) can still be useful today. It must be said that with less than 30 € you take an external drive efficiently (review) but this still requires to carry around another "element". On a personal level each of us will be evaluated differently this absence, there are those who do not tolerate it and who has already got used to (in extreme cases supported by the Remote Disk feature) but it is still a lack of perspective in a single complete computer , at least at present.
    For this reason we say: Pro 7 - 6 Air
    pull the money (or better scores ) won the pro of a single point.
    i hope it can help you ti choose

  • Macbook Air 11" (2012) 8GB Ram, 128 GB SSD: i5 vs. i7 as travel companion for a little LR4/Aperture 3

    Hello everyone,
    I am about to buy a MBA 11" for my early 2013 four week trip to Asia. I travel about 2 1/2 months a year and was wondering if the 180€ upgrade to i7 was really worth it?
    Besides the obvious movies and web browsing I plan to be taking around 50 pictures a day with my Canon S100 and do some Lightroom 4 or Aperture 3 retouching on a dozen or so of them.
    Any suggestions?
    Best Regards,

    I've been using Lightroom & Aperture on and off as a "casual enthusiast" for the past 4 years across multiple different machines (i3s with 2GBs of RAM, i5s with 4/8GB, i7s with 16GB) and I've come to the conclusion that it boils down to this -
    1.) You can never have enough available resources/processing power. Whether it's RAM or CPU, you won't find yourself ever saying: "Man this computer is too fast for my needs." When you tell your computer to do something, you'll always be waiting for it to then perform that action. It might 1 milisecond or 10 minutes but you're still waiting even if it's so fast that it gives the appearance of an instant response.
    2.) "Maxing out" a unit is an excellent strategy when purchasing a computer. Especially on computers, like the MacBook Air where upgrading them at a future point in time to keep it current is impossible. The CPU you buy today will be the CPU you'll have until you part with the computer. So bumping things up to the maximum like RAM and CPU capabilities would be considered as smart by people who like to "future proof." That being said, if you're the type of person (like myself) who upgrades their portabilities every 8-14 months this maxing out strategy may not be most beneficial. Especially considering, in my case, I sell my existing unit in preparation for the newer models and in order to reduce my out of pocket find that the base models resell much faster and with the best ROP (Return on Purchase, I don't consider a computer an investment).
    3.) If you are the type of purchase, like my girlfriend, who buys a computer and will use it until the end of days (5 years typically) then maxing out every available slider, option or upgrade is almost a no brainer. Because in 5 years when the computer's hardware is barely relevant that extra oomph she purchased initially allows her to get a much better DOP (Duration of purchase) versus someone who didn't spend the extra money for the extra performance.
    So personally, if you can afford the CPU upgrade, you intend to hold onto the machine for several years and you value your time as money then every bit helps. I'd say... Go For It!
    However if the finances are tight, if you don't intend to make this 11" MBA your bread & butter, go to, workhorse then hold off and put that $$ to use on something like AppleCare, peripherals or accessories.
    Yes, the i7 is faster. But at the end of the day it's still a dual core low voltage CPU and the differences between both CPUs in practical usage is not going to be so extreme that time will stop.

  • I Bought the MacBook Air...  and returned it, and returned it again, etc...

    Thank you for everyones help here in helping make my decision on buying the MacBook Air. I decided to buy one. So the story goes I ended up buying and returning 3 different MacBook Air with the SSD because they all had the grey lines. Very frustrating to say the least. After I returned the last one I happened to be visiting Best Buy the same day. They had a MacBook Air HDD version on display. This particular one had no lines and looked very nice. As a side note, the lines are a deal breaker for anyone wondering. I use Word and Pages a lot, and the grey lines are an easy distraction against the white background.
    I ended up looking at the serial number and display manufacturer information on the MacBook Air that was on display at BestBuy. The panel number was 00009C8F and the serial number indicated it had been built in week 53 of 2008. Fortunately the lock up cage for the MacBook Air was right beneath the table the computer was displayed on. They had a brand new one in stock with the same build week, but it was a HDD version. I had already made my mind up that I was buying the MacBook Air with SSD, but after the experience at the Apple Store (buying and returning 3 different ones) I was going to try the on-line store. I thought what the heck do I have to lose. I bought it! I got it home powered it on, and the screen had no grey lines! YAHOO! In addition, after using the HDD version for a couple hours I think I saved myself $700. I could not tell the difference in speed (except in cold boot times, marginally) between the SSD and the HDD.
    In conclusion, I wonder if the SSD has something to do with the grey lines. It is more of a conspiracy theory at this point, but I got my MBA without grey lines and I am happy! Thanks for everyones help in provide buying information.

