Business Catalyst free web hosting

What level of subscription do you get with the free Business Catalyst Creative Cloud site hosting? For example, is it WebBasics or WebBasics+?

The minimum: webBasics
"Receive five Business Catalyst webBasics sites for personal or client projects as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud™ membership."

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  • Transfer existing website to CS6 Business Catalyst as web host and few technical support issues

        I need assistance with transferring an existing website  -  -  (designed with Dreamweaver CS4) to my Creative Cloud CS6 account - to web hosting by CS6 Business Catalyst.
         Beyond that, need advice as to how to repair a couple of non-funcitonal links on site (check out site to see a couple of pics that don't work).  I'm looking forward to uploading more content (pitchers an' writin's) and to do major upgrade to the site, but am unable to do so ... need technical support re how to do these simple (should be) things.
         Look forward to assistance.

    You can publish your site to Business Catalyst in few simple steps. Please check out these videos : lyst-and-dreamweaver-cs6-creating-and-publishing-sites/ lyst-and-dreamweaver-cs6-creating-and-publishing-sites/
    Once you have created a business catalyst site, all you need to do is to upload your existing site content to the your business catalyst site. I am assuming you have a local back up of you site.
    If you need any further assistance, you can contact BC support by initiating chat from
    Kind Regards,

  • May I use my five Business catalyst websites to host . . .

    As a creative cloud subscriber, may I use my five free Business catalyst websites to host my own site with my own domain name or are these five sites only for testing?

    Please refer to : &
    They provide you the complete detail.

  • *OT* Free Web Hosting

    Does anybody know a free web hosting company with good
    bandwidth. I understand the idea of it being free means that it
    probably isn't that great, but i'm just wondering.

    T35 hosting has free hosting for a limited amount of bandwidth I'd Imagine.
    Alex Melen the owener of the Company Is my Friend and I think hes been doing a great job In still keeping T35 free.
    well,theres also a paid alternative but you can go for the free one if you so desire.
    I would however recommend you to go for a cheap package rather than a free one If you looking to host an Ecommerce website,If its a personal blog type of a website then the free alternative might work for you.
    A lot of hosting companies are listed on this website :
    you can check out reviews there.

  • Need free web hosting

    Hello! I seeking a free web hosting of jsp. I'm a student for Information system develop, so I need a free web hosting for test. If you know, please help me! Thanks!

    Just enter "free hosting" in the search field, check "Java Discussion Forums" and press enter...
    You're student... first lesson: use search engine.

  • Free web hosting JSP

    free web hosting JSP any some info.

    Yes, there is. Go to
    This website used to be myCGIserver, but then they got into financial troubles.
    Rick Ross from gave them some money and then they changed the name into

  • Any suggestions for good free web hosting service for my IWeb page, other than MObileMe

    Any suggestions for good free web hosting service for my IWeb page, other than MobileMe?

    MobileMe is not free.
    Search : free webhosting
    You can narrow the results by being more specific by adding town, province or country.
    You can also start by checking out your own ISP.
    Or be free as in here :
    Here's mine :

