Business Use case -very urgent

Hi ,
I am working on one usecase in which we are thinking to provide business services with java card something like getBalance in wallet example ,but unlike applet example, we want it to be catrerd by the application on server side .While going through documentaion of JAVA card 3.0 specification , i understood it will be possible with 3.0 .
But can someone guide me ,can i achive same thing with available release.??
If possible please point me to appropriate documentation if any .
Thannks a million

Mail me on [email protected] I think I can help.

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    In my business use case , i have remotely running multiple clients in native language which will send data to server after every 5-10 sec.Now on server site we need to store that data , as well as we also have web based GUI on which if user will query to see some graphs.
    I am evaluating various technologies to server my need with better performance
    1. Web -services --- will expose some method to push data but problem is that since data is getting pushed so frequently is it good idea to call web services again and again ?
    2. Socket based implementation will this help in this senario ?
    3. Or something like JMS will serve need ?
    Kindly let me know asap ,if you have anything else to propose ,please go ahead.

    Mail me on [email protected] I think I can help.

  • Tag case : very urgent

    hi experts ,
    is it possible to change the case of the tags of the soapdocument...
    there are two methods in soaddocument class to change the case of the tag... its default (uppercase) and mixcase (upper +lower case Eg:Name) ..
    i want to change the case of the tag to lower case completely (Eg :name)
    can ne one help me out with methods n ways to do it...
    i need this to map the abap tags with the wsdl of ejb service...
    its very urgent .....

    Why does it seem that most newbies threads are urgent?   Is it a lack of knowledge?   Unwilling to use the F1 help in the Editor?

  • Swings using FORTE- very urgent

    hi all..
    i want to know is forte is still used to develop swing applications?
    'cz i need to develop swing applications using forte..
    is forte reasonable for developing swings??
    plzz let me know the answers for this as it is very urgent for me..
    waiting for your favourable response..
    plzz mail me to [email protected]
    thanks in advance

    Forte is fine but the default folder it starts in depends on where it was loaded from. For Windows, the current folder will be the
    %FORTE_HOME%\bin folder or whatever was set in the shortcut.
    Workaround: create a new project and mount a new folder (directory if you like). Then close Forte and make a new Shortcut with the Start In field set to the project's home folder. Use the shortcut to start Forte.

  • Business-use-cases for SAP BusinessObjects BI in Sports

    I have been scouring various SAP resources to find any information on SAP BOBJ in Sports and Entertainment. Do you know of any specific use-cases where BOBJ can help professional sports team franchises, specifically within the Finance LOB? I.e. using analytics to increase ticketing revenue or gain meaningful insights into operations.
    Best regards,
    Ray Tussing

    There is a whole SAP sports page at
    In the middle, there is a SAP Solution Explorer
    Clicking into it I found Ticketing Analytics!/vlm/i_sports/vlm-i_sports-ind~~.~~i_sports,bpr-i_sports-445,e2e-i_sports-1075,ist-i_sports-3068
    Merchandising Analytics!/vlm/i_sports/vlm-i_sports-ind~~.~~i_sports,bpr-i_sports-445,e2e-i_sports-1076,ist-i_sports-3072
    Broadcast & media!/vlm/i_sports/vlm-i_sports-ind~~.~~i_sports,bpr-i_sports-445,e2e-i_sports-1077,ist-i_sports-3073
    I recommend looking at Solution Explorer

  • Upload data for Tcode LT06(Transfer order creation) using BDC -very urgent

    hi experts,
          I got stucked up in writing a BDC for the Tcode LT06(Transfer order creation using wearhouse number) in MM module,
    the problem is like this, when i go to the tcode LT06 , it will ask for material doucument,mat. docu. year and wearhouse number, iam entering the inputs and then press enter, as soon as i press enter it takes me to the second screen where i will be selecting the item and then click on the button called  'Generate TO item'
    here the problem arises, as soon as i click the button iam getting a standard SAP error message(No Destination Storage Bin found in storage type 'IMP'). Due to this errror iam not able populate the batch input data on the screen, suggest me a proper solution. rewards will given if solution found useful.
    Kishore K

    Hi ,
    I have done the same in Background with BDC and TR Number for Multiple Materials ,
    Can u please explain the scenario, so then I would be able to try for solution ?
    Warm Regards.

  • Procedure for pricing calicualtions on ipc: very urgent

    Hi gurus
    I am working on crm 5.2 and i have to do caliculations of custom fields by using the pricing conditions and display the result on custom fields. My questions is As i am new to this, plese tell me the procedure how we can do that or what is the procedure and what user exits can be used..very urgent

    Hi Shashi,
    Maybe you can check the documentation in note 809820.

  • Very Urgent: Deleting Batch from STO and Goos Issue reversal  Using BAPI

    I want to delete outbound delivery for particular shipment number and this should be done using BAPI or a FM not using the tcode VL02N.
    I wld be very grateful
    Please List out the BAPI 's or FM that can be used for to perform these listed , with using Tcodes:
    Its very urgent..
    Thank you in advance....