    Hi Soft Reset,
    I do agree with you that it is not hardware related to the hard drive type. I just could not believe that I could not find an SSD without problems. Like I stated though, I was pleasenty surprised by the performance of the HDD version. In the end I think I saved $700, but to reiterate, I am just using office, internet, and e-mail. Therefore the SSD is really not a neccessity. If they come out with a REV C and a bump in SSD sizes, I will probably sucomb to upgrading. Thanks again!

  • 13" Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display vs. 13" Macbook Air?

    Hi! I'm an upcoming college student (starting my freshman year in the fall) and I am deciding between the 13" Macbook Pro w/ Retina vs the 13" Macbook Air...I am commuting 40 mins each way to school, so I'll be traveling with the laptop daily. I plan on majoring in psychology, though I am probably switching to become an English teacher so graphics aren't TOO important but they would be a huge bonus. I will be writing a lot, along with using iTunes heavily and social media sites. Would you recommend the air or the pro for a student like me?

    The MBA is lighter but not by that much. The MBPr is faster and has a superior display. I’m a happy MBA user and right now I’d call it the best Mac notebook I’ve ever owned. (My first was the original PowerBook 140.) Next year I’ll be replacing my 2011 MBA and I’m seriously considering the MBPr instead simply due to the speed bump and superior display. However, whichever way you go you can’t go wrong.

  • MacBook Air requires Bootcamp 2.0.1 and not 2.0ormer

    Took me a while to figure this one out and I couldn't find that it had been covered here.
    If you run the Bootcamp assistant on the new MacBook Airs, the printed documentation omits to point out that you MUST use bootcamp 2.0.1 and not 2.0. The former comes on the new disks which come with your Air. The latter version is on the Leopard DVD. Version 2.0 will blue screen XP when it tries to install the drivers (after you've installed XP).
    It's kind of obvious that you should use the new disk, since the drivers are likely to be new for the Air, but blue screening and zero documentation on the problem is likely to give some folks a speed bump.

    What leopard DVD?
    I have the MBA DVD Disk 1, with leopard on it and Disk 2 with xcode/utils. Are you saying what gets installed on the system is not 2.0.1? I indeed looked up @ the get info and saw that bootcamp assistant is 2.0. If what you are saying is correct, can you please tell HOW you get 2.0.1 off the MBA disk 1?

  • Macbook Air 13 vs Pro 13 resolution

    I just bought the newest top end Macbook Pro 13 inch (2.9ghz) however I'm feeling buyer's remorse. Part of me desires the higher resolution of the 13 inch Macbook Air. However, my main reason for getting the pro was for legacy features and more bang for my buck (better guts in the MBP).
    I do use ethernet connection oftentimes, however I could always use the thunderbolt adapter if i had the air.
    My question really is, is the slight bump in the 13 inch resolution in the Air that much better?
    1440x900 vs the MBP 1200x800

    i've been quite pleased with my MBP 13. at first i was regretting it due to size, resolution etc. but the power of the machine, the huge hard drive, and the i7 standard (on the 2.9 ghz model) all make up for it. it runs incredibly smoothly and is very responsive. i still get yearning for the Retina 15 inch but that power would go unused. I might upgrade a year or two down the line when they release a 13 inch Retina and let my wife have this computer, shes due for an upgrade soon.
    i would trade the MBP 13 for a maxed out MBA 13 but that would be pricey.
    i thought about the 11 inch for ultra portability, but even though resolution is nice its just a really small screen.
    if you ever use legacy features (ethernet, optical drive) the Pro wins hands down.
    i use ethernet quite a bit to connect sometimes and its nice having it build in versus having to carry an extra dongle in addition to a cable.
    really the only thing making me reconsider is the resolution difference and it would be nice to be lighter and thinner. everything else on the Pro is nice, though i wish it had a better graphics card