  • Terminal & Ext. Drive Problem - Will Give 6 MO. FREE Web Hosting For Result

    Thank you for reading this! I am having a problem with an external drive, which has pictures and files that I use and need! I figured terminal would be the easiest way to fix this, but if someone knows another way to fix it, feel free to suggest that. I am willing to give 6 months of free web hosting from my company to the person who gives me full direction and a working answer to my question.*
    HISTORY: On my iMac G5 I use an external hard drive to store files and pictures, etc. This drive has two (2) partitions. I named one partition "Backup" and the other "The Drive". For some reason, unknown to me, my computer renamed "The Drive" to "The Drive 1". I have used this drive for quite some time with no problem at all, but then...
    I needed to let someone else use the computer but did not want them to have access to the "The Drive 1" partition. So, I went into "Get Info" for this partition and selected "No Access". It worked fine, not able to access.
    When I went to change the permissions back, this particular partition was not available. I saw the "Backup" partition but not "The Drive 1". I tried unplugging and plugging back in the external drive, but still only see the "Backup" partition. In "Disk Utility" I see both partitions, but the button "Verify/Repair Disk Permissions" are gray-ed out (not available). I called Apple's Wonderful Tech Support who went above and beyond to help me out with this issue, but they said it was not something they cover in support.
    I am looking for someone with the skill of being able to use Terminal very well. I will provide all information needed to figure out a result to this issue.
    In Terminal I was stuck after I typed "cd /Volumes" and "ls -l". I saw the "Backup" partition and "The Drive 1" partition. "Backup" had this "drwxrwxr-x" and "The Drive 1" had this "d---rwxr-x". I understand that "d" is directory and what "r" "w" and "x" mean, but I do not know how to fix it from here. Apple suggested to try "chmod 775 /TheDrive1" or "sudo chmod 775 /TheDrive1" but it only resulted in: "chmod: /TheDrive1: No such file or directory". Please figure something out, I need these files. Thank you. And also, if you know another way to fix this without terminal that is fine as well, i just assumed that it would be easiest this way.
    Thanks again!
    Thank you all so much!
    *I will give the 6 months free as long as the answer is fully answered, and fixes my problem. If more than one person answers correctly, only the first will receive the hosting. Do not think this is a joke, I will give the hosting, but not if I get bad or incorrect information. Also, this "free hosting" will be for hosting through my company ( and not money for hosting of your choice. If I figure out the problem, I will try to post it as soon as possible. The web hosting package you recieve will be 1 gigabyte of disk space and 15 gigabytes of data transfer. This is limited to six months from day of setup, but can be extended by paying regular $9.95 monthly fee. Thanks again!
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

    Yes it did work. It was a million times easier than I expected and I got a response a million times faster than I would have ever expected. Thank you soo soo much. This is amazing, a miracle... not to get to crazy now, but I truly thank you with so much thanks. Ok, I guess if you do not need any web hosting, I must repay you some how. So, if you need any help with a website, or any questions at all I would be more than willing to help.
    Once again thank you! I called Apple twice and they went beyond support in trying to help me, but they said nope, we can't. So I came to the discussion forum this afternoon and in less than 2 hours I signed up, posted my question, got a response, and had my issue solved! Thank you so much. And please, please take me up on the offer to help, it is the least I can do.

  • Free Web Hosting withdrawn

    Does anyone else think this is ridiculous?
    Apparently not many people were using it.
    Well, I have always used it and only found out that it had stopped when I tried to http to it.
    The alternative they suggest is to buy business webspace.
    As it happens I have business broadband. Not cheap anyway. And I have to pay extra to retain the email addresses that I used when I had home broadband.
    But everyone knows where my home boardband werbsite is. And I've used it as a reference in Wikipedia.
    Also I managed to get a good name!
    How much would this cost to maintain for the allegedly few users?. Anyone who knows anything about web hosting knows that it isn't necessary of course to maintain a seperate web server

    Ectophile wrote:
    jasee wrote:
    Maybe a petition to the government might work if enough people care to sign it
    Given that the free web space hasn't been advertised by BT to its customers for many years now, I don't suppose there were that many people still using it.  So your odds of a petition acieving anything are pretty mich nil.
    BT decided that it wasn't making them any money keeping the service, and they couldn't be bothered to maintain the server any more.
    BT are a big multinational company.  They really don't care what you think.  And they don't take much notice of anything said on this forum.
    Yes, that sounds like the attitudes of a big company
    Well it would be interesting to know how many customer sites they have closed.
    If they did (for some strange reason) host the personal web pages on a single machine alone (unlikely) then of course it could easily be hosted elsewhere, as they do still provide web services.

  • Domain & Business Catalyst Website Muse Hosting URL Change

    Hi everyone,
    in case I host my muse site with BC (Business Catalyst). And I want to use a domain (for example "") which I purchased at a third-party.
    In case I choose the re-delegating option as mentioned here: managing-your-site/
    Check –> minute 4:14
    As you can see on the pop-up window, there is a description:
    "Recommended: use this service to host your website requiring you to re-delegate the domain"
    Will it show in the URL if a user checks out my website? Will it then be "" instead of ""?