  • How to enable RFC and how to use it in Report..please tell its very urgent

    Dear Techie's,
    Please tell its very urgent..
    How to enable RFC and how to use it in Report. ??

    pls chk any of these links.,289142,sid21_gci948835,00.html
    Checkout !!,289142,sid21_gci948835,00.html

  • Business Process Management use cases within an SAP Environment

    Check out the [BPM use case wiki |]to learn how many SAP customers are profoundly transforming their companies by leveraging the discipline of Business Process Management to optimize, monitor, and measure their business operations.  Join us as we survey over 20 industry and cross-industry use cases where BPM methodologies and tools were applied to help align business goals with IT implementation to rapidly achieve measurable business improvements.  See how other companies got started with BPM and get ideas of how you can begin delivering business value rapidly with a BPM approach in your own company.
    Become part of this effort by providing your feedback in this forum or adding your insight and help grow the knowledge base by becoming a contributor the BPM use case wiki by sending a request to the wiki owners.

    Thanks a Ton for the info. Just to let you know that the link has been changed...
    Here is the new link...

  • How use class file in jsp(very urgent)

    i have class file called birds (birds is actually a xslt file transformed to java class file) now this class file i have to use in my jsp file. how can i use them. if possible can any one give me sample code please very urgent
    can any one help me

    java files
    import org.w3c.dom.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    import javax.xml.transform.*;
    public class XmlParser
         public String XmlParser()
    String strXML= "employee.xml";
                   String xslFile = "employeeId.xsl";
                   TransformerFactory tFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
                   StreamResult theTransformationResult = new StreamResult( new ByteArrayOutputStream() );
                   Transformer transformer = tFactory.newTransformer(new StreamSource(xslFile));
                   transformer.transform(new StreamSource(new StringReader(strXML)), theTransformationResult);
                   String output = theTransformationResult.getOutputStream().toString()
              catch(Exception e)
                   System.out.println(" ***** XmlParser.XmlParser ERROR ***** " + e);
    return output;
    using class files in jsp
    <%@ page import="com.qqqq.aaaa.XmlParser"%>
         XmlParser xmlParser          =     new XmlParser();
    i think it will help you.

  • How to use a DropDownList in Java Swing.Its very very Urgent

    Hi Sir,
    Here i need to know how to do (or) create a dropdownlist by using Java Swing.I know that there is JMenuBar & JMenuItems without using that when i click a JButton for example the dropdownlist should come from the top to bottom.I have already posted this quesion once.And i found that it has been removed.So i hope that this time i will get a better provide the code as well sir.So that i will be very thankful to u.Since i am involved in a project which contains this
    feature.It is very very Urgent.So provide the code i will be waiting for the reply.

    use JComboBox
    JComboBox liste = new JComboBox(new Object[]{"azerty","qwerty});the api documentation :
    the turotial on combobox :

  • Capex budget using Internal Oder  - very urgent

    Dear All
    My requirement is to use statistical internal order to control the capex budget. I have created stat order , activated commitment management, availability control. and assigned order number in asster master.
    But the problem is when creating purchase requisition the system should be a warning or information as per the availability control . to do this what should i do ?
    Please respond .. its very urgent for me

    Thank you Sridevi and Murali for the responses .
    I want to do the aquisition of fixest asset using  PR-PO-MIGO-MIRO . The system should react as per the available budget by giving warning / error  at the time of PR itself. one more thing is i need not give order nuber in PR or PO as suggested by Murali . The system deriving IO number from the Asset master.
    Now its working perfectly .
    Now i found the reason for not working earlier  .
    I have done all the settings relating to Order type, Budget Profile , Availability Control every thing .
    I have not done the following setting in the asset module :
    In order for you to be able to makes this automatic statistical posting, all of the following must apply:
    •     The acquisition transaction types in Asset Accounting have to be designated as relevant to the budget.
    •     The APC asset balance sheet accounts have to be defined as statistical cost elements.
    •     The APC asset balance sheet accounts have to have a field status definition that allows additional account assignment to orders or WBS elements.
    I have rectified the above now . I hope this will help others who have the same requirement
    best regards

  • Very Urgent..How to create a report Using SQ01 and Sq02.

    Hi Friends,
    It's very help  me in generating a report using SQ01 and SQ02.
    Help is appreciated.
    thanks In advance.

    Check out these links...
    Also, do basic search in this will find a lot of threads related to this.

  • Very urgent, no Transacctions Types possible to create Business Transaction

    Hello, this question is very urgent, please I will be very pleased if anybody can helps me.
    When I want to create a Business Transaction, at CRMD_ORDER, I dont have any Transaction Type to choose to create the Business Transaction, so I can't create anyone.
    I have got many Transaction types, I am usign CRM 5.0 and I have got many Transaction Types with all Channel communication allowed.
    Please check this image for further information:
    <a href=""></a>

    HI Fernando,
    Please check whether all your Transaction type are in Active mode or Not.
    Also check the Allowed Channels status, if it is not filled please add the same from the drop down.
    Arun Kumar

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