  • How to properly take care of a MacBook air 11 inch late 2010 refurbished

    How do you properly take care of a apple macbook air refurbished late 2010 11 inch? It's working well now since I got it from a trusted website (apple) but anything can break? How do I make it live long if I have to use it everyday?

    hariiyer wrote:
    1.If someone hacks it
    don't visit any questionable websites (i.e. torrent, adult entertainment)
    2.if it breaks because something hard bumps into it
    That may happen, just do your best to prevent it from happening.  As suggested, you can purchase a case for it, but there is only so much someone can do to prevent an accident that will cause damage.
    3.if you lay something on it
    Don't do that.
    4.What'll happen if you drop it
    no one can predict whay may happen if you drop it.  It may be fine, or it could result in a costly repair.
    5.Openings that allow crumbs/water into it
    Don't eat/drink around your mac.

  • Carry cases for the 11" MacBook Air and new 12" MacBook IN-STORE

    i came in-store today to look at the new MacBooks (which the store did not have) so I started to ask questions about what accessories the store was going to be stocking for it.  They didn't have any of the new USB-C accessories either and when I asked about cases, the employee became noticeably uncomfortable. Come to find out, it's because the stores don't really carry ANY cases for the smaller MacBooks in-store except a Thule bumper case. The employee began showing me Surface and Chromebook cases and a lot of them didn't look all that great. Interesting enough, I jumped online tonight, navigated over to BestBuy.com > Computers > Laptops > All Laptops and sorted them by "Best Selling."  The 11.6" MacBook Air came up within the top 45 results and the other 11.6" MacBook model, the top 60 results. So you have two 11" Apple MacBook Pros that, by your own admission, BOTH rank within the top 60 in regards to sales and you carry a whopping 1 case that is actually for them. I point that out because while you can use a Surface Case for an Air, most don't have pockets to accommodate a MagSafe adapter, for example, because the charger for the Surface is much smaller.  You're now (with the new MacBooks) adding TWELVE new sub 13-inch laptops to your inventory which would officially mean you have 14 notebooks with a screen smaller than 13" inches, 6 notebooks with a screen 13" inches and 2 notebooks with a 15" screen. 90% of your in-store case inventory are for 13" MacBooks, 9% are for 15" and 1% (being very modest here) are for the 11.6."  Now, I was not a math major, but I was a marketing and management minor and I can tell you that I see a huge problem with this picture that is begging to be solved. This problem only becomes more compounded when you consider that May-September, laptops take center stage in electronics/office stores for sales as students began to shop for laptops for back-to-school.

    Here are a few nice-looking 11" and 12" sleeves that I found online that I believe would be an asset to your inventory.  The Decoded MacBook Air Slim Cover - $99.99 MSRPBlack Python MacBook Leather Cover - $149.99 MSRPHampshire Laptop Sleeve - $72 MSRP I saved the best for last:MacBook Laptop SleeveCase - $45 to $75 MSRPThere's a pouch that attaches to the sleeve. At first glance it looks like part of the "case" but it's actually an add-on that converts a basic sleeve into a case with extra room for accessories (see below for sleeve without this pouch).Available trims for this sleeve/case.Sleeve with flap and without the shoulder strap or pouch add-on. 

  • My MacBook Air 13" - 2011 has bluetooth issues ?

    WHY ?

    Maybe with this bump an expert will take a look at the crash dump.
    In the mean time, a generic solution for such problems is to verify (and if needed repair) the system disk and then reïnstall OS X.  If you need help with these procedures, post back.

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