    Responded to your previous thread,
    Please let me know if you still have any issue.

  • Transfer domain to Business Catalyst from another host

    I have redesigned my first website in Muse and want to host it on Business Catalyst. My client is currently using another host. How difficult is it to make the transfer using the existing domain?

    Heaps of guides on this in the guide section here, faq, and the knowledgebase.

  • Business Catalyst | External Link | Hosting on BC | Original, "fake" URL | External website | Muse

    Hi everyone,
    I am hosting my Muse website at Business Catalyst. But of course I don´t want to my users to see where the site is hosted.
    Thus my real URL is like: "" but I made an adjustmend in my BC account so the URL which shows up in the browser is "" (example)
    Now – here comes my problem:
    I want to have a link to an other website on my homepage.
    When I click on the button, I am transferred to the other website, but the URL still shows ""
    But in this case I want it to show the real URL of the other website "" (example)
    Is this something I can change via Muse or via Buiness Catalyst?
    Or can I change it at all, if I want to keep the settings with "my fake URL"
    I am so lost here!
    Please help.
    Thanks XOX,
    best Frenchfries

    You can hyperlink the button to external page url , which when clicked will take the user to external link.
    Please let me know if this is not what you are looking for.

  • Free web hosting?

    Hi everyone - I have read several of the help pages and searched all over for information on free space with BT and can't find a thing to help me. Some of you say it is free but I don't know how to access it. I have followed links and have been told that it is no longer free and it then directs me to the £5 a month using BT's web design software. We moved from Tiscali and I had a web site set up with the free space provided by them. Now I have a domain name and web pages but  no where to send them. I don't want to have to pay or to re-create the pages - life is too short. We have phone and broadband with BT - can anyone advise? Gloryb

    Gloryb wrote:
    Thanks - but I've already looked at that and it took me to a pdf about BT Web Hosting - quick start. I don't need to create a web site as I have one already set up in Front Page. I have a domain name through 123 and I had it forwarded to our Tiscali free space. All I want to do is the same if possible. If I have missed something on your link then please let me know. I'll have another look after I've sent this reply. Any help would be gratefully received however. Ta Gloryb.
    A pdf file ?
    My link doesn't do that ! To be frank, my page is probably the best place for details about BTinternet webspace and how to get at it. Make sure you've gone to option 10 of my shortcuts.
    BTinternet webspace doesn't support Front Page extensions (if you were using any), but basic hosting is fine.
    All you need to do is alter the forwarding to BTinternet webspace, much like you do now to the Tiscali webspace. Obviously, you need to build your site onto btinternet webspace first
    My shortcuts do exactly what you are wishing to achieve as it happens

  • Free Web Hosting Service

    Hi, i have created a small website with iWeb. I have a free trial of a mac account but i dont have enuf space fro the site. Does anyone know of any website that gives you FREE! web hosting likke or something liike that?
    P.S. i said free

    i have ntl broadband, i dont think they give free
    webspace, if they do i think you have to pay for it.
    Have you tried looking at the info on their site? Is this it?
    It says "FREE 55Mb of webspace"

  • Free web hosting for PHP Oracle 10g XE applications

    Hi guys
    I am a student currently completing my final year project of a BSc Information Systems / Computer Science programme. I am using PHP and Oracle 10g XE and I was hoping that someone could advise me on a good web hosting site for student applications that is available at no cost, since I can't afford to pay for hosting. It is important that I host my site because my university tutor (in the UK) needs to access my site and provide feedback at this point in the project. Any assistance will be very much appreciated.

    Just to let everyone know, i will do free hosting for students needing it for there projects, i will need an academic email address for corespodence, so thats a .edu or for example.
    I have just relaunched the website and slashed my prices, so starter packages are from 2.99 a month for oracle and php.
    Any questions reply to this thread

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    hey recently i reset my ipod wid the usual hold on back off and then menu and select for a while, it erased all of my music, thats not the problem, now it wont recognise the ipod and a file with an ! mark on it comes up wen i plug it in.

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